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    Mosier Bulletin
Issued Fach Friday
Newsy Items Gathered from All
Parts of the World.
Less Important but Not Less Inter*
estlng Happenings from Points
Outside the State.
Republicans won a complete victory
in Rhode Island.
Republicans elected nearly every o f­
ficer in Nebraska.
t suppose you have not had tim e tc
Clark County Jurist Chosen as Con
gressman In Washington.
Tacoma, Wash., Nov. 3.— With W. W.
McCredie, of Vancouver, Wash., the Re
publican nominee, leading by substan­
tial majorities throughout the southern
part of the second congressional dis­
trict, indications at a lato hour last
night were that he is elected over Er
nest Lister, of Tacoma, tho Democratic
candidate, by 2000 to 3000 majority,
to fill the vacancy caused by the death
of Francis W. Cushman.
Latest returns from Pierce county,
the home of Mr. Lister, the most pop
ulous county in the district, and a Re
publican stronghold, indicate (hat the
Democrats will carry it by a majority
of 500. Tacoma’s majority for Lister
is 80C.
To offset this Judge McCredie has
substantial majorities in the other conn
tics of the district, and it appears that
his election is assured.
Private Company Planning to Water Pass Resolutions Protesting Against
160,000 Acres.
Marine League Measure.
Salem — According to adviceB re­
ceived in the office o f the Btate en­
gineer at Salem, Trowbridge & Niver,
a private reclamation company with a
splendid record, is conducting a survey
o f a tract, including about 150,000
acres o f arid land, some of which is in
Malheur county in this state and some
in Idaho.
The object is to learn
through the results o f the surveys if it
would be feasible to start a reclama­
tion project covering this territory.
The land which is receiving the at­
tention o f the reclamation company’ s
engineers lies bweteen the Owyhee and
Snake rivers. The water for irriga
tion will probably be taken from the
Owyhee river. The project is in its
incipient stage, and no definite infoi
mation as to the plans o f Trowbridge
& N iver can be obtained.
According to State Engineer Lewis,
the work done by Trowbridge & Niver,
has proved highly satisfactory and in
those districts in Idaho where the firm
has already accomplished big results,
the people of the Btate prefer the com­
pany’s operations to the United States
government’s projects.
The day after Oregon’s new water
law went into effect last spring, Trow­
bridge & Niver sent a party o f sur
veyors and engineers into ths Owyhee
river valley to take observations. The
work has been continued until the
present, which leads the Btate engineer
to believe that the private company
will shortly take up a large tract in
this state for reclamation.
Pendleton — Resolutions protesting
strongly against the effortB o f the
Merchant Marine league o f Seattle to
secure an o r d e r forbidding foreign ves­
sels which bring coal to the Pacific
coast from carrying wheat on their re
turn trip were passed at a mass meet­
ing of citizens, held in the Circuit court
room at the court house here.
the vote was taken not a dissenting
voice was heard and the indorsal was
Judge S. A. Lowell was
made chairman and Charles A. Barrett,
of Athena, secretary.
Congressman W. R. Ellis was pres­
ent and voiced his sentiments against
the proposed measure and extended his
services in cooperation with the citi­
zens. J. T. Lieuallen, president of the
county organization of the Farmers
Educational & Cooperative union of
America; JudgeS. A. Lowell and C.
A. Barrett were the speakers. As the
proposed action o f the Merchant Ma
rine league would tend to lower the
price o f wheat, the protest was couched
in vigorous terms.
A telegram was sent to the secretary
of the navy by the meeting, asking
postponement of action until the receipt
of the signed circular of protest. Con
gressman Ellis also sent a personal tel
egram to the secretary, requesting in­
vestigation into the farmers’ plea.
W hat Gold
C an n o t B uy
B y W H J . A .L E J T j KJ^TDB'R
A u t h o r o f " A C r o o k e d Path." "Mold. W i f e o r W i d o w . ” " B y
W o m e n ’ s W it .” " B e a t o n ’ s B a r g a in ," " A L i f e I n t e r e s t.”
" M o n o ’ s C h o lo e .” " A W o m a n ’ s H e a r t.”
find me a lady companion?"
