Lexington wheatfield. (Lexington, Or.) 1905-19??, April 25, 1907, Image 3

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    A Snake that Imllowc Kick:
Tlie liydrucl yi-tl In a native of South
Africa, and, taken all around, be is a
curloHlty In tlio reptile line. Unlike
the ri-gulntlon snake, he him no teeth In
lilB mouth, hut Iiiih n full net of grind
ers In IjIh Htoinat'li. TheHe dental won
dorg grow from the center of each ver
tebra. They nm through the walls of
the Btoiuneh, and are each crowned
with enamel, llydad Ih the ehnmplop
egg nucker, and tho teeth In the Htom
nch nppear to bo nature's provlrtlon for
breuklng tho shell of the egg without
running the rlxk of losing the precious
content, When the egg lands In the
Ktomiich and the serpent's Instinct tells
It thut everything Is all right, the ab
dominal wulls' contract, and the egg Is
crushed against the long row of ver
tebral teeth.
Air Tore III Face.
After he stepped out of his machine
nt Ormond, Friday, two miles beyond
the finish, Marriott said:
"The pressure of the air fairly tore
my face. My' eyes felt as though they
were melting, even under my wind
glasses. - '
"I gripped the steering' wheel like
the last threud of life, crouched so
that nothing but my goggles were
nbove the top of the hooded car, and
clung there till I thought It was over.
1 didn't see the finish or hear tho crack
of the pistol. My cars were stricken
numb for the time being, and all sens
es hut one to hold the steering wheel
steady left me.
"Toward the end It seemed as though
the top of my head would be taken
away." New York World. '
Couldn't Afford It.
About a year ago Sewell Ford be
came a resident of Rye, N. Y. He
had lived there only a short time be
fore he discovered that one of his
neighbors was Simeon Ford. The
revelation wag made over the tele
phone. "Hello !" sold a voice, "Is this Sewell
The author of "Shorty" admitted
that It was. .
"Well," went on the voice, "this Is
Simeon Ford. Someone's sent me your
meat bill."
"Gpod! Why don't you pay It?"
"I will If you'll pay mine," said
At last accounts the bargain had
not been concluded. Simeon runs a
hotel. Exchange.
The rate at which the Zulus can run la
an emergency is astonishing. Some will
cover as much as fifty miles in six hours.
Eight miles an hour is common.
If. i"lVl
A guaranteed citra for HfAVflH f!nnirhii
Distemper. IndijMtion.WiudTroubiM
jjeier ov oenEt, nan oo cents.
PitT'BHiAif Rem kdt Co.. Bt. Pact,. Miy.
How to Clean Flub,
Do not wash fish too much, as by so
doing you lose some of tho flavor. Some
fish are cut open before being emptied,
others have the Insldes drawn out. Be
oareful not to disfigure the fish. Clean
It thoroughly and see that no blood is
left on the bone. If the fish feels
slimy, rub It well with a little salt
Scales should be scraped oft with a
knife, scraping from the tail upward,
and tho fish well rinsed afterward. In
cutting off the fins cut from the tall
upward. In taking out the eyes, If the
skin over them Is tough, cut it first
with a pair of scissors, and then the
eye can easily be pulled out, or pushed
out from the Inside. Fish that have a
strong, muddy flavor should be soaked
In suit and water before being cooked.
Thorough cleaning of fish Is essential
to Its wholesomeness.
Brained Motion.
Slice In tho bottom of a baking pan
an onion, a carrot and a turnip; sprin
kle them with bits of parsley, four
cloves, a bay loaf and a stalk of celery
cut In lengths and a teuspoonful of salt.
Wipe the meat with a dump cloth and
lay on these; pour In a quurt of stock
or water. Cover with another pan or
lid and cook fifteen minutes for every
lound In a quick oven. Take out meat
on a hot dish. Thicken the gravy with
a tublespoonul each of flour, and but
ter rubbed together. Stir till It bolls;
add a tablespoonful each of Worcester
shire sauce and tomato catsup, salt and
pepper to taste. Tour this around the
Enffllna Meat Pie.
This Is the way to make an English
meat pie: Take finely chopped cold
beef, put In a deep baking dish a layer
of the meat, sprinkle , with bread
crumbs seasoned highly with salt, pep
per and onion If liked; repeat the pro
cess until the dlah Is full, pour over it
a cup of stock or gravy, or, lacking
these, a cup of hot water In which a
tea spoonful of butter has been melted.
Place on top a good layer of bread
crumbs seasoned and dusted with
butter; cover and bake thirty min
utes, remove the cover and brown.
Made In all styles and all lien. Oet water and oil
anywhere. Bust Drilling Tools made. Oet cata
logs and prlce. BEALL & CO.
