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lone School Year
Closing Rites Set
Only two weeks remain of the
school year. Commencement exer
cises will be held Wednesday eve
ning, May 15, and the address will
be delivered by Roy L. Skeen of
the E. O. C. E. at La Grande. Mr.
Skeen was principal of the school
here at one time. Members of the
graduating class are Thelma Nelson,
Ted" Palmateer, Dorothy Brady
Christopherson, Vernon Christoph
erson, Jane Fitzpatrick, Ted Peter
son, Norman Bergstrom and William
The high school picnic will be held
Friday, May 10, and the baccalau
reate services will be on Sunday,
May 18. Rev. W. W. Head of Cath
lamet, Wash., will preach the ser
mon, as he has for many years. Fri
day, May 17, letters and other
awards will be presented at an Aw
ard assembly at the school house at
10 a. m.
Eighth graders who will receive
their diplomas this year are Char
lotte Sperry, Billie Brace, George
Reno, Bobby Everson, Belbalene
Crawford, Wilma Dobyns, Mabel
Davidson, James Doherty, Delmer
Crawford, Pete Cannon, Pat Doher
ty, Alice Nichoson and Gladys See
hafer. Foster Odom had the misfortune
to lose one hundred baby chicks
when fire destroyed the brooder
house on his ranch near Morgan
Sunday night. The brooder house
and brooder and some tools were
entirely destroyed.
Mrs. Clara Kincaid returned Fri
day from Portland. She had been
with her sister, Miss Ella Mason,
who had been injured in a fall, but
now is better.
The junior-senior banquet was
held Wednesday evening at the I.
O. O. F. hall and was served by the
Rebekahs. Besides the students,
members of the faculty and mem
bers of the school board were pre
sent. The juniors are Clarence Ba
ker, Melvin Brady, Charlotte Can
non, Ernest Christopherson, Walter
Cor ley, Helen Doherty, John Do
herty, Claude and Clyde Pettyjohn,
Alice Reno, and Eileen Sperry.
Sophomores who served were Betty
Lou Lindsay, Patricia Emert, Betty
Rood and Elsie Jepson. The hall
was decorated in old rose and green.
Mrs. Garland Swanson was hos
tess Saturday for a shower for Mrs.
Gene Engelman.
Ladies from lone who attended
the social meeting of the Womens
Topic club in Heppner Saturday
were Mesdames E. R. Lundell, Omar
Rietmann, Clel Ray, M. E. Cotter,
C. F. Feldman, Agnes Wilcox and
Clyde Denny. Mrs. Cotter won high
score and Mrs. Wilcox, second.
M. R. Morgan has purchased the
Bristow and Johnson house on Sec
ond street, now occupied by Jack
Ferris, and will move there soon.
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Botts have
received word of the death of a
grand daughter, Loraine Griffin, at
Yakima. Several members of the
family attended the funeral.
Mr. and Mrs. Gene Engelman ar
rived Sunday for a visit with Mr.
Engelman's parents, Mr. and Mrs.
Frank Engelman. Mr. Engelman re
turned Tuesday but his wife re
mained for a longer visit.
There has been considerable in
the daily press concerning the his
tory of Bruce Haines, formerly of
Heppner, and his son Tom. Mrs.
C. J. Anderson, a sister-in-law of
Mr. Haines, was able to furnish the
desired information concerning the
adoption of the child, and the in
terested parties found the record at
the first home they visited in Port
land. Bert Mason, who knew Mr.
Haines well, also contributed some
worth while information.
Mrs. Alice Esteb, who reached the
age of ninety years on Tuesday, was
pleasantly surprised with a birth
day dinner Sunday at the home of
her grand daughter, Mrs. Walter
Bristow. Mr. and Mrs. Harley An
derson and Mr. and Mrs. Howard
Keithley, grand children and her
daughter, Mrs. Eunice Keithley,
were guests. Mrs. Esteb has lived
in Oregon since she was two years
old, and for many years was a res
ident of Gooseberry and Heppner.
Besides Mrs. Keithley, she has two
sons, Fred of Washougal, Wash.,
and Sam. In spite of her advanced
years she is active and well.
Mrs. Arthur Ritchie was hostess
last Wednesday for a shower in
honor of Mrs. Clifford McCabe.
Guests present were Mildred Lun
dell and Mesdames Franklin Lind
strom, Garland Swanson, Carl Al
lyn, George Snider, E. E. Mummel,
John Eubanks, Clarence Brenner,
Robert Runnion, A. A. McCabe, O.
E. Lindstrom, Raymond Lundell,
Howard Eubanks, Matthew Gor
don and Henry Gorger.
