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    Want fid's
FOR SALE One HD7 triictrjr,
1360 hrs.; one new 14-It Mas
: gey-HarrU combine;"' one uolt
; of two 4-bottom 16". Massey
: Harris plows with patent hitch;
three 10-ft'Massey-Harrls disc
; drills with hitch; one KB7 In
.ternatlonar truck, 2800 miles;
35-ft. springtooth weed hog and
hitch; 45-ft. John Deere flex
harrow and hitch; 12 ft. Rose
heavy duty disc; one 8-ft. sub
soiler; two units of 3 Cheney
weeders and hitch; one new
Holland baler; one new Calk--ins
grain treater; one heavy
duty Gallion road grader; one
? 24-ft. grain elevator, can be
' used for baled or chopped hay;
one heavy duty 23-ft. air com'
: pressor and 2-way grease unit;
one 6-wheel drive GMC truck.
' Frank Holub, Heppner, Ore.
- -- - - -. 35-37p
We have Just received, a . barrel
f of permanent type anti-freeze
' and a barrel of tire chains. See
us for 'winter protection, Roue-
wall Motor Company,
......... t...jw
LOCK & KEY service for1 GM csrrs.
Hodge Chevrolet Co.
FOR SALE-T-1941 Plymouth 4
, passenger coupe. Priced reas-
onably. Charles O'Connor, lone.
' 36-37p
1941 Chevrolet coupe. Pay down
$450.00. Rosewall Motor Co. ..
FOR SALE 1947 Combination
, RCA Victor radio and phono-
graph. Phone 312.
1910 Ford convertible club coupe.
. Pay down $365.00. Rosewall Mo
tor Co.
FOR SALE 1930 Ford model- A
coupe, good rubber, motor In
fair condition. Dan Way, Lex
lnglon, Ore. - ' ' 37-3Sp
Fords and Friends is our busi
ness. Rosewall Motor Co.
FOR SALE"Everhot automatic
roaster and table. Charles O'
5 Connor, lone. 36-37p
We have truck flares and clear
ance lights. Rosewall Motor Co.
WANTED Reliable lady to look
;. after 2 children days. Vicinity
of Case apartment" -Phone
2772. ' " ' - 37p
Let us give your car a lOOO mne"
tiine-un so vou can eniov win-
f tor driving. Rosewall Motor Co,,
FOR SALE "40" CtieV : 4-doOr H
! dan, In very good condition
with excellent rubber, priced
I reasonable. See Llndell L.
Broadfoot or call 2242, Hoppnei)
I 3G-'40f
117,. Unxta InolallnH a noUtl hi
paint booth and can do a palritijj"
K r, t;nnr inr that urill makf I
J your friends think you .have
a new cat. Rosewall Motor Co.
FOR SALE Monarch rang in
good condition, with water res
ervoir. $65.- Lonni- Ritchie,
' Heppner. ' 37p
Let us Install a new floor mat
In your car to keep uufwUitet
cold and dresa up the interior
of your car. Rosewall Motor fO.
FOR SALE Davenport and mat
ching chair. Like new. Recent-
ly purchased. Forced td sell be
cause of allergy to wool. Tele
phone 2383. L. L, Pate, Hepp
ner. 37p
Rosewall i& nover. undersold.
FOR SALE First and second
Jcron alfalfa Chay-sHynd Bros.,
Cecil, Oregon.
We have new and rebuilt Ford
vand Mercury motors In stock
;for Immediate ; installation.
Rosewall Motor Co.
WANTED-jCoujOe to -llvei in my
house In lone, rent free, for
taking card of one-year-old ba--by.
Earl Bailey, Morrow County
Grain Growers, lone, -36-37c
Vou can have your motor over
hauled and a new paint Job
'on your Caf and pay for it on
our convenient monthly terms.
Rosewall Motor-Company.
TOR-SALE One Model A Ford
truck, good condition; one post
or shingle saw. Dan Bishop, P.
O. Box 394, lone, Ore. 37tf
We have hot water heaters to fit
"pickup -trttcksund- rmfwertfrer
cars. Ride in comfort tnis win
ter. Rosewall Motor Company.
