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Heopner Gazette Times, Heppner, Oregon
Thursday, June 20, 1940
Trocdson Families
In Annual Reunion
Members of the Troedson families
held their annual reunion at The
Dalles auto park Sunday, June 16.
Several members were unable to be
present. Dinner was served at the
noon hour followed by the business
It was decided to keep the same
officers for another year, with Nor
man Swanson, president, and Mrs.
Orlo Martin, secretary-treasurer. J.
A. Troedson suggested that greet
ings should be sent to C. W. Swan
son who was unable to be present.
A friendship letter, written by those
present, was sent him. A telegram
of greetings was sent the reunion
from Carl Troedson and J. A. Carl
son of King City, Cal.
Those present were Mr. and Mrs.
Henry Smouse and Shirley, Mr. and
Mrs. J. E. Swanson, Mr. and Mrs.
Garland Swanson and family, Mr.
and Mrs. Clel Rhea and family, Mr.
and Mrs. Frank Lndell and family,
all of lone, Mr. and Mrs. J. A. Troed
son and Mr. and Mrs. Foster Odom
and family of Morgan, Mr. and Mrs.
Orlo Martin and family of Moro,
Mr. and Mrs. Earl Wilkinson and
Nancy, Mrs. Sophia Troedson, Mor
man Swanson and Abagail Spauld
ing, all of Portland.
Mr. and Mrs. J. E. Swanson went
on to Salem to visit relatives fol
lowing the reunion.
The Women's Topic club met at
the home of Mrs. Victor Rietmann
on Friday afternoon. The book,
"Grandfather Was Queer," by Rich
ardson Wright, was reviewed by the
hostess, Mrs. Rietmann, Mrs. Dorr
Mason and Mrs. Omar Rietmann.
Election for the coming year was
held. New officers are Mrs. E. R.
LundeU, president; Mrs. Cleo Drake,
vice-president, and Mrs. Dorr Ma
son, secretary-treasurer. Mrs. D. M.
Ward, Mrs. Inez Freeland, and Mrs.
L. E. Dick resigned, and Mrs. Albert
Lindstrom was admitted to mem
bership. Delicious refreshments were
served at the close of the meeting.
The social meeting for June will be
at the home of Mrs. CM Rhea on
June 22.
Among those attending the Elks
convention in Pendleton on Friday
and Friday evening were Mr. and
Mrs. Frank Ross, Mr. and Mrs. Carl
Allyn, Robert Rietmann, Carlton
Swanson; Mr. and Mrs. Hugh Smith,
Frank Engelman, and Mr. and Mrs.
O. G. Haguewood. ' Mr. and Mrs.
Werner Rietmann attended on Sat
urday. The summer vacation Bible school
opened on Monday morning for a
period of two weeks. The teachers
are: Pro-school, Mrs. Moffat Dennis
and Mrs. Delia Corson; primary,
Rev. Dennis and Bernice Ring; in
termediate, Mrs. Ray Barnett, and
jniors, Miss Florence Moyer and
Mildred Lundell.
The annual school election was
held in the lone schoolhouse Mon
day afternoon. Oscar Peterson was
elected as director and Clarence Linn
as clerk to fill the vacancy left by
the resignation of Mrs. Erling
Jack Farris and Otto Rietmann
have returned from a fishing trip at
Deep creek.
The Morgan district held their
annual school election on Monday
and reelected Mrs. Franklin Ely
as director and Mrs. Bert Palmateer
as clerk. ' The budget was passed.
Immediately following the election a
school board meeting was held and
Fred J. Ely was again hired as bus
Guests at the home of Mr. and
Mrs. Frank Engelman on Sunday
were Mr. and Mrs. Ted Hall of
South Bend, Wash., and Thelma
Jean Kosky of Olympia, Wash. Also
Mrs. Myrtle Oliver and son of Echo
stopped by for a brief visit.
Mr. and Mrs. Dale Ray motored
to Hood River and Lyle, Wash., on
Sunday to visit relatives and friends.
They also took back home their
guest, Mrs, Macneil, who has been
visiting in lone. Mrs. Alice Wiles
and Mrs. V. M. Ray also made the
trip down and back.
Mr. and Mrs. Henry Gorger have
completed a small house on their
ranch to replace the one destroyed
by- fire last summer and are mov
ing in.
Miss Helen Lindsay, who is em
ployed at the Ed Rietmann home
near Condon, spent the week end at
home. She was accompanied over
1 T T 1 1 T- i . 1 !
oy van ana vavia xueunann wno
visited at the Victor Rietmann home.
Their cosins, Robert and Billy Joe,
returned with them on Monday.
