Lexington wheatfield. (Lexington, Or.) 1905-19??, May 31, 1906, Image 1

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NO. 36
A meeting of the Lexington Cream
ery Association was held last Tuesday
afternoon In the city hall, when a tem
porary organization was effected. S.
A. Thomas was chosen as temporary
chairman and W. E. Leach as secre
tary. S. E. Lee, A. Reaney, W. E.
Leach, P. M. Chrlstenson, R. L.
Benge, Wm. Padberg and .S. A.
Thomas were selected as a committee
to select a suitable site for the build
ing. Mr. Waxwell, the organizer, in
formed the stock holders that $4500
had been secured, this being the cost
price of the plant, and that the cream
ery was assured. The superintendent
of construction Is expected ihere this
week and actual construction work will
be commenced at once. The build
ing and machinery will be substantial
and modern in every respect.
We wish to extend our sincere
thanks to those who so kindly assisted
during the recent illness and death of
Chas. D. Turner. Their kindness
will ever be remembered.
Geo. W. Turner
and other relatives.
Notice is hereby given that the
partnership heretofore exlstfng between
J. H. Chapman and C. H. Beymer,
under the firm name of J. H Chap
man & Co., has this day been dissolv
ed. J H. Chapman will continue the
business and pay all bills against said
firm. All accounts due said firm are
to be collected by C. H. Beymer.
Dated at Lexington, Oregon, this
21st day of May, 1906.
J. H. Chapman,
C. H, Beymer.
The copious rains of the past week
assure a bountiful harvest. Lexing
ton will ship more grain this season
than last. Remember that.
The band received word Tuesday
not to go to Heppner for Memorial day
exercises as the rain had put the
streets In such condition that the pro
gram could not be carried out.
J.'1 A. Lewellen, of Weston, visited
with Lexington friends last Thursday.
This is his first trip here for nearly
three years and he said he could see
a great Improvement In Lexington.
FOR SALE Cheap. Quarter sec
tion land in Sec. 21, Tp. 1 N R. 25
E. Slope to north and east. All cul
tlvatable land. Now under plow.
W. S. Wharton.
W. B. McAllster and wife are en
joying an outlpg at Collins Springs,
Wash., having left for there Monday
last. H. L. McAllster has charge of
the Bank during his father's absence'..
I Reports from Pendleton, Walla
Walla and Echo state that great dam
age was done by high water the past
I few days. At Pendleton the levee
gave way and a large amount of water
ran through the streets. At Walla
Walla several buildings were washed
away. A number of railroad bridges
were washed out and traffic delayed.
The 0. R. & N. announce the fol
lowing one way special rates from prin
cipal points listed below to Lexington.
For points not listed or other informa
tion call on any 0. R. & N. agent or
write A. L. Craig, G P. A., Portland,
Bristol, Tenn $48 00
Boston, Mass - 49 80
Chicago, 111.'. 32 90
Cleveland, 0 39 90
DesMoines, la 28 90
Memphis, Tenn 37 40
Pittsburg, Pa . 41 90
St Louis, Mo - 29 90
Kansas City, Mo 24 90
St. Joe, Mo 24 90
Omaha, Neb 24 90
Sioux City, la 24 90
St. Paul.Winn- 24 90
Money can be depoited with any 0.
R. & N. agent and ticket furnished
passenger In the east. :'
The year 1903 will long be remem
bered In the home of F. N. Tacket, of
Alliance, Ky., as a year of blood;
which flowed so copiously from Mr,
Tacket's lungs that death' seemed very
near. He writes; "Severe bleeding
from the lungs and a frightful cough had
brought me at death's door, when 1 be
gan taking Dr. King's New Discovery
forConsumption, with the astonishing
result that after taking four bottles 1 was
completely restored and as time has
proven permanently cured." Guarante
ed for Sore Lungs, Coughs and Golds,
at W. P. McMillan's drug store. Price
50c and $1.00. Trial ottle free.
Too many pretty girls have fresh
paint signs on their faces.
You can easily fill the public eye,
if you only have the "dust".
After man came woman, and she
has been after him ever since.