FOR SALEFirst grade aUaiTi
hflv haled. First, second, third
cuttirtSs. $32 per ton. 'Vft'G.
Tucker, Stanfleld,
Ore. 37-3p
Now Is the hour to have' a new
battery, Installed In youwar to
irlve the-motor a realplnMhesc
cold mornings. Rosewall Motor
FOR SALE Two months old
Airedale pups, Phona 30Fg. j3ft
WANTED Rough ..ironing to do
in mv homo iuv lone. Irene
Dalzeil. v 37p
If your front tires show excessive
wear let us check the caster and
camber ori youf front wheels.
Rosewall Motor Company.
WANTED Anyone having tur
keys or chicken lot sale plcaw
contact the Victory Cafe, lone,
Ore. . . - ...
22tXfl-,. .
We have a Brady cooling system
icleanet that will clean out tne
.nr,lW avsterrf (ln'vdtif Car aria
make It run 31ke- rww.1 seeus
.'fnl a nlonnlntf 1nh at once.
: RosewalLMotor Company
Wc have alcohol and permanent
Avoid "Annoyart And0 Disc omfbrfc
due to a clogged sepcPrfeVortesSpboh
I have purcKaseda.tankpump.and am,.in
position to give prompt,,, efficient service.
; type anti freeze. See us early
, and prevent a freeze-up. Rose
wall Motor Company.
Don't send out of town for any.
thing automotive until you first
try Rosewall Motor Company.
FOR SALE Gas Wedgewood
trash burner range, water heat
er, used one year. Complete
; with tank,. Also kerosene re
, frlgerator. Can be . converted.
All for $G20.00. Don Campbell,
Lexington. ' 34tfc
Keep your eye on our used car lot
"fwyour'transportatton needs.
Rosewall Motor Company.
Wanted 100 automobiles that
need painting. Rosewall Motor
Company, , :-
Legal Advertising
th nnilrilKKKl.HU! AilmlntirtniKw WMh
H will Anni-xeil of the Kntute H HAN
NIB L. KELLER, deceaoed. tms fllwi
hlB Final Account and report in tlie
said eatate with the Clerk of thlo
Court mid that the Judge .thertot haa
nirea Monday, the 3rd day of January.
law. ai me nour ol iuhui oftoi-K a.m.,'
& the time, In the County Cuurtrovin
in the Courthouae In Heppunr. Marrow
County. Orwn. aal the, plana tiv QivkT--Inn
obJectlonB to the said Final . Ae
OUAI and the nettli-niMit trirwf '
..a ... P. W. MAHONEY,.,.
'' AdmtnWralor With a Will An
. .i itextnl of the Eatate of Nannie
L. Keller, deceased.
P. W. Mahoney.
Attorney for the AdminlSfraTor,
Heppner. OreKon. 37-41
Notice 11' hereby Kiven ttiat the un
deraiKned Lxecutor of the eaiate of
JKKS1E H. FKUYN, dt-r-ajr li.w fifed
With .the .Probate Court of the Slate
of OreKon. for Morrow .County, its
Final Account of lie administration of
the eetat tic. aald deceaaed and said
Court haa fixed Monday tiie 8rd day
of January. 11H9. at the hour of ten
o'clock In the foreaonn of aaid day at
the Court 'Houae at Heppner, Oregon
aa tne lime and place lot ht-ariiitr oo
jectlona to aaid Final Account and the
aettlement of aald eatate. and all per
aona having objectiona thereto are re
quired to file the aame with iald
Court on or before the time fixed for
aald hearing. '
Dated and first published iu M
day of December, ly-la.
Joa J. Nya. Attorney,
Heppner, Oregon, , 87-41
In the matter of the KHTATE OF S. J.
Bertn. Deream--
Notice la herebv aiven. that pursuant
to an order made and entered, in said
Court and Cauae. on the 8th d;ty ot
Novenjbah 1948. bv'llie H.,n Ben lohn
oni autkorliing and directing id ad-
muiisEramx to aeiiT.-aa propurij, oi mt
tttM vt 3. Devlou.'l eaJ. li:ii 1
III. on and afte rthe- ISth-dnv of I)e.
cember, 1948, at the hour of 10:00 A M.
at the office of J. O. Turner In Henp-
r; Omtonalfer- lot jiale-auil- f'il t"
the loltiwjrtl! t deactibed red proporfo-,.
to-wM : I .. i '
MBirf abctlon 2. TOnshlp 1
itltUtanle 2S E.WH: S'-j tI
W'4: Secrai-w of Sec. 35 r$"2
of NEV of Sec. 26. all In Tp. 1 N.
