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Heppner Gazette Times, Heppner, Oregon
Thursday, October 2, 1941
lone Rebekahs Attend
District Conference
Members of Bunchgrass Rebekah
lodge who attended the district con
vention at Fossil on Tuesday were
Mesdames Omar Rietmann, E. R.
Lundell, Lloyd Morgan, Matthew
Gordon, Clara Kincaid, Ida Fletcher,
Norton Lundell and Mr. and Mrs.
J. E. Swanson.
Miss Eva Swanson has returned
home after spending the summer in
Salem and is now employed at the
C. W. Swanson store.
Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Allwen of
Portland were week-end guests of
Mr. and Mrs. Foster Odom of Mor
gan. John Staehli, science and manual
training teacher left Tuesday for
Portland to consult his draft board.
Robert Warfield, who recently en
listed in the army, has reported for
The Women's Topic club met at
the home of Mrs. Clyde Denney last
Saturday for a short business meet
ing, followed by an afternoon of
bridge. Other hostesses were Mes
dames Clel Rae, Carl F. Feldman
and E. M. Baker. Four tables of
bridge were in play and prizes were
won by Mrs. Elmer Griffith, Mrs.
C. W. Swanson, and guest prize bv
Mrs. Fred Miankin. Other guests
were Mrs. Ned Shuirman and Mrs.
Dewey Stilwell.
The next meeting of the Topic
club will be Friday, Oct. 3, at the
home of Mrs. Ted Blake.
Bert Mason, Jr., successfully pass
ed his examination for entrance into
the naval reserve at Walla Walla
on Monday and will leave on Octo
ber 10 to report at San Diego.
The I. O. O. F. at Morgan held a
neighborhood party at the hall Sat
urday evening, honoring Henry
Buschke, who left Monday with
otner draftees.
The weathr report for September
shows .70 inch of rain, with 12.93
inches of rainfall in the twelve
months ending September first.
Ihere were no clear days in Sep
tember until the 17th.
Fifty-eight persons attended Sun.
day school last Sunday, and a good
many stayed for the pot luck dinner
at noon.
Locust chapter, O. E. S., has been
notified that a school of instruction
will be held here on October 9.
Mrs. Omar Rietmann entertained
the members of the P. N. G. club at
her home last Friday. At the close
of the business meeting the ladies
made records of their voices on Mrs.
Rietmann's recording machine.
Mrs. Charles Dezell and her
daughter, Mrs. Dewey Stilwell are
guests of Mrs. Dezell's sister, Mrs.
Bert Mason. They live in Spokane
and arrived on Friday.
Mr. and Mrs. Aley Peck and two
cnildren, Mr. Peck's mother. Mrs
Emily Peck and Mr. Browning of
ijaLomb left Saturday after enjoy
ing a visit with Mrs. Peck's rar
exits, Mr. and Mrs. Ed Buschke
While here the men in the party
went deer hunting.
Carl Froudy of Portland spent a
few days In the mountains hunting
with Bert Mason, Jr., who was sta
tioned at Matteson butte. Bert Ma
son, Sr., also accompanied him.
Mr. and Mrs. R. L. Ekleberry spent
the week end in Hood River visiting
a cousin.
Mr. and Mrs. A. F. Palmateer re
turned Saturday from a trip to
Portland and Estacada.
Mr. and Mrs. Carl F. Bergstrom
are enjoying a visit from their son,
Ensign Arthur Bergstrom. He is
now stationed at Bremerton but
will be transferred soon to Balti
more, Maryland, for special train
ing. The Pilot Rock high school foot
ball team defeated the lone boys
here Thursday afternoon by a score
of 13-0.
Mrs. Ida Moore is somewhat im
proved from her recent illness, ac
cording to word received by her
brother, W. J. Blake.
Mrs. A. F. Palmateer entertained
high school students and members
of the faculty at her farm home
near Morgan Sunday evening in
honor of her daughter Doris whose
birthday occurred that day. Guests
present were John Staehle, Miss
Piluso, Mrs. E. G. Sperry, Gladys
and Eulenne Seehafer, June Grif
fith, Alice Nichoson, Melba Craw
ford, Wilma Dobyns, Maxine Allyn,
Lex Sunday School
Slates Rally Day
Mr. and Mrs. Browning are liv
ing in the Getta Cox house recently
vacated by Gilbert Petteys and fam
ily who were thransf erred to Mea
cham. Mr. Browning is with the
state highway department.
Mrs. Anna Smith of Juniper was
here Tuesday.
