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City water storage
Work on the city's new
water storage tank and water
lines would be stopped Immed
iately if the Willow Creek Dam
is cancelled, a US Army Corps
of Engineers spokesman said
at a meeting in Heppner last
Major Walley Mook, project
coordinator from Walla Walla
told a gathering of reporters
and city officials Friday, "If
the project is stopped, we
would not be able to complete
this work. Whatever point we
were at, we would stop right
Mook's comments contra
dicted information given to
the Heppner City Council two
weeks ago, when city engineer
Scott Kvundall told the council
even if the t40-niillion plus
dum project is somehow
stopped, the city would still
get the designated new water
lines and storage tank, called
for as part of the dam project.
The waterline and storage
tank are needed since the dam
will cover up existing water
mains into the city.
Mook emphasized that he
has had no word of the project
being cancelled, and, on the
contrary, said the Willow ,
Creek Dam project haB been
presented to the new Keagan
administration "and it's all
go "
An advisory ballot seeking
Nancy Miller crowned Morrow Rodeo
St H
1981 Morrow County
Anita Palmer, Queen
M:rrow County's Nancy
Miller was crowned Queen of
the ll81 Rodeo last Saturday
night during ceremonies at the
Lexington Grange hall.
The beaming Nancy receiv
ed the Kodeo crown from
outgoing Queen Lori Kd
wards, who wished Nancy and
her court well and told the
gathered crowd she had very
much enjoyed her reign as
chief representative of Mor
row County and head of the
Kodeo festivities.
Dclpha Jones of Lexington
was MC for the coronation
events, held in the grange hall
Nancy's grandfather, Harvey
Miller, had helped build many
years ago.
A potluck turkev dinner for
Morrow County's Home-Owned
US NO. 17 Tlll'KSDAY, APRIL 23. 1981
voter opinion on construction
of the Willow Creek dam will
tie put before voters of the
Heppner Water control dis
trict May 19.
Voters will be asked "Do
you favor construction of the
Willow Creek Dam?" The vote
is strictly advisory and will in
itself not stop the dam project.
An identical question, asked
only of Heppner city residents
April 3, 1979 received approval
188 yes to 135 no.
Accompanying Mook to the
question-answer session were
Ron Barrett and resident
engineer Don Johnson.
"The Corps has no vested
Interest (in the dam project,
we're here just to answer
questions," Mook said. "We
operate on mandates from
Mook said it is rare that a
projct once started is stop
ped. Neither he nor Johnson
could offhand think of one
He said the only changes
made in the dam since the
project was started years ago,
is that the Corps has decided
to use roller compacted con
crete for construction, instead
of the. originally proposed
earthen structure.
The more recent design
change will move the "toe" of
the dam 500 feet farther out
from town, require less vol
ume to build the dam. and
t ;
Rodeo Court (L-R) Andrea Ball, Shelly Stroeber, Princess
Nancy Miller, Princess
all present was served up
before the activities began,
and then it was time for
introduction of the court by
Bob Montgomery.
In addition to Nancy, the
court includes princess. Anita
Palmer and Kathy Hansen.
Pennant bearers for this
year's Kodeo. Andrea Ball,
Shelly Stroeber, Sylvia Ladd
and Lori Fetsch, joined the
court on stage where all were
presented with bouquets of
roses in honor of their
The Kodeo court was also
presented with belt buckles
from Ken Miller of the 1st
National Bank, Dot Ilalvorsen
for Willow Grange and Judy
The Heppner
work cut
cause the spillway to be built
down the center of the dam
instead of on the end.
He said that the dam still
has multi-purpose use of flood
control, recreation and irriga
tion. Concerning flood control.
Barrett said onc e the dam is in
place the city would see quite
a change in the flood plain
(that area in which building
requirements are stringent
and insurance rail's higher).
He said the flood plain would
drop from the present five to
six feet in some areas to one to
two. "There will be a substan
tial change in the business
district adjacent residential
area of Heppner," he said.
Barrett also said there
would be a shrinking of the
size of the flood "way" in
Heppner (that area where no
building is allowed whatso
ever at this time).
Concerning recreation pur
poses, Mook said the dam
would contain an average
2.(100 acre-feet of water, and
be about 65 feet at its deepest
point at the dam.
He said the height of the
dam would be 154 feet above
the Willow Creek stream bed.
" " Passing1 out an artists con
ception of the dam. Mook said
except for the dam being a
darker gray color, the picture
accurately depicted how the
dam would look once complet
: ar-rr.-f.3;' .
Kathy Hansen, Sylvia
A violin solo featuring a
medley of old songs was
performed by Frances
Queen Nancy's grandpar
Pickup, semi collide
near Heppner Thurs.