R. 28 E W M. In Morrow County,
Btt of OreC'l. !
The arimlniatratrlx n-aerxto the rierht
to rejc iiy wl- all'tit.! ltil iH
first publlalied this inn day oi No
vember, 1948
""""-AHmtntstratrlx of the estate
34 ot S. J. Devine, deceuacd.
Notice la hereby Kiven lliat tne un-
deralcntd- F.xpcutnr of- the estate of
CARL I'KTTKRfiON, deceaacd. haa
filed with the 1'robate Court ol U'e
aMaaa -i.Oraiotvtur" Jiurtvw 4JouuLt.
hlB Final Account of Ins admmijilra-
eatate of aald de,-eafel. nnu
aald Court fixed Mond:iyi Uif 6Ui da
of December. 1948. at tJa brnr of bm
(101 oclock in the rorenoon of aaia any
at the Court House at Heppner, Ortiton
the tine and place for rearing. Ob
jections to aaid Final Account and the
settlement of said eatate and all peraone
having objectiona thereto are hereby
required to me the aame wiut aton
court on or before the time fixed for
aald hearing. r. ' i -. I .
Dated and first nubltmipn "tms am nay
of November, 1948.
38-g7 ' ; jos. j: its, sxeonor.
BUatMONS Eqnlty No. 3779
IN THE Cllii't'IT -1'OI'RT OFi THE
of Morrow.
3. B. WALTON, , ... Plaintiff
MORROW TitUKT?'. a public corpora
DOE HIHHARD. her ImBlauid. ho-
true name Is utl1tiitwrl to pllrliirtff.
RI.E. hU'wifn wllose true name It
unknown to phrlirtifT. and the-un4
known heirs of said Emma Hihbard
If deceased, and theunknowa heirs
of sald'Ii. A. I.fcft.'1 rtecMSert Ao
all other peraona or parties-unknown
claiming any right, title, estate, Hen
or interejH-ln the roni etwtt dea.-uU
ed In the complaint herein.
, Defendants
HIRrtAHD. her huaband. whoae true
name la unknown to plaintiff. L. A.
wife, whose true name la unknown to
plaintiff, and the unknown heira of
aald Emma lltbbard.Jf deceased, and
the iinxnown-TiMrs of a.ild L' A. no
ble. If deceased. Also all other per
sons or parties unknown claiming any
UghV tlilft uits lleri or Interest
ni' thf rwfl-fsmtr dearTlhe In tlie
romnlnlnt herein Defendants.
ORBfiOeV n -owfl eaeh- W you- are.
hereby required to appear ann Hnswer
nlalnUff s romnlnlnt filed airnln.lt you
l. tTBVll.au, ejitltled Court a nil auea
within four weeka from the dale nt tne
first publication of thla atunnions.upon
you. and If you fall tdj so appear ol'
answer for want thereof plaintiff will
ann v lo the above entitled t.oun ioi
Ui raU(Hia4iu.iii Ula iuiuplaniL
For a decree quieting line lo tne
,qllowlng described renl, property. sU
itAt fiiviquavty'i Stflte. of - On
gon, lo-wirt
I ne soutn v& acres oi mu:.
thlrty-Beven (37 wrat-and Lotstv-i
en (7), all 1n rfivtroh Twenty-thi-ec
(23), Township five (6), norlh,
Range twentv-slx 126), Eaat fif (b
and that It be adjuilged and decreed
woiamciin mpr n mi .
that the piatnttrr is me owner in m
simple of said real property and that
whatever Interest, or title you may
claim to has 1ir talri tfldl - proparhf .fa
null and void and that each ana all ot
you and. all. poranna or parlies? clnim
nig' PF. -tbrnttfrtj or mtwter . you te, fur
ever barred and restrained of and from
all rlnlnv rteht. title and Interest in
in -tl aaa fl..pfuaaety ami livery
pari inereiu, ana ior bucm oim.r anu
ftirlher relief aa mny be Just and
equitable. - i
1 Thl BiUnWOlSfi 1 SerM jntViU you by
fmw micreialva. week.Tliv .Uw-Baiiuiinr
taazettn limes, a newnpnper oi at'nerin
Iri-ulatlon publtshetl in Morrow i.dttn-
ifeiMTff ifht
ly rotirt nr Morrow i:ouniy, ureKon.
