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Vows Taken In
Portland Church
By Echo Palmateer
April 6 Auxiliary meeting In
afternoon and American Legion
In the evening.
April 7 Social meeting of Eas
tern Star at home of Mrs. E. M.
April 9 Study meeting of Top
ic club at home of Mrs. B. C. For
sythe. April 10 Initiation In first and
second degrees, Willows Grange
The Laurelhurst United Presby
terian church in Portland was
the scene of the wedding, at 10
o'clock a. m., March 24, of Mrs.
Margaret McGreer, daughter of
Mrs. Georgia Brewster of that city
and Verner Troedson, son of Mr.
and Mrs. Johan Troedson of lone.
The Rev. William French officia
ted at the ceremony at which
Miss Georgia Coogan of Eortland
and Carl Troedson of lone were
the attendants. A reception was
held at the home of Mrs. Brew
ster following the marri.-iqe crp.
mony. The bride has been secre
tary to a Portland in
groom is a prominent wheat far
mer of the lone section. Tney ieu
on a trip to Mexico City, after
which they will make their home
on Mr. Troedson's ranch.
Mr. and Mrs. Howard Nottage
of Portland spent the week end
at the home of her parents, Mr.
and Mrs. Johan Troedson. Mr.
Nottage is a math instructor at
Grant high and Mrs. Nottage a
domestic arts teacher at the Girls
Polytechnic school.
Dinner guests Easter at the
John Bryson home were Mrs. La.
na Padberg, Louis Padberg, Mr.
and Mrs. Harlan Devin of Condor)
and Dick Hughes of Blackfoot,
Guests at the O. E. Lindstrom
home Sunday, Mar. 21, in honor
of Mr. Llndstrom's birthday, were
Mr. and Mrs. Roy Lindstrom and
son, Mr. and Mrs. Albert Lind
strom, Mr. and Mrs. O. L. Lun
dell, Miss Mary Brackctt and Mr.
Morrow County Cleaners
We Call for and Deliver
Ladies and Gents Fine Tailoring
Just Call 2632
ore than 900 Oregon
i Physicians and Surgeons
p - '::: ' ' V
h offer Medical and Hospital
fas - v.-' v '
V' P 4hf Aiirrh ft D C
;VUI M IlllUUgll we wa
Tlx strength, expffitnet and
prolaiiional responsibility of the Ore
gon Sum Medical Society standi behind
the prepaid medical and hospital pro
tection now offered to employed resi
dents of Oregon and to their families.
Your Cholco of 2 Plans
The new contracts result
rDUn 1
AND HOIPITAL tevrof if th
plr4 I (dividual $3.30 pr month.
HOSPITAL cevtrof for lemUin
ipdiim, $2.00 pr months lit child,
$1.35 por month) 2nd child, 75 conn
p month) 3rd child, 30 cwitt por
month ddllloMt cklldroa M
Plan 2.
lor tho mployW fndWIdval 42.25
or month.
MM m Hon I .
covorofl for fowl Ho
Plant oral lab lo In moil Orooon coun
tlM to omployod Individual! whooo
not taiablo Incomo doot not oxcood
$o,000 por yoor.
from experience gained through
O.P.S. group employe plans
under which some 70,000
Oregon workers have had
coverage for years. Regard
less of the plan you select,
there is a wide choice of co
operating physicians, sur
geons and hospitals.
Literature and application
blank will be gladly fur
nished. Please use the coupon.
Netot O.P.S. group coverage Is
till ovalloblo. If you and follow
employes wish tho savings that
are possible under a group poll
cy we will furnish Information
1114 S.W.ttk A.,PmiM 4J5 Ferry llrott.Solaa 215 Stafford lldg.,Modfoni
fioaio mall literature and application blank.
Moll to O.P.S. at Portland, Salem or Modfoni,
and Mrs. J. A. Troedson of Hepp
ner. Mrs.'Charles O'Connor gave a
dinner Thursday evening, March
25, in honor of Mr. O'Connor's
birthday. Those present were
Mr. and Mrs. Roy Lindstrom and
Mr. and Mrs. Clifford Carlson.
Rev. and Mrs. Alfred Shirley
left Monday for Nelscott where
they will attend the pastor's re
treat. Mr. and Mrs. Roy Lieuallen
have taken over the Victory cafe.
