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Heppner Gazette Times, Heppner, Oregon, April 7, 1949
Carolyn S..iks, niece ol Ervin
Anderson of liincr and prand
riauj.'hUT ol Mix .Nellie Anderson
of Hcrm 11 on. was one of a group
of ritrht pirls awarded the state
(!epr"e at a stale mi-cling of Fu
ture Homemakers of America
held recently at Oregon State col
lepe. This is a signal honor for
members of tlie KHA. Carolyn,
dauphter of lee Sparks of Gil
ham county, is a student at Sic
Lauphlin high school, Milton-Ireewater.
The rcpular meeting of the Par
en; T a cher association which
will be Apiil l.i in the high school
auditorium, should be attended
by everv parent and every friend
of the school. The subject chosen
is "I Adults Need Education?"
Mr. Tctz will again explain the
importance c.t the budget meet
ing to be held April IS. At this
time we are given the privilege
of voting tn the county-wide
school budget. Another feature
of the program will be a court of
honor conducted by the local Boy
Siut troop.
Mrs. Carmel Broadfoot and
small daughter Sherry Valda are
i home from Si. Anthony's hospit
jal in Pendleton where the child
I was born. Mrs. Broadfoot express
j ed great happiness over receiving
! so many cards and gifts from her j
friends, to ail of whom she feels
jvery grateful. I
$1,886.01 UP TO TRESENT
Receipts of Sl.SSiU'S are report,
ed by Frank W. Turner, finance
chairman of the annual Red Cross
membership drive. This is con
siderably over the quota set up
for this year locally.
The funds collected represent
the entire county, excepting in
one or two instances w here work
ers have not turned in their col
lections. Turner expects the total
to go well above SI. WO by the
time returns are all In.
! Miss Francine Kly of lone is
the latest addition to the clerical
i force at the First National Bank
of Portland. Heppner branch. She
; is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs.
, Francis Ely and a graduate of the j
lone high school.
Starting Friday, April 8
Zenith Major Appliances
Pressure Canners
Electric Roaster
Arvin Radio
Conaoleum Rugs
Large Mirrors
Toasters (r Irons
Silverware Sets
Dishes, Utensils, etc
Owens Hardware
Your Marshall-Wells Store
Dr. J. D. Palmer and family en
joyed a week-end visit from his
parents. Mr. and Mrs. Chester
Palmer of Vancouver, Wash., who
came Friday and remained until
Monday morning. Seeing the
plant of the Heppner Lumber
company as they drove in, the
elder Palmers were somewhat
mystified about the log supply
and part of their entertainment
while here was a trip to the
mountains to see the tall trees
Business visitors in Heppner
today from Irrigon were D. 3.
Phillips and Ralph W. Lawson.
who had matters to attend to at
the courthouse.
street, Tuesday. They have been
living in the house which Mrs.
Kdna Turner purchased early in
the fall from Oral Wright. This
house is undergoing extensive re
pair and remodeling, woiki.u'ii
uning started the Job Wednes
day. Darl Hudson is in charge of
the work.
Harry O'Donnell Sr., who has
Schedule of services:
Mass in Heppner on the Is
and 3rd Sundays at 9 a.m.; 10:30
Mass in lone on the 1st and
been a patient in St Anthotn s 1 3rd Sundays at 10:30 a.m.; 2nd
hospital following an operation , and 4th at 9 a.m
some time ago, returned home
Tuesday evening and is much im
proved at this time.
Mr. and Mrs. Ted ralmateer of
tone were business visitors in
Heppner Tuesday.
Mr. and Mrs. Jack Healy who
arrived here recentlv from the
oast have moved into the Case 0F
apartments. Mr. Healv will work I
in the Morrow County Grain! Pastor, Shelby E. Graves.
Growers warehouse in the posi- Sunday, 9:13 a.m., Sunday
tion formerly occupied by Wil-! school, Mrs. Ora Wyland. super
iiam Richards who has been intendent; lesson topic, "The Cru-
Mass on the fifth Sunday one
mass only in Heppner at 9 a.m
on the 2nd and 4th.
Holy days of obligation: Mass
in Heppner at 7:30 a.m.; mass
First Fridays of the month'
in lone at 9 a.m.
Mass in Heppner at 7:30.
News About Town . . .
Llovd Mover returned Tuesday
evening from Portland where he
went for a trailer unit for his log
sing truck. Mr. Moyer will haul
lumber from the Big Four Lum
ber company in Monument dur
ing the summer season.
Mrs. Mabel Davidson of lone
was a business visitor in Hepp
ner Tuesday.
j Mrs. Austin Devin motored to
' Boardman Sunday to visit with
IMr. Devin who is near there with
' the Wilkinson sheep.