CHURCH (Episcopal)
Holy communion, 8 a.m.
Church school, 9:45 a.m.
Holy communion and sermon, :
11 a.m.
Junior Y.PF., 6:15 p.m. .
Senior Y.P.F., 7:30 p.m.
Wpek-dfty services: Holy com
munion, Wednesdays, 10. Holy
communion, Fridays,, 7 ;3u. Con
firmation instructions, Wednes
day, 7 p.m. ,
Choir practices: Gins, Wednes
days, 4-4.nv' ?oys, Thursdays, 4
p.m. Adults, Thursdays, H p.m..
Pastor, Shelby E. Graves'.
Sunday, 9:45 ' a.m.,. Sunday
school; Ora Wyland, supt,
We teach the whole Bible: 11
a.m., worship hour. 7 p.m.rYoung
peoples service, 7:45 p.m;, Kva;n
gelistic meeting. ;-s '.
Monday (Dec, 6).2:30.ajid 7:30
p.m., a big fellowshipmeeling;
Potluck dinner at 6 p.m)
Wednesday,' 7:30"p.fn.J, Bible
studyand' prayer meeting in lone,
t Thursday! 7:3a,, prayei- meet
ins and Bible study. vm i ,
You are invited lO;all thdse
meetings. i
Would -you-rike- 4o be rich?
Psalm 119:72 "The law of thy
mouth is better unt-tne than
thousands of gold and silver."
' - f .t. , .t -.I I ?
3. Palmer Somen, miiuster.
Sunday, Dec. 5: Morning wor
ship and sermon at 11 a.m. Spe
cial music by the choir. Paul Mc
Coy, director. Sunday church
school at 9:45 a.m. Bible class,
also high school class. A class
for every age.' 7 p.tn) Youth Fel
lowship at the church, Mr. and
Mrs. Vernon Bohlen, counsellors.
Wednesday: Choir, practice (at
7:30 p.m. . . , , '
The Womans Society ot l nris-
tian Service meets the first Wed-'
nesday of each month. i
.,..,T Li tvV
' ' HI
CHURCH & w . uutume Mta
Schedule of services:
Mass in Heppner on the
and 3rd Sundays at 9 p.m.; 10
r Mass In Ion tinfthe 1st andir lots rprpivpri strnno cnnrlpm.
Jra bunaays;at iu.j a.m., nuj.tion by the America Auttimo
and 4th at 9 a.m.
Mass on the fifth Sunday oneSi
mass-only in Heppner at 9 a.m
on- the";2nd and 4th.
Holy days of obligation: Mass
in. Heppner at 7:30 a.m.; masa
- First Fridays of the month
in lone at 9 a.m. t
Mass in Heppner at 1:30.
-.' : .. .01 .' ! ' ' l ti '
Many persons who suffer "from j
"blueprint blues" when they at-'
tempt to make "hvads ot tails'
out of a house plan may find
some assistance In a new. public
ration hist released at Oregon
State colleger'"'"
It's entitled "How to Read a
Housr''Plan" and i9:V.titten by
John C. Campbelh extension spe-
ciaiist in rural housing.' The pub-,itainlng program to provide bet
licalrdn'iS an cgllir-"pae circular 'ter-trained mechanics for the na
which explains by diagrams and) jl)n's garages '''-' i j 1 rj "
brif text-mWTittf -atl of the.j
common symbols Xound, in house;j(j,re carl deSinnlnsi fi): give' more
plans, -blUBfMtrtt atvhhey are
commonly called.
-C'airipbeu haa attwnPled to ex-:
Dlaln such common architectural
ter,ms as iiiur-iUuiSj yjevations,
cross-sectional views, bcaie, uiiii-
ensions and symbols. Copies of-
the' putllicatidn, HE'7;W12, may!
be obtained from the local covin-.
ty extension office or- by wilting
direct to the college.