“ Tee, I have made some Inquiries,
and find it Is no easy matter. The
fact Is, 1 enlisted my eldest daughter
In your service. She Is a sensible,
thoughtful young woman, and very
anxious to select the right article. She
was speaking to me only this morn­
ing. and was rather depressed about It.
There are shoals of women seeking
such an appointment, but very few
that are suitable."
"One that did not suit would be
worse than none.”
"Exactly. Now, my daughter sug­
gested something that might suit, If
you do not mind waiting a week.”
" I fear, Mr. Rawson, I shall have to
wait considerably longer.”
"W ell, the lady I was going to men­
tion is the niece of our rector down
In Wales, my native place. He ha 3
been dead many years, but this girl
lived on with his widow, who died a
few months ago. She Is an orphan,
very slendealy provided for, and Is
coming to stay with my girls for a
few weeks. She Is a gentlewoman, and
well educated. I have not seen her
since she was very young, so I will
take a look at her before I say any
more. If I thlrk It worth while trou­
bling you. she might call, and you
could form your own Judgment, or
take her on trial for a couple of
“ Thank you, Mr. Rawson.
I am
very much obliged. I should like to
see her; for I cannot have a fright or
a dowdy before my eyes every day.
When do you expect this girl?”
“ I am not quite sure. Soon, certain­
“ I should like to see her before I
" I will ask my daughter to write
this evening and ask her to come a
little sooner."
"Yes, pray do. If she is at all rea­
sonable and Intelligent, she may be of
great use to me. Imagine, Mr. Raw
son. Lady Olivia proposing to give me
her 'dear Sophia' for six months, to
be my daughter and to cheer me up!
Why, the girl Is as great an Idiot as
her mother!"
“ Indeed! The offer was well meant.”
" I hate well-meaning people.”
Mr. Rawson laughed. " I suppose I
may tell you I had a few lines from
Mr. Hugh----- ” he began, when he was
swiftly silenced by an Imperative, “ No,
you may not. I will not allow that
name to be mentioned before me, un­
less, Indeed, we can succeed In break­
ing this unfortunate marriage.”
Mr. Rawson, looking very grave,
bent his head.
"By the way, what Is the name of
the lady you mentioned?”
"Oh! Miss Desmond.”
" I will see her,” said Mrs. Savllle,
with decision. " I can tell at a glance
whether she will do or not. ’
“ Then I shall wish you a very good
morning, and my daughter will let
you know when Miss Desmond can
wait upon you.”
Mrs. Savllle thanked him again, and
bade him a gracious good-by.
(To be continued.)
Indeed, he Is too breathlessly
Mr. Rawson found even a warmer busy, and a good deal harassed by bis
reception than he had anticipated — by the lady's anxiety to come out as
In a speech in Mississippi Taft fa ­
awaiting him when he presented him a public singer, for which she was
vored woman suffrage.
self the following day In Stafford trained. He----- "
The next legislature in Kentucky is
Square. Bitter reproaches were show
"Anything but that!
Imagine the
overwhelmingly Democratic.
ered upon him for his disloyal encour name of Mrs. Hugh Savllle in huge let­
Republicans elected both branches of
agement of an ungrateful son. a weak ters at the top of a play bill! It would
San Francisco Turns Down Reformer
the legislature in New Jersey.
cont-mptible dupe. But Mr. Rawson be monstrous!"
for District Attorney.
defended himself bravely.
Another highbinder war is in prog­
"Oh, she would come out as Slg
San Francisco, Nov. 3.— A fter three
No one could do so much with Mrs nora somebody. I would not oppose It
ress in San Francisco’s Chinatown.
Ravllle as the family solicitor. First If I were you. But I think your son
John D. Rockefeller lost his vote on years of a reform government which
he was a shrewd, far-seeing man, of has forbidden the plan.”
followed the sensational bribery graft
account of the sickness of his wife.
great experience and undoubted In
"W hy should I take any further
The prohibition forces won in In­ disclosures in tho Kuof-Schmitz union
tegrity, in whose Judgment she had the trouble?” said Mrs. Savllle, throwing
dianapolis, but lost in the rest on In­
greatest conufldence. Then, too, he herself back In her chair. "L et things
returns from yesterday’s municipal
was a rich man and perfectly inde go.”
