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Heppner Gazette Times, Thursday, October 27, 1 949
Aido e rowers, in lorlopin J characteristic's, good size and col
the fruit, always tr to d v ( lop I nr. and a ranpe of ripening from
Improved li'wrt and cooking j midMjmmiT to late fall.
Hcusewvies who ore receiving new
power-ond oil other housewives, as
Before you buy any vacuum clean"
er, you owe it to yourself to see the
and learn about the wonderful
deal we can give you.
The KIRBY is the only home cleaning system that has
the following features
1 The flexibility and adaptability of its various
units will accomplish ALL home cleaning and
renovation tasks.
2 It is placed in your home with a LIFETIME
guarantee and fire insurance policy.
3 The Sani-Em Tor does away with messy bag
4 It is equipped with various exclusives such as
Safety Switch, Detachable Cord, Adjustable Flood
light Indestructible Start-stop Switch, Toe-touch
control for rug cleaner nozzle.
If I don't get around to see you soon
enough, immediate attention will be
given to your cards or phone calls re
questing free demonstrations within
your own home. There is absolutely no
Your KIRBY Dealer
Phone 2224
Heppner, Oregon
County Agent News . .
Fertilizer used on new grass
jseedings of perennial grass for
pasture or for seed is good-stand
insurance. Fertilizer used at the
planting time returns the grower
Imore dividends than that used at
jany other time. The first require
ment for a good grass seeding is
a good stand. The second is a
thrifty, fast growing plant that
will withstand the rough winter
j weather and Ije ready for an ear
jly start next spring toward mak
I ing a seed crop or producing feed.
: Commercial nitrogen fertilizer
'helps with both points. Young
seedlings require a generous am
ount of immediately available
j nitrogen in the soil. During the
'cool fall weather, the supply of
available nitrogen that the plant
can use is low even on rich soils.
Without nitrogen the young seed
lings may sprout and die, result
ing in the loss of a stand. If the
plants have commercial nitrogen
available, they will live and keep
on growing until freezing weath
er. Fertilized plants ordinarily
will be large enough to withstand
heavy freezes. Often unfertilzed
seedings are completely lost with
one or two mild freezes. Use at
least 20 pounds of nitrogen per
acre. Thirty or 40 may be better
on less fertile soils.
On some soils, particularly in
the hills, phosphorous may be
necessary in addition to nitrogen,
especially if the seeding does not
include a legume. The applicaton
of phosphorous at seeding time
should supply 60 pounds or more
A available phosphorous.
Fertilized seedings, because of
tVr. more vigorous early growth,
result in cleaner stands. They out
grow the weds.
Fertilizer will not take the
rlace of a good seed bed and
good seed. All three are necessary.
N umber of cows bothered with
Children's Festive Fashions
It's easy to shop for all the youngsters in
Norah's Completely Stocked Shop -
Everything they need for school, play, and dress-up wear.
For Comfortable Sleeping
Fluff Knit two-piece pajamas-sizes 7-14 3.95
Two-piece Outing pajamas-sizes 7-14 2.95
Balbriggan pajamas-sizes 4-16 2.95
Snug' n Warm Corduroy Togs
Jumpers, Skirts, Jackets, Overalls, 3-piece Suits, Hat or
Beret, Jacket and Overalls for infants-medium and large
for children sizes 3-6.
Nylon or Wool Sweaters
for infants. Wool Mittens and. Wool Gloves, Dress Coats
and Slacks, Snow Suits, Caps and Hoods.
an old dairy problem, mastitis,
or garget, is again on its seasonal
upsw ing. Barometer to cow num
bers troubled with mastitis, an
udder infection, is the customary
increase in letter queries written
to an O.S.C. dairy specialist. Mas
litis appears to become more pre
valent as the pasture season tap
ers off and cows are kept more
closely confined. Mastitis is an
abnormal condition of a cow's
udder which results in stringy,
flakey, watery or thickened milk.
