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    8 Heppner Gazette Times, JonuqryH,J943..
A 60-year-old blind woman of rationed under the "points" system,
Owasso, Okla., collected 180 pounds as it comes in standard size cans,
of metal scrap in her back yard, but liquid milk is rationed by vol-
lone. On the occasion of his 21st
birthday, Dec. 23, 1942, Dale wrote
his parents some mature reflections
on the war:
Dear Mother and Dad:
A T U t,nm ViinHnc rvf th
A few weeks ago the Gazette
Times announced that a box was
placed just inside the door to re
Oil. M
W w m mi - srf - -
without assistance.
Substitution of glass containeds
In Service
Conversion of jallopies to scrap
throughout the country is at a rate
exceeding auto production in 1929,
a banner year for new cars.
A G-T want ad will do wonders
ceive donations of coat hangers tor
r3 L on , i ... m.. l . . . . . . ...
Vmnnv mrvmpnt2 in m V
life and the the soldiers at Uamp Adair, ine dox tor metal cans in me paini inausuy
From "Somewhere in India", peaceful events of the past it seems remained empty for a few days,
nrUAT .; v,;. imcCiH to visualize how then W. P. Hill deposited a dozen
few days, reauce its steel consumption
from 73,000 tons to 6,600 tons.
Mrs. Dennis McNamee of this city
Dear Mom:
the world is once more a flaming nangers. Winers oegdn
torch and to realize that our coun- and one day last week there was a
In England evaporated milk is
How are you? I am getting along try is
once more plagued with the call tor package in ine u-i man
fine. We finally landed here and ' mlectious -s -
were sent out to a British camp and this period JPP"f8 . " foroe Abound. When it was
infprtions virus we call "war. in me pauis w vv
be sent some place else Erases concerning revealed. And where did they come
We are staying in buildings that " J wOo m4 " from? The Main Street Garage in
have cement floors and wicker P J" W at work Madras, John E. Conroy, proprietor,
sides and we have wooden . cots wltn so manv millions nam ax wont . - , ,
with rope weaved to our matresses. figuring out ways to conquer and There is a story back of this that
I sure get a kick out of watching reduce other millions to slavery would take too long to tell but m
the natives They carry all their death. It is difficult to per- behalf of Camp Adair and those m
loads on top of their heads and eeive the difference between man- charge of gathering the hangers, we
they use ox teams and high wheel kind and the ignorant, gibbering thank Mr. Conroy as well as others
wagons for the heavy loads. A few savages from which we have evolv- who have contributed. The first box
natives can talk English but most Perhaps this opinion is too is full and will be shipped soon,
of them are uneducated and dirty harsh and my viewpoint too pessi- In the meantime, let us keep up
and they get only about half mistic. Of one thing I am certain: the' good work and bring Morrow
enough to eat wnen faim is lost lost- county to the front in this personal
When we go to the village there Let us keep with us the thought ift to the men in uniform. We are
is always a bunch that grabs your that the freedom loving people of far from the quota of 1,000 hangers
arm and begs for money to get the world, as well as the peace lov- but it can be reached with a little
something to eat. m& people throughout this great more effort.
They have native barbers here country, nave tne courage xo once
and you can get a haircut, shave again sacrifice for the things we
and shampoo for six annas, which hold essential to life and happiness,
is about 12 cents in our money. necessary, we must defend these
Your loving son, principles until the last man has
Johny. fallen and our fighting resources
have dwindled to dust. We should
. .. r C A 1 j.- 1
n a recent issue r the Uregon- .i lu. ,! w ramnueu . nb j collection of his
ian iWo anwarpfl a nir-t.ure of that our freedom was not borne ,& . ' j c
DJe gtHwell, member of the Air from idle desire but from the vio
late Advanced Flying school at lence of dry gunpowder and the
Slbckton, Calif. He was credited blood of our forefathers,
wi'th being .a cousin of the famous But then, above all, when the
Walter M. Pierce, former con
gressman from the second Oregon
district and for many years prior
to that a regent of Oregon State
college, has presented to the col
lege library a large collection of his
documents on agriculture and fores
try. A considerable number of these
including numerous yearbooks and
reports, are in sufficient number
tighter Joe btuweu out notmng was uuu uyuu. terested studnts in the respective
said about his being the son of us, let us retain reason enough to j as j lasts
t- 1 t W -r Try 1 t l ' A 11 f V - m "nhn vn Tr (am oil nt j-J w n 1 1 sr n .
aev. ana lvirs. j. area oxuweu oi jiqv aii cum inxi iw-
.. ward none" for if the world must
go through this again, mankind is
doomed. This time it has to be,
Others will be added to the perma
nent files of the library.