Four more counties in Illinois have
pendent, both in position and In char
"Very well." Mr. Rawson rose to
gono dry, making 40 of the 129 where the city has again chosen a union labor
acter. So high was her opinion of him
take leave. "Lord Everton arrived
saloons are barred.
administration by the election of P.
that she deigned to call periodically yesterday. He makes some short stay
The Democratic candidate for gov­ II. McCarthy for mayor and Charles
on his daughters, and some years be In town, but no doubt he will call on
ernor of West Virginia was elected by M. Fickert for district attorney. Op
fore, when she was in the habit of you."
a plurality of over 23,000.
giving a large ball every season, sent
posed to Fickert was Francis J. Heney,
"Then I shall not see him. I shall
It is said that Fairbanks has been who attained national fame as govern
them invitations, which were general
Electric Roads for Rogue.
recommended as minister to China, uud ment prosecutor in the famous land
ly declined. Hugh Savllle had been at get away, I hope next week; 1 cannot
Medford— John R. Allen, the owner
stay In town; yet I dread the coun
that he is willing to accept.
fraud cases in Portland, and who for
o f the Pacific & Eastern railroad, now school with the solicitor’s only son try. Do not forget to send my will
Tho court of appeals of District of three years has conducted the dramatic
being extended towards the Klamath
this afternoon by a special messen
Columbia affirmed tho sentence against bribery-graft prosecutions in this city,
valley, will make an application at the the young fellow evinced a tendency ger.”
which have become historic. Mr.
the Labor Federation officials.
Honey’s defeat apparently is decisive, TU N N E L TH RO UG H M O U N TAIN S next meeting of the council for a fran­ at the turning-point where, but for
“ I shall be sure to do so.”
chise to operate an electric road n
Pekin Chinese are planning a boycott the vote for him running behind both
"And come the day after to-morrow
against Japan.
Crocker and Lelaiul.
Indications Point to Huge Undertak
to take my Instructions for a new one
other cities o f the Rogue river valley.
ing by O. R. & N.
Three deaths resulted from Halloween
Mrs. Savllle was too clever a woman I don’t wish to die Intestate."
A company composed of Wall street
at Kansas City.
"M y dear Mrs. Savllle, what a comic
Pendleton—.Rumors in local railroad men are backing him. A company has lo be a snob, though her love cf power
A Corean revolt against Japan is ex­ Elects Mayor of Now York, but Loses circles here predict the greatest rail­ been incorporated for a million and a and distinction made her over-value idea!"
" I f you knew how I felt you would
road undertaking that has taken place half dollars and will start construction the effect of rank and title upon her
pected at any moment.
Control of Fluids.
in this section o f the state for years work immediately after the franchises fellow-creatures. She was quite w!l not think It an unnatural one.”
The National Geographic society has
"A few weeks ’quiet In the country
New York, Nov. 3.— Tammany elect­ of which the crew of surveyors which are granted.
ling that her sons should be on famll
acclaimed Peary as the discoverer of
Iar terms with Mr. Rawson’s familv; will set you up.”
ed another mayor of Greater Now York are now working on the Stanfield-
the Pole.
"The country without companion­
they were perfectly safe In the society
yesterday, but lost its grip on city Coyote cutoff are the vanguard. This
Scabby Sheep Cost Him Dear.
ship will not be cheerful; yet I want
Cannibals on Admiralty island cap­ finances. W'illiain J. Gnynor, of Brook underaking includes, among other ac­
Pendleton — William Hartman, a of his quiet, unpretending daughters,
tive changes and improvements, tun­
tured and ate two Englishmen and
while the sincere regard entertained to get away from every one. At In
lyn, swept the fivo boroughs to victory neling through the Blue mountains and Lake county sheepman, is the first vic­
three Chinese.
by Mr. Rawson for the family of his glefleld, however, I have my gardens."
as mayor by at least 70,000 plurality, the elimination o f severaFbad grades tim of the law passed by the legislature
“ A delightful resource.” said Raw-
three years ago. Hartman had sheep distinguished client, whose djbts, dlffi
The waterways convention has decid­ defeating Otto T. Bannard, Republican-
for the purpose o f shortening the time
in Harney county found infected with culties, and Involvements made many son, absently. His attention had begun
ed to Bend 500 lobbyists to the next
Fusion, and William It. Ilcarst, hide and distance between Chicago and scab. He was ordered to quarantine steps In the ladder by which his fath to wander, and he hastened to make
session o f congress.