Miss Bernice Ring is employed
in Mrs. Ferris' beauty shop.
The P. N. G. club met Friday at
the home of Mrs. Ella Davidson.
Present were Mrs. J. E. Swanson,
Mrs. Milton Morgan, Jr., Mrs. E. R.
Lundell, Mildred Lundell, Mrs. Ida
Fletcher, Mrs. Omar Rietmann, Mrs.
C. W. Swanson and Mrs. Frank Lun
dell, and one guest, Mrs. C. F. Feld
man. Plans were made for serving
dinner at the I. O. O. F. hall on
election day.
A new floor was laid in the kit
chen of the I. O. 0. F. hall this week.
The congregation had the pleas
ure Sunday morning of listening to
a sermon by Dr. Starring, state
secretary of the Baptist churches.
He was accompanied by Mrs. Star
ring. Kenneth Smouse of Portland spent
the week end at the home of his
parents, Mr. and Mrs. Henry
Smouse. He was here on business.
W. G. Palmateer of Morgan has
returned from Hood River, where
he has been receiving medical treat
Lexington Water
System Completed
The new water system is now in
use and there are just a few details
to finish before this project is com
pleted. Mr. and Mrs. George York are
the parents of a baby girl born in
Heppner last week. She has been
named Betty Joan. Their other chil
dren, Joy and Janice, are at the
George Allyn home.
Mr. and Mrs. Laurel Kuni and
son and Mr. and Mrs. Gene Gray
and family visited in Hermiston
Gerald Acklen and Ivan Amend
spent the week end in Portland.
Mary Acock of Portland was
visitor this week at the Dan Way
Mr. and Mrs. Edward Rice, R. B
Rice and George Peck were Port
land visitors last week.
Mrs Tempa Johnson was a guest
at the Harry Duvall home a few
days last week.
Anne Johnston and son Duane
have moved into the small house
belonging to Sarah White. Mrs.
Tempa Johnson has moved into her
own home, formerly occupied by the
Roy Johnson's.
Miss Wilma Tucker was hostess at
a bridal shower honoring Joyce Bid
die at her home Sunday. Refresh
ments were served.
Beginning May 5, church services
will be held at the Christian church
at 11 a. m.
Ladd Sherman motored to Port
land Friday, taking Mrs. Sherman
and Sally, and Golda Leathers who
will remain in the city. Mr. Sher
man returned home Sunday.
Local people attending the C. C.
D. meeting in La Grande Thursday
were Mr. and Mrs. Chas. Breshears
and daughters, Marie, Helen and Ed-
Maude Pointer left for the Valley
Sunday, where she plans to visit for
several weeks.
The invitation dance sponsored
by the Rebekah lodge Saturday
night was well attended.
Mrs. Vester Lane has been visit
ing relatives at Connell.
Mrs. Robert Burnside and son
George spent several days last week
in Dayton with Mr. Burnside. The
other children, Bobby and Melba,
stayed at the Archie Padberg home.
Elmer Hunt is installing a new
septic tank.
Mrs. Ralph Jackson and Mrs.
Laura Scott had brick flues made
in their homes this week. Shelley
Gazette Times, Heppner,
Willows Grangers
Enjoy Program
Willows grange met in regular
session in their hall at lone on April
27. During the lecture hour the
following program was presented, the
theme being "Planting":
Song, "Bud and Bloom"; debate,
"Resolved, That we have a vetgeta
ble and flower show in our hall this
fall"; (The decision was given to
the affirmative side, judges being
Glenn Ball of Yakima, Miss Lucille
Vale, Heppner, and Mrs. Lulu Nel
son); song, "Prairie Flower"; talks
by Miss Rose Leibbrand of Heppner
and Miss Vale. The remarks of both
ladies were well received. Miss
Leibbrand, well known writer and
authority on historical events, spoke
on the sale of Christmas seals and
the ways in which the money is
used. Miss Vale, county health
nurse for Morrow and Sherman
counties, well informed in her line
of work, discussed tuberculosis and
what to do about it.
The pantomime skit, a scene in
the office of Dr. Lawbones, added
a bit of entertainment to the other
wise educational program.
The dainty fourth degree pin was
drawn by Dot Halvorsen.
At the meeting on April 13, the
grange had as guests the following
members of Lone Rock grange in
Gilliam county: Mrs. Anna Boyer,
J. G. Boyer, J. D. Haverstick, Nick
Kremer, lecturer, Mr. Robson, mas
ter, Mrs. Lovena Palmer. Mrs. Pal
mer is a member of the state juven
ile committee and district chairman
for eastern Oregon juvenile granges.
