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Heppner Gazette Times, Thursday, September 29, 1949
Need Envelopes? Or
Letter Heads? Phone
The Gazette Times 1
Your Home Town Pa
per Only 3.00 a year
At the site of the burned elevator at Heppner
e have for sale WHILE IT LASTS
From $20 to $50 ton
Wheat Screenings (chicken
or hog feed) $5.00 Ton
Ask for Mr. Goodwin
J4ere5 Jlnli(e-deep Comfort
Treat your feet to the day-long comfort
Massagic's resilient air cushion and
exclusive Arch Lift offer. Come in
sooq and see the mighty smart Massagic
styles we're showing.
lvX :Siv 11. J I
Ta or J. ' "
Hack nil " V i
lustom type. JI C ".
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WEYEN BERG $8.95 to $12.95
The Store of Personal Service
Topic Club At lone
Observes Twenty
First Anniversary
The 21st anniversary of the
Women's Topic club was held at
the Masonic hall Saturday ofter
noon with Mrs. Omar Retmann,
Mrs. Victor Kietmann and Mrs.
M. E. Cotter as hostesses. The
party started with a dessert lun
cheon which consisted of a beau
tifully decorated birthday cake,
ice cream and coffee. The Misses
Ruby Ann Kietmann and Ingrid
Hermann helped with the serv
ing. Mrs. Omar Rietmann gave a
history of the Topic club which
was organized in 1928 with the
following charter members: Mrs.
Omar Kietmann, Mrs. Victor Riet
mann, Mrs. Ruth Shane. Mrs.
Fred Mankin, Mrs. Henry Gorger,
Mrs. Anne Smouse, Mrs. Albert
Lindstrom, Mrs. Leona Christof
ferson, Mrs. Elsie Gross. The club
is limited to 24 members and has
two meetings a month, one for
study and one for a social time.
During the 21 years the club has
reviewed fiction and non-fiction,
subjects covered were history of
Oregon and Morrow county and
many others.
In 1933 the club sponsored a
town library. Mrs. Bert Mason,
secretary of the library board and
Mrs. Echo Palmateer, librarian,
gave reports on the library which
was first set up in what is now
the kitchen of the Rebekah hall.
It was then moved to the Swan
son store, next to the city hall
and after the fire June 15 back to
the Swanson building. The libra
ry has several hundred books and
is progressing nicely.
Mrs. Rietmann called the roll
of members and former members
whose names were written on
scrolls on the walls. Each re
sponded with a short talk. Mrs.
Harlan McCurdy, president, was
introduced and gave a speech.
During the lifetime of the Topic
club, 75 women have belonged.
Forty- four women were present
at the meeting, most of whom
were members or past members.
Those coming from a distance
were Mrs. Ralph Coats, Quincy,
Wash.; Mrs. Henry Gorger, Pen
dleton; Mrs. Victor Peterson, The
Dalles; Mrs. .Bert Mason, Oak
Grove; Mrs. Frank Lundell, Mrs.
Agnes Wlcox and Mrs. Clyde
Denney of Portland, Mrs. Clell
Rea of Stanfield and Mrs. Fred
Mankin of Lexington.
Bridge, Pinochle and Chinese
checkers were played. Winning
prizes were: Bridge, Mrs. Ralph
Coats, high; Mrs. E. R. Lundell,
second high and Mrs. Echo Palm
ateer, low; Mrs. Clyde Denney.
jack high pinochle, Mrs. Sam Mc
Millan, high, Mrs. G. Hermann,
second high; Mrs. Francis Ely,
low; Mrs. McMillan, 300 pinochle.
Mrs. Francis Ely received the
nm.iuiiiH pimn JiLjji '"Willi Mmy .,WIMW..-.-'--, j mm,.irmr-w-. ' " ""-
door prize and Mrs. Oscar Lun
dell the prize for the best 11m-1
erirk. Mrs. Algott Lundell and'
Mrs. Carl Henderson received
prizes on Chinese checkers.
The following officers were in
stalled at an Auxiliary meeting
Tuesday evening, Sept. 20: Presi
dent, Mrs. Walter Corley; first
vice president, Mrs. Robert De
Spain; second vice president, Mrs.
Ernest MeCabe; secretary-treasurer,
Mrs. Cecil Thome; chaplain,
Mrs. Larry Fletcher; historian,
Mrs. Echo Palmateer. Mrs. Victor
Rietmann was installing officer
and Mrs. Cleo Drake the sergeant-at-arms.
Each officer was pre
sented with a corsage.
Reports on the conventon at
Salem were given by Mrs. Echo
Palmateer and Mrs. Cecil Thome.
Mrs. Corley read a list of articles
that were needed in the veterans
hosptal in Portland, among them
ditty bags which will be made at
the afternoon meetings. The Le
gion and auxiliary will have a
dinner Thursday evening Sept.
