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    Heppner Gazette Times, May 25, 1944 3
baby were Irrigon
Stanfield Sunday.
visitors from
Irrigon News Notes
Gliffford Rucker S2c is home
from Farragut to stay until June 2
with his family the Elmer Ruckers.
Mrs. E. R. Schneider and daugh
ter Darlene arrived home Friday
night. Darlene has finis ihed a terra
of school.
Mrs. Henry Miler returned from
a few days visit in Grand view with
relatives and friends. She took her
two daughters up there for the
Mrs. 'Mildred Tshantz left Thurs
day for Lancaster Calif, to join her
husband there. She has been here
lor some weeks with her mother,
Mrs. Irwin Pierson and family.
Mr. and Mrs. Geore Linn were
Boardman visitors Wednesday.
Robert Larson of Kennewick is
spending a few days in Irrigon.
In spitie of the cool weather the and tvilned bymail to the
afalfla fieddS 100K very m.
families. Candidates for the military aca- phine Falconer, Rozella Mae Ade- county, according to Mrs. Lucy
Mrs Ernest Stephens and daugh- demy must be between the ages of linie Meinen, Carl Delbert Miles, Rodgers, county superintendent
Mudred Lucile Mmer, jNorman nnwmv ..,ftvT
Clarence Nelson. Marvin Laverne , 7
ter Jrnet and Marshall Markham 17 and 22 at the date of admission,
were PendHeton visitors Thursday. ADrjiicants for both schools must
Mrs. Maud Henderson has rent- be high school seniors or graduates Carpenter,
cd and moved into the John Voile 0f hi school, or college students. District 35, lone: Betty Ann Ball,
house. The civil service will hold compe- Martin Gene Bauernfeind, James
John Fredrickson and Freda and tftiv wtmrinattans Jivlv 29 1U4 Robert Botts, Louis A. Carlson,
farmers are getting ready for har
vest in the meantime, irrigating
and cultivating the row crops.
Mr. and Mrs. Sam Umiker arriv
al home from Portland Saturday.
Mrs NeUie Netter, who operated ed the better;" he said,
Saturday, May 27, was proclaimed
Poppy Day in Heppner by Mayor
J. O. Turner in a proclamation is
used this week. The Mayor called
AU boys interested should write n uman Hubbard Robert day by wearing memorial poppwe
f tt T" Jepsen, Gaylord Hugh Salter, Rich- f J ln
ell Stockman, House Office Build- j n , en tlieir lives in the nations de-
, . . 7 ard tXale fanerman.
ing, Washington, D. C. rww i w Mil- PiA,nf fense.
The proclamation stated:
"Whereas, the United States ef
America is again being forced to
crush powerful enemies Becking to
eKtahhah their tyranny over the
District 1, Heppner: Ann Harriet world, and
Ball. Carol Marie Buschke, Morgan Whereas, the vourat men of Mor-
The following 8th grade pupils Connor, Juliet Joan Corwin, Calvin Trw County are again offering their
this have been issued elementary school D. Cox, Donald A. DuBois, Bever- iiv m the nation's service, and
morning by the board to all fuel diplomas by the state department ley Jean Elliott, Yvonne Hastings, Whereas, the memory of those
oil users in this area, Mbllahan said. ' education. These diplomas entitle Joan Hisler, Gladwin E. Hudson, wh have given their lives is cher-
The sooner these forms are filled "em " enier any ragn scncoi in Maylis Johnson, William J. K.en- ished by us all and is an insptra-
ney, Doyle Key, Robert J. Kilken- on to us all in these grave days,
ny, Robert L. Lovgren, Bill Lynch,
Householders of Morrow county
W6re urged today by P. A. Molla
han, chairman of the local OPA
war price and rationing board, to
return their next season's fuel oil
renewal forms as promptly as
Forms were mailed out
Eighth Graders of
Courtly Receive
Covered Diplomas
ard Dale Sherman.
District 31 Eight Mile: Richard
AUstott, Clinton Batty, Harry Green
and Kenneth Green.