his adleux.
the flock where it was and dip the or and himself had climbed to fortune,
American Ambassador White has re­
ThiB tunnel, which o f necessity
A conspiracy of small things, how
He failed, however, to carry his ticket
He disregarded instructions lent something of a feudal character
fused to accept a Legion of Honor dec­ with him. and the Republican-Fusion would be from three to five miles in
ever, seemed to have been formed
and trailed the sheep across portions of to the tie existing between them.
oration from France.
forces will control absolutely the board length, would accomplish much in the Harney and Lake county to his home
To Mrs. Savllle the greatest power against the execution of Mrs. Savllle’s
Cannon has promised to support a of estimates and apportionment, which saving of time and power. By pushing range, infecting other sheep.
Hart­ on earth was money; but she was no plans, i
Rawson faithfully fulfilled his prom
mersuare giving the waterways o f the will disburse approximtnely $1,000,000- up Butcher creek canyon and there en­ man was arrested and fined $250 and miser. She could be lavishly gener
000 during tho administration. This is tering the mountains, the worst part
country ample appropriations.
Three other cases are now ous at times, especially to any one Ise, and sent her will, which that very
nioro than a half-defeat for Tammany, o f the grade and many windings would
who had served or gratified her own night she tore up with vicious energy
A Federal jury at Pittsburg has for the control of the board of esti­ be eliminated, and on the east side of pending.
precious self. She could throw alms, and burned In the empty grate of her
found David G. Richardson guilty on mate was one of the principal issues of the mountain the famous Kamela hill
too, to the needy, as you would a bone dressing-room, but the trusty adviser
Farmers to Build Road.
24 counts ol misapplication of the funds the campaign.
would be avoided and the distance from
to starving curs; but to her the poor was Immensely engaged for the next
of a bank o f which he was cashier.
Huron to La Grande reduced to 12
elected Charles S. Whitman district at­
ers’ railroad from Umatilla to Milton were not exactly men or brothers. Yet, fortnight, and when he offered the ser
A cave-in at a tunnel near Ilunsmuir, torney of New York county. He de­ miles.
as her son said, she was not without vices of his partner they were lnvarl
Rumor also says that considerable will be constructed as far sb Cold heart, only lifelong undisputed com ably declined.
Cal., resulted in the death of two men. feated George C. Battle, Democrat, by
Then, by some mis­
Springs dam, if he has to build it him­
The accident happened as a freight at least 13,000 plurality, and John 8.
self, was the statement made by A. A mand and unchecked prosperity had take, there had been a delay In begin­ S TR IV IN G TO F IL L E M P T Y PEWS.
train was passing and the dead men Shea for sheriff over C. D. Sullivan, between Union and Baker City. It is Cole, local stockman and capitalist, hardened It; no one could do much for ning certain repairs and decorations
believed that surveying camps will be
Democrat, by approximately 10,000.
were members of the train crew.
who is one o f the leaders in the move­ her, or give her anything she had not at Inglefleld, and when she drove A i m « a n d A c c o m p l i s h m e n t « o f a N e w
established at Duncan and Encina and
Y o r k C h u rc h F e d e r a t io n .
The proposed route of the road already, and amid the splendid sun down to Inspect them she found the
The 8-year-old son of General Funs-
at other points within the next few
Organized In 1895 and Incorporated
shine of her existence one small cloud, smell of paint so overpowering that
ton la dead.
days. I f these improvements are ac­ extends almost directly across the cen­
ter of the government project from “ no bigger than a man’s hand,” cast she at once postponed her removal for In 1901, the constitution of the
A Chicago judge has ruled that gold Four Times Mayor of Cincinnati, Loses tually contemplated by the O. It. & N., Umatilla to the big reservoir and a deep shadow against which her In at least ten days. Finally she sent for Church federation declares that Its ob­
in the teeth is not attachable.
