Lexington wheatfield. (Lexington, Or.) 1905-19??, March 01, 1906, Image 8

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Loans and Collections a Specialty.
Businesss done by
I 11 L - -1 I ... J. mmA PLI1 Tmun I At fnr
UQOQ Tincal Laliu anu v"""'? lunu uvio iui q
Sale at Reasonable Prices.
Qffice in Bank
High Class Portraits., ,
Reasonable Prices.
All tthe latest style Mounts.
Developing done for Amateurs.
First Class Rigs. . Careful Drivers
Special attention Commercial Men
Miss Mary Reaney, has been quite
III the past week but ts rapidly improv
ing. E. D. Brown has as his guests
his brother and wife of . near
C. A. Johnson returned yesterday
from Columbus, Wash., where he has
been working on the north bank road.
Geo. W. Turner, an old time resi
dent of this community, but in the
real estate business in Portland,
brought in a party of land seekers the
past week.
FOR SALE Horses, broke and un
broke, Hack, two Gang plows, walking
plow and double Harness. Call on or
21-tf F. H. Gentry.
A basket social will be given in
Social Ridge school house Saturday
evening next, March 3. Everybody
Invited and ladles are requested to
bring baskets well filled with good
things, v
' If you cannot find vhat you want in
the Drug line try Davidson Bros, of
lone, they carry the largest stock of
Drugs and Chemicals in Morrow Co.
Mall and Telephone orders promptly
attended to. 9tf
The crop outlook for the coming
season is the best in the history of the
county. ,. Grain Is In splendid condition
and from all reports there is an In
crease c-f about thirty five per cent in
acreage over last year.
We have a good second hand
Dutchman Plow, 12 Inch three bottom
run two seasons, will put new shares
and Undsldes on It- and sell on fall
terms at $42.50, a snap, or we will
sell for less without the third bottom.
pi; i-r. - , Leach Bros.
' A petition to Hon. E, L. Smith, of
Hood PJver, asking him to run for
Governof ',;on the Republican ticket,
was circulated In Lexington the latter
part ofclait week and received a num:
bar of signatures; Mr. Smith can be
nominated and elected, and would give
the state a, -good administration.
The' revival meeting in the Congre
gational church7 art attracting good
crowds. Mr. Mtfler is a forceful talk
er and his chalk talks to the school
children are ; very instructive. Many
vho would like to hear him are pre
vented from attending on account of
severe colds and coughs, as he says a
coughing audience Is very annoying to
County clerk Crawford turned over
the 1905 tax roll to Sheriff Shutt for
collection ..on the 23rd Inst. '.The
total amount of the roll Is $69,670.50.
The -county levy, of 23 mills gives
$55,347.43. This Is distributed as
2 1-2 .mills State tax, 11 1-2 mills
county .tax, 5 mills school tax and 4
mills county roads. 19 school districts
have. a special tax, with levies ranging
from' I ' mill to 25 mills. The roll
carries $ 1 1 ,43 1.00 as special school
tax. The " city of ' Heppner has a
special tax of 7 mills which gives
$2,170,67, and the City of lone has a
special'taV of MO mills which gives
$721.38.- The 0. R. &. N. Go. tax is
$12,141.49. J. A. Woolery of lone
Is the" largest Individual, taxpayers of
the county. His, .tax is $948.62.
Among other large taxpayers are The
Penland Land & Livestock Co $2,058-
89, Antone Vey . $736.94, Anson
Wright $649.92, . First National Bank
of Heppner $1,520.00, C. T. Walker
$701.91,, Minor k Co. $612, Thos
Quald $513:75. A rebate of 3 per
cent is allowed on full payment of taxes
i m tn anrl including March 1 5. Taxes
become clellnquont after April 2, 1906
If one-half payment Is made before
April 2, the taxpayer is allowed until
the first Monday in October to. pay the
last half. Delinquents are charged 10
percent penalty and 12 per cent in
terest. .
w. p. McMillan's
Lexington. - - - - - Oregon
The school clerk has been taking
the school census the past week and a
noticable Increase In the number of
pupils between the ages of four and
Mr. Miller addressed the school last
Friday, and this week the school has
made arrangements to close at half
past three and attend the chalk talks
at the Congregational church. All
are much Interested In these talks and
many a valuable lesson may be learned
from them.
The exercises In Miss Scotts room
by the pupils of the room, was veil at
tended and much enjoyed by all.
Department of The Interior
" United States Land Office
The Dalles, Oregon, February 20, 1906.
A aufflclent contest affidavit having been
filed in thla office by James McCabe, con
testant, against homestead entry No. 12 106,
made February 11, 1903, for SEtf NEX.
E SWtf, Section 34, Township 2, N.,
Range 25, E. W. M. bjf Patrick McCabe,
Contests. In which It Is alleged that said
entryman has wholly abandoned said land
and has failed to live upon and cultivate said
land as required by law; that the only Im
provements he has made upon said land Is
a shack of a cabin which Is not habitable at
any time of the year; that sold alleged ab
sence nas existed tor more men an momns
last past; that said alleged absence wet net
due to his employment In the army, navy er
marine! corps of the United States la time
of war.; Sam parnes are hereby new lea to
appear, respond and offer evidence touch
ing said allegation at 10 o'clock a. m.. on
April 12. 1906, .'before Vawter Crawford,
Couhty clerk at hie office in Heppner, Ore
gon, and that final hearing win te neia at
10 o'clock' a. m. en April 19, 1906 before
the Register and Receiver at the Ualted
States Land Office In The Dalle Oregon.
