Heppner gazette-times. (Heppner, Or.) 1925-current, November 28, 1940, Page Page Five, Image 5

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    Thursday, November 28, 1940
Heppner Gazette Times, Heppner, Oregon
Mrs. Cecil Espey (nee Patricia
Mahoney) is expected to arrive in
the states on the SS Monterey, De
cember 5th, having saild some weeks
ago from the Philippine islands
where she had been with Mr. Espey,
an officer in the U. S. navy. With
other wives of service men on the
islands she was forced to leave due
to the evacuation order of the pres
ident. Her route home takes her
to Samoa, PangoPango, N. Zealand
and Australia, according to word re
ceived by her mother, Mrs. W. P.
Billy Cochell departed last eve
ning for Mare Island, Cal., to report
for naval duty after enjoying a sev
eral weeks' furlough here at the
home of his mother, Mrs. Neva
Wells. Billy has been doing orches
tra work during most of his several
years' "stretch" in the navy, and
while here assisted the "Men About
Town" in the trombone section.
Martin B. Clark accompanied C.
F. Swander, secretary of Oregon
Christian churches, to Corvallis to
attend a church conference this
week. Leaving Sunday evening they
were accompanied by Billy McCaleb
and Clarabel Adams, O. S. C. stu
dents, who had been home for
Thanksgiving. (
Tom Williams of Long Creek ac
companied Earl and Len Gilliam and
Ray Drake home from their recent
elk hunting trip and has been en
joying a visit with Heppner friends
for several days. Mr. Williams is
widely known here, having acted as
race starter at the Rodeo for sev
eral years.
Logie Richardson returned home
Monday from Portland where he
went for Thanksgiving with his family.
E. L. Bucknum returned recently
from a trip to Los Angeles and
Phoenix, Ariz., where he visited with
his sons Elmer and Gordon and their
families. Elmer is located at Los
Angeles as a member of the Los
Angeles county fire fighters, and
Gordon is teaching at Phoenix. Mr.
Bucknum found a 16 weeks' old
grandson at Phoenix, the first child
of Mr. and Mrs. Gordon Bucknum.
Mr. and Mrs. Cecil (Buck) Lieu
alien and family of Pendleton were
Sunday guests at the home of Mr.
and Mrs. Garnet Barratt. Mr. Lieu
alien, brother of Mrs. Barratt and
former Heppner boy, was recently
reelected mayor of the Round-Up
Mrs. L. E. Bisbee is reported to
have undergone a major operation
in Portland recently and on last
word was making good progress to
ward recovery. Mr. Bisbee, who was
m the city with her, returned home
Blaine E. Isom was sufficiently
recovered from his recent illness to
be up town Monday. He was con
fined at home for thirteen days
suffering from influenza and ton
silitis. Mr. and Mrs. Henry Happold spent
Thanksgiving week end in Portland
where they met their daughter, Miss
Betty, student at Oregon State college.
Mr. and Mrs. Felix Johnson of
Range are in the city today to at
tend funeral services for the late
Michael Kenny.
Mr. and Mrs. Harry Quackenbush
are reported to be both quite ill
at their home in north Heppner.
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Thanksgiving Is
Feted at Pine City
Miss Patricia Daly is working for
Mrs. George Curin since her re
turn from the hospital in Pendleton
with their new son, Thomas Earl
Mr. and Mrs. Jasper Myers at
tended the funeral of Mr. Robinson
in Hermiston Sunday. Mr. Robinson
is Mr. Myers' grandfather.
Mr. and Mrs. Marion Finch and
family spent Thanksgiving day with
Mr. and Mrs. C. H. Bartholomew and
Mr. and Mrs. Jasper Myers.
Mr. and Mrs. Duke Schiller were
callers Sunday at the Clayton Ayers
Mr. Guy Moore who is attending
Oregon State college spent the week
end with his mother, Mrs. Roy Neill.
Mr. and Mrs. Earl Wattenburger
and son Fredie, Mr. Lyle Whitter-
right of Pasco, Mr. and Mrs. Alvin
Strain of Portland and Mr. and Mrs.
E. B. Wattenburger and family spent
Thanksgiving at the A. E. Watten
burger home.
Mr. and Mrs. R. E. McGreer and
Bobby Groundwald spent Thanks
giving week end in Seattle with Mr.
McGreer's sister.
Miss Marjorie Kloges spent the
week end in Portland.
Mrs. Staver and Mrs. Helen Ringo
spent Thanksgiving in Union. They
report the road over the mountains
to be very slick and dangerous to
Mr. and Mrs. Dale Acres of Eight
Mile spent Sunday with Mr. and
Mrs. E. B. Wattenburger,
Mr. and Mrs. William Shaar of
Hermiston spent Sunday duck hunt'
ing on Butter creek.
Mr. and Mrs. E. B. Wattenburger
spent Friday in Pendleton on busi
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Right-of-Way Rules
Reviewed for Safety
Few rules of the road are less
understood or more misunderstood
than those having to do with right-of-way,
according to the legal de
partment of the Oregon State Motor
Pointing out that many accidents
are caused by motorists who have
either a vague or mistaken idea
concerning right-of-way rules, the
motorists' organization presented the
following summary of revisions of
the Vehicle Code on the subject:
Drivers, when approaching high
way intersections, shall look out for
and give right of way to vehicles on
the right, simultaneously approach
ing a given point, whether such
vehicle first enters or reaches the
intersection or not; provided, that
the foregoing provisions shall not
apply at any intersection where and
when traffic is controlled by traffic
control signals or police officers.
Any driver entering an intersec
tion at an unlawful speed shall for
feit any right of way which he would
otherwise have under this rule.
When intending to turn left, the
driver must give a proper arm sig
nal continuously for the last fifty
feet before turning, but the actual
turn must not be made until it can
be done with reasonable safety. The
person turning must yield the right-
of-way to all oncoming traffic with
in the intersection or so close as to
constitute an immediate hazard.
Thereafter the driver may proceed
to make the turn, and oncoming
traffic approaching the intersection
must permit the turning car to pro
ceed. Upon entering an arterial or
through highway, the driver must
first stop and yield the right-of-way
to all traffic immediately approach
ing. Thereafter he may proceed and
all vehicles approaching the inter
section on the through highway must
yield the right-of-way to him.
Drivers entering public highways
from private roads or driveways
Page Fivp
have no right-of-way, but must wait
until they can proceed safely..
Pedestrians have the right-of-way
within marked crosswalks or in un
marked crosswalks at the end of
a block. While pedestrians who
"jaywalk" do not have the right-of-way,
their safety remains an obli
gation of the motorist.
The "R" months are back
again with a fresh supply of
choice sea foods always avail
able here.
Contributions Taken for
and Official Receipt Given
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Jane Frazec
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thing that makes up good all around entertainment.
Wednesday-Thursday, Dec. 4-5
with Douglas Fairbanks, Jr., Thomas Mitchell, Rita Hayworth,
John Qualen
Smart dialogue, gripping suspense, outstanding photography. We
recommend this as one of the best pictures to come out of Holly
wood in a long time.
Heppner, Oregon