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i Heppner Gazette Times, Heppner, Oregon, Oct. 21, 1948
News From
C. A. Office
jiiouse. lone, and Frank Ander-1
jf-on. HorpiKT- wl, are growing I
r.ox M l with Bill Barratt. Hepp-
' ner. growing Elgin. i
( lant,r A. Warn-n. Hcppnor.
hail submitted the bin sample of
hid V. M I seed wheat 1" Oro
gun Siati' enllege for eompletion
of certification. The Vl acres of
ficx that Mr. Warren is certify
ing passed field inspection last
June When this field is com
pleted it will bring the c" t
heat acreage grown In Morrow
county this year to 940 acres.
While records on seed certifica
tion in Morrow county reach hack
but to twenty years ago. it is be
lieved that this is the largest cer
tified acreage ever grown here.
This is a healthy situation for our
county since this seed is used lo
cally and clean seed is an Im
provement over impure any time.
Growers of the certified seed
besides Mr. Warren are Kenneth
I While we are talking of ccrti
fied seed wheat, many farmers of
!the lower area of the county will
I be interested to know that an ac
'ronee of certified Orfed will be
grown here this next crop year
L. L. Howton. Heppner. who
was very well satisfied with the
Orfed grown on his farm the past
year has found a source of certi
fied Orfed in Washington, the
only source in the Pacific North
west and is seeding about seven
ty acres of the variety. E. M. Ba
ker, lone, is seeding approxim
ately two hundred acres of the
same source of seed.
To make sure that we will have
some of this seed eligible for
certification, several small plots
are being grown by 4-H and FFA
members. These small plots can
be rogued and kept clean and
All agricultural -1 II club mem
bc-rs are reminded of the 4-11 ciuh
meeting which will be held at
the L. L. Howton farm, Sunday
afternoon, October 24.
This will he the last 4. II Huh
meeting of the club year. There 1 enrolled. The leader has not
clubs, new officers elected and
plans made for the year. This re
organization meeting for live
stock chilis will be held in early
November, the date to be decided
upon at the Sunday meeting.
The first farm crops 4-H pro
jects to be carried in Morrow
county for a good many years
in fact there is no record of any
in the past fifteen years in the
county agent's office were en
rolled last week. Duane and Ron
ald Baker, lone, and Fritz Cuts
fort h. Lexington, are the mem-
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Saagers Pharmacy.
are some 4-H record books and
secretary books yet to be com
pleted and unfinished business
which will be taken care of
While this meeting is not the re
organization meeting for the new
club year, anyone interested in
joining a livestock club is invited
o attend. The new club year
which starts Novembet 1, will
mean a reorganization of existing
should pass field inspection. The
4-H boys growing this Orfed are
Duane and Ronald Baker, lone,
who will have 42 acres, and Fritz
Cutsforth, Lexington, who will
have twelve acres. Bob Bergstrom
of Heppner, FFA member, is
seeding ten acres of the Orfed for local seed supply. They are
variety. assisting the club member In
been selected, however it is plan
ned that these projects will be
carried along as extra projects of
one of the agricultural clubs in
which these members will be en
rolled. The projects, consisting of cer
tified Orfed seed wheat produc
tion, will be in cooperation with
a program initiated by the Paci
fic Northwest Crop Improvement
association. Duane and Ronald
Baker will grow 42 acres with
Fritz Cutsforth growing 12 acres
of the Orfed for certification.
The program is one where the
crop improvement association is
encouraging certified seed wheat
production of desirable varieties
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October 17 to October 27
iBy the Editors of the World
Book Encyclopedia.)
On October 17, 1781167 years
ago this week General George
Washington completed a mas
ter stroke of military strategy
that ended the war between
America and Great Britain.
Washington, arranging his
troops at New York as if to
launch a heavy attack, sudden
ly wheeled his army to the
west. He had clmost reached
Philadelphia before the British
were aware of his real aim.
By then it was too late. Wash
ington's armies lay across all
avenues of escape by land, and
the French fleet, which had
helped Washignton in his bat
tles, blocked escape by sea. It
was then that General Charles
Cornwallis surrendered the
British armies, conceding to
America the victory.
The new permit is folded to the
same size as the old single card.
The inside of the little folder has
become an application blank to
bp used for renewal by mall.
This is the first time such a form
has oxer been issued, the secre
tary said.
He explained that renewal of
licenses by mall is a constant
source of difficulty because of
failure to include full Informa
tion or correct fee, resulting In
heavy correspondence from his
office. The self-contained renew
al form Is expected to eliminate
most of this trouble.
Another feature of the new li
cense is a space for recording
the nolder s oiooa iypr. " unwun,
for meergency use by a doctor
in case of accident. The remain
dor of the card Is similar to the
old one, with identifiweation.
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Legion Hall, Oct. 28 29-30.
Avoid The
Common Gold
marketing his wheat and offer
to guarantee a twenty-five per
cent premium on any of the cer
tified seed which cannot be sold
locally. This applies to a ten acre
plot for each club member.
Bob Fletcher, field secretary for
the Pacific Northwest Crop Im
provement association, spent
Wednesday, October 13, with the
county agent in getting these pro
jects under way.
Hear Sam Gordon spout bridge,
Legion Hall. Oct. 2S-29-30.
Drivers License
Cards Improved
A self-contained renewal appli
cation and other improvements
have been incorporated in Ore
gon's license cards now being is
sued, Secretary of State Earl T.
N'ewbry has announced.
Licenses to be used from now
on are of better paper stock than
was available during the war and
are expected to stand up well in
wallets and purses, eliminating
much of the duplicate license
problem. Newbry emphasized
that the new cards will not re
place valid licenses now outstanding.
Build up your body resistance to
cope with sudden changes in tem
a preventative measure
an oral vaccine
Fortify yourself against chill winds, wet sloshy weather.
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