Out at Polls.
ner heart rebelled. She was conscious her doctor and commanded him to pre ject “ is to organize and assist the
tion of the officials to divert freight or dam.
that no one loved her, except, indeed, scribe for the bad feverish cold she churches and Christian organizations
The SwiBS watch making industry
Cleveland, Nov. 3.— Tom L. Johnson, passenger business down the Snake
her son Hugh. This It was that made declared she had caught, and above In New York city for co-operative
has shrunken to half its one-tim e Bize. for four terms mayor of Cleveland, was river, as has been proposed.
Hogs Equal to Fat Steers.
Condon— In a carload of hogs shipped her so hard; she did not realize that all to order absolute quiet. All this work on behalf of the-spiritual, physi­
Another West Point cadet has been defoated yesterday by Herman C.
from Condon, Fred Edwards placed a her manner, her haughty aspect, re­ time her eldest son was absent. He cal, educational, economic and social
Heavy Prune Yield.
probably fatally injured in a football Bnehr, Republican, county recorder. Un­
pelled such sweet free-will offerings as was spending a delightful and proflta
Interests of Its family life; and to rep­
Roseburg— That prune growing is a hog for which he received $36.40.
official returns from approximately half
love and tenderness.
ble few days, which stretched into a resent the Christian sentiment of the
A runaway auto at New York killed the city indicated that Bnohr’s plurality
“ My dear madam," said Mr. Raw fortnight, with a learned antiquarian city In regard to moral issues." Its
for a single porker.
one man and fatally
injured two over Johnson was at least 4000, and county is demonstrated by the crop of
son when she paused in her reproach who had a place In Lincolnshire, from discoveries have been amazing, and
es, " I can quite understand your dls where they enjoyed themselves exam the assistance which Its tabulated data
might run to 6000.
Large Crop Alfalia Seed.
orchard o f 900 trees he harvested 2,840
Portland Is likely to face a milk
Johnson early conceded his defeat boxes of prunes this year, which when
Union-— From six acres of alfalfa 129 pleasure, but suffer me to suggest that Ining the fine old churches to be found have furnished to pastors In conduct­
famine following the cleaning up of bv 1500. With him probably went the cured, weighed 54,115 pounds net. He bushels of seed were taken this year. I have a right to receive whom I like In that shire, taking rubbings of brass ing a systematic neighborhood visita­
bulk of the Democratic ticket, those estimates that at least 500 boxes more The market value of the seed is fully In my own house. I do not defend es, and spending happy mornings In tion cannot be overestimated, says
eouncilmen who have been conspicuous
your son’s Imprudence; but, though deciphering half-effaced Inscriptions.
Walter II. F. Grau In Harper’s Week­
King Menelik, o f Abysinnia, has in their support of tho street railways went to waste on account of lack of $1,000. The crop was grown on the
These were bitter uays to tne proud, ly. One of the officers of the federa­
you renounce him, surely you would
help during picking season. The fruit Townley farm.
been stricken with apoplexy and his programme suffering most.
tion has very aptly compared Its du­
death is probable.
Herman Bnehr, the first Republican sold at 4 cents per pound, bringing a
fellow of friends as well as kindred? which had kept bet heart from freez
total of $2,164. From this Mr. Mau­
ties In regard to the churches to that
Speaker Cannon ridicules the idea
To persecute him is revenge, and to lng, her nature from growing quite of a clearing house with Its daily set­
pin paid out $230 for help, leaving his
that he is to be retired by the next years, declared that his election was net income $1,934 from the nine acres
that I will be no party.”
tlements of the banks’ balances. Un­
due to dissatisfaction of the people with
house and defies his opponents.
"1 do not understand these nice dls by a stranger, a mere adventuress,
the methods of handling city business. o f orchard, or nearly $215 per acre. club, 92c; red Russian, 90(»91c; val­
til the Institution of a clearing house
The mayor, in conceding his defeat, The crop averaged 315 boxes per acre.
Alabama is facing a deficit of $ , -
was established the exchange of
think your giving shelter to— to that useful husband, whose money and po­
000,000 and nothing in Bight with announced that he would be a candidate S. D. Evans, of Coles valley, reports 40-fold, 95c.
checks and drafts was a most confus­
Barley— Feed, $27 per ton; brew­ disobedient boy Is inconsistent with sition would make life luxurious and
for mayor two years hence. Rumors his crop as averaging 248 boxes per
which to pay current expenses.
ing operation and caused much fric­
loyalty to me."
ing, $27.50.
that he would remove to New York
secure. For the sake of this stranger,
A passenger train on the Wabash were denied by bis friends, but Johnson acre.