After a man and a woman get mar
ried, they quit buggy riding.
It often happens that a duck of a
man makes a goose of a husband. .
The ideal wife and the ideal hus
band are two of a kind that never
make a pair.
A Michigan paper states that "Mrs.
G. M. Brown is at home looking after
the grip." It might be well to in
vestigate 'and see who is taking care
of Mr. Brown's suitcase in the mean
time. , . . ., ...
School ma'am's who have fellars
had better look a "leedle out." Miss
Downend, a teacher of music in the
Mansfield, Ohio, schools was recently
let out of a job and her salary withheld
because she had a beaux. She sued
the board for her pay and was beaten
in the courts, the jury holding that she
had neglected her duties on account
of her beaux. Bet that jury was made
up of a lot of old moss-backs with
whiskers a foot long, who, never sipped
the nectar from the lips of some pretty
school ma'am, nor any one else'e lips
for that matter. They simply : doa't
knew what life is,
$25.00 REWARD
Will be paid to anyone for the de
livery of one grey horse, strayed from
my ranch summer of 1904, a little ov
er one year old when left, is now three
years old. Branded on right stifle,
has a little white in face and a small
scar on shoulder from wire cut when
colt If anyone has Jaken up or finds
the above described horse and will de
liver same to me will receive the a
bove reward, or if anyone has bought
the above described horse from anyone
claiming this brand, and can prove
same will give a little better reward. '
W. F. Barnett,
Lexington, Oregon.
It Is Dangmoim to Neglect a Cold, ..
How often do we hear it remarked:
"It's only a cold," and a few days
later learn that the man is on his back
with pneumonia. This . is of such
common occurrence that a cold, how
ever slight, shbuld not be disregarded.
Ceamberlain's Cough Remedy counter
abts any tendency of a cold to result in
pneumoniB, and has gained its great
popularity and extensive sale by its
prompt cures of this most common
ailment. It always cures and is pleas
ant to take. For sale by W P. Mc
.Bathing within the Uffi,.- flf
Willow Creek, is orbldden.
If persisted in a-fests be made
. - i . W, G. Scott,
32-36 Mayor.
f ink ill jf m ijni I
cjx. a Laa Uau
Many nice Hats to offer, far below cost. Call before
they are all gone.
WE are offering odd suits of clothing in order to clean
up our Stock far below cost of Manufacture.
SHOES we have those to offer at 50cts. which cost at
least $2.50 to $3.00 to make, they must go in
order to make room for new goods. '
DRESS GOODS $1-50 values at 95 cents, $1.00 values
at 60 cents, 75 cent valuer at 40 cents, 65 cent
values at 40 cents, 50 cent values at 30 cents, we!
must let them go at some price.
GREAT values in Laces of all kinds, Imbroideries, etc.
LADIE'S Wash Skirts one half price. Ladie's Waists
one half price, just one-half what these have for
malfy sold at. We are determined to clean up our
, stock. ,
ms mm
DAVIDA0lR4 50r
GENTS Nice Neat Filling
Suits, Coat Vest and Pants
for the Low Price of $4.45
Just think of IT.
THE Very Latest Child ren
and Boys Suits for, $2.45.
CALL and let us show you
Goods and Prices that
will simply astonish ':.
BOYS Shirts from 35 cents up
MEN'S Shirts from 50 cts. up
We keep every thing you use, eat and wear and buy as
close as any store in Morrow county, we own our
buildings and ate in a position to handle our busi
. ness right and at a close margin. We take as much
pains with a small order and give it the same at
tention as we do any of our large customers. We
. aim to handle the best of everything, give us a
chance to figure with you we can do you good.
WE have just received some new Spring Work Buggies,
Hacks. Don't buy a vehicle till you see burs and
get prices.
HARNESS is advancing every day, we have bought
ahead and can give you the advantage of the raise
This is no small item, harness that are high today lQ
will look cheap in three months from now, leather
advancing every day. BUY NOW.
HARDWARE is advancing in &ome. lines, we are pre
pared to take care of you in this line to. Come and
Cm ' j