Ernest McCabe's new house is
almost completed. Harry Yarnell
has the cement footing made for
his new house on 2nd street, and
is about ready to pour the ce
ment for the foundation.
The new Catholic church Is
nearing completion. The floors
are to be put in. It is expected
to be done by May.
Tennis players have been en-
loyine the new tennis court.
Mrs. Wm. Zinter left last week
for Willets, Cal., to be with her
mother who is quite ill.
Ralph Akers is seriously ill In
the Mid-Columbia hospital at
The Dalles.
George Corcoff is ill at the
Hermiston hospital.
Mr. and Mrs. Lee Howell and
Mr. and Mrs. Pete McMurtry of
Heppner visited relatives and
friends here Easter Sunday.
Mr. and Mrs. Harry Yarnell and
son Alton were dinner guests at
the Clifford Yarnell home In LeX'
lngton Saturday evening.
Mr. and Mrs. Harlan Lundell
and children and Mrs. James Ev
ans and daughter Elaine of Boise,
Idaho, and Kenneth Lundell of
Oakland spent Easter at the O. L.
Lundell home. Kenneth will re
main here for a longer visit but
the others left Monday morning
for Boise.
Wallace Lundell of Oakland is
visiting his parents, Mr. and Mrs.
Algott Lundell.
Mrs. Mary Swanson and daugh
ter Eva returned home Friday of
last week. Mrs. Swanson has
been visiting in Salem and Eva
visited relatives and friends in
Oakland and San Francisco and
Los Angeles. She was a guest of
Mrs. Jerry Bolman, the former
Harriet Heliker, while in Los An
Fire broke out in the celling of
the Clarence Brenner home me
u.ay last week but was quickly
put out.
Robert Severin of Paisley came
to lone Thursday of last week
and left Monday. He and Mrs.
Severin visited friends in Pendle
ton and Hermiston over the week
Roy Obert of Portland, former
ly of lone, and Miss Avanelle
Nelson of Portland were married
Mr. and Mrs. Edmond Bristow
took her mother, Mrs. Ida Grabill
over to Yakima Monday of last
week, where Mrs. Grabill remain
ed to be with her sister, Mrs.
Cynthia Cochran, who Is quite 111.
Mr. and Mrs. Algott Lundell
entertained relatives at a dinner
Saturday night at their home in
Gooseberry. Motion pictures were
Mr. and Mrs. Claude Devlne of
North Bonneville spent the week
end at the Ernest Heliker home
Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Aldrich and
family and Mr. and Mrs. hd Al
drich and family attended the
50th wedding anniversary of Mr.
and Mrs. George Aldrich at In
dependence last week.
Among those getting new cars
recently are Louis Carlson arid
Delbert Emert.
Last week was filled with
many Easter activities with Eas
ter egg hunts at the churches for
the little folks, a party for the
mothers by the Beginners class,
By having me mea
sure and install
beautiful Venetiar
Any Color Tape
and Slats
Phone 2752 or 1483
Heppner, Oregon
mi'.' TO1T
HepRner. Gazette Times, Heppner, Oregon, April 1, 1948-3
A Til
r i
mmn iiMHSWj
( k VA wi-
k !kmmfL fiiisfi,
Washington, D. C Congressman Lowell Stockman, Oregon
Second District, as he presided over the House recently during
debate on appropriations for the continuance of the House
Committee on Un-American Activities. Speaker Martin who was
called away from the chamber asked Mr. Stockman to take over
the rostrum in his absence.
Washington, D. C The House
Un-American Activities commit
tee was aided in its efforts to
ferret communists out of govern
ment positions recently, when
Rep. Lowell Stockman, Oregon
second district, voted for a mea
sure authorizing funds to cover
further operations of the commit
tee. Proponents of the measure
pointed out that the house com
mittee was the only agency in
vestigating subversive activities
in the U. S. which could publi
cize its findings and alert the
public to the communist danger.
Debate brought out that the FBI
and secret service agencies can
not function as a source of pub
lic information on subversive ac
In urging approval of the ap
propriation, one spokesman de
clared: "Everyone in the administra
tive departments, from the pres
ident on down, is coming up here
and telling this congress, "We
must combat communism'."
The house approved the bill by
a vote of 337 to 37.
Owners with Hydra
Matic Drive
We have a specially trained service mechanic
who is fully prepared to take care of your
Hydra-matic troubles.