. . .o ..,
It was spring in the country. ;
L "How's .sentiment ,.ottt here?" '
asked a visiting politician. '
"Still going strong,", pnsweretl
a farmer, "There were eight cars
parked in my lane la'fttnight." :
John T: Singsapatighr '
t A- -retired Infldstfiaf tycoon,
talking to his listless grandson
said, "Why don't you-go wit and
look for a job? Why, when 1 wa
your age, I was working for $3
a week. At the end of five years,
I owned the store." , . ,
- u'You cant tio that'.'now,' was
the lackadaisical reply. "They
have . cash 'reKistars.!'-01rfa J.
Fert in the Louisville Courier
Journal. ,.' : ":" I'i'i iiSb
..TllC diner wa.s a chronic com
plainant,' and the waiter was at
the end of his rope because of
hot -unrasonftble demands.
"Why is It," the customer bark'
ed) ".thnt I, neyor ,Wat I ask
for here?"
, -I'porhnpi mndanVi the waiter
replied, "it's because we are too
1!48. and Hie dnte of the first roll-
vii t Ion -:cl this .suiniiiuiM. Is November
Atlorlioy -for I'liiintiff.
TteslrteiKe nfltl'Post Off If "Address. '
Heppner, Oregon. w
irornra or prwai. aooowhi-.
the undersltjiied. as Administrator c.t.a.
of the eatate of Win. r.reener. dix'eiued.
ha fllml tns Final .Aoeaunt and t0tort
In the Cdtinljt Curt of Morrow t'oimty,
Orsttdiu hint salj Court hint (ixrt De
rnmlier 27. 194S, at ill uYlix-k A. M. In
the Court Room of paid Court at Hepp-neit-Cretruib.
Uia . tu tuiU place ror
the hearltiK of nbjertioiiH Ihetelu mid
the setllemont of said estate.
H6-4Q Administrator c.t.n.
Hie uruttl?nf,ri him bfftiS hily appoint
ed by the Probate Court of Morrow
(Ymntv. Stato of Oreiron. ailmlnlslratrix
ht. 4hP pMMfl of LAVVHKNl'K L.,
'BEACH, deceuHcd, aud all poirtops huv-
iiiK claimn fttfHlUH t nt Paul eHiaio oi
the said dproiwetl are horvby ronuirod
enprs uuty vrn umi ny law o hh fain
adnilntHdalrlx nt the law offlre of l
W. Muhoney, at Hcppnwr, Oitkoii. with
in monthf frm th 4nto heroof.
PfttM- wnt flirt tnbllr4hfd thla Ufith
nrrrt- wiqj nn pnonwrn inn .ami
AdinlntHU-alrix of the Rstate of
Lawrnnre U Beach, deceased.
eppner, QozeTirries,. Heppner, Oregon,; Dec. 2, 1
Oregon 4-H'ers Win Special Recognition
SUPERIOR records in 1948 National 4-irDoiry Production, Boll Con.
ervation and Itecreation and Rural Arts programs won three
Oregon club mem bora special recognition. The winners and Iri.f
outlines of their records follow:
" Lawrence Allen, 18, of Bend,
has ben named a sectional 4 H
". inner aa a result ot his oulatand
iiig achievements in the National
i d Dairy Production awards pro
n um. During 10 years in club
work,' LawTence completed 10
dairy projects and developed a
herd of 18 Guernsey dairy cattle.
He also has learned much about
judging and showing dairy cattle
as proven by his; records which
show a first fa" the' Heifer -rrivi-Ston'
at the-County' Fair, av first
CD. the Young. Breeder's herd and1
a first -and grand champion -on-bl
senlor cow at the SUtFair,
and a flrat aud grand' chaniplon
of the' 4-H Ooernsey at the Pacl
So International In feooKnitlun ot
bis achiwtiiaents In dairy tiroduc
tlon, Lawrenae' was awarded an
all-expense trip to the National
4-H t'lirte Congress, CWcago.'Pro
vlded . by ' the' Kraft Foods Com
pany. , V' ' .