29. After the business meeting
refreshments were served by Mrs.
Sam Esteb, Mrs. Ed Buschke and
Mrs. Larrv Fletcher.
Sept. 30, football game here.
Oct. 2, promotion and rally day
at the Cooperative Sunday school
and world communion. Oct. 4,
Auxiliary meeting in afternoon,
Legion meeting in evening. Oct.
6, Extension unit meeting at Con
gregational church all day
meeting, sack lunch at noon.
Book donors to the library the
past week were Mr. and Mrs. Ver
ner Troedson, the state library.
Monmouth library.
Creston Black is spending a
couple of weeks at Aloha.
John Buchanan, son of Mr. and
Mrs. Fred Buchanan, arrived
home Monday mornng from Ja
pan where he spent three years
in the army. He was supply serg
eant. He received his discharge.
Mrs. Dale Ray and daughter,
Gladys Bershers are visting at
the home of another daughter,
Mrs. Lester Goodrich of Husum,
Ten ladies from here attended
the better dress workshop prelim
inary meeting in Heppner Friday.
The first workshop meeting will
be here October 13.
Rev. and Mrs. Alfred Shirley
were The Dalles visitors last
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Ingles
and A. A. McCabe of Adams visit
ed relatives here Sunday.
Delbert Emert is in California
with Mrs. Emert and daughter
Mrs. Phil Griffin visited her son
Stanley Cox at the St. Anthony's
hospital in Pendleton Monday
He is improving after being in
jured in a wTeck near Heppner
September 18.
Mr. and Mrs. Roy Lindstrom
were Portland visitors last week.
Mrs. Harold Martin underwent
a noperation on her throat Fri
day of last week at the St. Mary's
hosptal in Walla Walla.
lone beat Lexington in a foot
ball game here Friday, 45 to 0.
Henry Peterson is having some
roofing and siding done on his
farm buildings.
Mrs. Hazel Beers of Eagle
Creek is visiting her sister, Mrs.
Echo Palmateer and is also doing
some papering in lone.
Mrs. Verda Ritchie has been
visiting at the home of her bro
ther. Phil Griffin the past few
Mrs. Mary Norrls of Portland
visited her sister, Mrs. Henry
Clark, last week.
Alfred Rivers, a former resident
of lone, visited here last week.
The Earl McKinneys are hav
ing some remodeling done at
their home on Rhea creek.
Mrs. Agnes Wilcox and Mrs.
Clyde Denney of Portland return
ed from a trip to Sand Pont, Ida.
where they visited a sister of
Mrs. Wilcox. They stopped in lone
for the week-end.
Mrs. Helen Kyle of Preston,
Minn, is visiting at the Ida Cole
man home. She and Mrs. Coleman
and daughter Annabelle, and
Mrs. Delia Corson spent Sunday
at Pasco.
Mrs. George Campbell of Con
nell, Wash, visited her .daughter,
Mrs. Lloyd Howton, last week.
Mr. and Mrs. Harold Townsend
and lamily of Hermiston and Mr.
and Mrs. Hershall Townsend and
family attended the wedding of
Mrs. Myrtle Townsend and Will
iam Campbell at the Seventh Day
Adventist church in Portland
September 17. Rev. Gordon of
Salem officiated. Mr. and Mrs.
Campbell will live in Salem. She
is the mother of the Townsend
Mr. and Mrs. Marion Palmer
entertained at a pinochle party
Saturday evening in honor of
Miss Gladys Bershers of Los An
geles. Those present were Mr.
and Mrs. Elmer Palmer, Mr. and
Mrs. Francis Ely, Mr. and Mrs.
Raymond Lundell, Mr. and Mrs.
Norman Nelson, Mr. and Mrs.
Milton Morgan, Mr. and Mrs.
Paul Pettyjohn and Mr. and Mrs.
Edmond Bristow. Those winning
high prize were Mrs. Francis Ely,
Paul Pettyjohn and Miss Bersh
A surprise party was held at
the John Eubanks home Saturday
evening in honor of their anni
versary. About 16 attended. Re
freshments were served.
Mr. and Mrs. Verner Troedson
attended the Kilkenny-Lawrence
wedding at Pendleton Saturday.
Roland Bergstrom is attending
Pacific university at Forest Grove,
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"Private Investing
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Insurt Now be certain that when
DREAD DI5EP.SE strikei. the heavy
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$5,000.00 Each Person
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HoipJtoJ Simci
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110.00 per day each,
fimbulance Serrtee
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Iron Lung
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flutomcbiJe, Railrocd or Aircraft to Hos
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WrlttM In
II. lift MIMMI tttAMJ
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C 1 ft F0R R
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