The Home Economics club is
meeting in the hall each Wednesday
afternoon until they have finished
quilting the quilt now in the frames.
The next regular meeting of the
club will be Friday, May 17. In the
absence of the club president, Mrs.
Heliker, the vice president, Mrs.
Anna Ball, will preside.
A dance is scheduled for the eve
ning of May 11. Grange members
will meet at 8 o'clock of the same
evening in the dining room. Mem
bers are urged to attend.
On May 25 the chaplain will con
duct a memorial service during the
lecture hour. The balance of the
program will feature honors to the
Goddess Flora.
We are enclosing a list of com
panies, stores and individuals who
contributed to the financing of the
Willows grange building proect.
Many others contributed time, ma
Baldwin of Heppner is doing the
Mr. and Mrs. Al Fetsch and son
visited in Salem last week.
Mr. and Mrs. Herschal Talbot and
daughter have been transferred from
here in their work with the state
highway department.
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chinery and labor. We take this
opportunity of thanking these friends
and memebrs for their generous
We thank the county court for
the use of the tumble bug scraper
and concrete mixer; James Lind
say for the use of his tractor; the
CCC boys who used the bull dozer
in filling around the building, and
Paul CMeara who contributed
building material, and the many
others who assisted in so many
ways, Contributors of funds includ
ed: E. R. Lundell, Oscar Lundell, Dale
Lundell, Kenneth Lundell, C. E.
Carlson, E. M. Baker, Garland
Swanson, W. M. Eubanks, Carl Al
lyn, P, J. Linn, Ruby Roberts, F. A.
Ross, Bert Johnson, Clara Newlin,
Willard Grabiel, Delia Corson, Omar
Rietmann, Grover C. Curtiss, F. B.
Nickerson, Lexington Oil Coop,
Turner; Lexington Oil Coop, How
ard Eubanks;
Heppner: Earle Bryant, J. Logie
Richardson, M. L. Case, Ray Kinne,
McAtee's, Central Market, Safeway
store, Ferguson Motor Co., Gilliam
& Bisbee, Archie D. McMurdo, D.
A. Wilson, D. M. Ward, F. W. Tur
ner, O'Donnell's Cafe, Braden-Bell
Co., Heppner Gazette Times;
George Ely, Ellen Reith, Otto
Rietmann, J. B. Morrison, Jackson
Implement Co., Lexington, Roxie
Krebs, George Krebs, Mancel Krebs,
Marion Krebs, Alex Huber, Marion
Palmer, Wid Palmateer, Erwin An
derson, Glenn Kopp, C. W. Swanson,
Louis Bergevin, E. C. Heliker, Rev.
W. W. Head, P. C. Peterson, Frank
Young, Franklin Lindstrom, Lee
Beckner, John Krebs, Roy Lind
strom, Delbert Emert, Roy Hurst,
Vaud Huntley, Ole Spaulding, Er
ret Hummel, Mike Cotter, J. P. O'
Meara, Ed Bristow, Bert Mason, I.
R. Robison, Emma Holub.
Umatilla Hi Wins
From Irrigon, 1 1-6
Mr. and Mrs. Lee Grabeil left
Friday for La Grande where Mr.
Grabeil will enter the hospital for
medical treatment.
The high school play, "Aunt Tillie
Goes to Town," given Friday eve
ning was enjoyed very much by
those present.
A fellowship meeting will be held
at the Pentecostal church May 8.
Rev. Miller, a missionary, will be
one of the speakers of the day.
Miss Lucille Vale, county health
nurse, was calling in this vicinity
The softball game Monday be
tween Irrigon high and Umatilla
was won by the Umatila team with
a score of 11-6.
Mrs. J. A. Grabeil is staying with
her daughter, Mrs. Dock McCoy,
who is living on the Becker place
west of town.
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Thursday, May 2, 1940
Mr. and Mrs. George Rand anT
Mrs. Batie Rand and sons, David and
Herbert, were dinner guests of Mr.
and Mrs. James Warner, Sunday.
Clair Caldwell is busy painting
the Chas. Stewart residence this
Mr. and Mrs. Vern Caldwell of
Portland were week end visitors of
his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Tom Cald
well. Marshal Markham spent the week
end with his family.
It is impossible for us to see and
thank personally the dear people in
Heppner for their kindness and
goodness and we wish by this means
to express our gratitude for all sym
pathetic service tendered us. We
want to say "thank you" for the
beautiful tribute the churches and
the people of the city of Heppner
have paid to the memory of our
husband and father, not only at the
memorial service but in every lov
ing and kind thing they have done
for his family.
Nody Young, Reo Young,
Robert Young, Howard,
Ruth and Jerry Rasmussen.
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