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    Heppner Gazette Times, Heppner, Oregon, Feb. 17, 1949
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Old Man Winter
Still Trying For
Kayo At Kinzua
By F.lsa M. Lrathers
Kin7ua is MiM H inc whlppod
thlf wk by Old Mn Winter
and Ihe roads uvro drifted full
again TuW.a.v. I !n-;e thce
tipws ilrms don't p' stuck in a
snowdrift down 30 milt, like last
week's did. and not make the pa
per ) We wert snowed in for sev
eral days. Bui work was e.i"iid
'on in all departments. And If snow plow to flwt Xtut roads.
'you have a sense of humor, you j Art W'Atsvwv pntvtjvtl. tnvn visiting Mr. and Mrs. Chas. (Sunday. No cars or trains were
lean imagine one department 01 put on sv-tv.v rw.t ito.-c utownwri! me past ween irom laoie to get out. Alter a crew worn
Ithe factory keeping busy and Morsvs, rs j; 5 V" "'VV
quite comfortable bundling out, !sl r-v A,', oV w.-vW. 'V ,!UJ.i
of all things, lawn chairs while s - ,Vt S.vJ Mm
la bowling biizrard swept the V J WHtfAvcth. Jwry
'country. K.wi rVf yswvoxis ,r t b
v,v; v V tsi-atKv vn brinj; his w ife home. She has been
Camp 5 was closvd, down vt ;V nvvvw
Fridav for an indefinite perv4 . .nt
due to the doop snow in tb Vf
ging area. The rr.,w-i "
men who thfr? r wvck.Vif
here for tve ;&y-of: S.W
reeved N'no tfriwf.,1
Mr. snd Mrs v." or. trtv
ed their ruvrw to nss.: SarswiAj
; l.:-v ."- r
. fr.tr.K ili.vvvu v Jvse ct
v:.ivii whs iii.'urvJ ill
v avs '.it.-a eek mid Is la a
Kuss.ut, a; t'tie 'iiiles. Tb ev
ot jx i.s injury is not known.
i VsxiaJ sAow was put on by
o Jk'.uct manager, Herb Wright
vee vnuisduy
Mr. and Mis. Alex Kimm have Kinzua was literally snowed in I game in January with Arlington
is still confined at his home here.
The bad roads and cold weather
were so extremely disagreeable
and the extremely large cast and
crutches made it impossible for
him to keep going to school.
F. M. Harrison took his son,
SA Doan and Mrs. Harrison to
Arlington Saturday evening
where they took the bus to Port
land. Mrs. Harrison is employed
there, but has been here with her
husband the past two weeks. He
will leave Portland for San Fran.
Minnesota. Mr. Kimm and Mrs,
Ulehenberg are brother and sis
ter. They left Tuesday morning.
Jike Flledge of Camp 5 went
K tVndleton this week end to
.vnfined to the St, Anthony's hos
pital the past two weeks.
Mrs. Mark Samples and son
Jerry and Jack Samples left Sun
day to spend several days at The
Dalles, at which time Jack will
undergo a tonsillectomy.
Mr. and Mrs. Jack Durfee are
emng for the P8 of a fn brn Koeb' 9'
TK Ti 1 1-fives, e Dm frAm Pomn (t
VJV .... P ... J ,,. ,..
aiiu m.uic uuusu ui
Condon were visiting here over
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"cushiony" driing and smoother
handling when you get tough,
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and friction right from one lube job to the next. W
lpply Marfak scientifically by chart, never by chance
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wash-out Let us give your car that "Marfak feeling."
Stop in today and say "Marfak"!
Heppner Motors
hinds. At this time, Robert Rob
inson, fust aid man, gave an in-
Iteresting talk on the dread dis-
; ease, j
I Friends in Kinzua were sorry
to hear of the death of George
Peneoost of Fossil Friday eve- j
ning. He had suffered a stroke
a few years ago and it was be
lieved that he had another one
Friday night. He is survived by
his wife and only daughter, be
sides other relatives and a host
of friends. Funeral services were
held at the Baptst church and
interment was at Mayville cem
etery Sunday afternoon. Mr. Pen
ecost and family are former Kin
zua residents.
Mr. and Mrs. James C. Walker
and son James Jr. took Carl Cole
man Jr. and Kenny Draheim to
Heppner on Saturday to attend
the father-son banquet of the
DeMolay. Mr. and Mrs. Lester
Halverson took thei rson Arthur.