District 42 Balm Fork: Loveta Ea
telle Samson.
this state.
board," he added, "the sooner we District 12, Lexington: Cara Sue
can begin processing them and is- Ledbetter, Elizabeth Amy Smet-
suing oil ration coupons. We would hurst, Albert C. May.
like to have the .forms returned w n. James
within seven days.. doXi Rink
'because it
nocrlv. Thev brought Mr. Munnich
"back with them for election.
Charles Gianini spent the week
end at the Roy Minnich home re
turning to his station at Spokane
Sunday evening.
Lavonne McMillan, Dorothy Faye Whereas, their service and sacxi
Matteson, Robert Moulton, Albert fice is symbolized by the memorial
Motley, Corabelle Lee Nutting, poppy of the American Legion and
Buster Padberg, Herval R. Petty- American Legion auxiliary, now
Harriet Smith, Jack Ellsworth pf C 'T -j werew,
aTmi i niii wv Jack Ployhar. James Plumondore, I, J. 0. Turner, mayor of the city
e,j-ouis i. nuc&er, nm wu- ht,. t-i. rwu n -Di -c it j i i c,.
Theodbre virday, May 27, 1944, to be Poppy
Bever- day in the city of Heppner, and
ley Ann Yocom, Shirley Yocom. urge all citizens to observe the
to Conroy, Wed- uu""s ure sujih"! ui-cy cue owe "uum uumuincui, uicueinje rTipus not reEiaing in a standard oy oy wtsuui uic urcuiviu
to give consumers oeuer service juiian uiaerson, iaye iuciue Jiar- high school district may enter any py in nonor or tne men wno uieu
throughout the heating year be- wood, Maxine Elaine Ely, Berna- standard hi:Gh school in the state for America in the battles of World
dine Ruth Emmerson, Reba Del- and their tuition is paid by the War I and World War II.
the Store during mra.. unu - - 1U1 rred Horner LeRoy Schneider, T ?A V
sence. left with her children for her part of their next season's supply . ' , A1aotr, n' Charles Fredrick Ross,
Portland Sunday. or neating ou lmmecuateiy. wnen ,,,, - , - - ojcuizesiti, rxuoa iviae inorpe,
hctme near
Mrs. Roy Minnich and daughter dealers make their first deliveries
Luella went up
Dean Voile.
cause it will help them solve their
pressing manpower and delivery
problems. More important, filling
consumers' tanks early will add ap
preciably to dealers' storage capa-
Vred Smith S2c has notified has t d therebv allow more oil to
father, Jack Smith, of his New York he brought in now for use next
address for overseas. winter."
Mrs. Harvey Warner took two of The new re-application form Con
ner daughters, Esther and Beth to tains only six simple questions
Hermiston Monday. They will stay which the board needs answered in
with their grandparents, the Boul- order to renew rations for pivate
wares and attend the church school dwellings for next year, and is to
for the two weeks' term. be filled out only by those persons
Ralph Acock arrived home from whose oil ration last year was for
Stockman to Fill
Academy Vacancies
Congressman Lowell Stockman
will have a vacancy at the U. S.
Naval academy, Annapolis, Md. for
the class beginning July 1, 1945.
An unexpected vacancy has oc-
return to Morrow county and both curred at the U. S. Military acade
will teach in Boardman where Linn my, West Point, N. Yior the class
will be superintendent. beginning July 1, 1945.
W. A. Willard of Biggs was a Candidates for the naval academy
business visitor in Irrigon Friday as must be not less than 17 nor more
was Roy Stamp of Heppner. He than 21 years of age on April first
visited his sisters, Mrs. W. C. Acock of calendar year (1945) in
and Mrs. J. A. Shoun and their which they enter the academy.
the hosnital at Pasco Monday.
Mrs. AHie Haberleim and Mr. and
Mrs. Ora Thompson were in Pen
dleton Tuesday.
Mr. and Mrs. George Linn and
son Kent left for Los Angeles and
vicinity where they will visit her
sister, Mrs. Omar Johnson of Or
lando Beach and work in a defense
plant until school begins. They will
Many of today's graduates have their immediate future
planned for them by Uncle Sam in the'armed forces, in
factories or on farms.
Whatever your plans, we say
Luck and Good Fortune to the Class of 1944!
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