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    Heppner Gazette-Times, Heppner, Oregon Wednesday, February 8, 2017
Sheriff’s Report
-A female in Irrigon
advised MCSO that her
granddaughter was missing
from her home and the fam-
ily was unsure when they
saw her last. The juvenile
was located at the house
with her mother.
-A person in Irrigon
advised of a stove fire at
the location. The stove was
still on fire when the report-
ing person called but was
just smoking by the end of
the call. MCSO responded.
Irrigon fire was cancelled.
-A female in Ione ad-
vised that her daughter took
her Amazon Visa card and
maxed it out. MCSO took
the incident under investi-
-A person in Heppner
advised that a male depos-
ited a check into the male’s
account in La Grande. She
advised the check was a
forgery and most of the
money was gone out of
the account. MCSO made
contact with the reporting
person; the crime had oc-
curred in Union County.
-MCSO served a re-
straining order in the Lex-
ington area.
MCSO received report
of a subject at the Bank of
Eastern Oregon in Irrigon,
a male wearing a hood and
pulling something out of the
trunk of the car, thought it
was a crow bar. It was deter-
mined it was the cleaners.
November 29: -A fe-
male in Irrigon advised that
her 12-year-old grandson
was having a physical al-
tercation with his mother
and refusing to go to school.
-A woman in Irrigon
advised that her daughter
was being harassed via
Facebook and phone by her
brother. The mother advised
that her daughter was very
fearful of her brother and
was scared to return home.
-Morrow County Sher-
iff’s Office was advised that
Tillamook County arrested
Christopher Lee Kline,
32. Subject was lodged to
be transported to Umatilla
County Jail.
-A male in Irrigon ad-
vised MCSO that he just got
a call from his daughter’s
friend advising she just got
punched in the face and
her boyfriend would not
let her leave. MCSO and
Boardman PD responded.
The female denied anything
-A male in Heppner
called and advised he heard
lots of screaming. He ad-
vised he didn’t know where
he was staying or anything
about Heppner, no descrip-
tion he could give, but
he thought it was a man.
MCSO responded and ad-
vised it was a teenage fe-
male misbehaving.
-A male in Irrigon ad-
vised he was walking from
one location to another and
that, when he got there, a
male was trying to steal his
motorcycle. MCSO and
Boardman PD responded.
November 30: -Emer-
gency dispatch received
multiple 911 calls plotting
near Threemile Canyon
Farms, sounds possibly
like a horse in distress, faint
voices in the background.
No answer on call back.
-Morrow County Sher-
iff’s Office was advised
that a subject claiming to
have been jumped in Uma-
tilla was bleeding in the
Irrigon laundromat. The
caller requested that a dep-
uty remove him. MCSO,
Boardman PD and Irrigon
ambulance responded and
the subject was transported
to Good Shepherd Hospital.
-A person in Irrigon re-
ported that their vehicle was
broken into and medication
was taken. MCSO respond-
ed and took a report.
-A female in Irrigon
reported that her back door
had been pried open and the
side gate to the back yard
was open; she believed she
had had someone ono her
property. She requested
extra patrols in the area.
-MCSO was advised
of a 13-year-old female
yelling and screaming in
-MCSO was advised
of a 63-year-old male in
Irrigon, conscious but hav-
ing difficulty breathing.
CPR was in progress and
code 3 to hospital; subject
was transported by Irrigon
December 1: -Morrow
County Sheriff’s Office was
advised of an individual at
a Boardman location. The
caller advised there was a
restraining order that had
not been served yet.
-A subject in Irrigon
advised that a check for
$400 was cashed in Herm-
iston; he advised it was
stolen from his house and
he believed it was taken
Thanksgiving night. He
advised his brother was
possibly involved. MCSO
took the incident under
-A female in Irrigon
called and requested extra
patrols at the Irrigon high
school due to kids driving
erratically. She advised
that a vehicle almost hit her
that day, and that there are
students in vehicle in which
there were not enough seat-
belts for the number of kids.