Andrew Staig accompanied the
party to Heppner. Glen Peterson
who also is a De Molay was un
able to be present, due to sick
ness. Three interesting basketball
games were played at Fossil this
week. Prairie City on Tuesday,
score 26-4; Fossil-Heppner, Friday
night, score not known, in Fossil,
the winners and Grant Union on
Saturday night, a close game
with Fossil winning by one point
Frank Otto, Mr. and Mrs. Au
brey Peyton and Matt Stumper
went to The Dalles where the
men attended the A. F. of L. un
ion conference over the week end.
Also this local's president, Al
Rudd, and John Mills attended
the meeting.
Mrs. Matt Jurick took her son
Mark to The Dalles where she
had the cast removed from his
leg and ankle. She had it x
rayed again which showed three
breaks one in the joint, and one
broken in a v-shape. Mark re
ceived this injury while playing
Case Furniture Co.
Has the Beautiful
Montag Electric Range
to make gour kitchen a Jog...
the week end with Mrs. Gubser's
parents. Mr. and Mrs. Warren
Jobe. Mrs. Jobe has been ill.
Mr. and Mrs. Frank Jones of
Wetmore spent the week end at
The Dalles attending the A. F. of
L. union conference.
Howard Bird took his wife to
Arlington where she took the bus
to Baker to be with her mother
who was seriously ill.
Bill Wright went to The Dalles
Thursday and brought his wife
and infant son home from the
Mrs. Gussie McQueen returned
to Kinzua Tuesday after spend
ing a week at Portland with her
invalid husband. Mrs. McQueen
didn't enjoy the last part of the
trip home, being stuck in a snow
drift for two hours.
Wade Hiatt who underwent
surgery at Seattle for a back in
jury several weeks ago returned
to Kinzua this week.
Homer Davis left Friday night
to go to Lonerock to spend the
week end and bring home Mrs.
Davis and small daughter Sun
day after they had spent the
past week there.
Mr. and Mrs. Forest Graham
and children went to The Dalles
Saturday to visit their son Dick
and Mr. Graham's mother, and
also to attend to business.
Mr. and Mrs. Bill Beck and
children of Heppner brought For
est Adams to Kinzua Wednesday
afternoon and visited with Mr.
and Mrs. Harlan Adams before
returning home. Forest is work
ing here now.
Mr. and Mrs. Jimmy Hanna of
Camp 5 moved to Kinzua this
week. He will work here while
the woods and camp are shut
Mr. and Mrs. Marvin Hines and
daughter Ginger were attending
to business at Condon Saturday.
Red Hulett returned to Kinzua
with them and is planning on
working here. He used to be em
ployed at Camp 5 several years
ago, but moved his family to
F. M. Harrison went to Her-
miston to get Mrs. Harrison Fri
day evening. She had been there
for a week visiting Mr. Harri
son's sister, Hallie Omohondo.
She had planned to see a doctor
at La Grande, but road condi
tions made it impossbile.
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(Too late for last week)
The Kinzua Rod and Gun club
entertained their members with a
turkey dinner at the hotel Friday
evening at 7:30. Trophies were
presented to each who won them
the past season. George Close was
master of ceremonies and made
the presentations to Marvin Hin
es, rifle; "Slip" M. K. wrignt,
handicap; Geo. Dukek, Fossil,
shotgun, and Layton Tripp w-t
presented the pistol trophy and
also the J. F. Coleman trophy for
all around shot. This trophy will
be on display the next year at
the Kinzua Pastime.
After the dinner a wildlife pic
ture was shown at the Jeffmore
hotel where the men retired to
finish out a well planned eve
ning. Roger Hernden, state po
lice, guest of the evening, spoke
briefly after the picture. Thirty
five members report a most won
derful evening.
Glenn Parsons, Kenneth Keel
ing and Anson Rugg from the
Heppner forest office were here
Friday attending to business.
They also went through the plant.
Mrs. Larry Cook Jr. was Hon
ored Saturday evening with a
bridal shower given at Jeffmore
hall with Mesdames Geo. Smith,
Bert Hoover and Gussie McQueen
as hostesses. Thirty-five friends
were present and she received
many beautiful presents besides
a host of gifts were sent by
friends who couldn't attend. Re
freshments of cake and coffee
were served.