321 Hawthorne Ave. Portland, Or.
Is wonderful in removing dirt and crease
spots. It fixes colors, bleaches, and pre
vents cloth from turning yellow.
All dealers. Sample Borax, Souvenir Picture
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I .IN trK
will aive you com-
x .
piere protection
ana iong service
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Every garment
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Apple DumplloK. '
Sift a quart of flour three times with
one and one-half teaspoonfuls of bak
ing powder and two saltspoonfuls of
salt. Chop Into the flour two tahle-
spoonfuls of butter or one of butter
and one of lard. Add about a Dint of
milk, or enough to muke a soft dough.
Holl into o sheet a half inch thick and
cut Into squures five Inches across. Peel
and core apples and put one In the cen
ter of each square of pastry. Fill the
hollow left by the core with granulat
ed sugar, fold the corners of the Dastrv
over the apple, pinch them together and
bake in a good oven to a light brown.
Tomato Cream Soap.
To make a delicious tomato cream
soup place a cupful of tomatoes over
the fire to heat, adding a pinch of soda
and a little water. When heated
through Btrain carefully to remove ev
ery seed and add to one pint of boiling
milk that baa been thickened slightly
with flour and butter rubbed together
until smooth. Boll up once, season
with salt and paprika and serve with
Hot Chocolate.
Rub six tablespoonfuls of cholocate
smooth with a little cold water, then
pour upon It gradually a generous cud
of boiling water. Stir until smooth and
Tree from lumps and bring to a boll.
Add two cups of milk and cook In a
double boiler for five minutes. Sweeten
to taste and serve with a spoonful of
whipped cream on the surface of each
cup of the beverage.
P. N. U.
No. 17-07
HElf writing to advertisers please
mention inn paper.
Bo-glean Cookies.
One cup of sugar rubbed to a cream
with a half -cup of butter or lard; one-
half cup of sour milk ; one-half tea-
spoonful of baking soda; flour enough
to make a dough that can be rolled
out. Add any flavor wished and roll
out, cut and bake quickly.
Wheat Cake. .
Sift two cups of flour with a tea
spoonful of baking powder and a gen
erous pinch of salt. Beat one egg light,
add a pint of sweet milk and beat the
prepared flour gradually Into this
liquid- Cook at once on a soanstone
griddle, If you have one.
Delicate Podding;. ,
One cup of granulated sugar, one
half cup of sweet milk, one egg beaten
light, butter the size of an egg, one
cud of seeded raisins, two tenmmnnfni
of baking powder, flour to make of the
consistency of cake batter. Steam for
one hour.
Thf Proved Remedy
lor Over 30 Years.
Price 83c and 50a
The number of cattle in Argentina is
estimated at 25,000,000.
Ninety-eight per cent of the 50,000
blind of Japan support themselves by
practicing tnasKnge.
Compensation of Health.
Miss Harriet Curtis, the golf cham
pion, at a dinner In Boston praised
golfs effect on the health.
"Many persons," she said, "especial
ly women, have 111 health because thny
never take any exercise, and the'r
nerves weaken, and half their com
plaints are nervous, Imaginary ones,
that hard work would cure. I know !
a doctor who has a patient of this type
a big, robust woman, who is never j
without a list of ailments as long as
her arm.
"The last time she sent for the doc-
tor he lost patience with her. As she
was telling him how she was suffering
from rheumatism, sore throat, nervous
Indigestion, heartburn, pains In the
back of the head and what not, he In
terrupted her. .
"'Ah, he said, In an admiring tone,
'what splendid health you must have
In order to be able to stand all these
complaints.' "The Washington Star, j
ow the Unfragement Wu Broken.
She (having noting else to say)
It's funny how we iver came to think
so much of each other.
He Funny? It's positively ridicu
lous ! i
The Place to Learn.
"Do you know much about mental
"Yes," answered the expert, "by per
sonal experience on the witness stand."
Washington Star.
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actual use that it is the first and best of family laxatives, for which no extra
vagant or unreasonable claims are made.
This valuable remedy ha been long and favorably
known under the name of Syrup of Figs and has attained to
world-wide acceptance as the most excellent family laxative. As
its pure laxative principles, obtained from Senna, are well known
to physicians and the Well Informed of the world to be the
best we have adopted the more elaborate name of Syrup of '
Figs and Elixir of Senna as more fully descriptive of
the remedy, but doubtlessly it will always be called
lor by the shortet name of Syrup of Figs and to get
its beneficial effects, always note, when purchasing,
the full name of the Company California Fig
Syrup Co. printed on the front of every package,
whether you call for Syrup of Figs
or by the full name Syrup of Fige
and Elixir of Senna.
cam fda Mr i cr n r.A i
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