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    A Heppner Gazette Times, September 21 , 1944
to alL"
Sincerely yours,
Lucile McAtee Hare
HAMUU fi.Awfk Re peace new enterprises will come which will bring I Ajrnffton . ,
ealtny Growth Best ,HHitinnai numbers of oeooie-not extensive num- -e'nsion . , ,
Heppner has never experienced what may be bers Derhaps, but enough to warrant the town to operate a farm for Leo Gorger.
termed a building boom sucn as occurs wun uie
advent of a large manufacturing plant, a land rush,
or even a wartime industry. There have been
times when business demands have prompted a
realignment along main street or an increase in
population called for new housing facilities, but
occasional spurts may not properly be termed
booms. It is a natural condition and not stimulat
ed by prospective rapid growth. A community
built up in this manner has time to build substan
tially and avoid a mushroom growth which, if the
place holds its own throughout the years, must be
rebuilt or remain to embarrass the citizenry.
There are signs that Heppner is growin? and
is about ready for another building spurt. This is
more evident in the residential quarter at pres
ent, since housing is a problem still giving con
siderable worry. It is a situation that cannot be
greatly improved until building materials ai"e
released in sufficient quantity to permit a general
construction program. How soon this will be per
mitted is a matter of conjecture for we do not
know when the war will end. When that time
comes Heppner should be prepared with a build
ing program that will offer housing to those who
desire to locate here as well as offer better homes
to a good many now residing here. A well housed
community is a satisfied community.
It is stated that those engaged in lines of bus
iness not represented in the town are looking
arourid for locations. Unfortunately there is little
left to offer encouragement to new enterprise
unless some buildings are altered or something
. , r 'i ice v 'oroi a i q nircrr lort inr
be on the alert to prepare tor ana reaeve tne "T" 1 " :,,
newcomers. fegin her fresninan year at the
0 ' University of Oregon.
No Man Made Fires . T , .
Something of a record has been established in
the Heppner division of the Umatilla National
forest for the season of 1944, Up to date there ,
have been 14 fires in this area and not one of thiem CHURCH OF CHRIST
hi hppn railed hv the carelessness of man. It O. Wendell HerHson, Pastor
is gratifying to learn that mankind has learned to
appreciate the timber resources to the extent that
each individual accepts the self-appinted task of
guardian of the forest. It has not been without se
rious consequences that the lesson has been
learned, for in times past losses have been heavy,
Jos. J. Nys
Puters Building, Willow Street
Heppner. Oregon
Bible school 9:45. A class for ev
ery age.
Morning worship 11 a. m.
Christian Endeavor, 7 p. m.
Evening service, 8 o'clock.
Bonnie Howe, Minister
thanks to the unthinking user of the forest whose SUNDAY Sept. 21:
responsibility may have been laid to carelessness, Divine worship at 11 a. m.
lack of knowledge, or even maliciousness. 1 . Sunday school at 9:45 a. m.
A campaign of education sponsored by the for- Thought for the Week:
est service and responsible timber operators over . re 13 Vti place
. r . . . . for the man who works well.
a long era has, in a large measure, attained its episcopal
goal. It may be added with pardonable pride that cnmCH
i. 0. Peterson
La 'est Jewelry and Gift Ooodn
Wair.hek Clock - Diamond
ii.xi.t rt Watch and Jewell .
Heppner Oregon
the newspapers have coontributed a . generous
share in this education of the public to a fuller
appreciation of our greatest natural resource. The
campaign must go on and it will be the privilege
of the press to cooperate to the fullest extent.
In reading Stephen Vincent Benet's lovely book
"America" today, something significant seems to
me to have stood out.
When the Constitutional convention met in
Philadelphia in 1783 and no men, individually or
n aw nut nn As stated before there is no boom in Philadelphia
ciaht hut if th businesses are desirous of lo- collectively, ever had a more difficult or impor-
cating here there should be an effort made to pro- tant work to do, nor will ever have the average
vide suitable quarters for them when they come, age of the men making up the convention was 42
There is no doubt but that Heppner is experi- Governor Dewey's age. G. W., of Alexandria,
encing a healthy growth and with the coming of Va., in the Washington Post.
Gifts Appreciated
McCaw Patients
Sincerely, follows:
Cpl E. L. Settlemyre. "Both boys were bom in Hepp-
H T- fPUnw-.nrx-t.-n J 4t TTvtiF aVwuit nay ini liirAJ ViaTKk until ii7A voarc
J 1 isbb. m - IVlia. AilVlHiyoVll. OUAJ3. J.iwn o.ivw itci oiiu uivu wwv w j t
tSV frlCvflW r atientS lodges and granges taking some of ag0i jey enlisted in the navy rnon, "The Practical Usefulness of
these sun rooms as a wartime worh., Christian Faith.
Mrs. Ralph Thompson, chairman it does gjve you such gatisfac- two years ago. Arthur has served junior c. E. 7 p. m.
of the Blue Mountain Camp and tion. If such la room is too expen- on a minesweeper off the Atlan- praise and preaching service 8 p.
