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    Heppner Gazette I mes, Heppner, Oregon, Moy 15, 1947-3
IONE ITEMS 'Peterson went to Corvalli s over
tiler's day festivities at O.S.C.
Mrs. Henry Peterson spent
the week end in Portland.
Mrs. L. A. McC'abe. Mrs. M.
E. Baker and Mrs. Wallace Mat
thews attended the program
(Additional lone on Page 4)
Mrs. C. W. Swanson left 'or
Portland Monday morning with
Mrs. Bern ice Harris.
Mrs. Omar lueunann, Mrs.
Fred Nlchoson and Mrs. Oscar
South of Pendleton via Ukiah
Hotel Cabins Swimming Fishing
Mineral Bcrth for Rheumatism
Arthritis Neuritis Eczema
Write 316 NW 3rd St., Pendleton, Or.
planning day at Board man on
May 6.
Bob Drake, son of Mr. and
Mrs. Cleo Drake, has infection
In his hand but is reported to
he better.
Mrs. Harriet Lundcll of Los
Angeles is visiting her parents.
Mr. und Mrs. Ernest Helikei.
Mrs. Lundell flew up from Los
Mrs. Robert Severin, Mrs. R.
L. Casselman and Mrs. Delia
Corson were Pendleton visitors
Mr. and Mrs. Marvin Hughes
of Portland spent the .week end
at the home of Mrs. Ada Can-
1 non.
Mr. and Mrs. Ellis Pot'vfohn
entertained at a family reunion
dinner at their home Sunday.
Mr. and Mrs. R. L. Cfsselman
attended a fellowship meeting
i of the Assembly of God church
' Monday at Hermiston.
Mrs. Goldie Bromley spent a
i couple of days in The Dalles
last week.
i The lone town team won the
ball pame from Kinzua Sunday.
Dates to remember: H.E.C. of
'willows grange will meet at
! Mrs. Wate Crawford's Friday,
j.May 16, with potluck dinner at
! noon Regular grange meet
ing Saturday night, May 17
Supper and auction at the Val
j by parish hou.'e in Goosehe ry
I Friday, May 16, at 6 o'clock.
Everyone is urged to bring some
thing for the auction. Proceeds
to to the IMIA. ...Social meet
ing of the Topic club, May 24, at
the Masonic hall. ... Commence
ment exercises at school house
May 22 at 8 p.m. .. .Clean-up
day May 24.
to the
Court Street Market
which is opening its doors
to the public Saturday morning
We are proud of our part in furnishing
materials for your very modern grocery
and marketlatest addition to the
business life of Heppner.
Here's wishing you a long, happy and
successful business career.
Tum-A-Lum Lumber Co.
You would foot the bill!
Look out! There's another big rail
road wage demand headed your way I
The non-operating unions alone
whose members do not actually
operate trains are demanding a
flat increase of 20 cents an hour.
These demands would cost the rail
roads of the country five hundred
lixly-eight million dollars a year!
Last year these employes had
an increase of 18'2 cents an
hour. This was their third major
wage increase si lire 1939. Their
average weekly pay has gone up
15, as against a cost-ol'-livi::g
rise of 54.
Since 1939, railroad wage and
material costs have gone up n c )
than three times as much as freip. t
rates, and five times ns much as
passenger fares. That is why in
1946, with the largest peacetime
traffic in history, the net income of
railroads went down to the equiva
lent of only 2J of the net prop
erty investment.
What About 1917?
Even with the recent freight rr.le
increase, preliminary figures indi
cate that the railroads will ma' o
only about the same low return in
1947 as in 1946. This will be beca :
the wape increase made in 1C 10
will be in elluct for all of 1!M7;
special payroll taxes on railroadi
have recently been increased;
and passenger traffic has declined.
Where Would the Money
Come From ?
V,'e can't pay out what we don't lake
in. And we arc not taking in enough
) ).v lo meet present costs and to
f .; !e;e the improvements in serv
. ii..:t you need and that we want to
t von.
Jon Would Foot the Rill!