A pickup and semi -truck
collided around 8:18 last
Thursday morning, injuring
Fa ye Seitz and her daughter,
Melanie, Heppner.
The collision occurred on
Highway 207 on Heppner Hill
toward Ruggs. A 911 call was
received by the county Sher
11 llFiliQ
Weekly Newspaper
off if dam
He said water from Willow
Creek would flow through the
dam. "We're not going to cut
off anybody's water rights
down stream Water that goes
in will come out." he stated.
He says there are presently
plans for the Corps to build a
boat launching ramp and
restrooms on the shore of the
lake, and there are also plans
to stock the lake with fish.
Mook said the Corps plans to
have bids for actual dam
construction let by next Sep
temtK'r, with construction to
start in the spring of 1982.
Once construction begins he
estimates the dam will take
fioo days to build.
With regard to the new
construction process. Mook
said that the roller compacted
process has been used on
many structures around the
world, and there is a lifesize
model of the Willow Creek
Dam at the Corps Bonneville
offices. He said the model is
room size and actually uses
running water for testing.
"The Corps if very conserv- :
ative in dam design. And this
is not a new and untried
design," he stated.
(See map page three.)
I i -u
Ladd and Lori Fetsch
ents were early members of
the Lexington Grange, with
grandfather, Harvey, being
past master and one who
helped build the grange build
ing. iff's Dept. and a deputy and an
ambulance were dispatched to
the scene.
Mrs. Seitz and her daughter
were transported to Pioneer
Memorial Hospital in Hep
pner. Mrs. Seitz was released
from the hospital on April 19
and her daughter April 17.
,1 i' T I I 1
Artist's conception
of Willow Creek Dam
i -v. y
1W (Vim
Nancy Miller crowned
by 1980 Queen
Lori Edwards
Fire burns
pump house
The Heppner Fire Dept.
responded to a pump house
fire at the Pete Skow resi
dence, about a mile south of
Heppner on Saturday.
The fire, reported at 12:48
p.m.. took around 25 minutes
to put out. according to
Heppner Fire Chief Forrest
Burkenbine said that the
cause of the blaze, which
involved some grass as well as
the pump house building, had
not been determined.
Miller, Steagall win
Gazette-Times contest
Vicki Miller and George Steagall are winners of this week's
Gazette-Times "Know Your Local Business Person Contest."
Each won a $25 gift certificate for being the first two
entries drawn which correctly identified the places of
business of six area business people.
For details, where to enter, six new pictures for this week
and the answers to last week's contest, see page five of this
week's G-T.
says Corps spokesman
i Hepprrl o CP
(L - R) Donald Johnson, Major Walley Mook and Ron" Barrett
of the Corps of Engineers
Superintendent says district
may be in financial trouble
Even with an approved
budget for 1981-82, the Morrow
County School District may be
in financial trouble before the
year is out. Matt Doherty,
school superintendent, told the
board of directors Monday
Doherty said that although no
definite word has yet been
received the district may
receive nearly $300,000 less in
basic school support from the
state than last year.
"That's a pretty serious
situation," Doherty told the
board at its monthly meeting
in Irrigon.
Doherty says he anticipated
a drop in school support this
year because of budget short
falls the state is experiencing.
However, he says the cuts
may be worse than he
Doherty told the board when
the budget was put together
earlier this year. "It would be
almost impossible to absorb
that without cutting basic
programs," he warned the
Although he stressed that he
would not know until at least
June what the district could
hope to receive from the state,
he wanted to put together
a contingency plan in case
heavy cuts are necessary in
school expenditures to make
up for a large shortfall. "I
want the board to tell me and
the administration which way
to go on this," he asked.
The board's concensus was
that other programs should be
cut before education. "We are
trying to avoid cutting educa
tional programs," said
Doherty said capital outlay,
a new talented and gifted
program and other non-educational
programs should be
axed first. He said, however,
that lunch programs and
transportation should be cons
si dered as a basic program.
In other business at the
meeting, the board:
! 7 JY' ;'
, .Z -'7-
adopted new budget
committee selection guide
lines where "Each board
member shall nominate a
candidate to the budget com
mittee from his-her zone.
Every effort shall be made to
provide equal representation
on the budget committee from
each area of the district," the
new policy stated.
- moved to convert six of the
district's buses from gas to
propane power next year. .
- okayed a request from
Gorden Munck to take a
10-day trip to Mexico with five
Spanish students. The trip will
be furnished by the Spanish
- accepted the resignations
of teachers Nancy Mykelbust,
Riverside; Carol Wallace,
Boardman-Irrigon; Milli
Hanna, Heppner Elementary;
Gene Sartain, lone; Don
Boyce, Heppner; Pam Aus
man, Heppner Elementary;
and Barbara Fairchild, Hep
pner Elementary.