Caller requested phone
-MCSO was advised
that Multnomah County
arrested David Genaro
O’Neil, 35, on an Irrigon
justice Court warrant for
Failure to Appear on As-
sault IV. Subject was lodged
at Multnomah County Jail
to be transported to Uma-
tilla County Jail.
-Emergency dispatch
receive a call from a bus
driver whose bus broke
down near Boardman. Dis-
patch gave him tow in-
formation, and then the
driver advised he was in
Boardman, WA. Dispatch
advised they weren’t aware
of a Boardman, WA and
asked if he was sure. He
advised he was 100 percent
sure and was transferred to
Washington dispatch.
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-Frontier dispatch ad-
vised that a female con-
tacted them and said a green
Toyota was trying to pull
her over on the interstate
and acting suspicious. She
spoke with a deputy in Ar-
lington and the deputy was
unable to locate but wanted
MCSO and east aware.
-A FedEx driver ad-
vised he was bitten by a dog
in Irrigon.
-MCSO was advised
that a female in Heppner
was overdosing in heroin.
Reporting person advised
there were other people
present, and that they got
the information from a third
-Emergency dispatch
was advised of a 58-year-
old male in Boardman,
semi-conscious and breath-
ing, passed out on the toilet
and seemed to be swearing
and seizing. The patient
woke up and went back to
bed, advised the reporting
person he was fine; the re-
porting person advised not
to send emergency medi-
cal services and that she
would advise if the situa-
tion changed. The patient
was transported to Good
Shepherd Hospital.
December 2: -A subject
advised Morrow County
Sheriff’s Office that a while
care pulled up at an Irrigon
location and started going
through the mailboxes. The
reporting person advised it
was parked the wrong way.
MCSO took the incident
under investigation.
-A female in Boardman
advised that her niece was
out of control and throwing
things at everyone in the
-A female in Irrigon
advised she had court pa-
perwork and needed as-
sistance getting her child.
The female advised she had
a restraining order that she
needed served against the
male but that he may have
a restraining order against
her, as well.
-A person in Irrigon re-
ported that kids were play-
ing with rocks. The caller
requested contact.
-A person in Irrigon
advised they saw a vehicle
by the turkey shoots; the
reporting person advised
he thought he heard three
shots, possibly .22 caliber,
but not positive. They then
put whatever they had in
their trunk. MCSO was un-
able to locate the vehicle.
-MCSO received re-
port that an 11-year-old
was at the Irrigon skate
park around 5 p.m. He was
punched in the side and a
male in his 40s grabbed
the backpack and ran away
with it and kept the wallet.
The caller advised there
was nothing in the wallet.
-A person in Irrigon re-
ported that their neighbors
were constantly drinking,
being loud, smoking and
parking on their property.
The caller requested con-
tact. MCSO responded and
made contact with the loud
group and advised them to
quiet down.
December 3: -Morrow
County Sheriff’s Office re-
ceived report of a vehicle
and tent trailer covered in
snow off the top of Shaw
Grade. The caller was con-
cerned that someone may
have been in need of assis-
tance. Oregon State Police
responded and reported that
all seemed fine at the camp
and MCSO made contact
with the owner who said
the vehicle broke down
and they would repair and
remove it as soon as they
-MCSO received re-
port of 12- and 14-year-old
brothers missing in Irrigon.
MCSO responded and lo-
cated the boys.
-MCSO received report
from an Ione subject who
said she had received a call
from her sister who said
her boyfriend was being
abusive and throwing her
into walls. The caller did
not have an address, just a
road name. The caller was
connected to Union County
-MCSO received report
that a brown, run-down car
was racing on Main St. The
caller said the car goes up to
the old white house.
-MCSO received report
from a Heppner subject that
someone was playing very
loud music that could be
heard over the caller’s TV.
The noise was located and it
was determined there was a
birthday party going on and
the subjects said they would
keep the noise down.
-MCSO received report
of a black cow on the side
of the road on I-84 east,
Boardman. The cow, which
was able to walk right over
the fence, then went back
over the fence.