Henry. ; JaeTRer, 18, of Condon
received the State winner's award
tor outstanding achievement lp
the 1948 -National 4-H Soil Con
servation awards program. Honry
put 'into' practiee-.fMii1 lj'sa-
kig and building oparaJions ;
I :.!v.,.f t. ri i. .. 1
e ui aaea J '- i
. Lawrane Allan .'. Henry Jaeqar
All of these activities are-conducted under the direction of the Exten.
.. t
lion Service of the Start -Agricultural College and USDA cooperating.
I i ..... I , .....
1 The practices of overloading
new cars with unwanted ac$jes.-'
series, giving reasonably- Ww al
lowances for trade-ins find; higb
rtiark-nns on new car in'tised
llile association at its atttlua! eon
vjt'ntion in San Antonio, Tcxbs,
officials of the Oregon StaigMo
tcr association disclosed today on
their return from the session.
; I
At the same' time1 the -AAA
aised those dealers who have
rffused to-, takp advantage of to
day's abnormal conditions and
lytve refrained from the gouging
practices rapped by the national
tThe Oregon AAA officials, Dr.
A. B. McDaniel, president of the
Oregon club;-Kalphv1L-Coaji, trea
surer; and Uaf C&iwtov, manaprer
snia the national organization of
' motor clubs took these additional
;.inds in the interests of automo-
i ie owners and users:
if. Recommended car manufac.
,j,rers enlarge their mechanic
j2. Urccd manufacturers, in fu-
imsideration to safety features
ajid to make repairs find peplacc
nicnts Easier than In the present
siyles. .
!!3. Reeommefided that motorists
(ii'termlnc by trial whether or not
their cars will operate satisfac
torily on standard gasoline and
tllen use it n the interests of econ
otny. A major switch from pre
rriium to standard grade gasoline
might save upwards of $200,000.'
000 in unnecessary fuel costs.
M. Recommended repeal of the
15 per cent tax on foreign and
domestic travel.' O ;,' , ... ' ;
j5. Fvned upon the post-war
"resurgence of soak-the-sttaSger
enforcement tacllcs," and urged
nation-wide reform in the handl
ing of minor truffle 'cases, i
6. Condemned the "extremely
hazardous idea'.'ipf installing tel.
eyslion sets in automobiles and
urged enforcement officials to
deal firmly with anyone gmtty'
ol such gross violation of sound
driving practices, (J iior-'l iC
Dr. McDaniel was named sec
ond vice president of the AAA
and Mr. Coan was elected to the
board of directors of the national
gfoup. The Oregon club is one
ol the few motor clubs in the na-.
lion honored by having two oflts
officers elected to high executive
pftsts in the AAA.
1 o 5
'Gazette Times Want Ads are
SUre result getters. Try them and
Weekly .Delivery. Service
V:! A V fhon9 ,21 SE
i i w 1 1 j t . . i. . v ;
tdj j Suggestion ?
.Insure art education for the .
W.Mypung,,o.iies in you family. r
HeDDner Phone 723
If f ' i
1 1 - H
Marloric -avidion
strip farming, terraci -. huilding
check dams and diver. 'itches,
and planting vegetation . eroded
gullies. An eight-yc: 4-H'er,
Henry has served his . . al club
as president, leader r wl secre
tary. In recognition of hi i achieve
ments, he has been given a J50.00
U. o. bavingB Bond, provided by
Promoting recreational and
handicraft work has brought State
recognition to Marjorie Davidson,
17, ot Bend. Her record will be
Judged to determine the eight na
tional winners in the 1948 Na
tional 4-H Recreation and Rural
Arts program.
' Objectives of the program are
to assist 4-H members in de.
veloplng cultural and recreational
opportunities in their homes and
communities, help 4-H members
develop a, higher appreciation of
rural arts; make 4-H programs
more attractive and self-satisfying
and teach members to lead
recreational activities. Each of
the counties having an outstand
ing recreational program received
a ?25.iO cash award, provided by
United States Rubber Company.
No, Decline Seen .
In Furniture or
Building Prices -
f'That'hew' dining-room suite or
sofa for o - living room is going
to cost just as much if not more
in: 1949 as it does now, barring
sudden and unexpected rever
sals pi the price curve.
