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    2 Heppner Gazette Times, September 26, 1946
The Bungling OPA
It i quite possible that each individual has
his or her own opinion of the OPA, some of whom
jive vocal expression while others suffer in
silence. Not a few editors have put their thoughts
in writing and to date nothing of a complimentary
nature has arrived at the Gazette Times ediorial
desk. Most editors have held throughout the life
of the OPA that the control measure in itself
was designed for a good purpose but that its ad
ministration, or application, has been bungled
and now that the shooting war is over it is nothing
more than a political football.
Most recent glaring example of inefficiency
in OPA control is the sugar situation in the North,
west and comment by the Oregon City Banner
Courier under the heading "Let's Slug the OPA,"
gives a fairly clear picture of the bungling on the
part of those who are charged with the responsi
bility of administering the act in this region. Says
the Banner-Courier.
It has been quite a while since we took a
swing at the OPA, so let's cut loose and smite it
hip and thigh.
Now in this sugar thing, which comes to mind,
is the OPA particularly vulnerable by its own
Remember a few weeks back when we were
trying to get the OPA to give a canning sugar
bonus in Oregon and Washington to help conserve
a bumper crop of fruit? And we were told by the
long hairs of the OPA in Bedlam on the Potomac
were bulging was that transportation was lacking
that the only reason sugar warehouses in Oregon
to carry this sugar to "deficit" areas?
Well, the OPA now admits that it command
eered boxcars and shipped this sugar out of Ore
gon in such frenzied haste that it left not enough
for September's ration in the northwest and must
now commandeer more boxcars to ship some of it
And all this time wheat was spoiling in the
open because of lack of cars to ship it, and lumber
was piling up in sawmill yards because there
weren't enough freight cars to move it to where
veterans were clamoring for housing.
No, the farm wife couldn't save those pears
and peaches rotting out there on the ground be
cause the OPA wouldn't be sensible and give her
a little more sugar.
In the big cities throughout the land, idle
housewives in thousands of apartments drew their
canning rations and probably made fudge, be
cause' they do not can fruit and wouldn't have any
place to put it if they did.
The fumbling, blundering OPA doesn't take
this into consideration uh uh. It gives canning
sugar to millions who do not need it and will not
use it to save food from going to waste and re
fuses it to a few thousand patriotic housewives in
fruitful land who are distressed and sickened
as they watch next winter's fruit rot on the
orchard floor.
Shouldn't Vote at Random
There is time between now and election day
for each and every voter to become acquainted
with the measures on the ballot, yet it is not
likely mat more than a small percenage of us
will go to the bother to find out what the proposed
bills are about. To most of us a measure that
has the appearance of putting more money in our
pockets will receive a favorable vote, whereas
another measure which may mean taking more
money away from us will in most cases be voted
down. In either case an injustice may be done.
It so happens that we are confronted with
measures that call for funds and the merits of
these measures should be understood before the
voter even thinks of going to the booth to mark
his ballot." We should know just what it is going
to cost to give every person above the age of 60
years a present of $100 a month; whether or not
the basic school bill (316) is the answer to the
school problem, and so on through the nine mea
sures left to our discretion.
It is not advisable to follow the rule of "when
in doubt vote no" unless after exhaustive stud?
there appears no proper solution. A decision has
to be made and it cannot be made hastily. The
time to get ready to mark your ballot is now.
Changes are taking place with regularity in
Heppner and vicinity, yet announcement of the
sale of the Alfalfa Lawn Dairy plant came as a
distinct surprise to those of us who were unaware
that the Wightraan Brothers were contemplating
such a move. After more than 41 years of ped
dling milk over the same route they had become
permanent fixtures in the minds of the public
and it had not occurred to most of us that some
other person or concern could do the job at least
do it right. But after all, men, like machines,
wear out, and replacements have to be made. Al
though we can no longer associate the name of
Wightman with the Alfalfa Lawn Dairy, we can
congratulate ourselves that these good people do
not find it necessary to move from our midst but
will remain here and operate their ranch on a less
time-exacting scale. Life has not been a bed of
roses for them and they deserve to enjoy the
fruits of their labors which began here in 1905
and have run continuously since.
Their quality is your security. Our diamonds are care
fully selected for their clarify, color and natural bril
liance . . . they need no tricky cutting, no fancy features
to build up their salability.
For complete satisfaction, now and always,
we invite your inspection.
Bridal sets and Solitaires
from $65 up
Elks Dedicate Memorial to World War II Veterans
llfJ Jmui.-r -
mmrn, KBi.f -VI'-. -V
-' - J
Lucas Pleee
The imprejilve llmetten and marblt Elk National
Memorial and Headquarter Building on the ahore
of Lake Michigan, Chicago, III., which waa recently
dedicated to the veteran of World War II. Cer.
monies were presided ever by Bruce A. Campbell,
chairman of the Elk Memorial Commission, with
Charles E. Broughton, Grand Exalted Ruler of the
Benevolent and Protective Order ef Elks, welcom
ing the 25,000 Elks from surrounding states and
Grand Lodge officers who attended the dedication.
U. S. Senator Alben W. Barkley of Kentucky, Senate
majority leader and member of the Paducah, Ky
Elk Lodge, wa the principal apeaker. Mors than
80,000 Elks served In this country's armed forces
In World War II.
Joe Jewett, Minister
Bible school 9:45 a. m. C W. Bar
low, superintendent
Morning worship 11 o'clock.
Communion and worship. Sermon
subject, "Christ's Appeal to You."
