Heppner gazette-times. (Heppner, Or.) 1925-current, June 12, 1947, Page 4, Image 4

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4-Hcppner Gazette Times, Heppner, Oregon, June 12, 1947
Mrs ( ,i. re li.o
N'r itti 1 Mi r ,r .; ,'. S'i . ; .
Iff- j .. rt t t s ' a ' . ! -t t
7 him, .is liVii. !;rn T'
Jif ; .i er.
Mr. .-!:. Mrs F I) ('..-' i ; r..
Nr-nh ;f HrtHH.rv ;i N ,-; ;t .-;
v ,s , i i n;' Vr. .''' I Msv r..r ir
1 ! i Mr. i ,-:' Mr
I-' ; s Ull.t '
Tir ( .. rt-p Y .rr i I:: N t , '
their lirM n.tvm.i:. s.:u-i .1 .!
Mimn.i r .ua 1 Tt.-' i iy.
Mr. n l V T. ! M. Mi;.;
tlp'W i. '..,; Wi'.ivt
Jt.-r-ul Ili'T'.-iM-n ,ki-! M;'
Jessie i i.-nuri . t, of L;i lira::
r,r a i- lit- ah. ao i:-,..lr (: jr. !.,. V:. an.! Mrs 0. 1
Niai: UH.iria risul.-ruv liou;. s C Ati.;::!,;Mn fr.;tr. F,i:r.-i Ci.ue
V- r,s...i.:. th... in il.e or u-:v ;.: '!(:,'. V,ts .;..; , A,t!
;:..m. Km tir.-uu .stnl K-f B..r.k iM-o.i unit tlu-m from .
' Liv.lvnor. N. om .is .-r- j ..:tn!.v u S. .'.;;:. i. . ;.ml :i
; .- ir.jutvd bin i - ...... j Sun.i.iv Y.r. ar.;l Mrs. Frank
N'' i h.i.l ti h.no iUh-!oi 's caroj lVsoh an. I !.a:i'.!'.UT Ro.iira of
I ' r :;;i:i"t mjuru-s. Il'insser. Vah were thouv
T!u M.'innv County 0:mi K.'O'r Cair.j.rv!! arM IV.' n
' ilr. .,-r asSiH-iatiim lu-M iVit j Hun' hae ronsmo-l from a
' ' -il morning in Lexington v ivk's xaeali.m spent on the
:.'..!,!.'. Dir.f.er was sor oil at j so ; thorn Crogon iv.i. and at
"i ' : l!v la.Ues of the Ke- Cr.itor !;ike.
' N ' '-It l'l.t-e. Mr. ami Mrs. Harry P:n;:os
' Mrs. IVear BreeiHtv: iiro e to PorMaml Friday. They
;!r, 'o to iViiiU'le-n ?'.:nday !oin-.e ;u . .it-panio.i by Joan liw-
'''""" daughter aid sort-in- j ler of" Ht-ppnor. On the return
, !.'. i'r- and Mrs. Bill M.tth-:i Satur.iay they came thrnn;rt
rw -. Their son Max who has 1 three water spouts and wore
id 'rs. K.' Orant. Mr. and ' !'a.l rson ho-r.
: ..Ui. '!... ko; aad Mr. Mis Kila Fdo
d Mrs. Ko M.,1.1.1. City Williams of Kasil wore'
Mrs. l.i.i, . M.iisoil am! fiairiid in Coidetnl.ile. Wash..;
.!.i;..:.::ers h
iter inoii'.er.
di.s past wo;
from Topjior.
1 ..rl Warm
trip la Wah.i
: t'i'n Mil;;.;
s .Nettie lUvis
The i.sitois are
nade a Ini-iness
. .uhi Monday.
hero Sunday, j in St. Patiiek's hall afler mass.
! Ktn.'ua and. Mas will he at it am. This w.ll
oniy mass on Sunday.
Til.: -six pi.p;is at .end -d. the
;: "''a r seliool course whieh
: s euiidueii'd hy Sisters Itien-
and Magdalene 1 ranias
'I'!.. y ha! as asshaam.s M ir sruer
i'.t Cl.avev. Mis. Lewis (til I ion
ur.roay. Mrs. Kate Jelliek an. I ::
a brother. Cliariey. were the '.it- : s
nesses. niiil Mrs. .Totrn Sudar tiinl den
Art Fdrre were also present. ; I ;.,
. o
Barbara Sherman ami Juno S:ea
r'.'ll. T;e sisters will leaxi
! l-opp'-or Sunday fur Seattle 1"
a;'er i aniiieer .sehool.
Ky Ids
The Hepi,.