Corn— Whole, $35 per ton; cracked,
"Not In my opinion. Your son is not the son she loved so well in her own tion between the various banking
road was derailed near Pattensburg, did not comment on them.
the first young man who has left fath silent, exacting way had cast aside all houses before their accounts were
Railroad Man in Umatilla.
Mo., and a dozen passengers injured.
Oats—No. 1 white, 28.50 per ton.
er and mother to cleave unto his wife. sense of duty, all affection, all regard finally adjusted. Prevous to the es­
Republicans Beat Reform.
Hay Timothy, Willamette valley, He has been siugularly Imprudent; for rightful authority; and to her it tablishment of a 1 church clearing
Inh a speceh at New Orleans Taft
road builder and man of mystery, who
house these religious units were In
Philadelphia, Nov. 3.—Philadelphia is promoting the North Coast road, was $14(o 17 per ton; Eastern Oregon, $18 still----- ”
again declared congress has shamefully
seemed a moral earthquake.
neglected the improvement of the riv­ yesterday re elected Samuel P. Rotan in this city recently on a trip from (<(20; alfalfa, $15(</16; clover, $14;
"Imprudent ! A dupe! a fool! an un
The feverish cold she feigned at first much the same quandary as the
district attorney, on the Republican
ch- at, $13(o 14.50; grain hay, $ 14(yr 15. grateful idiot! Can’t you see the game became really an attack of low fever, banks, though they did not suffer so
ticket, by a largo majority. His oppo­ Omaha to Spokane. He made an un­
Butter City creamery, extras, 36c
and her medical attendant grew anxi­ acutely. The books of each bank had
New York is to spend $15,000,000 in nent was D. Clarence Oibbony, long a successful attempt to get an auto to per pound; fancy outside creamery, of the adventuress all through?”
that she should have change of air. to balance within a certain length of
improving and extending subways.
leader of the reform element, an.I well
$30(o 36c; store, 22>..(o'24c.
Butter might be put on the disastrous story.
or well, she never ceased to In­ time, but If a particular church knew
fat prices average l>*.c per pound un­ If you are right, however,” continued sist on having her new will complet­ of more churchless families than It
Governor Willson, o f Kentucky, has known by his conneetion with the
and Order society. On the state ticket mouth of the Snake river. He refused der regular butter prices.
been aBked to furnish troops to sup
Mr. Rawson, "your son is more sinned ed and brought to her for execution. In could possibly visit It seldom Impart­
the Republicans elected J. A. Stober, to divulge the source of his backing.
Eggs Or-gon, 36(u36c per dozen; against than sinning.
press night-riders.
If Mr. Hugh vain Mr. Rawson begged for her to ed that knowledge to another pastor­
state treasurer; A. F. Sisson, auditor- He said the purpose of the men behind
Eastern, 30(u34c.
SavlUe’s wife Is the sort of a woman await the return of her eldest son and ate in order that the latter might
A California Chinaman has secured general, and Robert Moschzisker, judge the North Coast was to extend the line
Poultry Hens, 15c; springs, 15c; you Imagine, she will hardly live for consult him first. Mrs. Savllle reject­ share In the missionary work; and so,
a patent on a machine which will o f the supreme court. Against the lat­ into Central and Southern Oregon at
roosters, 9(ol0c; ducks, 15(o l5 '-.2c; a year and more away from her hus­
ter. C. Larue Munson, Democrat, made some future time.
very often, the information was put to
ed the suggestion with scorn.
measure celestial distances.
geese, 10c; turkeys, 17S>c; squabs, band. and within reach of the crew
a spirited campaign, and returns indi-
no use.
Troops have been ordered to pBsin, ilate Munson rnnahead of his ticket.
$1.75(0 2 per dozen.
with which her father used to asso­ ness. He has preposterous unworldly
A Protestant parish system similar,
Wyo., to restrain sheepmen and cattle­
Pork- Fancy, 9(o 9
per pound.
ciate, without getting Into a scrape of notions. I have no respect whatever in many respects, to the parish sys­
Albany— The directors of the Mexi­
men from engaging in a range war.