Dicky, infant son of Mr. and Mrs.
Laurel Ruhl, is ill at his home.
Clarence Hayes and Janice return
ed to Corvallis Monday.
Mir. and Mrs. Roy Williams have
returned home from a two weeks'
vacation spent at Portland, Seattle
and vicinity.
Sherman Tucker of Portland is
visiting relatives here.
Grant Henderson of Hermiston
was here Monday.
George Tucker spent Monday in
Nan McWaters visited friends here
last week.
The Laurel Ruhl and Bill Van
Winkle families spent Sundav at f
lilo. "
Catechism classes started last Sat
urday morning at 9:30 at the Charles
Breshears home with classes from
the first through the eighth grade.
Teachers are Helen and Bunny Bre
shears and Peggy McCourt.
Next Sunday at 10 a. m. is Rally
day at the Christian church. A short
program will be presented. The new
song books have arrived and will
be used for the first time Sunday.
Everyone is welcome to attend.
The annual pioneers reunion, is
set for October 25 this vear. A bas
ket dinner will be held at noon and
old-time and modern dancing will be
enjoyed in the evening. Everyone
is welcome to attend and bring a
well-filled basket.
j Hardman Postoffice
I Offers Defense Stamps
Defense stamps can be purchased
at the postoffice here in denomina
tions of 10 cents, 25 cents, 50 cents
and $1.00. The postmistress will be
glad to explain about them to you.
Only a small amount was sold in
, September. With October starting
j why not try to double or even triple
J the amount? It is our patriotic duty
j to buy these defense samps and
help provide for our boys who are
enlisting and being inducted every
week. Your stamp will help, so don't
forget to get that book. Encourage
your boys and girls to buy also.
Miss Lois Hewitt's father and mo
ther, Mr. and Mrs. T. W. Hewitt, a
brother, Wiley Hewitt, wife and! ba
by, all of Milton visited Miss Hew
itt here Sunday. Miss Hewitt is the
primary teacher.
Stanley Robinson, Archie Bech
dolt,' Delbert Robison, Mildred Mc
Daniel and Edward McDaniel were
hunters that brought home the meat
! this week.
Mr. and Mrs. C. H. Hiemullen anA
son of Portland and Miss Minnip
Moore of Corvallis are visiting their
sister, Mrs. Russell Moore and fam
ily. ,
Mr. and Mrs. A. E. Wattenbureipr
spent Saturday and Sundav witVi
their son and family, Mr. and Mrs.
Earl Wattenburger of Pasco.
Mrs. Margaret McGreer is spend
ing a week with Mrs. Lila Myers
and Mrs. Bernice Wattenburger.
Mrs. Bill Dohertv visited nor nar
ents, Mr. and Mrs. Jim Daly and
Mrs. Bernice Wattenburtrer anH
Margaret McGreer Sunday.
Mr. and Mrs. Clayton Ayers and
daughters spent Sunday in Stan
field and Hermiston.
Mr. and Mrs. Tvndal Robison of
Klamath Falls are soendintr
days with Mr. and Mrs C. TT Rr.
tholomew. The party left Saturdav
evening for Lewisteon and Spokane
for a few days' visit.
Mr. and Mrs. E. B. Wattenburger
and tamily and Margaret McGreer
spent Saturday evening in Echo at
the Walter Wigglesworth home.
Mr. and Mrs. Edward Rice. Bar
ney Doherty and Bill Kilkenny
spent the week end in Seattle to see
the Washington-Minnesota football
Mr. and Mrs. E. B. Wattenburger
and family and Mrs. Margaret Mc
Greer spent Sunday evening at the
Russell Moore home.
Mrs. Marion Finch and daughters
and Billy Healy spent Sunday after
noon in Heppner.
Mr. and Mrs. Phil Hitreins snent.
Sunday at the John Healy home.
Mrs. Jaross, Pine City teacher,
spent the week end in Portland and
valley points.
Mrs. Dessa Hofstetter. daughter
of M. J. Devin of Heppner, was re
cently appointed head librarian of
the Oregon College of Education at
Monmouth by the Oregon state
board of higher education. For the
last four years Mrs. Hofstetter has
been Malheur county librarian at
Eunice Peterson, Marjorie Peter
son, Freda Ball, Barbara Ledbetter,
Jean Coleman, Dorothy Berffstrom.
Betty Lou Lindsey, Charlotte Sper
ry, Charlotte Cannon, Pete Cannon,
Roland Bergstrom, Delmar Craw
ford, Bob Hoskins, Claude and Clyde
Pettyjohn, Ernest MfcCabe, George
Griffith and Billy Eubanks. and
Mrs. Elmer Griffith.