We arc pulilMiinij I.' in nnd other nilvn linr-mpnfs to (nlk with you
lit 11 8t until nm.iit ni;, to h w!i I'll mo imjuii innt to everybody.
j A stork shower wis given at
'the home of Mr;, ti.irlim;
Swanson Friday afK-rw.n. M y
,9, in hon'ir of Mrs. Liavid Lak
er. The following were present:
'Mrs. Delbcrt Krricrt. Mis. pirh
j;.rd Lundr II, Mrs. Jioirv B .Ver.
! ?.:rs. Clarence Cl.er, !J.-s. H.-i-!ry
Yar.ncll, Mrs ('has. O'Connor,
Mrs. Mel'. in Nelson, Mr.;. Paul
O'Meara and mother, Mrs. Ilieiii.
ji'iid Mrs. David L; ker. ( ake,
i 'llo and coffee vcir sen (-! b
1 ie hostesses, Mrs. Emert, Mrs.
; Lundell and Mrs. Swanson.
The Girls League of the I in-'
; high school gave a Mother ;
Itea Friday afternoon. Sandwich
es and open-faced sandwiches
snd tea an-1 Cuiie.; i-rr- s r i
from a table decorated with
yellow carnations riirt vv. '. ,
with Mrs. Neil Doherty and Mrs.
V.'ate f t l 'i rj ... ;
following program was given:
Doherty, president of Girls Lea
gue; reading, Lola Ann Mccaue;
song, Patricia Drake; reading,
Barbara Smith; reading, Ruby
Ann Rietmann.
The lone public library has
purchased and received the fol
lowing books; "Alw; ys Vouni?
and Fair," "Deborah." "Snoon
handle," "The Middle Sister,"
"Manners Can Be Fun," "Spring
Comes to Meadowbrook Farm,"
"Johnny Crow's Garden," "Flip,"
"Your Manners Are Showing."
"Deep Forest," "Mistress Mash
am's Repose." "Desert Gold, '
"Buckaroo's Code," "Case of the
Backward Mule."
The lone-Cecil home exten
sion meeting will present their
May project on Tuesday, May !
20, at the Congregational church
parlor at 11 a.m. with a potluck i
dinner at noon. The subject j
will be flower arrangement and ;
corsage making. Beauty through
nature appeals to every home- !
maker. If you want some ideas !
on flower arrangement or cor
sage making, -don't forget to at
tend this meeting. Bring your
friends and neighbors. This
year at homemakers' day in
some Oregon counties the wo
men used the ideas from this
project to make an exhibit of
corsages while other counties
offered a prize to the home ex
tension unit with the most at
tractive original flower arrange
ment. Baccalaureate services for the
graduating class will be held
Sunday, May 18 at 11 a.m. Rev.
W. W. Head of Cathlamet, Wit.,
will deliver the sermon.
Members' of the graduating
class are Eleanor Aldrich, Divid
Barnett, Arthur Bergstrom. Har
lan Crawford, Rosemary Doher
ty, Robert Drake. Laurel Palm
ateer, Billy Joe Rietmann, Bar
brra Smith, Lorraine Ball and
Donald Ball.
Commencement exercises will
be held at the high school aud--itorium
Thursday evening, May
The eighth grade graduation
rer sis'er. Mis Cynthia Coch
home over the week end were
mi, an'! Mr.-,, t'nas. I.u:-e end
Mr. and Mrs. Brenner Piese, all
i.t Yakima. 1 hey .-pent Sun-;-y
at Loi:ercfk with their sis-i-i,
Mrs. r.-;rri Cason. Mr. and
Mis. Fi .i.r v. ;,r, f rn-
i ; an'. Mr. ar.d Mrs. Everett
V.i iti.ii ; :.r.' f r:,!!y of I!ep.,e.--i-0
v t -m i.'a.e "o- k.
A l.i.; '; : r'v '.'.as gi.ei
h the ."r'i .'-id '.'h (?,;;!" t'yir.i
for Wayne Rietmann Tuesday, i'OK
May 13. in honor of his tenth cr--i
t.irthd.-.y. ? :
Mr. and Mrs. Ed Buschke and ns
M.ss M'ry Lrncket? spent Sun- to
day at V. c hofle of Jli. Br.ic-:
pit s parei'ts at f:i:fi!.s. '
Mr. and Mr.. Lot 'is Bill h-ivi R .!
tf V.'-n r.ver the Victory cafe
arjain. '
Mrs. L:iih Odori of Saletn is n..,
visit in" xt 'he hor. -e of her son no'.