Veal Extras, 9 l<(o 10 l*e per pound.
Thugs K ill City Marshal.
some kind. I propose to have her for his opinion; so Just bring me my tem of the Roman Catholic church
can mines, owned by Linn county men,
Fruits-- Apples, $l(o2.25 per box;
Des Moines, Nov. 3.— After having
ChicBgo business men do not blame
have just received word ami assays pears, ,$l(o l.60; grapes, 80c(o$1.25 carefully watched. If she gives us Just will, without further maneuvering. I was the aim of the founders of the
Crane, the recalled Chinese minister, searched alone nil night for two bur- from their mine showing they have
reason for action, let her be punished know you are working for that un­ federation. The aim was that all
and think he was unfairly dealt with. fflars who had entered n house at Car- struck a vein which goes $105.90 to per crate; 121...c per basket; casabas, and your son saved from her clutches. grateful, worthless son of mine; but Christian Institutions In Greater New
$1.25(o 1.50 per dozen; quinces, $l(o
roll, la., ni’ d arresting them. City Mar
General Estrada proposes to divide shal Hatton, of Carroll, was shot and the ton of free milling ore. The letter 1.25 per box; cranberries, $S.50(o9per If she proved a good woman and true, It Is of no use. I f you refuse to do York should be drawn Into closer
Nicaragua am! make a separate repub­ killed yesterday by one of the robbers. stated that the mine is one of the great­ barrel ;J persimmons, $1.50 per box; why, you must relax something of your my bidding 1 can find plenty who sympathy with one another and that
lic o f the provinces on the Atlantic Hatton hail followed the men from Car- est in Old Mexico. Considerable stock huckleberries, 8c per pound.
a greater co-operative society be form­
“ I can safely promise what you will,
roll. and after arresting them, nnd while in the enterprise is held by Albany
"Very true, Mrs. Savllle; but I do ed, with the expected result that the
Potatoes— 50(o 60c per sack ; sweet
If she proves good and true. How do not deny that I am reluctant to see community at large would be bene­
covering them with a revolver, turned people. Dr. J. L. Hill o f this city, is
Naval officers in Greece started a toward his team. Instantly one of the the president, Fred Ware secretary potatoes, 13,(d 2c per pound.
my young friend cut off without even fited by a united endeavor to promote
Vegetables Artichokes, 75c per doz­ yon propose lo find out?”
mutiny and seized an arsenal, but were men shot him in the back. A posse and L. E. Blain one of the directors.
’ The lady remains near Nice, in the a shilling. Do not be In a hurry. You church-going.
beaten in a battle with the army and formed an hour later and captured the
(o le ; cauliflower, 30(o 60c [ter pound; same rooms occupied by her father. cannot tell what time may bring
The details for taking a canvass In
robbers in a cornfield. A mob is re­
Big Potato at Elgin.
celery, 50(085e; corn *l(ifl.2 5 per Mr Savllle thinks that the owner of forth."
the city are accurately mapped out In
Two book rwindlers have been found ported forming at Carroll to await the
Elgin— What is thought to be the sack; horseradish, 9(010c per dozen; he house Is kind and respectable; his
“ No. Mr. Rawson, I will not wait. advance and a single federation dis­
guilty in Chicago. They are said to arrival of tho robbers.
largest potato in the world is on exhi­ peas, 10c per pound; peppers, 5(a6c; wife know^ little of English ways, and, Death may come at any moment, and
trict Is covered at a time. Before be­
have secured nearly $500,000 from
bition by the Commercial club here. pumpkins,
1 (o l l4c; sprouts. 8c;
could not rest in my grave If I ginning the work In any section a
Republicans Win Bay State.
business men throughout the country
It weighs eight pounds and considerab­ squash, $!ro 1.10; tomatoes, 25(o60c; a man already employed In similar
thought that designing minx was re­ conference of the pastors Interested In
Boston, Nov. 3.—The Republicans ly oversiaes
by posing as publishers o f a business
any potato ever grown of turnips. 75cto$l per sack; carrots. $1 work by an eminent firm, and he can velling In the enjoyment of my mon
the association Is held, In order that
carried Massachusetts in a state elec­ which there
is record. A t the World’ s beets, $1.25; rutabagas,
tion yesterday by the narrowest margin
the plana may be freely discussed and
•:on; only he must be warned not to
John D. Rockefeller has given $1,- in nearly s quartir of a century. The fair in Chicago the prize for the larg­
Onions $l(o i. 25 per sack.
