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    Heppner Gazette Times Heppner, Oregon, November 7, 19463
lone Women Given Pointers
On Good Taste in Clothes
By Mn. Echo Palmateer
Those coming from distance to
the Fred Lindsey funeral were Mr.
and Mrs. J. E. Crabtree, Mr. and
Mn. Leo Crabtree, Mrs. Roy S ten
der, Mr. and Mrs. D. C. Brock and
Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Brock, all of Sa
lem. Dixon Smith is a patient at the
veteran's hospital at Walla Walla.
Remember the P-TA auction Fri
day night at 8 o'clock at the school
house, and the Maranatha sale at
the Congregational church parlor
at 1:30 p.m.
Hallowe'en was fairly quiet here
with some vandalism at the Co-op-
erative church where the picket
fence was torn down. Some tires
were deflated and windows soaped.
The youngsters enjoyed their
"trick or treat" foray.
- A home demonstration meeting
was held at the Congregational
church parlor Monday afternoon.
"Developing Good Taste in Clothes"
was the subject. Katherine Mona-1
han explained good taste in select-1
ing a wardrobe. Lunch of cookies :
and coffee was served. Mrs. E. M. I
Baker and Mrs. Cleo Drake con
ducted group singing. The next,
meeting will be December 17 in
the afternoon. The subject will be '
"Party Phnning." Mrs. E. M. Baker
and Mrs. Cleo Drake were selected
as leaders, and Mrs. Noel Dobyns
and Mrs. Ernest H liker as alter
nates to attend a meeting in Hepp
ner to receive instructions on par
ty planning and then will conduct
the December meeting in lone.
Funeral services were hld Wed
nesday of last week fur Fred Lind
siy at the I. O. O. F. cemetery
with Rev. R. L. Casselman officiat
ing'. Mr. Lindsey died at his home
in Salem October 24. He was born
at Gerard, Kansas, Octob-jr 7, 1878,
and came to Oregon when a boy.
He lived in this community a few
years before going to Salem. He is
survived by two sisters, Mrs. Hattie
Crabtree and Mrs. Hattie Brock of
Salim, and one brother, Frank
Lindsey of Morgan, five nieces and
nephews, among whom are Mrs.
THERE will be changes in
schedules of many Union
Pacific trains effective No
vember 10.
These changes are designed
to improve the present serv
ice and connections for resi-
h$ Sftitfh-
dents of the Pacific North
west who desire to travel
comfortably for business or
For complete information, inquir of
General Agn', 1st National Bank
Bldg.. 2nd and Alder Streets, Walla
Walla, Hash., Phone 30
or Local Agent
Remember,. Sun Valley
reopens Pecambw 21
OA of tn "atatMm am mt AtUUttftH
at 2:30 P. M.
Buck-Burger Feed at the Odd Fellows Hall
for Legionnaires and their families
DANCE at Rhea Creek Grange Hall
lone, Boardman, Arlington and Hcrmiston
posts attending as well as district officers
Everyone will meet at the Legion Hall prior
to, and following the football game where all
necessary entertainment will be provided.
Heppner Post No. 87 Legionnaires please
meet at the 0. K. Rubber Welders at 1 :30 P.
M. for formation of parade. WEAR YOUR
Lewis Halvors-n of lone nd Mr.
Archie Munkera of Lexington. The
nallbearers were Carl Trordson, A.
C. Swanson, M. Fitzpatrick, Omar
Rietmann, Walter Rietmann and
"red Buchanan.
Mr. and Mrs. H. O. Ely and Mr.
md Mrs. Fred Ely of Morgan at
tended the A gee 50th wedding anni
versary at Boardman Saturday
A "Youth for Christ" meeting
was held at the Congregational
church parlor Friday evening of
last week with a potluck supper.
Rev. Winquist of Irrigon was the
Rev. and Mrs. L. M. Holt and
daughter Marjorie of Pilot Rock
will conduct services at the As
y.mbly of God church Sunday.
