Heppner gazette-times. (Heppner, Or.) 1925-current, April 02, 1942, Page 5, Image 5

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The Heppner Music Study club
will meet Tuesday evening at the
home of Mrs. Jesse Turner. Host
esses for the evening are Mrs. Frank
Turner, Miss Margaret Wright and
Miss Dorothy Davolt. William Tell
and the Barber of Seville will be
Mr. and Mrs. Cloy W. Dykstra re
moved their household furniture to
Hermiston on Tuesday and will make
their home there where Mr. Dykstra
is employed as a federal guard. The
stock of Heppner Trading Post
which Mr. Dykstra formerly opera
ted was sold at auction last week.
Mr.' and Mrs. Alvin Kleinfeldt and
children visited friends in this city
a short time yesterday while on their
way home to Burley, Idaho, from
Bend. Mr. Kleinfeldt was formerly
pastor of the local Church of Christ.
Mrs. Wm. McCaleb is reported as
making favorable progress at a Port
land hospital following a recent ma
jor operation. Mr. McCaleb return
ed horrfe this week after being with
her in the city.
Mr. and Mrs. D. P. Phelan motor
ed to Portland Tuesday to see their
son Paul, with the U. S. navy. Paul
was on one of the ships in Pearl
Harbor at the time of the Japanese
attack December 7. '
Mrs. Oscar Borg departed Sun
day for her home in Portland after
a week's visit at the home of her
parents, Mr. and Mrs. W. G. Mc
Carty. Mrs. Katie Slocum and Mr. and
Mrs. Lamont Slocum were in the
city Sunday to attend funeral ser
vices for the late James T. Morgan.
Mrs. Joe Hughes underwent a
major operation in Portland Tues
day. Mr. Hughes accompanied her
to the city Sunday.
Miss Louise Green was in Port
land and Eugene over the week
end, visiting her sisters.
Cash for good fresh milk cow. Call
G. T. office.
STAR Reporter
Shirley Temple, Herbert Marshall,
Laraine Day, Gail Patrick
Shirley's first picture in two years
is a stirring story full of throbs,
thrills and laughter. Hhe h ppiest hit.
William Gargan, June Clyde, John
Litel, Anne Nagel
Mystery and suspense galore in this
action-packed hit!
Jack Oakie, George Murphy, Linda
Darnell, Walter Brcnnan, Milton
Berle, Donald Meek
This comedy-with-music is one of
the funniest pictures of the season
it's loaded with all the things that
go into good entertainment.
Heads Tax-Saving Group
Adults 25c
Bargain Night
Children 10c
Mystification, suspense, humor and
surprise are the ingredients of this
latest Ellery Queen detective melo
drama with Ralph Bellamy, Margaret
Lindsay, Charley Grapewin, Mona
Rosalind Russell, Walter Pidgeon,
Edward Arnold, Lee Bowman,
Mary Beth Hughes, Guy Kibbee
That rowdy and charming Rosalind
Russell as the icy lady judge meets
Walter Pidgeon as a dashing lady
killer and romps thru this gay fea
ture with an all-star, all-fun cast.
ALSO "The Tcll-Tale Heart" based
on Edgar Allen Poe's terrifying tale
of a murderers confession.
H. O. Pargeter
Roseburg business man who is
general chairman of Citizens'
Committee For War-Time T'"
J. G. Barratt Heads
Tax Move in County
J. G. Barratt of Heppner has been
named Morrow county chairman for
the Citizen's Committee for War
Time Tax Saving by H. 0. Pargeter,
Roseburg business man who is state
chairman of the citizen's group urg
ing lower local property taxes dur
ing the period of rising federal taxes
for all-out war purposes.
The platform of the Citizens' Com
mittee is simple and has already
been endorsed by scores of commun
ity organizations, women's clubs and
trade and business associations thru
out Oregon, Mr. Pargeter states.
The committee's purpose is to
arouse public opinion in all parts of
Oregon to demand that spending of
property tax money for wasteful or
non-essential public purposes stop
during the war period. The Citizen's
Committee says that federal taxes
to win the war must have first call
on a taxpayer's pocketbook, and
that every dollar saved from un
necessary local spending is a dollar
released to meet inevitable higher
taxes and with which to buy de
fense savings bonds and stamps.
Property taxes for the 1942-43 fis
cal tax year, payable next Novem
ber 15, will be fixed by counties,
cities, many school districts, port-road-water-fire
protection and other
tax-levying bodies during this Ap
ril, May and early June. "Conse
quently," according to Mr. Pargeter,
who is secretary of the Douglas
County Taxpayers league, "now is
the time for, taxpayers to insist on
all-out economy in their local gov
ernment. Taxpayers should ask
themselves: "What does it cost? Can
we get along without it during the
Morrow county chairman, Mr.