Mrs Katherine Mclntyre and
daughter Rita took Misses Mary and
Ann Mclntyre to Corvallis Friday
where the girls will again enter
Mr. and Mrs. Everett Ely went
to lollgate Friday where they will
remain this week to conduct a series
of revival meetings.
Mrs. Richard Rogers was the re
cipient of many nice gifts Friday
afternoon at a shower given by her
sister, Mrs. Stanley Robinson and
Mrs. Neal Knighten. Ice cream and
wafers and punch were served.
Miss Ruth Eversole, Miss Cecelia
Hell, Mr. H. J. Morton and Mrs.
Marvin Brannon all visited the Fos
sil beds near Kimberley, Sunday.
They also visited in Spray. Miss
tsell was a former teacher there.
Clara Bell Adams was home from
Corvallis where she attends college,
for the funeral of her grandmother,
Mrs. John Adams.
Last Tuesday evening Buddy Bat
ty, Ellis Saling, Johnnie McRoberts
and Clayton Wright were honored
with a party and pot luck supper
before leaving this week and Octo
ber 9 for different branches of the
service. About 150 persons were
present to play games, dance and
tell the boys farewell
Since ill health caused J. J. Mc
Donald to resign as janitor of the
school the board called a special
meeting and temporarily appointed
John Hastings.
and was accompanied by Mrs. C. E.
Leathers, Mrs. C. H. McDaniel and
Mrs. Ray Thomas to Fossil to the
Rebekah convention, Tuesday.
Mr. and Mrs. Claud Buschke en
tertained with a dinner Friday. The
guests were Harriet G. Robinson of
Bonanza, Mrs. Julia Clark and son
Ernest of California. Mr. and Mrs.
Walter Becket and son Lawrence,
Mr. and Mrs. Ben Anderson, Mrs.
Charles Becket, Mrs. John Hanna
and daughters, Mrs. Al Lovgren and
son. This is Mrs. Robinson's first
visit here since moving to Klamath
county last fall. She came with
Mrs. Clark and will stay only a
short time.
Word was received by Ed Morland
that a brother, Frank, that once
lived in this communitv. nassed
away at Monmouth.
Mrs. Ben Rogers and Mrs. Homer
Davis of Lonerock visited Mr. and
Mrs. Clarence Rogers here Sunday.
The contractors, Thomas and Bai
ley, went to Portland this week to
purchase supplies for the high school.
Two large loads of lumber were
I also brought to Hardman from the
Nelson mill near Fossil for the
Mr. and Mrs. Reeves Coats and
son visited his father, Henry, and
grandmother, Mrs. Mary Coats, this
week and hunted. He got a nice
buck to take home with him.
Mr. and Mrs. Georee Thomas of
Portland are visiting their daughter.
Mrs. Dallas Craber. The Thomases
also visited the Joe Battys at Kim
berley. Mr. and Mrs. Austin Devin and
family moved to the Katherine Mc
Intye ranch where they are employ
ed. Mrs. Devin will drive her chil
dren in to school.
Mrs. George Kirk, mother of Mrs.
Jim Hams and Mrs. Clair Ash
baugh, died at her home in Hepp
ner, September 28. Burial was Tues
day afternoon at the Heppner cem
etery. G-T want ads get results.
lawn mower sharpening. We'll
make your lawnmower like
new. We also do sw filing, bi
cycle repairing, floor sanding,
knife and scissor sharpening
and band saw work.
N. D. Bailey
The Dalles Freight Line, Inc.
Arrive Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday
Warehouse: KANE'S GARAGE Carl D. Spickerman, Agent
Condensed Statement of Head Office and 41 Branches
September 24, 1941
Cash on Hand and Due from Banks $48,314,228.08
United States Bonds 51,476,764.89
Municipal Bonds and Warrants
Other Bonds
Loans and Discounts - Money at Work in Oregon
Stock in Federal Reserve Bank
Bank Premises, Furniture and Fixtures
Other Real Estate
Customers' Liability on Acceptances
Interest Earned
Other Resources
Total Resources ....
CaPital $3,000,000.00
Surplus 5,000,000.0U
Undivided Profits 1.301.045.83
Reserve for Contingencies 1,877,774.29
Reserves Allocated for Taxes, Interest, Etc
Acceptances t
Interest Collected in Advance
Other Liabilities
DePsits 158,132,490.63
Total Liabilities $170,629,163.56