Mr. and Mrs. Paul McCoy mm--:
ed into the back apartment of
' the former Case home on Center
transferred to a like position in
Recent guests at the Alex Green
'tome were their son-in-law and
daughter. Mr. and Mrs. Robert
Haggerman of La Grande.
Mrs. Albert Massey and chil
Iron returned Monday evening
from Nach.es, Wash., where they
aient the week end at the home
of her brother and sister-in-law-,
Mr. and Mrs. Marvin Morgan.
Mrs. Delia Duran and Shelley
Baldwin of Lmatilla were over-
Sunday visitors in Heppner.
cifixion of Christ."
11 a.m., worship hour.
7 p.m., Christ's Ambassadors
7:45 p.m., Evangelist Freddy
Versolenko, converted Russian,
will begin a series of meetings
and on through each night.
Prophetic messages on Russia.
Special musical and vocal
We are not preaching Chris
tianity, we are preaching Christ,
iind His presence 'n the heart
oroduces true Christianity in the
Bible school, 9:1.1 a.m., C. W.
Barlow, superintendent.
Morning worship and commun
ion service, 11 a.m. Sermon theme
'The Language of the Sears."
Christian Endeavor, 6:30 p.m.
Evening service, 7:30 p.m. Ser
mon theme, "Whom Will Ye That
I Release Unto You?"
CHURCH (Episcopal)
Holy communion, 8.
Church school, 9:45.
Morning prayer and sermon, 11.
Evening prayer and instruction
at 5.
Senior Y.P.F., G:30.
Week-day services: Wednes
days, holy communion 10; Fri
days, holy communion, 7:30.
Choir practices: Girls, Wednis-
day at 4; boys, Thursday at 4;
Your Community Church
If you have no other plans,
why not visit our services next
Sunday. Yes, Christianity is a
Memorial services for Mirt E.
Harris, dislrlet manager for the
Standard Oil company, whose
personal mutter, and It is a life I death occurred March 23 at Con
and not a theory, for It deals ! don, were held at the fongrega-
tonal church In that city at 1
o'clock p.m. Saturday, March 2b
The Rev. W. Thomas Applebee,
with the man rather than with
the mass. And you have a per
sonal invitation to all our ser
Notice is hereby given that on
Tuesday, May 3, 19-19, at 7:30
f.m., the Directors of the West
Extension Irrigation District, act
ing as a Buc.id of Equalization,
will meet it the office of the
adults, Thursday at 8. The mem- J District in Irrigon, Oregon, to re
hers of the congregation are in ; view and correct the annual as-
Church school, 10 a.m. Worship 1 assisted by officers of Heppner
and preaching, 11 a.m. Singing ' lodge No. 358, B P. O. E officla
and precahing, 7:45 p.m. I ted. Interment was on the follow.
Hanklln iantrell, minister, j lng Tuesday at Tacoma, Wash.
A native Oregonian, Mr. Harris
sessment for the period from
July 1, 1919 to June 30, 1950, lev
ied by the Board April 2, 1919. In
the meantime the assessment roll
vited to attend this practice of
music of the church.
Holy Week services: In addi
tion to the usual schedule, holy
communion on maundy 1 tiurs- is on me in the District oltiee for : he was stationed as sales rep
day (April 11) at 7:30 and 10, 1 inspection of all icrsons inter- resentatlve ot the company. He
and on Good Friday, meditations ested. was a member of Heppner lodge
on the seven words from the A. C HOUGHTON, I No. 358, B.l'.O.K. and of tin-
was born June 17, 1890 at Lake
view, the son of Mr. and Mrs.
Mart Harris. He received most of
his education In Tacoma. While
working in western Washington
he met Miss Edna Lindholm and
married her in Seattle in 1908.
The following year their only son,
Martin, was born.
Mr. Harris went to work for the
Standard Oil company in 1922
and in 1938 he and Mrs. Harris
came to live In Condon, where
Mrs. Elbert Cox left Monday life-
"or Portland where she will wi-l I
i few riavs looking nfter business , METHODIST CHURCH
cross, from 12 noon to 3 p.m.
Secretary. I Knights of Pythias.
The fastest way to put up hay, grass ind
com ensilage. Available with PICK-UP,
ING CNITS, easily and quickly changed
(rom one to the other . . . Complete
equipment to mechanize grass ensilage
ban est . . . V. AGON'S POWER
Write for Information
5034 N.W. 27lh Ttrttmi. OragM!
matters and visiting her riaugh
er. Mrs. Marie Campbell, who
is a patient at the veterans hospital.
Clyde Denny is up from Tort
land this week looking after pro
perty interests in Morrow county.