Frank Janzen, a graduate of .Ore
gon State college, has signed a con
tract to teach music in lone for the
coming year.
Mr. and Mrs. J. W. Howk and
family of Condon were Sunday vis
itors at the home of Mrs. Howk's
parents, Mr. and Mrs. P. J. Linn.
Mrs. Victor Peterson and sons of
The Dalles are guests at the home
of her mother-in-law, Mrs. Ida Pet
erson. Miss Jane Huston who is a fresh
man at the University of Oregon,
has returned to the home of her par
ents, Mr. and Mrs. Claud Huston,
for the summer.
Mrs. Walter Bristow and infant
daughter, Mildred Irene, returned
from Hood River on Sunday. Mr.
Bristow motored down after them.
Mr. and Mrs. E. J. Keller have
receivea word of the birth of a son
to Dr. and Mrs. E. M. Keller June
13 at Beaver Dam, Wis. He was
named Frank Kenneth.
Rose Marie Gorger spent the week
end at home with her parents, Mr.
and Mrs. Henry Gorger. She is
teaching in the sisters' summer Bi
ble school at Heppner.
Mr. and Mrs. Erling Thompson
left Tuesday morning by train for
Detroit. They will purchase a new
car there and drive home.
Miss Ella Mason returned to her
home in Portland on Friday after
a visit with relatives here.
Miss Ross Belle Perry, a student
at University of Oregon, is spend
ing the summer at the home of her
father, Ross Perry, at Morgan.
Mrs. Ida Fletcher is in Hood River
receiving medical attention. Mrs.
E. G. Sperry is caring for Mrs.
Louisa Louy during her absence.
Friends will be interested to know
that Miss Miriam Hale, daughter of
Mr. and Mrs. Loren Hale of Tan
gent and former residents of lone,
was one of those graduating from
University of Oregon this year.
Mrs. Bert Mason and Mrs. Carl
Feldman have been fishing at Deep
creek for the last week.
The dining room at the Park hotel
opened again on Monday with Mrs.
John Bryson in charge of the kit
School Renovating
Voted at Pine City
The annual school meeting was
held Monday and re-elected Fay
Finch, clerk, and Mrs. Harold Wil
kins for the three -year term on the
school board. It was also voted to
paint the building and have it re
shingled. Mrs. Marion Finch attended an
all-day meeting of the grange ladies
at the French home in the Lena dis
trict. Pot-luck dinner was served
at noon.
Mr. and Mrs. Clayton Ayers and
family were Pendleton callers Fri
day. Burl Wattenburger and Harold
Wilkins were Pasco callers Saturday
morning. '
Mr. and Mrs. Bert Barnes of Pilot
Rock were callers on the creek
Thursday at the Marion Finch and
E. B. Wattenburger homes.
Mr. and Mrs. Duke Schiller called
Thursday evening at the E. B. Wat
tenburger home.
Mrs. Jasper Myers and young son
returned home Saturday from the
Hermiston hospital.
"Mr. and Mrs. Robert Smith of
Irrigon and Mr. and Mrs. Russell
Moore spent Sunday fishing on the
north fork of Butter creek and re
ported a good catch.
E. B. Wattenburger made a bus
iness trip to Heppner Tuesday.
Irrigon Folk Trek
To Camp Meetings
Rev. and Mrs. Harness, Mrs. Tom
Caldwell, Mrs. Williams, Mrs. Hoag-
lan and Mrs. Nora Wilson are at
tending camp meetings in Pendleton
this week.
Mrs. Hazel Norcross and family
from Portland are visiting her par
ents, Mr. and Mrs. Sam Smith.
Mrs. Sam Umiker and daughter
from Castle Rock, Wash., is visiting
her mother, Mrs. Frank Leicht.
Mr. and Mrs. George Kendler, Sr.,
from Umatilla visited Mr. and Mrs.
W. C. Isom, Sunday.
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Mr. and Mrs. Earl Leach and son
Tommy were dinner guests of Mr.
and Mrs. Earl Isom, Sunday.
Emmett McCoy left for Portland
Saturday to visit his daughter, Mrs.
Jay Berry, and family.
Mrs. Marshal Markham and fam
ily, Mrs. Emmett McCoy, Mrs. Dock
McCoy and Mrs. J. A. Grabeil vis
ited relatives at Imbler Friday and
Mr. and Mrs. Jack Browning and
ivl. D. CLARK
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family and Tom Caldwell motored to
Pendleton Sunday to attend the
camp meeting services.
Bert Dexter and family from Ad
ams were visiting here Tuesday.
Tommy Haddox is visiting his bro
ther, Carl Haddox, and family.
A. C. Houghton was elected direc
tor for the coming term of three
years at the annual school meeting
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