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    2 Heppner Gazette Times, August 10, 1944
Recapping Plant
Enjovs Good Start
Opening up for business Monday
morning, the OK tire welding plant
found plenty of tires and tubes on
hand for repairs. Passenger car and
small truck tires are being handled
at present pending the arrival of
the larger mold which will recap
tires up to the 8V4 inch size. With
installation of the larger mold most
of the trucks employed in this ter
ritory can be served.
It requires about one hour and
15 minutes to recap a tire by the
OK process. This type of service
has a strong appeal to people with
tire troubles. If they have but one
tire that needs recapping most of
them drive up and wait until it is
ready for delivery, put it on and
drive away.
Mr. and Mrs. Frank EngkraL
proprietors of the OK shop, have
called attention to the re-use value
of the Irish linen wrappers which
comes around every one of the
rubber recap strips. The linen
, 'flk
!;f?4 fa
L rd'h
C T. rihorb. dcmocraic nominee
for Congressman 2nd District is
starting upon his active campaign
o' tha district this week. He left for Cascade Locks alter visiting at the
of Mrs. Harrison s parents,
suitable tor cutis, collars, aprons Fortlerd to attend the department home
and other articles. They state that ( onyc.tkm of the American Legion Mr. and Mrs. L. A. Palmer,
anyone wishing to try out the linen as a delegate from the La Grande . T
is wplcomp to call at thp nlnnt and rw r ,l,iU V, ; uLESTS OF LAMIAMS
t x uaL ji vvxiiii uuai iiiz 10 a fjaoi it. 11 c a J 1 ,
ask for it. In some tlaces the Red
various Ktrf nn a trit whirl, will taW him nciieton are visiting this week at
Lexington News BOARDMAN NEWS
Mrs. Mary Edwards - , 7 v,
Mrs. Kenneth Palmer was hostess Mr. and Mrs. Surrell left the
at a bridal shower Friday afternoon first of the week for Pendleton
honoring her sister, Mrs. Gene Ma- where he will be employed rs sig-
jeske, a recent bride. A large crowd nal maintainer. Mr. Watson is the
was present and many lovely gifts new maintainer1 here,
were received by the honoree. Re- Mr. and Mrs. Merritt left last
freshments of cookies and punch week for the coast where they will
were served. spend a two weeks vacation.
A crowd of young folks went to Josephine Rands returned this
the home of the Marshalls in Lex- week after spending several weeks
inglon Sund?y night and had a real her husband who is stationed
old charivari for Mr. and Mrs. Gene at San DieS taking marine train
Maeske. mS- Mary Ann and Nancy also re
Mrs. Edna Munkers and Mrs. turned from visiting their grrnd
Faye Munkers and Marilyn were parents, Mr. and Mrs. Royal Rands.
Pendleton visitors Saturday. Fank Marlow underwent a mi
Mr. and Mrs. A. M. Edwsrds were noT operation at Pendleton last
business visitors in Walla Walla week. He is getting along fire.
Sunday. Mr. and Mrs. Chas. Goodwin
Mr. and Mrs. Otto Ruhl went to spent Wednesday and Thursday in
Pendleton Monday after repairs Portland on business,
for the combine. Mary Ann Rands had her ton-
II. G. May left for Portland on sils removed at Pendleton Friday,
the stage Tuesday morning. Mr. and Mrs. Bob Harwood were
Mr. and Mrs. Carlisle Harrison vacationing out of town the past
have departed lor their home at week. '
Mr. and Mrs. Russell Miller and
family spent Saturday in the valley
A good, crowd attended the dance
and ice cream social following the
way truck. He slipped and the truck
lan over his foot.
takes the cloth for
Blaine E. Isom drove to Portland ma"y pe0ple, as Posusible
Mrs. Isom and
Harriett. They returned home Mon
day. Isom was accompanied to the
city by Mrs. Lena White and little
grondson who had been visiting
here several days- and Frank W.
Mrs. Eflfie Miller of Portland is
mw. .v. ,
into all the counties of the district . , , u ""..Tf vlsltinS tne "ussem lviuier home.
Al Macomber who has spent se
veral months in the hospital in
n Portland with a broken foot is here
ii i . . . Lannam. Mr. Parker will join his
where he says he wants to meet as , ., , , . ' .
family here the end of the week.
Klamath Best Quality blotting aper
Falls on Aug. 27 to attend the coun- J9X24 sheet for desjk covers of cui visiting relatives
smaller te suit your nfcfcds. Gazette Mr. Eller broke his foot Mon
Times printer. day night when he got off the high-
ty democratic picnic at that time
Some of the things which Shorb
stands for is all-out effort looking
to earliest possible victory all pos
sible aid for war casualties and sol
dier rehabilitation. Extension of so
cial security to include business
men, school teachers public
servants, domestics and farm labor-
WE are pleased with
the many friends we
Tiave made housewives
who have exclaimed over
the nutritional qualities of
all our meals. Menus are
carefully planned to give
you good, wholesome, nu
tritious foods. Breakfasts
to give a mill or farm worker
"something to work on."
Lunches arc always appe
tizing. Dinners are always
a treat for hungry families.
COME. Come in soon!
A meeting of the Morrow county
unit rf Via RIua lWTriinQ!n f timti
end Hospital council committee has ater development of our
been scheduled for 3 o'clock p. m. rjesources, specially power
Saturday, Aug. 12 in the Red Cross and flod ntro1. f continu
vroduction room in the I. O. 0. F. ance rf a forward lookuig farm
building in Heppner. Urgent busi- prf af and lw interest rates.
r.ess is to come before the meeting Shorb a publisher of the Eastern
and it is desired that all members reon Review at Grande and
ad any others interested in the eUSO P-'ras a reran ana wnoiesaie
work of the council attend.
stationery business.
Regular services at the Assembly
of God church have been cancelled
for Sunday morning, Aug 3, ac
cording to the pastor, Rev. Clifford
Moble. The church and Sunday
.hool will be held in the moun
tains, the group leaving at 9:30 a.
m. A basket dinner will be served,
to which everyone will have the
privilege of contributing.
Your personal stationery needs
iulfilled at the Gazette Times office.
Peggy and Jimmy Wightman,
children of Mr. and Mrs. Marvin
Wightman, and Billy Hughes, son
of Mr. and Mrs. Joe Hughes, sub
mitted to tonsillectomies at the
Heppner hospital Tuesday.
Mrs. C. W. Barlow was a passen
ger on Saturday's stage for Port
land where she expects to remain
lor some time caring for her par
ents, Mr. and Mrs. Spencer Akers,
both of whom are ailing.
, c
j Paper Shortage Accute
We have repeatedly warned the public
of the pending paper shortage which
now is upon us. tgg cartons are upob
tainable, paper bags and wrapping pa
per only in limited quantities and fast
getting shorter. Manufacturers are de
manding return of empty cartons of all
kinds, So bring your cartons with you
whenever possible c.s containers for
packing qroceries to take to the coun
try are almost a thina, of the past.
Your cooperation in this matter will
be areatlv appreciated. Let's work to
gether for a common end, namely, a
ouick winning of the war.
Central Market
Live butts
and the woods don't mix
OU don't toss burning cigarettes around a powder plant
But enough smokers toss burning cigarettes around forests to
start 20,000 forest fires a year, more than a quarter of the total.
In years of average fire loss, smokers cause a national loss of
more than $10,000,000 in our forests.
Few people realize how explosive a dry forest is in fire season
. . . how, in a twinkling, a lone spark may be fanned into a roaring
conflagration, destroying in a few hours what nature, aided bjr
man, has taken years to produce.
A cigarette in a forest is a spark in a powder plant