. Only -bright spot in the 1949
house- furnishings and furniture
outlook seen now by an OS.C. ex -tension
specialist is in supply.
There will be more furniture and
house'" furnishings available in
1949, according to Mrs. Myrtle
Carter, extension specialist in
home furnishings and clothing.
Within comparatively recent
months, prices paid by farm fam
ilies for housebuilding materials,
furniture and house lurnishings
have continued to climb. Kate ol
climb, however, has showed
signs of tapering off in all groups
of items.
The U. S. department of agri
culture is predicting new peak
expenditures in 1949 by farmers
for ueh ;jtems as - machinery,
house furnishings and househoiu
equipment. Farmers generally,
according to Mrs. Carter, wai't iu
better their living and working
conditions as long as they see
continued good incomes.
Mrs. Carter says that building
materials rose 12 per cent in the
11 - months' period irom June 1947
to June 19-jS, compared with a
47 per cent jump, for a similar
period preceding June 1947. Prices
paid by farm families for lur
niturfi and furnishings increased
6 per cent between June 1947 and
June 1948 in contrast to a 14 per
cent step-up during the previous
12- monlh period. .
Since many of the basic raw
materials such as lumber and
steel that are used in the build
ing trades are also used in the
manufacture of furniture and
luiuse furnishings, Mrs. Carter
says continued heavy demands
will probably keep prices high.
" ... - rj
Radio Announcer: "Ttint in to
morrow night same time, same
station, same depressing news."
Chon Day in The Saturday Eve
ning Post.
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The Heppner Gazette, established
March 30,. 1883. The Heppner
Times, established November
18, 1897. Consolidated Feb. 15,
Published every Thursday and
centered at the Post Office at
' Heppner, Oregon, as second
class matter.
Subscription price, $2.50 a vear;
' single copies, 10c.
Publisher and Eduoi
in Stock
', wd Bferi i ", ; , :
r Oregon
. . . . . . - k i a .
Oregon's 1948 traffic annual, a
32-paee booklet outlining the
itatpwide accident record for last
year, is now being distributed,
Secretary of State Earl T. Newbry ;
has announced. i
Prepared by the state depart- i
ment's traffic safety division, the '
booklet Is a pictorial presenia- i
tion of the more significant facts j
contained in complete statistical
summaries for the year, Newbry
Initial distribution is being
made to schools, city officials, in-
surance agencies, newspapers
and civic groups, with a liberal
supply reserved to fill individual
The annual underscores the
type of traffic mishaps that claim
the greatest toll and points out
principal factors contributing to
accidents, as revealed by the rec
ord. A decrease in traffic deaths
or 1947 is noted despite an all
lime high in automobile travel.
On a tour of coast states to vis
it relatives and friends, Mr. and
Mrs. Burke' Lambourn and son
Jerry, and Mr. and Mrs. Charles
Bahm of Amidon, N. D., accom
panied by Mrs. Clyrence .Larni.
bourn of Tekoa, Wash!, were Sun
day allernoon and nighi guests
of Mr. and Mrs. Nelson Anderson.
Mr. and Mrs. Bahm are the par
ents of Mrs. Burke Lambourn,
and Mrs. Clarence Lambourn is
Burke Lambourn's mother. The
Dakota visitors left Monday
morning for Woodland and San
Francisco,' Calif., planning to re
turn home by the southern route.
The Anderson family drove to
Tekoa for Thanksgiving with the
Clarence Lambourns. According
to Anderson, there is quite a col
ony of former North Dakota ns In
and around Tekoa, some of whdrrt
moved; there in ,the dust .bowl
days. f- !
i ,
Jewell East is 'spending ?a few
days at the home of Mr. and Mrs.
Lester Cox at Lexington, having
come from her home at Prinevilie,
for Thanksgiving at her sister's
home. . -J
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Leave Word at
Hodge Chevrolet Co.
l i as to its location and
amount and we will
Mdirect the Buyer to
your farm.
HodgeChevrolet j
;;;;Gompany j
1 Phone 403 Heppner. Oregon
Mills I
i -If k. A
i i 1 j
P. W. Malionoy.
Attornev for the Administratrix,
5 Phone 403-