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    8 Heppner Gazette Times, March 16, 1944
Pocket Size Books
Wanted for Navy
By Mrs. Raluli Thompson
At the March meeting those
were very happy over receiving DAIRY PAYMENTS HIGHER
musical instilments, including tho FOK MARCH AND APRIL
the-longed for drums. These were a Announcement cf continuation of
gift or a loan from Pendleton field. d pToducUon payment pro
These patients could use more baL: increased rates for March
of sewed rags and cotton yarn for B , ., , , . , . . ,
ailan wort. olxA tn hear tW n,c mtinf Wu wisK fa fVianlr fhp ana April nns C-esn leieiveu u-
the large day room for the enlisted Rhea Creek grange ladies for two AAA committee which issues pay
men at Pasco Naval station had large boxes of sewed rags as well ments to county producers, 60
been completely furnished with ev- as their donation of $10 toward buy cents a hundredweight for whole
erything necessary from the Walla ing ioe cream and cake for ihe Ap- milk and 8 cents a pound for but-
air base, as the latter has ril birthday party at the Veterans teriat.
been closed. More furniture is hospital Over 200 patients from ijj,e oour,ty committee is now re
needed for the large sun rooms of McCaw have been transferred there ceivin? gppications for payments
the four hospital wards at Pasco and the monthly birthday party nn V- rmdnrHnn February
and !they are looting forward tio takes care of these boys as well as 0n Feteusry production, February,
the day when they receive a small veterans from the first world war. Payments will be at the previously
portable piano. We heard an appeal The Missionary society of the Lu- announced rates of 5 cents a hun
for the small pocket sized novels theran church of Gooseberry is pro- dredweight for whole milk and 35
and mystery stories, not to be used viding this check for the May party cents a pound for butterfat.
at Pasco station but to be packed at the hospital Iwo other cour- Tentelive f,'ans contemplate that
"Alft! .the Slfts 10 a season reduction will be made in
louieia. iiic navy naa given uiuaa used as prizes in ineir games.
that no bound books could be sent
as they take up too much space.
Here is an opportunity for Mor
row county people to give some
thing these pilots, their crews and
Clarence Medlock, "who has been
an invalid for several years, was ta
ken to Hermiston Monday for
mechanics can enjoy while on these medical care. Mrs. Clara Gertson,
the rates for the months of May
through August, the committee has
been informed.
Harlev Richardson, district sud-
dangerous missions in tlie Pacific, accompanied bv Mrs. Medlock took erviscr for the OPA was a caller at
The project of collecting these small him over. the local rationing office Wednesday
books would be a good deed for
Boy Scouts and for grade and high
school students. Books may be left
at the P. P. & L. Co. office in Hep
pner and we will see they reach
Pasco station. If sections wish to
mail them direct, send them to J.
N. Anderson, Red Cross Field Di
rector, Pasco Naval Station, Pasco,
Wash. Incidentally our county has a
good start on this work as in Febru
say we gave 35 of these books from
Mrs. Pat Mclntyre and 24 from Mrs.
Blaine Isom.
We hear the patients at McCaw
'rom where I sit.
Jy Joe Marsh
For Dependable, Profitable
Chicks buy
All breeders rigidly culled
and bloodtested. New Hamp
shire and White Leghorn
jVigorbiit Hatchery!
at Hermiston, Oregon, for
prices and delivery dates.
We had a real old-time church
upper the other night Bert
Childers played the fiddle, and
the ladies brought refresh
ments. Of course, we missed the
boys who were away but an In
all it was mighty pleasant
Only bout note was Doe Ho
Glnnla, "Shucks," says Doe, "we
oughtn't to be enjoyin' ourselves
when American soldiers are
ever there fightln' a war."
Now from where I ait, Doc's
absolutely wrong. An of us are
working overtime to help the
war. We've got our worries .and
troubles. It's a mighty good
thing we can relax with a little
wholesome enjoyment
And I believe it's what the
men over there would have us
do . . . keep up the little friendly
customs they remember like
the evening get-togethers, hav
ing a glass of beer with friends,
and all the little pleasures they
look forward to enjoying.
STAR Reporter
Friday-Saturday, March 17-18
Another of the most popular Gene
Autry-Smiey Burnette musical
westerns brought back to keep you
entertained while Gene is in the
Kenny Baker, Jeff Donnell, Lynn
A romantic story and some barracks
comedy with a breath of Old Ire
land added; there are song favorites
including some of the'finest old Ir
ish ballads and top songs from the
modern Hit Parade.
Sunday-Monday, March 19-20
Lassie Come Home
Roddy McDowall, Dor.ald Crisp,
Dame May Whitty, Edmund
Gwenn, Nigel Bruce, Elsa Lan
chester, Lassie
Just a boy and his dog . . . from the
pages of the late Major Eric Knight's
great best-seller comes a great pic
ture . . . deep, human and intense
in a story you'll live and love. In
Tuesday, March 21
Adventure in Iraq
John Loder, Ruth Ford, Warren
Douglas, Paul Cavanagh
Mystery and intrigue in the trou
ble spot of the Far East.
Wednesday-Thursday, March 22-23
The Iron Major
Pat O'Brien, Ruth Warrick, Robert
The amazing life story of Frank
Cavanaugh . . . tough, lovable,
fighting American, . . . maker of
heroes on gridiron and battlefield.
"WelLSarge, I was thinking
about calling the folks when
I get off tonight"
If you were away in camp, you'd know
how much that call means.
You can help the service men by not
making any casual Long Distance calif
between 7 and 10 at night.
That's when most of them call and there'i
a big rush on many circuits.
"CIVI7T0 10
TO THI soma MEN"
UMI Jl J mYYlf L 1
in I k i -tu vii;:nuv q
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f 'y water, apply with a brush
xJJSSO or roll it on with a roller-
NfM painter. Easy as 1, 8.
365 Gal.
Leaves a smooth, beautiful
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glorious colors.
g -
One coat covers. Flows on
smoothly and leaves a high H
gloss finish. W
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