Heppner gazette-times. (Heppner, Or.) 1925-current, February 21, 1946, Page 3, Image 3

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Rev. Fletcher Forster, minister
Sunday school 9:45 a. m.
Morning worship 11 a. m.
Evening service 7:30 p. m.
O. Wendell Herhison, Pastor
Bible School 9:45.
Morning worshiD 11 a. m.
Christian Endeavor 6:30 p. m.
Evening service, 7:30 o'clock.
Midweek service Thursday
Rev. Francis McCormack, Pastor
Schedule of Services:
Heppner: Mass at 9 a. m. 1st and
3rd Sundays; at 10:30 a. m. 2nd and
4th Sundays.
Ione:10:30 a. m. 1st and 3rd; 9:00
a. m. 2nd ad 4th Sundays.
Week day mass 8 a. m. First Fri
day 7:30 a. m.
Confessions: 7:30-8:00 p. m. Sat
urdays; Sundays, 8:15-8:55 a. m
Mass at 9 a. m. or. fifth Sunday
in Heppner onlv.
Rev. Shelby Graves Minister
Sunday school 9:45 a. m. '
Sunday morning service 11 a. m.
Evening evangelistic 7:45 p. m.
Young people's service Tuesday
7:30 p. m.
Midweek Bible study Thursday
7:45 p. m.
Archdeacon Neville Blunt
Holy Communion 8 a. m.
Church School 9:45 a. m.
Morning Prayer 11 a. m.
Wednesday Holy Communion at
10 a. .
The Wardens and Bishop's com
mittee will meet after the morning
Rev. R. L. Castleman, Pastor
Sunday school 10 a. m.
Morning worship 11 a. m.
Children's church 7:30 p. m.
Evening service 8 p. m.
Wednesdays, Christ's Ambassa
dors 8 p. m.
J C. Stephens, Pastor
Morning worship 11 a. m.
Sunday school 10 a. m.
Prayer meeting 7 p. m.
Evening worship 7:30 p. m.
Wednesday Mission prayer aid
2:30 p. m.
The minutes of the December term
were read and approved.
The bids of the Standard Oil and
General Petroleum companies being
the same and lower than any other
bids were accepted by the Court, for
gasoline for the year 1946.
The Court orders that after March
1 dog licenses shall be collected for at
the rates of $2 for male and spayed
female and $4 for female.
The Court selected the Heppner
Gazette Times as the official paper
for Morrow County for the year 1946.
The Court orders the publication
and sale of the following county
property :
Lots 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17,
18, and 19 in Block 27, Irrigon,
Oregon for the minimum price of
$35.00, cash.
Lots 20 21. 22, 23, 24. and 17 in
Block 37, Irrigon, Oregon for the
minimum price of $60.00, cash.
All of Section 17. Township 4
iiuii,u, nunge zt c u M, excepting
about 24.73 acres belonging to the
O. Y R. R. & x. Co.. and State
of Oiftjon. for the minimum price
of $l.6u per acre, cash.
Lou 4. 5, and 6 in Block 19 West
iii-ietion Uj, Township 5, Nortn,
Ka:ige 26. E. W. M. for the mini
mum price of $2.00 per acre, cash.
Lots 11, 12, 13. 14, 15, 26, 27, 28. 29
and 30 in Block 36, Irrigon, Ore
gon for the minimum price of
$100.00, cash.
Lots 1. 2, 3, 1 5, 6. 7. 8. 9, and 10
in Block 37, Irrigon, Oregon for
the minimum price of $50.00, cash.
The Court appoints Dr. Archie D.
McMurdo as County Physician for the
years 1946 and 1947.
The Court orders the following
Bangs' disease claim paid: Fred Pet
tyjohn, $4.00.
The Court drew the following names
for a Circuit Court jury list for 1946:
The Court appointed the Judges and
Clerks of Election for the years 1946
47 as follows:
Edna Hugses, Dep Sal $ 120.20
Frances Mitchell, Dep. Sal. 136.59
Adell Forster, Dep Sal. 108.50
Marie Barlow, Dep. Sal 120.20
Sadie Parrish, Supt. Asst 39.50
Tilman Hogue, Janitor Sal 109.30
Dr. A. D. McMurdo, Phy. Sal 25.00
Susie W. Miller, Ct. Reporter 33.33
Margaret Gillis, Co Nurse, 143.50
First Natl Bank of Portland
Withholding Tax 218.30
Lucy Rodgers, Supt. $8.54; Supt.