Come in and try our service on your
your spring motor tune-up.
This is our specialty
Conveniently located at corner May and Chase Sts.
Farley Pontiac Co.
held at the Cooperative church
last Thursday, services at the
Baptist and Cooperative church
es Thursday evening of last week.
Services for Easter Sunday star',
ed with sunrise services on the
hill south of lone which is a
wonderful view. Green wheat
fields can be seen for miles and
the sky was clear. It was quite
an impressive sight when the
sun came over the hill. Rev. Al
fred Shirley conducted the ser
vices. There were 29 present in
the group and among them were
two sets of twin boys, Roy and
Albert Lindstrom, sons of Mr. and
Mrs. Franklin Lindstrom, and
Donald and Delbert Brashers,
grandsons of Mr. and Mrs. Dale
Ray. After the services the group
went to the E. M. Baker home
where a bountiful breakfast of
ham, eggs, etc., was served. At
the Cooperative church a child
ren's program was held at 10 a.m.
consisting of songs, exercises, re
citations by the beginners, pri
mary, junior and intermediate
classes. This was followed by the
morning sermon. Services were
also held at the Baptist church
in the morning and evening.
In the evening an Easter can
tata, 'The Divine Redeemer," by
Charles Gounod, was given. It
consisted of the following: "Bene-
dictus," "Hosanna," "Gethsem
ane," "Calvary," "There Is a
Green Hill Far Away," "Come Un
to Him," "O Divine Redeemer,"
"Resurrection," "All Hail," "Un
fold, Ye Portals," "Send Thy Holy
Spirit," "Redemption."
Mrs. Cleo Drake directed the
cantata and Mrs. E. M. Baker
was the pianist. The singers
were, sopranos, Mesdames Walter
Roberts, Noel Dohyns, Paul Petty
john, Alfred Shirley, John Proudi
foot; altos, Mesdames Omar Riet
mann, Mary Swanson, Walter
Corley, Darrell Padberg, Earl Me
Kinney, Eugene Normoyle; ten
ors, Ernest McCabe and Eugene
Normoyle; basses, E. P. Day, Rev.
Alfred Shirley.
The Three Links club of the
Rebekahs held their meeting at
their hall Friday afternoon, Mar.
2G, with Mrs. Wallace Matthews
and Mrs. L. A. McCabe as hos
tesses. Luncheon was served
from tables decorated with daffo
dils and eggs with cleverly paint
edfaces and Easter bonnets.
Names were drawn for the secret
Pollyanna sister.
Larry Longan returned recent
ly from a visit in the Willamette
The HEC of Willows grange
served a dinner to a large crowd
Sunday from 1 to 3 p.m.
Among those going to Pendle
ton last week were Oscar Peter
son and son Gerald, Mr. and Mrs.
5. M. Baker and family.
Mr. and Mrs. W. B. Rice of The
Dalles spent Easter with their
son, Lloyd Rice and family.
Week-end visitors of the Dale
Rays were Mr. and Mrs. Billy
Brashers and sons and Dolly
Howell of Lyle, Wash.
Among those going to The Dal
les last week were Mrs. Franklin
Ely, a daughter Francine, Mrs.
Echo Palmateer and Betty Ball.
Mrs. Wm. French of Heppner
called on Mrs. Ethel Stewart last
week. Mrs. Stewart is taking care
of James Fitz of Heppner.
Mr. and Mrs. David Ely and
daughter, Lois, of Pendleton,
spent Easter with his parents,
Mr. and Mrs. Fred Ely, at Mor
gan. The 4-H club met at the home
of Victor Rietmann one day last
week. A party was given In hon
or of the birthday of Miss Patri
cia Drake. She received many
lovely gifts. Refreshments were
Teachers spending ther vaca
tion away were E. S. Stultz, go
ing to Portland; Mr. and Mrs.
Francis Ely, to Salem, and Miss
Mary Brackett, to Rufus.
Mrs. Fannie Griffith and
daughter June went to Portland
last week. Mrs. Griffith returned
home and June went on to Cor
vallis where she is a student at
Oregon State college.
Saturday evening guests at the
Edmond Bristow home were Mr.
and Mrs. Homer Haslam of Pilot
Rock and Mr. and Mrs. Clyde
Conklin of Baker.