W a;
w ore v 1
d M
been spending the last month in marooned in The pallet? a while,'
'Ymkeion. returned home with 1 bv the flood.
a H. ni;' rson 1 r.' the tat'er p.;.t them. I Mr. and Mrs. Leonard Munk-j
ol hist wo-k. Mr. and Mrs. Don CampbeU ers h. e moved into their new I
I 'in t.r.i.d wrorkrd his car have been entertaining quite a home just recently completed. I
Tl-.ut.-da t v hi 1 tetutn- u w out-of-town guests recently. Sneral Lemt:'on nsiple went !
irtg from h.-ppt . ; The w reck tHer the Memorial day week , to the rodeo in Condon last week j
h.-iiipenod ..1 ;!: '-e about a end. Mrs. Campbell's sister and end. Those attending: were Mr.;
Keligious vacation school
.Leathers : . 1 ," ' uuick s par- -
-;.., . . , 1 ,sl t!l eloso olfieially Sundav ' CAF.D OF THANKS
r'o"''"''i - t th Wllh a'lnti'iistraiio-i of f,;s! Wo t.;ke this means of thank
'v -i ;,,ol-v eommunion. The names of i in neiKhhors and friends for
-.... " ll'u '1 . tin- fust comnnir.ieants arc Per,-j 1'te'tr expaes.-ions of sympuluy.
ri,i :.. l-,-, 1 s-v Applej-ate. Joan Brosnao, floral ot'fcrimts and many acts
ima 1. iv. n.ua , vireinia Gomv .Kohl, v l.au.d.lin t r i.i,i., i ,,r ,-....( 1,...
Billy M.mahan. Jaekie Sherman. 1 ,eaomont.
I'lny will bo honored hy a' The familv of lalw irr L.
Ineakfast sien hy their parents! Bucknurii.
Fort land.
.1 the sum-
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Contact County Agent's Office or
Phone 2193, Heppner
bad rams r
am! night.
Llwn Dow
Saturday, co -He
expects ;
titer here., I
Kinard M. Panic! moed his I
mte and daaghu-r kamona to
Kin.'ua Sun,., y !':om iioppi'.er.
Since Miss ?U'limcl plans to
enter Monmouth normal school
at once, she ;il he here only
a short time.
Mr. and Mrs. I'arrol V. Roho
and daughter of Burns are is
itfng Mrs. Kobe s parents, Mr.
and Mrs. I . r -Nelson this week.
Mr. Kobe vi I go to Ia;;;ene from
here to enter .-umraer sihool. He
is iha math it'-maior at Burns.
Mrs. Cari y...em.,:i spent the
week end at l ortkui.l uherc she
attended the eighth grade grad
uation exeroes of Iter son Carl
Jr. at Hill Mmiary academy.
Miss DoiiS Jeters leiurned
home Thuisaay from La (Iramlo
where she ; t'enae.l K. O. eoliege
of educatiott.
Morris Brawn. James Waller.
O. D. Bal.ar. ticitrgc close and
Andrew Statg of Fossil went to'
Portland on Friday, where they
cxpectecLjo take the Shrine de
gree Saturday. The Mosdames
(.'lose. Wallter. Baker and Brown
accompanied, their husbands.
Since the hall game at home
was rained out a large crowd of
Kinzua people attended the Con
don rodeo ran Sunday, some go
ing over for both d.;s ami the
dance and smoker. In spite of
the downpour a huge crowd
came out both days to see the
ooys really get their hacks mud
dyand plenty did.
The pe: 1c spem.ing p.Tt oi
the week end in The D.du s were
Mr. and Mrs. Ih-ib r.iioy. Mrs.
Kate Jelliek, Hikkvd Hines.
Mrs. Harold Potter. Marvin Hines
and daughter. Glenda Lee. and
Mrs. John Sudar.
Nafe Coleman, father of the
Coleman brothers, is visiting a
time here from The Dalles.
Mr. and Mrs. Ledcr Halversmi
wore in Ilepp-ier Saturday eve
ning, where Mi-. Ikdverson was
consulting a physician.
Mr. ar.d M:s. I i; renco Moore
came over from Heppner to isi;
ate Ralph Muoros ihis woo!-; end I
Mr. and Mrs. 1). P. Wrigln of;
Portland are wsjiiug at the home !
of their son Stanley's, tiiis week, i
and Mr. and' Mr-t. Allen Flock 'j
of Sandburg, Pom., are also;
here visit iog, them. Mrs. FlocK
is a sister. j
Mrs. Oc.rse Smith returned ;
home Sumk y af'rr suemling '
some time in Portland re-oiving
medical attention. '
Mr. and Mrs. Carl Johnson of j
Heppner visited at the Lesti
Co.ifainj 50
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ii m
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SttT" ) Copyright 1W,
kty m Oeneiot Pliotum Cofp.
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IT', j. B
Heppner, Oregon