It is accompanied by an average
reduction in milk flow of 20 per
cent or so. Udders of infected
animals may be swollen, inflam
ed, and usually have a hard,
meaty feeling. Often repeated
questions are: Is mastitis contag
ious? What causes it? Answer to
the first question is an unquali
fied "yes". Mastitis is a contag
ious and 80 to 90 percent of the
cases are caused by bacteria
streptococcus agalactiae. These
common bacteria usually become
established in a cow's udder as a
result of injury caused by
improper milking or as the after
math of bruising. Milk from in
fected cows is not good for hu
man consumption. It may, how
ever, be fed to calves if care is
taken to see that calves do not
suckle each other and transmit
the bacteria to their mammary
glands. Milking machines are a
frequent source of mastitis infec
tion when they are allowed to
run on cows longer than neces
sary. Time requirement for ma
chine milking will average about
four minutes. Feeling that mas
titis prevention is more important
than cure, this five-step control
program is suggested: One, pre
vent udder injuries; two, test for
mastitis at least four times yearly
if the disease is prevalent; three,
segregate infected animals and
milk them last; rour. use a chlor
ine solution to wash udders, an
other one in which to dip teat
cups, and five, practice clean,
rapid milking.
EUGENE, Oct. 26 To get your
man, girls, go to Oregon State
College. In fact, each girl at OSC
is entitled to three and one-fifth
men, an discounting a few who
are married, that is a pretty good
percentage. OSC records this fall
show 5,146 men to 1,617 women,
a bigger ratio of men to women
than at any other major Institl
tion of the state system of higher
MORE PEOPLE are trying the
ford feel every day.
FOR SALE 25 bushel treated
Rex M l seed wheat. Phone
16F2, Bill Barratt. 32-34c
Transferring Cr
Heavy Hauling
Padded Moving
Penland Bros.
Transfer Co.
39 SW Dorion Avenue
Phone 338
Pendleton, Ore.
, The Heppner Cazette, established
March 80, 1883. The Heppner
I Times, established November
18, 1897. Consolidated Feb. 15,
! 1912.
j Published every Thursday and
entered at the Post Office at
Heppner, Oregon, as second
' class matter.
Subscription price, $3.00 a year;
single .vpica, A'y..
Publisher and Editor
Almlssloa price. aftarnooa and vrenlng, naiess xpo
uflcll7 advartlaed to b ottorwlMI Children ! Est.
Prto .17, fed. lu .03, Total 10c; Orad. ul Uifh
School BtBdesu IS yaar. ul ever I Ext. PrlM Mi.
rL Tax .10, Total 60c; AduJU: Bit. Pnc .50c, Fed.
Tax .10, Total SOo. Evsry child oacupri&f a teat
must bars a tlckat.
thews start at 7)30 p-m. Boxofflo. opta eraniiif.
Sunday ahawi oontlnaom. starting at 1 y.ns. All oVbm
until p.m.
Admission pnen afternoon and evening, nnlesi specifically advertised to be otherwise I Children!
L fnce .17, Fed. Tax .03, TOT AX. 20c; Grade and Hifn School Student. U year, and oven Est.
frice .40. led. Tax .14. TOTAL 60c; Adult : Est. Price .SO, TvL Tax .10, TOTAi 60c Every child
occupying a aeat mast have a ticket.
Sunday shows continuous from 1 p. m.
Saturday shows -start at 7 p. m. All other
evening shows start at p. m.
Tbursday-Fridtry-Saturdcry, Oct. 27-28-29
Michael O'Halloran
Scotty Beckett Allene Roberta, Isabel
Jewell, Tommy Cook
Gene Strut ton roller's timeless story has
been niaae into solid entertainment for
bold mature and young people, rich in
warm human values, plot interest and
The Lost Bandit
William Elliot. Adrian Booth, Andy De
vine, forrest Tucker, Jack Holt. Minna
CombeU. Grant Withers
Uirpe helpings of gunplay and rough and
tumble liiihtinu, plus beautilul western
color phoioKiaphy, make up tills good
adventure picture.
Sunday-Monday. October 30-31
Father Was a Fullbock
Trod MacMurroy, Maureen O Hara, Betty
Lynn, Rudy Vallee, Thelma Ritter
Field strategy and home strategy are dif
ferent . even the maid bet against him,
and the grocer sent him goose eggs! It's
merry and it's human!