C. G. Welmore of Salem is visit
ing his granddaughter, Mrs. Don
ald Heliker.
Among those going to Walla Wal
la last week were Mr. and Mrs.
Cleo Drake, Mr. and Mrs. E. R.
Lundell, Ed Bergstrom, Mr. and
Mrs. Franklin Ely, Mrs. Echo Pal
mateer, Mr. and Mrs. Edmond
Bristow, Mr. and Mrs. Francis Ely,
Elmer Shiffer, Mrs. Etta Bristow,
Melvin Brady. The high school girls
going were Francine Ely, Laurel
Palmateer, Rose Mary Doherty,
Virginia Smith, Lorraine Sherman,
Betty Ball and Patricia Drake.
Mrs. Bertha Severin, the eighth
grade teacher, gave a party for her
room Hallowe'en evening.
Omar Rietmann and Oscar Peter
son went to Corvallis Friday to
attend Dad's day at O. S. C. Satur
day and to attend the football game
between O. S. C. and Stanford.
lone football team won at Uma
tilla Wednesday of last week at
The boys of the high school spent
the week end at Walla Walla where
they played Prescott Friday but lost
the game. They attended a banquet
at the Marcus Whitman hotel Sat
urday and attended the Whitman
Linfield game in the afternoon Sat
urday. Guests at the Ernest Heliker
home the past week were Mr. and
Mrs. Carrell Hearst and family of
Bonners Ferry, Idaho. Mrs. Hearst
lived here when a girl and will be
remembered as Lois Devine. Other
guests were Mr. and Mrs. Claude
Devine of Longview, Wash.
Mr. and Mrs. Anderson of Grass
Valley are the guests of their
daughter and sonin-law, Mr. and
Mrs. Earl McKinney.
Recent guests at the Harry Yar-
nell home were Mrs. Gladys Crider
and daughter Beth of Bickleton,
Wash. Mrs. Crider is a sister of
Mrs. Yarnell.
Mr. and Mrs. Clell Rea and fam
ily went to The Dalles Monday.
Willows grange initiated five can
didates in the first and second de
grees Sunday afternoon. After the
initiation a luncheon of creamed
chicken and biscuits and coffee was
served by Mrs. James Lindsay and
Mrs. Berl Akers.
A pinochle party was held at the
grange hall Saturday night with
Mrs. Lewis Halvorsen, Mrs. Marion
Palmer and Mrs. Paul Pettyjohn
as hostesses. There were 27 pre
sent. Those winning scores were,
high for women, Mrs. Donald Heli
ker; low, Mrs. Earl McKinney; high
for men, Earl McKinney, and low,
Donald Heliker. Refreshments of
chicken sandwiches, salad, angel
food cake, coffee and cider were
Recent guests at the Garland
Swanson home were Mr. and Mrs.
Robert Bonney of Portland, Mr. and
Mrs. Wm. Hedlind and Mike Miller
of Salem. Mrs. Bonney is a niece
and Mrs. Hedlind and Mr. Miller,
sister and brother of Mrs. Swanson.
Miss Eva Swanson was a Salem
visitor last week. She returned Fri
day, bringing' her mother, Mrs.
Mary Swanson, and Miss Beverly
McMillan home with her. Miss Mc
Millan is a granddaughter of Mrs.
O. E. Palmateer, specialist in in
stitutional publicity with the Stan
dard Oil company at Salem showed
moving pictures at the schoolhouse
Tuesday. Mr. Palmateer is a cousin
of Mrs. H. O. Ely. He is a former
state commander of the American
Irrigon Woman's
Car Damaged in
Highway Collision
Miss Luella Minnick badly dam
aged her car Wednesday above Ir
rigon. She was shaken up and
bruised about the chest. She was
driving behind another car that
stopped suddenly. In trying to stop
she put on the brakes, causing the
car to turn around in the road A
car coming from the other direction
ran into her car, damaging both
cars but not injuring the passen
gers in the other car.