Miss Leta Humphreys returned
from Portland the last of the
Mr. and Mrs. W. C. Rosewall
-T'otorod to Pasco and Richland.
Wash., Sunday to spend the day
visiting relatives and friends.
An eight pound son was born
!o Mr. and Mrs. Burt Corbin on
March 31 at their home on S.
Main street.
Mr. and Mrs. Henry Aiken and
Leslie Matlock leturned the first
of the week from Portland. Mr
Aiken has been a patient at St
Vincent's hospital for quite some
time following a serious opera
tion there several weeks ago.
FOR SALE Buzz saw with mo
tor, rigged for sharpening posts
cutting shingles or cut-off saw.
Has two saws. S60. Dan Bishop,
lone, Oregon. 3p
J. Palmer Sorlien, minister.
Morning worship and sermon
at 11 a.m. with special music by
the choir, Mr. Paul McCoy, direc
Church school at.9:45 a.m., Mr.
Thos. W. Allen, superintendent.
Adult Bible class, also Youth Fel
lowship class. Mr. Vernon Bohles.
counsellor. You are welcome to
I our church school.
6:30 p.m., Junior Youth Fellow
ship, Mrs. Carl McDaniel, coun-
Wednesday, the Womans Soci
ety of Christian Service meets
the first Wednesday of each
month at 8 p.m.
j mursday, Choir practice at
7:30 p.m.
The church board of education
meets Thursday, April 7, at 8:30
p.m. at the church.
Saturday, bazaar and lunch at
the church beginning at 2 p.m.
by the Womans Society for Chris
tian Service.
Glenn Warner, minster.
It is with mixed emotions that we announce to the public
hat we have sold the Phelps Funeral Home and for a time
at least we will be away from Heppner.
Mr. and Mrs. Oliver Creswick of Baker have
purchased the establishment and have taken
immediate possession. We bespeak. for them
the same friendly relations with the people of
Morrow County which we have enjoyed and for
which we are grateful.
Admission price litcrnoon and ternlng, nnXeM ip
dfloalif ftdvertle a to b othcrwla: Children: Ert.
Prtc .17, Ft-d. Tax .03, Total 0c; Grids ud Hiffli
School BtucUnti 13 jmuy and overt Est. Pric .40.
r4, Tu .10, Total 60c; AdaiUi Ett. ProU ,64, Fed.
Tax .10, Total 60c Evtry child occupying a
mnit hT a ticket.
Sandaj ihowi con tin a on starting at 1 p.m. All other
nowi itarat at 7:30 p.m. Boxoffice open evenings
until 9 p.m.
Thnis.Frtday-Saturday, April 7-8-9
&od Cameron, Ilona Muity, Adrian Booth, For.
rest Tucker, Grant WiOurs. Taylor Holmes.
This western has everything the niig:brih fan
take their bu- i and Baddies or leave 'ern alone
could p'-Kf ibiy dwlre and even those who can
wil Iind it a highly aocejAJible parcel of enter
tainment I'hnU'jirajjhed in cl,r.
Iiiuiiu of a BtHt-herti-d dog .
Die great Hinder , . . umfy.
. grandeur of
Sunday-Monday, April 10-11
Don't Trust Your Husband
Fred MacMurrsy, Madaleiu Carroll, Buddy Mof
rs. Bits Johnson. ItouUe Albrltten, Alan Mow.
Add this one to I hat memorithle list of superb
DMiiantli- cuiiadit of itiHriaitie at Its merriest.
Oul t muling' among a group of excellent short
subjects ott this program is Walt Disney's fam
ous "Ugly ueklin.'
Tuesday-Wednesday, April 12-13
Bud yard Kipling's never-to-be-forgotten "Jungls
Book" starring Saba never grows old, never
fail to be the best in entertainment. A reinitue.
For a make-believe trip away from home, the
Hhort fubjecta on this program will really do the
trick: One film shows you the NIGHTLIFE ITS
CHICAGO, in another Fete Smith takes you to
the IC EC A FADES and in the third you are taken
to old landmarks and new In a wihtt'eeing' bus
tour of New York's FIFTH AVENUE.
Thurs.-Friday-Saturday, April 14-1516
Rocky Lane and his Bullion Black Jack see thrill
ing adventure in rugged Texas.
Smart Girls Don't Talk
Vlrfinia Mayo, Bruce Bennett, Robert Hatton,
Tom D Andrea is the attractive at of this
good gambler-arid guns drama.
It it our sincere wish that this will be
the most joyous Easter you have ever
i 1 n ft
- f f X iff f i n
k i )X fit I f'i:
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I i: ; s. v i i 'i i
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Nice simplicity in
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change of acces
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All-wool Tweeds -sizes
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