Tuesday-Wednesday, November 1-2
A Woman's Secret
Maureen O'Hara, Melvyn Douglas, Gloria
Grahame, Bill Williams, Victor Jory,
Mary Phillips
Vicki Baum's novel "Mortgage on Life"
has been made into a highly enjoyable
myster drama, smartly dressed up in
crackling dialog and amazing perform
ances. Also, SPORT OF MILLIONS, horse racing;
PERILS OF THE JUNGLE, amazing search
for the Okapi; VIDEO HOUNDS, talkln
nil fnni i r
Symptoms of Distress Arising from
FreBookTellsof HomeTreatmentthat
Must Help or It Will Cost You Nothing
Over thro million bottles of the WrLUfin
Treatment have been sold for relief of
symntom.iofdistrea'.ariiinn fror" Stomivh
and Duodenal Ulcrt d ue to Eicctt Acid
Poor Digestion, Sour or Upt Stomach,
GMtlnets, Utitrl-hurn, Sleepl$nt, itc,
due to Eicew Aetd. Hold on 16 dayn' trial!
Axk for "W 1 1 lard's Mesial" which fully
IxuiaUoi tliia tr:wnt Iroa at
Saager's Pharmacy
We have a new spray outfit
for spraying weeds.
We have been told it sells
for around 1200.
First $100 Takes
Hodge Chevrolet
Enjoy your Fur Coat
Ladies, insure your fur coats for cover
age against all perils for just
per year
See us for particulars
A drivers license examiner will
be on duty In Heppner Tuesday,
Nov. 1, at the city hall between
the hours of 10:00 a. m. and 4 p.
m. acocrding to an announcement
received from the secretary oif
state's office.
Miss Betty Adams, home eco
nomics Instructor in Vale schools
clashed home for an over night
visit wtih her mother and sister,
Mrs. Floyd Achims and Nancy.
Betty was on her way to Milton
to attend a F. II. A. conference on
Staurday. She was accompanied
by Mrs. Dorotheo Chester, chap
ter mother, and Avis Hiat, Shir-
Prepay Inheritance and
Estate Taxes-thru life insurance
-:- C. A. Ruggles -:-
Equitable Life Insurance
Show and Sale by Members
71 - LOTS - 71
(5 Head Polled Herefords)
34 Bulls -- 37 Females
At Sherman County Fair Grounds
Moro,Ore. -Thurs. Nov. 3
Cattle Shown Wednesday, November 2
For Catalog Address
Miller & Teale, Sale Managers
W 807 Shoshone, Spokane 9, Wash.
ley Turner, Dain Frisby and
Mary Kuwadini, members of
Vale high school Home Kconom
ics club.
Mrs Mildred Tucker and her
sons were among I he successful
deer hunters last week. Mrs.
Tucker brought down a three
point deer and Elclon a four
pointer. Kldon got his buck ear
lier in the season.
Wine was produced in Egypt
as early as 2100 B. C.
1946 MERCURY Town Sedan
equipped with radio and heat
er. Pay down $3il8.00. ltosewall
Motor Company.
or. " .. eo
Xn'. ... oho etr7 jcl
est -sr. -
V iO oo
V - I fAih II
279-75 oh P""J
LOOK at all these features I
e Lifetime Porcelain inside
and out
e Acid-RetUting Porcelain
Cooking Top
Triple-Duty Thermlzer '
with Accessories
and Thrifto-Matic Switch
e Twin-Unit Even-Heat Oven
High-Speed, Smokeleit
lypt Broiler
Full-Width Storage Drawer
Cook-Master Oven
Clock Control.
Automatic Time-Signal
Fluorescent Cooking-Top
Heppner Appliance Co.
Dependlible Radio and Refridgeration Service
rfewouaewy , , , another home for
Farley Fontiac Co
May at Chase Sts.
Heppner, Oregon
Morrow County
(?ome m cutd yet acqctawtect
We are proud of our appointment as Willys-Overland dealer in
this territory and will do our best to live up to the responsibility
it places upon us. We invite you to drop in and see for yourself
how well we are set up to take care of your personal transporta
tion requirements. We have a complete line of Willys-Overland
products on display, including the world-famous Universal "Jeep",
the popular Station Wagon and the newest in 2- and 4-wheel-drive
trucks. Come and see us soon.
7 Senvice
Bring your car, truck or "Jeep" to us for
anything from an oil change to a major
overhaul. It will thrive on our service and
you will like our courteous treatment and
eager-to-please attitude.
nUnvfrial "Jeep"
The "Jeep" Station Wagon
2- and 4-Wheel-Drive I
I j The "Jeep" Panol Delivery i
tr inf tr tfitwtn f . wyt inrt , iih.uiijlh u. 1