"Well, then, I will do you bidding the necessary subscriptions made to
000,000 to tight the hookworm in the party ticket was re elected, but Gov­ est potato was secured by Dunham
Hops 1909 crop. 24(o'26c per pound; ’rd out what docs not exist. We want The day after to-morrow 1 will send
defray the Incidental expenses of a
ernor Draper's plurality of 60,000 in Wright, of Medical Springs, in this 1908 crop. 20c; 1907 crop, 12c; 1906 net-», not condemnation."
’T went freedom for my son; but my head clerk with the will. Wou can first canyass. These meetings are val­
th* last eleetion was cut to 8000. Com­ county, who showed a potato which crop, 8c.
get one of your own people for a sec­ uable, Incidentally aa a means of pro­
Iowa women have resolved to adopt plete rot urns for governor follow: weighed 6 S, pounds, v The Elgin mon­
Wool Eastern Oregon, 16io 23c per h* Idea Is a good one, Mr. Rawson. 1
militant methods in their fight for Draper, Hop., 190,045; Vahcy, Dem., ster beats this.
moting friendship» between the vari­
hall never be the same to Hugh, hut ond witness."
pound: mohair, choice, 24c.
Then I shall leave town on Thurs­ ous clergymen, who otherwise, In
181,663; Republican plurality, 8382.
should prefer punishing the worn
Cattle— Best steers, $4.50; fair to
The next legislature will show the cus­
day. Until ( have aigned. sealed, and many Instance», would probably re­
N. P. Gets land Patent*.
! good, $4(o4.26; medium and feeders.
The church and state controversy in
tomary Republican majorities in both
It Is but natural," remarked Raw delivered It Into your hands, I shall main total strangers, though residing
Pendleton— A patent from the Unit- 1 $3.50(o3.75; best cows. $3.50; medi-
France has been revived by the school branches.
not quit this house. Can I trust It to within a few blocki of one another.
ed States government to the Northern un, $3(o3.86; common to medium.
Re >uiemv er, M r Rawson, 1 must vou. Mr. Rawson?"
Negroes Retain Franchise.
Conductors, firemen and engineers of
My dear madam, do you take me
r.iv will to-meirn.w: I am deter
N o t a® M a n x .
full title is given to more than 30,000 $2.60oi3.80; calves, light,
Baltimore, Md., Nov. 3.— The pro­
the railroads east o f the Mississippi
1 to destroy It. It strikes m* for a felon?”
acres o f land in the counties o f Uma- 15.50; heavy. $4(r£4.75.
Squire— I never realized what a lit­
are about to demand an increase in posed constitutional amendment dis til la. Morrow, Gilliam and Sherman, j H o g s — Best, $7.S5(d8;
your c o n i in g wit hoi it It to-day
Mrs. Savllle smiled—a swift, bright tle fellow Muggins Is until last nlghL
franchising negroes was defeated at
lying in’o Hugh'!
mile, such as at rare— very rare— In
Vicar— And how did it happen to oc­
yesterday's election, according to an has just been placed on record in the , $7.50«i 7.76: Stockers, $5(u'6.
Sheep Best wethers, $4.25; fair to
Th* Dry Farming congress at Bill­ estimate by Republican State Chairman office of Recorder Hendley. This is
i ervale lit up her grave face.
cur to you then?
: * • (T O us U r* i i n •'•st it •e. 1 am re
ings, Mont., passed resolutions con­ Hanna. The majority against the part o f that land included in the orig­ good, $3.75<i4; best ewes, $3.76(>(4;
"W ell, I shall leave It In your
Squire— I overheard a woman say
*!.o»r * «
demning the methods of the Interior amendment was placed at from 6000 to inal grant to the Northern Pacific in fair to good, $3.50(iiS.75; lambs, $5(<i
i! but >our hands.” There was a short pause, and that he was every Inch a gentleman.—
1. . V UUiU.«/U d »h« su.qect to she »esurned ‘Among all this worry. Flak-Me-Up.
10 , 000 .