STAR Reporter
Friday-Saturday, Ja.15-16
Bad Men of the Hills
Charles Starrett, Russell
Cliff Edwards
An unusual western that is solid
fare for all.
Mrs. Sarah H. Parker, who resides
as I am sure it will be, a better, at the home of her son, Frank S.
Parker was very ill earllier in the
week but is better again. Grand
mother has been bedfast since
Christmas but suffers very little
greater, more understanding world.
Your loving son,
Dale Stilwell.
Pfc Fred E. Ritchie has written
to inform this paper of his new ad-
Hayden, dress apo No. 827, care of Post
master, New Orleans, La.
Dear Sir:
Just a line to inform you of my
noMir nrwaoa nrA trw ovnroco rvr lit
The World at War
most appreciation of your thought
Authentic camera record of the fulness. I assure you, sir, I have
march of the axis taken by their enjoyed each Heppner Gazette
own photographers and later con- Times that has been forwarded to
fiscatcd by the U. S., England and
Russia. Splendid for all Adult Am
ericans desiring knowledge of the
world strife . . . not recommended
for children. This feature will be
the last part of the program, so
that children may see the short
subjects and first feature and not
remain to sue this film.
me and am hoping there will be
more in the near future. May I
wish you, sir, and your staff the
veiy best of luck throughout this
Yours sincerely,
Fred E. Ritchie.
M 4-leaf y ynr w
Sunday-Monday, Jan. 17-18
Tales of Manhattan
Charles Boycr, Rita Hayworth, Gin
ger Rogers, Henry Fonda, Charles
Lauglilon, Edward G. Robinson, tioned at Farragut, Ida. Two other
mil imiucmiii, I'.imi Milieu,, r.uiiiu u,.ntll,.a PavmnnJ nnr tfomv
Mrs. Lee A. Sprinkel has i-eceived
word that her brother, Elmer L.
Blahm, who enlisted in the naval
reserves a couple of months ago,
has received his call and is sta-
(Rochcster) Anderson, Thomas Mit
chell, 'Eugene Pallette, Cesar Rom
ero, Gail Patrick, Roland Young,
Marian Martin, Elsa Lanchester,
George Sanders, J. Carroll Naish
The story of a tailcoat that is a
thunderbolt of entertainment, with
the mightiest cast ever assembled
in one motion picture.
Also "The Battle of Midway," offi
cial U. S. Navy pictures, photo
graphed in Technicolor.
Tuesday, Jan. 19
Atlantic Convoy
John Bcal, Virginia Field, Bruce
Yankee planes blast the sea lanes
open to America's fighting fronts!
Wednesday-Thursday, Jan. 20-21
Moonlight Masquerade
Dennis O'Kccfe, Jane Frazee, Ed
die Foy, Jr.,
Romance, laughter tuneful melodies
Moscow Strikes Back
Just to get your dander up, come
and see what the Nazis did to Rus
sia and how the Reds paid them
back. Every foot exposed under fire.
Qwrunentary by Edward G. Robin
son. Note: This picture is strictly adult
fare. lit will be the last part of the
program so that children may see
the short subjects and first feature
and not remain to see this film. We
urge all parents to accompany their
children or instruct them not to
remain for this film.
Blahm, are serving with the armed
forces somewhere over seas.
Cpl. Francis Healy, stationed at
Fort Stevens, arrived in Heppner
Monday to visit his parents, Mr.
and Mrs. Pat Healy.
Grange Hall
Saturday, Jan. 1 6
Music by
Modern 4-Piece Ork.
Everybody welcome and i
time assured.
Admssioo 85c, Tax Included
These Two Things
This is
Oyster Season
. and
The Elkorn
Is the Place to get
Oysters Served to
your taste
Other Sea Foods
In Season
Follow the Crowd
Ed Chinn, Prop.
ome Goo
Buys Left
Our stocks are dwindling--many
lines cleaned out but
there are numerous items of
wearing apparel of sterling
value on our shelves that may
be purchased at genuine sav.
ings. You will have no such
opportunity again for a long
o ovef ' a room! j
One tal- Kern-Tone
paite make ltt sal.
Kern-Tone finbh.
WALLPAPER, painted
walls, wallboard,
basement walls.
Kern-Tone ROLLER -K0 ATE R
RoIIm K em-Tone right
over your walls quick
ly, easily, smoothly.
Rosewall Moto
r Co.