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    Thursday, June 29, 1939
Heppner Gazette Times, Heppner, Oregon
Page Three
Hardman News
Features Visitations
Max Buschke and family have
been in town the past week, with
annual leave, before going to the
Tamarack lookout for the summer.
Marion Saling and Max did not go
to the fire school which was held
at Tollgate June 20th to 24th. Jim
Stevens is the only one who went
from Hardman.
Mr. and Mrs. S. T. Robison was
in Condon the middle of this week
to see Mr. Robison's mother, Mrs.
Andrew Neal, who is quite ill.
There will be a dance in the I.
O. O. F. hall, given by the Re
bekahs, July 1, with Ivan H. Leath
ers furnishing the music.
Juanita Carmichael of Lexington
was in town a short time Saturday,
bringing her mother over to visit at
the home of Owen Leathers.
The 4-H club met Wednesday, the
Stevens children being the only ones
from out of town attending. Cecile
McDaniel was a new member.
Edwin Craber returned home from
Ashland where he has been the past
two weeks with his son.
On Sunday George Casky, dis
patcher on the Heppner district of
the Umatilla National forest, moved
to Tupper ranger station with his
bride, where he will be stationed
for the summer and fall. George was
married in Washington June 24th.
Ed Warren who has been working
for Clyde Wright was taken sud
denly ill on Thursday and brought
to the home of his sister, Mrs. J. B.
Darrel Farrens was a visitor in
town Sunday.
Miss Oleta Raimey and her sister,
Mrs. Arnold Richmond of Condon
visited in Hardman Thursday. Miss
Raimey was in town looking for a
place to board as she is the grade
school teacher for the lower grades.
Mrs. Roy Neill and son Guy came
over for the birthday party for Mrs.
Neil Knighten on Friday. Miss Ann
O' Sanders has been visiting Mrs.
Knighten the past week.
Mr. and Mrs. Vester Hams and
Darrel Hams spent the week end at
the home of Mr. and Mrs. Jim Hams.
Mr. and Mrs. Joe Batty visited the
Lewis Batty home Sunday.
A party from Reed's mill went to
Deep creek fishing over the week
end. Those enjoying the trip were
Mr. and Mrs. Loy McFerrin and Isa
bel, Mr. and Mrs. Wallert and Fred
Jim Stevens returned Sunday from
Tollgate where he attended fire
school this week. He thinks fire
school is very educational, and met
a lot of fine fellows there. They
played baseball after their work
was completed and Kenneth Bleak
man had the misfortune to dislo
cate his knee.
Delsie Reid, Donald Robinson and
Charlotte Cannon were the only
ones from this district who took the
drivers' test in Heppner Monday.
W. T. Reynolds was in town Mon
day to attend the high school annual
Elsie Devore of Portland came to
town Monday to see about removing
her furniture from the residence of
the late B. F. Devore. While here
she visited at the home of B. H.
Bleakman and later returned to
Heppner with Miss Pat Bleakman
and Delsie Reid.
Victor' Johnson and family of
Heppner, Alice Hastings and girls,
and Mr. and. Mrs. Raymond Reid
visited at the sheep camp of Ray
mond McDonald Sunday and en
joyed a very nice picnic.
Mary McDaniel, Owen Leathers,
Buck Adams and W. T. Reynolds
were taxpayers who were appoint
ed to help float the budget at the
high school meeting. The budget
was posted the same day.
Ray Hams and wife of Portland
were in town the first of the week,
and at the Jim Hams home. Mrs.
Hams is the sister of Arthur Ashin
hurst whose body was found in the
house that had burned down in
Sand Hollow last week.
Mr. and Mrs. Henry Hastings,
brother of Sabin Hastings and
nephew of Charley Hastings, are
visiting here from Topeka, Kan.
Thev nlan to stay about two weeks.
Guy Hastings is here this week from
the Al Bergstrom place on Eight
Mile where he has been working
for a number of years.
Alice Hastings, Elsa M. Leathers,
Ella Bleakman and Ethel Knighten
were appointed to act as the board
while voting for a director to serve
five years on the high school board.
The polls were open from 2 p. m.
to 7 p. m. Harriet G. Robison re
ceived the majority of the votes and
is the new director, taking the place
of Geo. Hayden from Dist. 51.
Heart disease proved fatal to
William E. Woest, 66, who died at
Boardman at 5:20 a. m. Tuesday. He
had just returned to the home of
his son-in-law from a short walk
when stricken. Woest was a natjve
of New York and had been a resi
dent of San Diego for 29 years. He
had been employed as a street car
motorman in that city for 19 years
and was laid off seven years ago. He
had been with his relatives at Board
man for a short time prior to his
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