Milage $2.25 10.75
P. A. Mollahan, Sheriff 67.80
Heppner Gazette Times, Offic.
Pub. $9.45; Assess. $25.00; Sher.
$31.00 65.45
West Coast Printing & Binding
Co. Assess $3.25; Elec $2.00 5.25
Pac. Tel & Tel Co Current Ex 54.24
National Surety Corp. Bonds 175.00
Susie W. Miller, Circuit Court. 2.33
P. W. Mahoney, Dist Atty 20.00
State Ind Accid Comm. Sheriff
$3.04; Sher. Sal. $0.31; Dep.
$0.31; 3.66
P. P. & L. Co Court House 19.67
Heppner Market, Jail 37.15
Bert Johnson, Judge, Gen. As
sistance 77.20
Bert Johnson, County Court 3.90
Oregon State College, County
Agent 1200.00
Fred Pettyjohn, Bangs Disease
Control 4.00
Bert Johnson, Judge, Old Age
Assist $504.00; Dep. Children
$44.00; Blind Assist $11.40 559.40
Nat. Assoc. County Offic, Emer
gency 20.00
W. Cunningham 145.00
Wm. Harrison 110.30
A. J. Chaffee 136.70
E. S. Hunt 47.12
M. V. Nolan 176.0G
Harry Quackenbush 71.18
Walter Gilman 139.78
Austin Wilson 149.92
Harold Wilson 132.22
Simpson Holley 111.06
Jack Sjocum 91.31
Harold Sherer 232.15
E. A. Kelly 156 6
Chas. Willi'ims 87.49
Prank Nixon 29 85
Robert S. Wilson 4919
Harold Wilson j'oi)
iursi National Bank of Port 138.00
josepn isaitrenas 25.00
1. an iucuaniPl 25.00
- ""ti CLERKS
Boarcinnm: Judges, Grace Maeomber,
vvujiui upmiuiro; cierKs. Daisy B Gi
lespie. Flosie Coats, Mabel Allen.
HiiEhtmile: judges, A. W. Lundell,
iuurjorie vvoraen; clerks, Frank An
derson. John Bergstrom, Hanna An
Hardman nidges Walter W. Wright,
ricniy j.ui).;i'ien; cierKS, Jonn E. See
vens, G. A. Ferrens, Jess Coats.
lone, first board. H. E. Clark. Mary
oecKiier; cierns ueorgs N. Ely, Ei
aine O. Riotmann, Mabel Cotter.
lone, ser-ond board, judges, E. R.
Lundell, P. J. Linn: clerks, Charles
Carlson, Gladys Drake, Juanita Riet
mann. Irrigon, judges, Itol Rucker A. C.
Houghton; clerks, Nettie M. Sparks,
Rilie Vernon Jones, M. Orlena Sud
darth. Lexington, first board, judges. E.
J. Evans, Burton Peck; clerks, Vera
Heppner Gazette Times, February 21, 1946 3
Whilloek. Thelma Smethurst. Bertha i
Lexington, second board, judges
Amanita Duvall, L. A. Palmer: clerks,'
iwsaii, tinier Hunt. Cora
North Hennner first hmr.i ,,.i.
Alex Green. L. E. Dick; clerks. Flora
D. Nys, Elma Hiatt. Gertrude Anmo.
North Hennner. sfvnnri Krvo
ges, O. Wendell Herbison, Ealor B
Huston; clerks. Coraniae Ferguson
Lorena Jones, Cyrene Barratt.
Pine Citv. iude-es Phiwho A Tn
tholomew, Jasper E. Myers; clerks,
.Derma Ayers, Marion jf inch, Faye
South Hennner. first hnarH inHmu
F. E. Parker, C. R. McAlister; clerks!
tLiia. uenge, uma J. Cox, Lola Bennett.
South Hpnnnpp Rprnnri hrtarH i,,.
ees. C N. .Tones Cirantk ITuo-hoa laib-a
Grace Nickerson, Sara McNamer, Kath
leen iisier.
Acwk (Tins W AHnma TTtViol M .
Adams, Fred; Aiken, Henry; Alters,
oen; Aiancn, jr. u; Archer, Letha;
Ayers, Clayton.