With the coming of February
everyone was expecting Old Man
Winter to be on his way. But
Sunday came in with one of the
worst blizzards that has been
seen here since 1936-37 winter.
ed on the grade for hours late in
the night, some of the people who
wore marooned In Fossil were
able to get home by walkinc for
a mile and a half. Those includ
ed were O. D. Baker, Homer Dav
is, Ralph Moore, Mr. and Mrs.
Warren Jobe and Mr. and Mrs.
Bill Wren. All cars were left at
Fossil and transportation was by
an army truck from the top of
the grade into Kinzua. The school
bus was unable to make the trip
Monday. However, it is believed
the road will be opened on Tues
day. An RD-8 with bulldozer
from Camp 5 came to the rescue.
The mail came by truck and
carried through the drifted area
to the other truck.
The train didn't make its usual
run to Condon Monday.
Larry Clark left here early Tu
esday morning, going to Wetmore
with the ambulance and took
Mrs. Jake Eldrlge to a Pendle
ton hospital where she will re
ceive treatments. Mrs. Slim Rho-
ten accompanied them to Pendle
ton, but returned with Mr. Cook.
The crew of bricklayers from
Portland that has been here the
past month has finished laying
the brick for the new boiler that
is being installed, left Thursday
to return to Portland.
Mr. and Mrs. OrVille Smith of
Heppner were attending to bus
iness here the first of the week.
Mrs. Smith was shown through
the plant.
The basketball boys played at
Condon Tuesday evening, win
ning with score unknown. Satur
day evening they met the Moro
team on their own floor. It was
an even game throughout, and
at the finish the Fossil Falcons
had a 2 point lead, score ending
27-29. All the games scheduled
for the Falcons left are to be
played on their own floor.
Ted Chapman went to The Dal
les to bring Mrs. Chapman home
this week end. Mrs. Chapman
underwent an operation some
time ago and has been convalesc
ing there.
Geo. Close took his wife and
Mrs. James Walker to Arlington
Wednesday, where they took the
bus to Portland, visiting and
shopping until Saturday. James
Walker met the ladies at Arling
ton on Saturday when they re
turned. Mr. and Mrs. Homer Davis took
their small daughter Carolyn to
The Dalles Saturday morning for
a check-up with their doctor.
They returned to Lonerock where
Mrs. Davis and baby are visiting
at the home of her parents, Mr.
and Mrs. Ben Rogers.
Larry Cook Sr., Bill Hess and
Sam Parker came down from
Camp 5 Saturday evening to get
a part for some enuinment.
Mr. and Mrs. Bill Wright axe
the parents of a little son. born
February 2 at The Dalles. He was
named Michael Robert and
weighed 7 pounds and 3 ounces.
This is the Wright's second son.
Mark Jellick who received a
broken leg in the basketball
Cisco the first of the week and
is being sent tT5 Guam.
Joe Schott left Thursday eve
ning and went to Eugene to spend
the week end with his daughter,
Lillian, and attended the father's
day activities. He returned Sun
day evening.
Mr. and Mrs. O. D. Baker went
to Portland Thursday. Mrs. Baker
stayed in the city to visit her
daughter, while Mr. Baker return
ed home Sunday evening.
Jerry Rood returned home from
Portland Thursday evening where
he had spent the past 10 days
receiving treatment for a skiu
infection on his hands and fore
arms. He returned to work on
Mr. and Mrs. David Peterson Sr.
brought their son Glen home
from The Dalles hospital where
he had been for some time re
covering from a heart ailment.
He will not be able to return to
school for some time.
Forest Adams of Heppner vis
ited here on Wednesday at the
home of his brother, Harlan Ad
ams. He also obtained work and
will begin in the near future.
Vernon Perry returned to work
the first of the week, being off
since he had undergone an op
eratlon on his elbow in Novem
ber at The Dulles.
Ralph Moore was attending to
business at Condon and Lone
rock over the week end. Due to
the heavy snow and blizzard on
Sunday he was forced to leave
his car at Fossil.
Mrs. Bonnie Browning returned
to her home here after doctoring
for an eye infection last week at
La Grande.
Mrs. R. G. McMurtry motored
to The Dalles Tuesday afternoon
to spend a few days looking auer
business matters.
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