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    Heppner Gazette Times, Thursday, September 29, 1949
USDA Asks Bell
To Head Far East
Wheat Mart Study
The USDA has ask E. J. Bell,
Oregon stale wheat commission
administrator, to be the leader in
their study of the possibilities of
expanding Far Eastern markets
for Pacfie Northwest wheat, Jens
Terjeson, commission chairman,
said Monday.
Terjeson said that the USDA
has asked Bell to study dietary
needs and food supply in Japan
India and the Philippines while a
USDA chemist probes the milling
and baking end.
The wheat commission has
been working toward a Far East
study for a year and-a half and
proposed the project to the USDA
along with the Oregon Wheat
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Growers' League. Washington
slate's department of agriculture
will send Archie Camp, La Crosse
wheat furmer and president of
the North Pacific Grain Growers,
Bell and Camp will meet with
northwest millers and grain ex
porters at Portland Monday to
get suggestions and arrange for
contacts with overseas represent
atives of Amercian firms. If
arrangments can be made, Bell
and Camp will go to Washington
state department, millers and ex
porters. The commission has an
economist in Washington gather
ing information and statistics in
market outlets in the Orient to
help the study.
"By sending these men over
seas," said Terjeson, "they wil
give us accurate, first . hand in
lormation on the best way to es
tablish a permanent market for
the suplus of wheat in the Unted
States. Our own region produces
100 million bushles of wheat an
nually of which 65 million bush
els must be sold outside the Paci
fic northwest. We hope they will
give us definite suggestions on
just what growers, millers and
exporters can do to maintain the
largest possible outlets over the
next 10 to 25 years.
'The project may take several
years and if a preliminary shows
ihat wheat would be beneficial
the United States may send 'food
missionaries' to the Far Eastern
people to show them how to pre
pare wheat products to suit their
tasles and methods of cooking.
Far Eastern people are getting
wheat now. They need wheat
because their population -is in
creasing under insufficient sup
plies of rice. We hope the project
will answer these questions
What kinds of wheat and flour
are the best for the people'
What's the most acceptable form
of gettng it to them? What else
can we do to gel the Far East
ern people to buy our wheat and
flower over a period of years?
a large group ol candidates from
this area are expected to make
up the total of 125 initiates Into
into the mysteries of the eastern
The ceremonial will open vith
a business meeting at 11 o'clock
in the Sacajawea hotel for the i
election of candidates. A Shrine
parade, with floats and entries
from participating communities
will start at 2:30 and the candi-
Local Shriners Plan
To Attend Conclave
At La Grande Oct. 1
Shriners of Heppner, under the
leadership of Rajah Garnet
Barratt of Heppner, are making
preparation for a trek to La Gran,
de Saturday, October 1, to attend
the 1919 Eastern Oregon cere
monial of Al Kader Temple of
The ceremonial, under the dir
ection of Potentate Earl Riley of
Portland, is exeeted to he one of
the largest held in Eastern Ore
gon. Hundreds of Shiners from
all sections of the state will be in
attendance to witness the initia
tion of an estimated 125 candi
dates. More than 200 memhers of Al
Kader uniformed bodies will ar
rive in La Grande the day of the
ceremonial from Portland on a
special train which will also
bring equipment for the colorful
and spectacular event.
Rajah Barratt said today that
1 Custom,., I
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Page 3
Boardman Couple
Return From Trip to
Canada, Midwest
Recent guests at the W. L
Blann home were Mr. and Mrs.
Fred Ball of Hermiston.
Mr. and Mrs. Glenn Carpenter
returned home Saturday evening mittee of Mrs. Leo Potts and Mrs.
after a three weeks vacation vis- (Jack Mulligan were happy to re
iting relatives in many places. port winning the second prize on
They went to Banff, Alberta, Can., 1 the Garden club booth at the
motoring on to Grand Forks, S. D., North Morrow county fair.
Warren, Minn., and to Florence. ; Mr. and Mrs. T. W. Rippee mo
Kan., where they visited Mr. Car-'tored to Condon Sunday where
penter's brothers, Ray and Mr. ( they were the guests of their son
end Mr. and Mrs. Lew Carpenter. ; and family, Mr. and Mrs. Oscar
The Lew Carpenters are the par- ( Rippee.
ents of Delbert Carpenter. Mr. and Mrs. Earl Briggs re-
Mr. and Mrs. Leo Root and Mrs. turned home Sunday after a week
Eva Warner motored to Athena vacation on the coast and othpr
ton, spen the week-end here with
his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Fred
Mr. and Mrs. Bert Staubaugh
and sons of Rugby, N. D., were
overnight guests Monday of Mr.
and Mrs. Hugh Brown. Mrs. Stau
baugh is a niece of Mr. Brown.
The Boardman Garden club
met at the home of Mrs. Leo Root I
Monday afternoon, with Mrs.