Barratt, has . copies of resolutions
endorsing the position of the Citizens'
Committee with respect to "all-out
war demands lower local taxes," and
will be glad to send a suitable reso
lution to any club or organization
that desires to express its support
of the tax economy campaign.
Earle Bryant has resigned his po
sition as deputy sheriff, effective
yesterday, and will assist in the
management of the ranch of Mrs.
Sophrona Thompson. No appoint
ment will be made immediately for
a successor to the deputy post
Heppner lodge 358 will install of
ficers for the ensuing year at the
regular lodge meeting this evening.
C. J. D. Bauman has been named as
installing officer by J. G. Barratt,
exalted ruler.
Telephone Employees
Buy Defense Bonds
Through the payroll allotment
plan, Oregon's 2700 employes of the
Pacific Telephone and Telegraph
company already are purchasing
more than $500,000, on an annual
basis, of United States defense bonds.
In Heppner, all regular employes are
participating 100 percent, according
to Effie Andrews, manager fiere.
Emphasis on the enthusiasm with
which the company's 20,000 employ
es on the Pacific coast are partici
pating in the purchase of bonds, as
well as the difficulties imposed by
the necessary restrictive use of ma
terials, and the heavy growth in
taxes, was stressed in a report just
issued by President N. R. Powley
for the first three months of 1942. .
The report shows the tax bill of
the company for the 12 months end
ing March 31 was $24,877,000, an in
crease of more than $3,500,000 over
the preceding 12 months. Further
large tax increases, effective retro-
actively to January 1, 1942, are ex
Net gain in telephones in Febru
ary was 11,388, as compared with
12,578 in February last year.
"The necessary restrictive use of
materials makes it increasingly dif
ficult to meet large telephone de
mands," President Powley said. "The
heavy volume of local telephone
traffic continues. Long distance
traffic for the first two months a
19.3 percent increase over the same
period last year is at an all-time
high for this period. Every effort is
being made to render the best pos
sible telephone service, notwith
standing the many abnormal condi
tions with which the company is
confronted in these critical and try
ing times.
Heppner Gazette Times, April 2, 1942 5
C. J. D. Bauman expects to be in
Portland this week end to attend a
family reunion, and before return
ing will visit his nephew, Chester
Christenson at Astoria. "Chet" is
an officer in the U. S. Marines.
Eastern Oregon College of Edu
cation, La Grande, April 1. Kath
ryn Parker, daughter of Mr. and
Mrs. Frank S. Parker of Heppner,
was among the 53 students who
earned a place on the scholastic hon
or roll for the winter quarter at the
Eastern Oregon College of Education.
State Educators Meet
With Groups Here
Two members of the state super
intendent of public instruction de
partment were visitors here this
Miss Florence Beardsley, elemen
tary superintendent, made an offi
cial call Tuesday, and Dr. V. D.
Bain was here yesterday to discuss
with local school officials the new
law for instructing handicapped chil
dren. Dr. Bain's meeting was at the
county superintendent's office yes
terday moming at 10 o'clock.
The Red Cross sewing rooms in
Masonic hall will be open hereafter
two days a week, Tuesdays and
Thursdays, from 2 to 4:30, announ
ces Mrs. Harry Tamblyn, chairman.
There is still more sewing to do and
plenty of yarn, Mrs. Tamblyn said.
Mr. and Mrs. Jack Van Winkle
moved this week into the residence
of the late E. N. Gonty, which they
have purchased.
1 yearling, 1 2-yr.-old Hereford
bull to trade for heifers or cows; 3
broke saddle horses for sale. W. H.
French, Hardman.
1 Pint Sherbet
with each Quart
purchase of
Ice Cream
Sunday Only
A few new flavors
Ice Cream Store
Elton Robinson of Pendleton ar
rived in Heppner Monday to take
over duties as cashier at Pacific
Power & Light company's office,
succeeding Clifford Jenison who
will leave shortly for service in the
U. S. Marines. Robinson is married
and has three children. The family
is expected to join him here in a
short time.
If you want an
it- must be installed before
Only those having heaters installed
at that time will be entitled to receive
oil .
These heaters now available at former
prices, though prices have advanced:
$64.50 Heaters now $59.50
44.50 Heaters now 39.50
99.95 Heaters now 89.95
109.95 Heaters now 95.95
1 Oil-burning Range,
was $179.50 now $139.50
Case Furniture Co.
O .
B. Lawrence, E. Sigsbee, A. Curran, L. Rippee, M. Johnson
Won Lost Total Pins Average Pins
23 9 14,492 603.83
F. Crawford, I. Laughlin, H. Mahoney, E. Hamlin, E. Hanlon
22 10 14,188 591.16
E. Andrews, V. Kane, H. Doherty, E. Sweek, B. Finch
12 20 13,440 560.00
F. Luttrell, G. Glasgow, Z. Dufalt, B. Hudson, D. Wiley
7 25 12,922 538.41