The said contestant having, In a proper
affidavit, filed February 20. 1906, set
forth facta which shew that after due -
pence personal eervioe of this notice can
not be made. It la hereby ordered and
directed that such notice be given by due
and proper publication.
3-1-4-5, Register.
Heaven Revealed.
8SS pp., 5 1-4 x T Large Type; Viae
Far a limited parted thla beek Is
offered at trade rates, 8 cents,
with 9 cents postage for mailing.
There Is some very Important busi
ness for Assembly No. 88 to act upon
and all members are earnestly request
ed to be present next Saturday evening.
In the County Court of the State of Ore
gon for Morrow County,
In the matter of the estate of Lenora
Langley, deceased, the undersigned having
been appointed by the County Court of the
State of Oregon, tor Morrow County,
Executors of the estate of Lenora Langley
deceased, notice Is hereby given to the
creditors of, and all persons having claims
against said deceased, to present them
verified as required by law,'' within six
months after the first publication of this
notice to said Ezeoutors at the office of
their attorneys, Phelps & Notson, at Hepp
ner, Oregon.
, , Leslie A. Lanoley,
Ceo. W. Turner,
, . Joseph Devini,
Ezeoutors of the estate of
. Lenora Langley deceased.
Dated Jan. IB, 1906.
,: 1 i ' ' CITATION.
''V ,.. f
In the County Court of the State of Ore
gon for Morrow County. , ,v .
In (he matter of the estate and Guardian
ship of Ber( Wheeler, Insane, .
Te Bert Wheeler, ,the next ef . Mn, and
all pereons Interested, Creeflngt
ft In the name f the State ef Oregon, you
are hereby eited and required to. appear tn
the County Court ef the State of Oregon,
tor the County of; Morrow, at the court
room thereof, at Heppner, In the county of
Morrow, en Monday he 5th day of March,
1906, at JO o'clock in the forenoon of said
day, then and there to show cause, if any,
whyan order should not be made for the
sale of the following described reel pro
perty, to-wit: The South West quarter )
ef Section Three (3), Township One (1)
South. Range Twonty-ftve (25) E. W. M.,
and all rights end improvements therewith..
Wltnees, the Honorable T. W. Ayers,
. ,,. Judge of the County Court of
Seal the State of Oregon, . for the
County of Morrow, with the seal
of said Court affixed, this 25th.
day of January, A. D. 1906.
Signed Attest: Vawter Crawford,
By J, G. Crawford.
The Origin of Angels. The Essential
Nature of Heaven. Character of the
Angels. Testimony of Scripture. The
Sure Way to Heaven. Practical Tendency
of this Disclosure. Environment in Hea
ven, and What Determines It. Societies in
Heaven. A Heaven for the Non-Christian
World. Are Earthly Relations Continued
in Heaven? Meetting and Recognition, of
Friends In the Hereafter. Personal Appear
ance of the Angels. Rejuvenescence and
Growth In Heaven. Houses and Homes In
Heaven. Garments In Heaven, Children
In Heaven. Sex-and Marriage in Heaven.
Work in Heaven. The Three Heavens,
and How Related. Eternal Progress in
Heaven. Consociation of Angels with
Men." ' ' "'',' , s - -
THE M. W. OF A. -Excelsior Camp
. No. 9673,. meet In Artisan Hall 'every
4th Tuesday night of the month.
P.E.Thomas. F.F.Klitz,
- . .. . .. ADDRESS ..,;.. ;;, ;
43 West Ceulter Street
Under and by virtue of an order issued
out of the County Court of the Stale 6
Oregon for Morrow county, on the 5th day
of February, 1906, the undersigned guardian
of the estate of Percy Clyde Gentry, a
minor, will on Tuesday, the 20th day of
March, 1906, at 10 o'clock in the forenoon
of said day, in front of the Court House In
Heppner, Morrow County, Oregon, sell to
the highest bleder for cash, all the right,
title and interest of his said ward in and to
the following described real property, to-
wit: The undivided one-fifth Interest In
and to lots 6 and 7, In block 6 of the town
of Lexington, Morrow County, Oregon,
and all rights and improvements thereon i
and there with.
' Dated this 6th day of February, 1906.
' ' " ' ' ' J: E. Gentry
2-8-3-8 . . Guardian.
ARTISAN Lodge Meets every Satur
day night at 7 o'clock, up stairs In Arti-
hall C. Wv Christenson,
Ethel Wilcoji, Sec. ' M. A
I. O. O. F.-Lexlngton lodglS No.. '168,
Meets every Wednesday evening at 7 p. m,
C. W. Christenson M. F. Parker
Sec. N. G
REBEKAH- Holly lodge No. 139
Lexineton. Meets the first and third
Tuesday of each month at 7:30.
Ina Leach s ( Ella. B.enge
'Seo, t2 V'i 'N.G
Christenson Brothers
Plans and Estimates furnished
' ' See us before building'
Get Your Name on
The Wheatfleld List
V. C.