Zearl Gillespie and Mrs. Ralph
Earwood entertaining. Article on I
spring flowering bulbs was given
oy Mrs. Root. The special com
. . Buying Hardware
and Farm Needs at
your Hardware Store
hai been the American way tince befor
yoar grandfather's day for good rea
tons: Yod deal with individuals who
have been your neighbors for years . . .
who have grown up in your community
...who know your needs In selecting
merchandise for you . , . who give the
right balance between quality and price
la the tools, equipment, supplies and
household items that have real work to
do for yoa . . . The hardware retailer
who serves you today is in many cases
the grandson of the hardware man your
grandfaiher knew and trusted It's good
business to buy at the hardware store.
It's practical and It assures satisfaction.
TWi ft tht Sign of 9 none) Service
dtiproyW In tforai of thouiarxf of
Acftptndent hardware rtloJIerf
IfcroMQfiov) the noHon. tl Ii o lymboi
f frJoftdfy lerWce in keeping your
eedi twppRvd.
Heppner Hardware
and Electric Co.
Guaranteed Work
14 Years Experience
E. Crumpacker
Fhone 28C2 : Hermiston
Sunday where they were dinner
guests of Root's son and daughter-in-law,
Mr. and Mrs. Vernon
Mr. and Mrs. N. A. Macomber,
with Mr. and Mrs. Albert Macom
ber and son Lee of Arlington mo
tored to Prosser Sunday and were
guests of the boys' father and
family, Mr. and Mrs. Eldon Ma
comber. Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Lilly and
family of Rieth spent the week
end with friends, also attending
the grange harvest festival Sat
urday, Mr. Lilly being the auc
tioneer for the evening.
Ralph Smith who is attending
St. Joseph's Academy in Pendle-
points of interest
Sunday dinner guests of Mr.
and Mrs. W. L. Blann were Mr.
and Mrs. Claud Clarke of Her
miston, also Mr. and Mrs. Bill
Marvel and son David of Bickle
ton, Wash. Marvel is Mrs. Blann's
IF YOU are planning on buying
a new car or truck Clarence
Rosewall wants to see you.
City Property
Several houses in Heppner. These
good homes-one almost new and
priced to sell.
One of the best homes in Lexing
ton; newly decorated, 5 lots irri
gated, fruit and chicken house.
Also smaller house with two wells
property, with a few acres of land, barn,
chicken house and garage.
dates will be marched to the La
Grande high school gym, where
the ceremonial will start at 3
At 6:30 o'clock the groups will
disband for dinner at the Mason
ic Temple and Orella's Gardens,
meeting again for the continua
tion of the ceremonial at 8 p. m.
We have a new spray outfit
for spraying weeds.
We have been told it sells
for around S200.
First $100 Takes
Hodge Chevrolet
Transferring Cr
Heavy Hauling
Padded Moving
U. Pand N. P.
Penland Bros.
Transfer Co.
39 SW Dorion Avenue
Phone 338
Pendleton, Ore.
e Go Anywhere
Easier dish washing... jou II find the secret In petroleum
It may seem like a long trip to your dish
pan, but a good share of the "soapless
soaps" you use started deep in the earth in
an oil well.
These new cleaners, called detergents,
actually make water "wetter"... attract dirt
and grease almost like a magnet. They make
dishes sparkle, work well with nil fabrics
in hard or soft water, clean cars, and they
have many other home and industrial uses.
The practical means of making deter
gents from oil came out of Standard of
California research ... by risking substan
tial sums for experimentation and develop.
ment. The results: new products to make
your work easier, new manufacturing and
selling jobs, a company better able to serve
you and all the West.
Painting :
205 N. W. ToSpain Avenue
!.. i
Paper Hanging
: Spray Painting
Phone 219 Telephone Us Collect
Pendleton, Oregon
From where I sit ... ly Joe Marsh
A Big Boost For Smitty!
Stopped Into Smith's IVpart
mpnt Store the other noon mid saw
the Ftrnnffost thing. "Sis" Davis
ns eoming up the stairs from the
basement with a bundle of ash.
"Is Smitty taldnjr in washing
those days?" I asl;od. "Not quite,"
she says. "He's just r"t in a new
automatic washing machine, so
the girls who work hove can pet
their laundry done while they're
eating luneh. Means more time to
relax at night and on weekends."
I thought whnt a swell boss
Smitty must be. Human relations
between the boss and employees
have certainly taken a big step
forward during my lifetime.
From where I sit, people seem
to he doing a belter job of seeing
cur neighbor's viewpoint these
days. Though his ideas and tastes
may not ho ours, we can under
stand his preference for n certain
breakfast cereal, a favorite movie
star, or for a temperate glass
of beer or ale. That's the way it
should be in n free country.
a lout, Peace 0 Mind
. . . When you bring your prescrip
tions to us you are assured that
high test drugs alone are used to
fill vour doctor's orders.
Speed, skill and accuracy transform his prescription into
the medications required for a quick recovery, in our
prescription department.
Rely on your doctor's diagnosis and prescription . . . Rely
upon us to fill that prescription accurately.
Saager's Pharmacy
Open At 3 a. m.
Beginning Saturday, October 1, for your conven
ience we will open at 3:00 a. m. and continue to
do so during the hunting season.
-: Easters Grill :-:
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