Honital Council is in receipt of sive, why not buy floor lamps and tic coast. He is now in convoy m Sermon "Patching Old Clothes."
a letter from a wterd master at new radios for G. I. Joe. These duty. He was trough the recent Monday: Preaching service at
Ralph De Boer, Pastor
Sunday school 10 a. m.
Preaching 11 a. m.
Evening service 8 p. m.
Bihjle School 10:00 a. m.
Morning Worship 11:00 a. m.
Young Peoople's 7:00 p. m.
Evangelistic Service 8:00 p. m.
Prayer meet 8 p. m. Wednesday.
If the jewelry shows a well known trademark it
is jewelry sold by jewelers only.
We cling to the notion that good jewelry belongs in jew
elry stores that jewelry stores are where the public ex
pects to find good jewelry.
We continue to deserve your good will and patronage in
the years to come.
More than ever
When you Af.
are through ipj '
with that
match or cigarette, brec.li
it up! . . .That is another
thoughtful way to pre
vent forest fires.
Blaine E. Isom
All Kinds of
Phone 723
Heppner, Ore.
Archdeacon Neville Blunt
Holy Communion 8 a. m.
Church 'School 9:45 a. m.
Morning Prayer 11 a. m.
Dedication service 8 p. m.
Bishop W. P. Remington.
Er. Fravata MtoCw tk Paster
SehestaU at Searicaa:
Havener: Bmtmtf mmm at a. ra.
m 14 m4 M mmirn; at
1K a. h. am ta U md .
laa: 1M . M
34; Mt a. m- an mt
r: . . i 1 J : . 1 j. romic
vided money so our county could si openea ana aunng me uui -
help those boys." The letter fol- two yeais they have not improved "Ausin is a. Seabee and served
lows: with age. Both lamps and radios for 17 months in the Aleutians.
may be purchased with an army He participated in the invasion of
Dear Mrs. Thompson: Diioritv and at a discount if von Kkka. Hp has haA his 30-dav loavp
As the ward master of Ward 42 buy in quantity. I would be glad and is now expecting to. be sent 10NE FIRST BAPTIST CHURCH
hpr. at. McCaw. I would like to fr list vnnr o-iftQ at the. nOV omm. .U-c,,l-,Or0 Qt Dn TTo v,ac Edward Caldwell Bowlen, Pastor
take the pleasure of thanking you cil meeing, the first Friday in Oc- to visit Heppner on his 'embarka-
and your committee for all you tober, or order them before that lion leave.' Arthur hopes to, too,
have done for this ward. The fur- if you wish" if he should get Pacific duty. We
niture which you gave us has been all think longingly jnd lovingly of
greatly appreciated. FORMER HEPPNER BOYS the. old home town and are anxi-
Besfore we received your help SERVING WITH NAVY ous to come back to visit eld
we had the poorest sun porch in Lucile McAtee Hare has written friends when conditions permit,
the hospittal but by your efforts asking that the Gazette Times be Meanwhle I know the boys would
and help we now have the best. mailed to her sons Arthur and Aui- veiy mufch eniy reading about
I wdl do my best to keep it that tin McAtee, both of whom are what on ere.
way. serving in the navy. She writes as "Greetings and kindest regards
The Heppner Gazette, established
March 30, 1883. The Heppner
Times, established November 18,
1897. Consolidated Feb. 15, 1912.
Published every Thursday and en
tered at the Post Office at Hepp
ner, Oregon, as second class
Publisher and Editor
All kinds af carpenter work
Country work especially
Pheae 14S3
Waak 4ay laaaa at I a. m. First
Prtfay at T:Sf a. at.
CaaifMriaaa: lattiayg. 7:84 p. at.
la tM p. at. Suafeya I:1S a. m.
t-M a. at.
It. N. WMMell, raster
Bible school II a. m.
Worship service 11 a. m. Ser-
a m
m 9
w. w.
14. Pn
143 Ut
A Cft.
Pfticlps Fnnrcl Home
LieenaW Funeral Directors
Phone 1232 Heppner, Ore.
t ,
Heppner City Council
Meets First Monday Each Month
Citizens having matters for dis- I
cussion, please bring before
the Council
J O. TURNER, Mayor
A. D. McMurdo, M.D.
Trained Nurse AfislBtunt
off let- In Minnie Building
Dr. W. H. Rockwelf
Physician & Surgeor
227 North Main St.
Office hours: 1 p. m. to 7:30 p. m,
Exam free Ph. 522 Heppner, Or.
J. 0. Turner
Phn 177
Hotel Heppner Building
Heppner, Oregon
Morrow County
Abstract fir Title Co.
Office In New Peters Building
Dr. L. D. Tibbies
Physician A Boiysob
Hit. Hhnno 1162 Office Phone 49V
Directors of
. Funerals
r(2Phnnes 262
P. W. Mahoney
Heppner Hotei Building
Willow St. Entrance