Adult Christian Endeavor ?!
Evening service 8 o'clock. Sound
motion picture of the life of Paul
entitled "The Way of Salvation."
Everyone invited and welcome to
this service. There will be a 'short
message following the showing of
the pictures on the subject Tel-
lowing the Heavenly Vision."
Monday evening Sept 30 at T:
p. m. the "99" men's class of the
church is sponsoring a dinner for
the men and boys of the church
and others who are interested
Carrol McMikle, Christian minis
ter at Hermiston will bring a mes
sage at the dinner. There will be
short film presnted. There will be
singing and a good time for all.
There will be no charge but an
offering will be received at the
Choir practice Thursday evening
at 7 followed by Bible study and
prayer meeting at 8. Come join
with us in these services.
On Friday Oct 4 the Eastern
Oregon "99' men's classes will meet
in an annual fall meeting at Ba
ker. A number of Heppner men
are planning to attend.
Neville Blunfj Minister
Holy Communion 8 a. m.
Church school 9:45 a. m.
Y. P. F. Bible study 10 a. m.
Holy Communion 11 a. m.
Wednesday Holy Communion 10
a. m.
The eool refreskmeiit aatl
fresh breezy fragrance ml
will pleaae the moat exact in saea
you know. Diattnetly maaeuliat
decidedly correct it will lulf
him look and feel Lis vary Ue.
In etunninf aporta-inaplnel Utile
4 os. $1.50, a aa. fiM.
Decoy Shtriat Bmwl $Mk
Leave your orders for
with us. Illustrated catalog shows
actual colors and varieties of plants.
Old Established Nursery.
Limited number of Peony Roots
available. Now is the time to
set them out.
The Flower Shop
Veterans of Foreifln j. o. TURNER
Meed tn4 eel 4ta Mwfcyt at Heppner BulldiM
l:M , am. in Lessen Ball
All Unas mi
Modern Ha uiM ar
Phene 14M UJi
HamtaaL osaaox
Turner, Yen Merter
and Compeny
tr- J
I For Appointment Jri
f Phone 53
Bring your car or truck to us for complete automotive ser
vice. We service all makes of cars.
Your FORD Dealer
Umatilla Cooperative Creamery
of Hermiston
Maker of Darigold Products
announces purchase of the buildings and equipment of the
Alfalfa Lawn Dairy
and will take over full operation of plant and. business Oct. 1.
We will continue daily distribution to all customers of the
Alfalfa Lawn Dairy and endeavor to haintain the courteous
service and high quality of products the people of Morrow
county have enjoyed throughout the 41 years the. Wightman
brothers have operated here.
We have a complete line of dairy products including
Butter, Cheese, Ice Cream, Buttermilk, Cream and Milk.
Phelps Funeral Heme
LhiaaMa taenl Mrectars
Pheae 1M3 Hewer, Ore.
Heppner City Cuneil
Meats M
CltlauM havfaka
J. tX
Merrew Ceunry
Abstract b Title Ce.
Offisa ka Pessn
Merchants Credit
Aeeorat Credit tnfonnatlea
F. B. Nickerson
Phone II Hemer
Attonaey at Law
HeBtjner Hotel BuUdm
WiUcnr Street Entrance
Latest Jewelry ani Gift Goeas
Watehea, Ootis, Diamonds
fepart Watch & Jewelry Repairiag
Heppner. Oregon
OK Rubber Welders
First class work guarantead
Leeated in the Kane Building
Narft Mats St Heppner, Ore.
Dr. L D. Tibbies
Phystdan ft Surfeea
First National Bank Building
Rsa.rk.Ura Ofac Pk. 492
A. D. McMurdo, M. D.
Tnrtnra Nurse Assistant
Ofaat tn Masonio Bulldlm
Heppner, Oreewn
Dr. C. C. Dunham
Office op stairs L O. O. F. Bid,
Heusf ealb made
ease Phone 2S81 Office 2572
225 Byers St PenAetea, Ore.
1st and 3rd Wednesdays of sack
month at Dr. R. C. Lawrence's
Office tn Heppner
Blaine E. Isom
All Kind el
Heppner. Or.
Rom -where I sit y Joe Marsh
Going Fishing?
Here's Howl
T hear Willi Wells and Basil
Strnb arrnlnc shoot treat Isk
in(, yen'd think H was mere im
portant than the stem bonk.
Willi fTOM dry flies, Basil
pooh-poohs anything bat wet flies.
Willie swear by a Reyl Coach
man; Basil won't hear of anything
but a Silrer Doctor. And by the
time it come t steel red Terms
bamboo rod... IX"1?1
But en Saturday, tack get back
from Seward' creek wltk a catch
that couldn't hare differed by more
than aeTcral enneesl
Each had nsed his favorite Mnd
of fly, his farorite rod and his
farorite place to cast So orer a
friendly glass of beer, they al
lowed as how maybe they were
both right . . . which Is how no
many arguments should end,
-From where I lit, if w all ra.
pected one another's different
opinion whether sbout treat
flies, or drinking beer, or Toting,
life would be whole lot pleasanter.
"iwrighi, 1946, tntiW &o Bnmn Fi
0 0 0
Cordless Electric
-k No annoying cord to tangle and pull! Complete new
, ironing freedom.
i Safety: Heating stops if iron is left unattended off its
safety base.'
-V Saves money. No cord or plug breakage!
, if Saves up to one-fourth Ironing time! Plenty of heat
, during , entire ironing period!'
! Oh Display Soon!
Heppner Hardware 6
Electric Company