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    2 Heppner Gazette Times, March 16, 1944
Lexington Soldiers
Picture Appears in
National Magazine
By Mrs. Ruth McMillan
Mr. and Mrs. Harry Dinges re
ceived a V-mail letter the past
week from their son SjSgt Danny
Dinges who recently arrived in
England. To quote Danny's letter in
part: "It is most gratifyiing to see
the wonderful job that the Ameri
can Red Cross is doing here. They
certainly deserve lots of credit. The
scenery is magnificent and the cli
mate is similar to home."
In March 6th edition of Life
magazine is a photograph of a pro
cession of American soldiers march
ing along in training somewhere in
England. Mr. and Mrs. Dinges were
thrilled to find their son Danny in
the foreground.
.The Dalles.
Those on the sick list the past
week were Mrs. W. F. Barnett, Mrs.
Charles Breshears, Mrs. Kenneth
Marshall and Mrs. Laura Scott.
Mr and Mrs. J. D. Kirk of Ukiah
were visitors Friday at the George
Allyn home. .
John Padbarg, father of Orris
Padberg, who recently underwent
a major operation in Good Samari
tan hospital in Portland is reported
to be making satisfactory recovery.
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Van Winkle
of Arlington are visitors at the
Bill Van Winkle home.
Mr and Mrs. Ladd Sherman and
daughters arrived Thursday to visit
at the C. C. Carmichael home. Mr.
Sherman has been employed ar
Herlong, Calif., at the ordnane de
pot and is going into service soon.
Mrs. Sherman is Mrs. Carmichael's
Bill (Miller of Spokane recently
arrived to join the staff of mechan
ics employed at Jackson Implement
company. Miller's family will come
as soon as a house can be located.
Mr. and Mrs. Loren Mikesell of
Toppenish, Wash., Mrs. James Point
er of Selah, Wash., and Mr. and
Mrs. Gene Gray of Stanfield, vis
ited their mother, Mrs. Nettie Davis
over the week-end.
Jean Barnhouse, daughter of Mrs.
Eula Barnhouse, received a bad cut
on her forehead when she fell from
her tricycle this last week. She was
taken to Heppner to a physician.
Two stitches were taken to close
the wound.
The Red Cross drive is progress
ing on schedule and will probably
be completed this week. From all
indications Lexington community
will exceed its quota.
Mrs. Belle Leathers left for her
home in Portland Thursday after
visiting her son-in-law and daugh
ter, Mr. and Mrs. C. C. Carmichael
several weeks.
Loyal Parker, Lexington Co-operative
manager made a business
trip to Walla Walla this week.
Mrs. Ralph Jackson and daugh
ters Marcia and Carol spent the
week-end here from their home in
A group cif Heppner women spent
Saturday in Walla Walla at the
home of Lt. and Mrs. Fred Allisnn.
Those making the trip were Mrs.'
James Valentine, Mrs. F. W. Turn
er, Mrs. Eona Turner and Mrs. R. B.
Ferguson and daughter, Marylou
Allison twins were the object of
much admiration by the visitors.
,,,, iiihi iiiiiiiii iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiimiiimni
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Corps and take over a vital job in
the Army?
For full details about the WAC,
apply at any U. S. Army Recruiting
Station. Or write: The Adjutant
General, 4115 Munitions Bldg.,
Washington, 25, D. C. (Women in
essential war industry must have
rcler.se from their employer or the
U. S. Employment Service).
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