Foster C lorn, at JTo.-Ran. M '
LLnnnnniiniiiisiiSiisniniiiiinniui;!! iin:n:ii:ri:irin:ri::i:n:!nini!nni:ini
I'll Kiir i
v Kiics
r.'s. :.U :u-.-.
r- b..;
i ti-.-'i land.
ti in f i
. i.
r1 ir ,e '
,i .; a
?ld Thursday
oning, May 22.
Fron Io . ....'i.p-,t!pnt. May
!S 1923: "The curfew ordinance
cms to h,"e become a dead
e'ter. Young children may be
;eon rnd he rd on t!'e streets
it arr.p-t ry hour of the night.
v. 'rsh:;;; ; "l : th:-';: tt en-
c; cement l-y jre it for one man
; o linnfile without help from
n;; rents."
Garland Swmon flew to Sa
: 'em r nd Foul' nd last week
villi J ck "ornytho.
The sprinkling sysiom for the
MIA h; s rrri' e'.i and it is hop
; d that -,ot e of the dust can be
i titled.
Mr. and Mrs. Foster Odom of
Morgan are the parents of a
lriiRhtcr horn Wednesday, May
7, at The Dalles.
Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Lun
dell are the parents of a daugh
ter born May 9 at Ppndleton.
A group of young folks went
: to Lehman Springs Sunday for
a picnic.
! Guests at the Ida Grabill
Top Market Price
Clifford Carlson, Local Agt.
lone, Oregon
Elevator Phone 1011
Off. Phone 1111 Res. 4122
Today there are over 200
Insurance companies which
accord Chiropractic Physi
cians recognition. This
number is :;te:ilily growing
Pliynic 71. f. tpv riactro
Thosap,' ":l;C:o "ivtr.pf
U Of:-.- .i:t;' ,'i-.o:;
ymir i '1 ''i; pi bli" .s
with me.)
Dr. Clyde Dunham
( liiro;-i !!!" rh;.-; iei.n
I.O.O.F. I I.' : H."!'.-r. Ore.
may m
fi H il
Whether you warjt new ones or need to have
the old ones repaired, this is the place to get
the best tire service.
are built to stand the kind of wear demanded
in this region. And when they do finally wear
down to the point of needing repair, remem
ber you can get OK Rubber Welders guaran
teed service at
North Main Street Heppner, Oregon
A Little Farther Down the Streer-Bur It's Worth
the Extra Distance
1. Chevrolet Motor Division, General Motors Corpn.,
is searching for the oldest Chevrolet truck in service.
2. Chevrolet Motor Division, General Motors Corpora
tion, will award the owner of the oldest Chevrolet
truck in service now a new "Advance-Design" Chev
rolet truck.
3. The award to the winner will be made at the Chev
rolet dealership where the entry was filed.
4. The owner of the oldest Chevrolet truck in service
may select any standard model from Chevrolet's
current line of "Advance-Design" commercial cars
and trucks.
5. Entries are limited to Chevrolet vehicles manufac
tured as trucks and carrying truck serial number.
6. The Chevrolet truck in service bearing the oldest
serial number will be declared the winner.
(A) Where identification plate is lost or illeg
ible, serial number may be established by
original bill of sale or other legal docu
ments showing serial number.
Chevrolet trucks entered in the "SEARCH FOR THE
have 1947 license and be in operation.
Trucks must be driven to a Chevrolet dealership for
official entry.
Entries must be filed with a Chevrolet dealership
before midnight, June 15, 1947.
New Chevrolet truck will be awarded to the owner
of the oldest Chevrolet truck in service on or before
June 20, 1947.
Any Chevrolet truck owner is eligible to enter the
search except-(A) Employees of Chevrolet Mot-r
Di'sicn, (B) Dealers in cars and true!'" ! C' r"m
Hcyoes of dealers in cars and trucks.
:f Yur OFFICIAL ENTP.Y niA-'f:? !
!i J ? ! ! 'I (
8 U,7
Heppner, Oregon
Phcnc 403