Baker, E. Markham; Baker, J. Hen-
rv! Rail Willinin V Tloll TUfatth,
R.; Barratt, Cyrene; Bartholomew,
r-noeDe; oeacn, nasie m. ; ueamer,
Ralph; Beard, Robert L. ; Bergevin,
Chas. ; Beckner, Lee; Beckner, Tilgh-
man; uennett, ioia; Bergstrom. Carl;
Bergstrom, E. ; Bibby, Reita; Bisbee,
Emeline F. ; Blake, Kenneth, Brace,
Frank D Rrncp Oran r nranim
Ed; Brosnan, Jerry, Buchanan, Fred;
Durneiiuine. i.ioya; euscnKe, Hid; Bus
chke, Max.
Campbell, May A.; Casebeer. Prudy;
Carmichael, Clarence; Chinn, Edward;
Chaffee, Mabel F.; Chapel, Blaine;
Clark, Barton E.; Cleveland, W. How
ard; Clark, Henry E.'; Cohn, Helen;
Connor, Albert; Cotter, Mabel; Cox,
Ben; Cox, Clara L. ; Cox, Dee Jr.;
Coxen, Edna O. ; Craber, J. E. Craw
ford, Viola D.; Crawford. Wate C;
Currin, Hugh C; Cutsforth, O. W.;
Currin, George.
Dalze!, Arthur; Dalzell. Vern; Da
vidson, James F. ; Denney, Clyde;
Devine, Claud W. ; Devine. S. J. ;
Devine, ' Pearl ; Dick, L. E. ; Dinges,
Harry; Dillon. Chas.; Dobyns, Noel;
Doherty, Bernard J.; Doherty, Neil;
Dolvin. Raymond M. ; Doherty, Wm.
J.; Drake, Cleo; Drake Emma K. ;
Drake, Ray; Dobyns, Walter; Duran,
Moses E. : Duvall, H. L.
Edwards. Alonzo; Ekstrom, Herbert;
Ely, Franklin; Elv, Fred J. Elv H.
O. ; Emert, Delbert; Estb, Sam: Eu
banks, John; Evans. Msr. George
Evans, Harold.
Farris. John; Farley, James; Fer
guson. K O. ; Ferguson. Raymond;
Finch, Marion C. ;' Fitzpatrick, M. J.;
Florence. N. G.
Gay. Walter H. ; Gertson. Clara:
Gilliam, Leonard L. : Gillespie, Zearl;
Gilliam, Earl E. ; Gilman. Walter L ;
Gordon, M. E. ; Gorger, Leo; Grabill,
Robert; Gray, Merritt; Green, Cor-
nett; Green, Herman; Griffin, Philip
S. ; Griffith, Elmer; Grim, H. W.;
GronJiens, Emil.
Hager. Lulu; Halvorsen, Lewis;
llaiipuld, H. C. : Heliker, Ernest;
iierluson, Doris; Hiatt, Elma; Hiatt,
J. W.; Higgins. Phil: Hirl, Chas.;
Hisler, Paul; Hoskins. Fred; Hiu:li
ton. A. C; Howel. Lee; Hubbard,
Van; Huber, Alex; Huglies Ed
wm: Hughes. Elwyn; Hughes, Mabel;
Humphreys, Leta M. ; Hunt, Elmer;
Hunt, Mary: Hurst Roy E. ; Hynd.
Herbert; Hastings, W. C.
It. .-tone. William H.; IrLiy, Glenn A.;
Isoni, Blaine E.; Isom. Anna.
Johnson, John J.; Jackson, Ralph;
Jones. Alva; Jones. Floyd R. ; Jo.ics,
Ola N. ; Jones, Ralph I.; Jonea, R. V.
Keithley, Howard; Key. J. B. ; Kil
kenny. W. P.; Krebs, John W.; Klin
ger, Chas.
Lanham, Conley; Lindstrom, Frank
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"YOU know something Joan"
Smart said to me set me think-"
ing hard. She was getting Hal
that's her youngest an after
school snack from her refriger
ator. And I said kidding
because I've known the Smarts
for years I don't see any
bottles there where do you
keep 'em? And then Joan said,.
Of course, Sally, you know we
don't keep 'em anyplace but if
I did, I would be ashamed to
open my refrigerator to the
children. I would feel like I was
actually running a liquor store
in my kitchen ... and inviting
minors td participate. And may
be that is something for all of
us parents to think over hard I"
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