Miss Katherine Monahan, home
demonstration agent from Heppner,
met with the Irrigon women at the
Paul Haberlein home Wednesday,
talking taste in clothes. Mrs. Hab
erlein served cake and coffee for
'C. N. Lois Markham and C. N.
Betty Acock are at Palo Alto in a
veteran's hospital. It is a very large
hospital, caring for the boys who
are still suffering from shock. Three
girls were chosen from the Spokane
class of nurses.
Mrs. Lavern Westcott was called
to New York Tuesday to be ready
to sail to Frankfort, Germany, to
live there. Her husband is Staff
Sgt. Ralph Westcott and has been
there only a few months.
Mrs. Birdie Connell and two sons
and her mother, Mrs. Anna Jaynes,
and a sister from Portland were
Irrigon visitors Thursday.
Mitt Connell of Los Angeles ar
rived home Monday. His home was
here, hut he has been gone several
years, some of the time in the
South Pacific in U. S. army service.
The football team went to Walla
Walla Saturday, accompanied by
Coach Golden and Fred Adams.
They saw Linfield win over Whit
man, and attended the pigskin par
ty at the Whitman hotel.
The football team, accompanied
by the band, went to Pilot Rock
Thursday. Pilot Rock won 33-6.
The men of the Community Bap
tist church have the material to
put up the bell and worked on the
frame Tuesday. They have had
a large bell for several years but it
has been sitting on the ground.
Rev, and Mrs. Winquist and a
car full of young people attended ! if.hing up the deal.
the youths' rally at lone Friday
Mr. and Mrs. J. A. Shoun were
Walla Walla visitors Tuesday.
Mr. and Mr. Charles Simmons I kota.
and family got here Saturday eve
ning and are getting settled in the
Arthur Sires place, as there is no
E. S. Peltnn Mrs. IMge and Mrs Verne Smiih
bought the other piece of land for and one more. Miss AiU-n will
his brother-in-law in South D.kota. biing a snul-stirrin and impirinjt
The brother-in-law and Mmily are message at 7 Aj.
to spend the winter in South Da-' R, v. Wayne Faeerstrom is hol.l-
The Loyal Ladi s league of the
Baptist Community church will en
tertain a missionary team consist-
house on the part of the Steward j ing of Miss Thomasine Allen who
dace that thev purchased. Earl was a missionary in Japan before
Steward is up from Roseburg fin- the war, and Miss Isabelle Gates, I as soon as they can get passage
Ltiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii iiimiimimi iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiuii'j
in? a revival meeting at the Assem
bly of God church every evining
except Friday nitilit. Rev. and Mrs.
Morse occupied the pulpit at the
Assembly of God church SumL.y
mornini. They are going to China
Pre-School Baby
Legion and also will attend the
American Legion meeting in lone
Tuesday night
Office of DR. C. C. DUNHAM
Chiropractic Physician
Odd Fellows Building, Heppner
Thursday, Nov. 21
Wanted! Men And
Women Who Are
Hard Of Hearing
To make this simple, no risk hearing
teal with ourine drops used with sim
ple syringe. If you are deafened, both
ered by ringing, buz?ing head noises
due to hardened or coagulated wax
(cerumen ), try our uurine Home Me
thod teat that so many say has enabl
ed them to hear well again. You must
hear better after making this simple
test or vou get vour money back at
once. Ask about Ourine Ear Drops to
day at
Humphreys Drug Company
Another Big
Sales Yard
Heppner, Oreg
Thursday, N
by using
-the oral vaccine.
Nip a cold in the
bud and avoid use
less suffering and
loss of time from
Business or social
All Kinds of Livestock
Cows, Calves, Yearling and2-Year-0ld Steers Bred 2-Year-old
Heifers, Bulls, Saddle Horses, Work Horses,
All cattle must be brand inspected. All dairy type cattle
must be tested.
Persons having livestock to sell may enter them in this
sale. Stock arriving at the yards the day before the sale
will be fed and watered
The Oct. 17 and 31 sales were big successes This is the
land of good livestock If you want to buy or sell, patron
V. R."Bob" RUNNI0N