-MCSO received report
from an Irrigon subject that
there was someone in the
house next door. The caller
said she didn’t recognize
them and didn’t think they
were supposed to be there.
A deputy responded and
determined that the subject
was actually the homeown-
er. The caller was informed.
-MCSO received report
of a couple caught on cam-
era at the Oasis RV Park
on Highway 730, Irrigon,
using a key to the restroom.
The manager advised that
they didn’t belong there
and shouldn’t have a key.
MCSO made contact.
-MCSO received report
of a black SUV swerv-
ing between lanes on I-84,
Boardman. OSP was ad-
vised, as MCSO deputy was
out of the area.
-MCSO received report
of a possible DUII on Hwy.
730, Irrigon, with a sub-
ject driving an older green
Ford pickup that had been
tailgating the caller since
Umatilla and almost ran
them off the road. MCSO
was out of position.
-Irrigon Ambulance re-
ceived report of a 78-year-
old made with leg pain. He
was transported.
December 4: -Morrow
County Sheriff’s Office re-
ceived report of a four-door
grey pickup with a Seattle
Seahawks emblem on it that
sad outside and revved his
engine, then “jetted” toward
Division in Irrigon. MCSO
responded, but was not able
to locate the vehicle.
-MCSO, Boardman
Ambulance received re-
quest for an ambulance
for an 84-year-old male,
conscious, but having diffi-
culty breathing. Boardman
Ambulance responded and
transported the patient to
Good Shepherd Hospital in
-MCSO received report
from an Irrigon woman that
she let her seven-eight-
month old “friendly” Rott-
weiler out to go “potty” and
it took off. The dog, black
with brown undertones, has
no collar and no tags.
-MCSO received report
from a male that his ex was
under the influence when
she returned their kids. He
reported that if she returned
the kids while she was un-
der the influence, she was
to take a urinalysis.
-MCSO received report
that there is damage to part
of the retaining wall on
the pavement side of the
MCSO gun range, Board-
man. He was advised that
the damage occurred a long
time ago.
-MCSO received report
of a subject who kept get-
ting in and out of a blue
Prelude on I-84 Boardman.
A deputy responded and
determined that the subjects
had help coming.
-MCSO received report
of a white car that passed
in a “no passing” zone on
Hwy. 730, Irrigon. The
caller had the vehicle’s
license plate number.
-MCSO received report
from a woman on Center St.
in Heppner that she found a
parakeet in her garage and
believed it was someone’s
pet. The owner was found.
-MCSO received report
of a Toyota two-door 4Run-
ner speeding down Utah St.
in Irrigon.
-MCSO received report
from a subject on Toms
Camp Rd., Boardman, that
their 14-year-old daughter
was disrespectful and flip-
ping out. The caller said her
husband took stuff out of
her room. The child calmed
down and the caller advised
MCSO to disregard the call.
-MCSO, Irrigon Fire
Department, Irrigon Am-
bulance received report of a
“good-sized” fire on Wagon
Wheel Loop, Irrigon. The
caller wasn’t sure if it was a
controlled burn or not. Irri-
gon Ambulance and MCSO
-MCSO Deputy ad-
vised of cows out on Brace
Lane. The owner was con-
--MCSO received re-
port of a white GEO Metro
traveling at a high rate of
speed on Utah Ave. in Irri-
gon. A deputy was advised,
but was out of position.
-Irrigon Ambulance re-
ceived report of a 43-year-
old female, conscious,
whose “whole body was
numb.” She was transport-
-Irrigon EMS received
a request for assistance in
lifting a 95-year-old male.
The caller was trying to
transition him into a wheel-
chair, but was unable to do
so and instead assisted him
to the floor. Irrigon Ambu-
lance responded, but the
patient refused transport.
December 5: -A Mor-
row County Sheriff’s dep-
uty reported being out with
a smoking plastic cart in
-A male in Irrigon re-
ported that his wallet was
stolen. He advised he re-
covered his wallet but the
Social Security card was
still missing.
-A person in Irrigon
advised of a car that flew
through the area five times
the previous night. They
gave a description and ad-
vised they wanted some-
thing done to the driver.
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