The Ameca club met at the
home of Mrs. Lloyd Morgan on
Wednesday, Mar. 24, wan Mrs.
Richard Lundell assisting Mrs.
Morgan. Games were played dur
ing the afternoon after which
lunch was served by the hostess
es. Mr. and Mrs. Frank Lundell
and children of Portland visited
relatives here over the week end.
Guests from here at the Mrs.
Elsie Peterson home at Lexing
ton Easter Sunday were Mr. and
Mrs. Louis Ball and family, Mr.
and Mrs. Donald Ball and baby,
the Misses Mary Jean Bristow,
Laurel Palmateer, Anita Hooker,
Ernest McCabe, Melvin Brady and
Pete Cannon.
The American Legion auxiliary
is giving a silver tea at the le
gion hall in the afternoon of Ap
ril 10, proceeds to go to the child
welfare work.
The senior class of the lone
high school is giving a dinner
Sunday, April 4, from 1 to 3 p.m.
at the gym.
Four 3-act plays will be given
at the school house April 9.
Guests at the Wallace Mat
thews home Easter were his ne
phew, Bill Matthews, and a
friend, Oliver Allen, both of Rose
burg, also Holmes Gabbert of
Mrs. Anne Smouse returned to
Mrs. Carrie Bergevin of Seattle
visited her son, Louis Bergevin
and family, for a few days.
Gordon White took his father,
T. M. White, to Portland Sunday
to receive medical treatment
Joel Engelman spent the week
end in Portland.
Tommy Bristow and Helmeth
Hermann went to Nampa, Idaho,
for the week end.
Berl Akers is Jn The Dalles hos
pital. Mrs. Akers and Mrs. Wal
lace Matthews went to The Dal
les Tuesday morning to see him.
were Miss Shirley Smouse, Miss
were Mss hirlee Smouse, Miss
Barbara Smith and Reginald
Shirley to University of Oregon;
Miss June Griffith, Tommy Do
herty, Alfred Shirley to Oregon
State college; Johnny Doherty to
Eastern Oregon college; Alton
Yarnell and Matt Doherty to Uni
versity of Washington; Ralph
Smith to Washington State college.
It would take the U. S. Treasury
26 years to print enough SI bills
to pay for the $39.6 billion federal
spending program proposed by
President Truman. UP item.
Dutch Boy
We are please dto announce that
we are the distributor for this fa
mous line of paints. . . We have
the best equipment in the county
for Spray Painting.
For the Best in Building
Lumber, Plywood Roofing, Pum
ice Building Blocks, Rough Lum
ber and John Manville Products,
come to
Builders Supply
North Gale St. Heppner, Oregon
Filter Packs For All Types Tractors Trucks
and Cars
Padberg Tractor 6 Truck
Lexington, Oregon
Phone 421 1
Oil and Grease
Parts for Various Machines
are our
Town or Country
Come in and see
us about your
wedding pictures
Louis Lyons
Ph. 2772
Foil can
Supplies of scrap for the steel furnaces are critically
low. The furnaces thrive on a diet of about equal
portions of pig iron and scrap. More scrap is urgently
needed, if there is to be enough steel for making
farm implements and countless other products.
More than three million tons of steel scrap lie idle
on America's farms, according to the latest' estU
mates scrap that only litters up the place, scrap
that is wasted where it is. How much is there on
your farm? How about the old car body, that
rusted cultivator, those eld plow bottoms, discarded
tools? Erery bit helps and it is needed now.
There's a bumper scrap crop to be harvested this
spring and there's money in it for you. Your
scrap dealer will pay for ererything nsable. Yon
can do three good turns in one scrap harvest .
1. You make some money on what you can't use.
2. You get your outdoor spring housecleaning done.
3. You help the steel mills turn out more steel lor the Implements
and equipment you'd like to have on your farm.
Scrap means savings to you if you'll collect it.
and sell it. On the first rainy day, when you can't
plow or sow or cultivate, pat on your oldest clothe
and get that scrap together.
1. Pile up every bit of iron and steel scrap
on your place.
2. Take a paylond into town the next time
you go. You'll nuike more money out
of it that way.
3 If you can't drive it in, call your scrap
dealer and ask him to pick it up.
4. If there is no scrap dealer near you, call
your implement dealer. Ask him how
to get your scrap started toward th
steel furnace.
350 Fifth Av.nue, Nw York 1 , N. Y.