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    Thursday, Jan. 26, 1939
Heppner Gazette Times, Heppner, Oregon
Page Three
Eb McMillan in
Salt Lake Hospital
Eb McMillan is suffering from a
fractured hip in a Salt Lake City
hospital. The accident occurred
when Mr. McMillan slipped and fell
in the icy pavement
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Jones of
Union are , visiting at the home of
their son and daughter-in-law, Mr.
and Mrs. Cecil Jones.
A. M. Edwards is leaving this week
for Lind, Wash., where he has a con
tract for drilling the new city well.
This is to be a ten-inch well and
will be approximately three hun
dred feet deep.
Geo. McMillan is ill in a Long
Beach, Cal., hospital.
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Jones and
Mr. and Mrs. Cecil Jones were din
ner guests of Mrs. Grace Turner
Sunday night.
Chris Brown of Heppner was a
guest at the Roy Johnson home
Joe Thornburg is visiting in Lone
Rock at the Earl Eskelson home.
Business visitors here Friday from
Spokane were Mr. and Mrs. San
ford Martin.
Rae Cowins spent the week end
at her home in Heppner.
Mrs. Golda Leathers and Mr. and
Mrs. James Johnson returned to
Portland Tuesday evening.
Park Carmichael has returned
from a trip to Indiana where he de
livered the ten creamoline horses
recently purchased from Mrs. B. F.
The Boy Scouts have had a con
test in their troop recently and the
losing side treated the winning side
to a party in the gym Wednesday
evening. Those on the losing patrol,
'The Flying Eagles," were Albert
Edwards, Billy Marquardt, Tad Mil
ler and Claud Way. The winning
patrol, "The Rattlesnakes," consist
ed of Clyde Edwards, Billie Nichols,
Carl Marquardt and Joe Way. Ira
Dueltgen is scoutmaster.
Marcella Jackson was honored
with a party celebrating her thir
teenth birthday Monday evening.
Games were played and refresh
ments served. Guests present were
Louise Hunt, Leonard Munkers,
Ruby Forbes, Rae Cowins, Clyde
Edwards, Elmer Pieper, Claude Way,
Katherine Turner and Jean Rauch.
Due to a misunderstanding the
name of June Steagall was omitted
from the guest list of Patricia Ma-
jeske's party last week.
Walla Walla visitors from here
Saturday were Patricia Jewell, Har
riet Pointer, Fred and Norman Nel
Local people on the sick list this
week are Florence and Patty Hanks,
Colleen McMillan, Mrs. Ralph Scott,
Rae Cowins and Ruth Anne Lasich.
Union Sunday school will be Sun
day morning at 10 o'clock and church
services will be at 11 , with Mr.
Trimble preaching. The C. E. will
be at 7 p. m. The Endeavor is now
having a contest organized with Rae
Cowins and Billie Nichols as lead
ers. This promises to be an interest
ing event and is to be in progress
until February 19.
A pre-school child health clinic
was held in the Congregational
church Tuesday morning which was
conducted by Miss Stoneman and
Dr. Rice. Reports were made out
by Edith Edwards and Reta Cutler.
for the patrols is evidenced by fa
vorable reports in the press.
"Through the Hood River Lions
club and with the cooperation of
two police officers, an efficient sys
tem of providing safety to all school
children in this city has been worked
out, and is now in daily operation,"
the Hood River News states. "Full
success will be achieved only if all
operators of cars and trucks will ob
serve not only the signals displayed
by the patrols, but also all stop signs
in the vicinity of the safety cross
ings for school children."
In Hillsboro the Lions club also
aided in establishing a patrol.
"Better cooperation from drivers
than was shown at the initial dem
onstration could not be had," the
Hillsboro Argus reports. "In every
case, motorists stopped their cars
upon request of the junior officers,
and did not start until motioned to
do so." i
The Arlington Bulletin describes
the installing of a safety patrol there
and pleads for full cooperation from
motorists who pass the school
vacation, and strong local support quite painful to Neal, and will keep
him from both school and basket
ball this week.
Greenfield grange met in regular
session Saturday evening. The new
officers took their chairs for the first
time. County Agent Conrad attend
ed, giving a good talk' during the
lecturer's hour, also meeting and
getting acquainted with the local
Prayer meeting will be held at
the home of Mrs. Eva Warner every
Tuesday evening at 7:30. All inter
ested are urged to attend so as to
make these meetings worth while.
Mrs. Myrtle McCutcheon returned
School News
By Jerrine Edwards
The Lexington basketball team
was defeated by the Boardman team
Friday night by a score of 26-21. At
the half the score was Boardman 12,
Lexington 11. The first basket was
made by Boardman. At times the
cheering was so intense that the
referee's whistle could not be heard.
Boardman also won the grade school
game which was played as a prelim
inary. The Lexington team will play at
Irrigon Tuesday evening.
Joyce Biddle won the prize for
having the best contribution to the
Girls' League scrapbook. Lavelle
Pieper was second.
Safety Patrols Set Up
In Oregon New Cities
Schoolboy safety patrols began
operation in three Oregon towns im
mediately following the Christmas
Yellow Jackets
Sting Rabbits, 26-21
The Boardman Yellow Jackets
stung the Lexington Jack Rabbits
Friday, the 20th, on the Lexington
floor, with a score of 26-21. The
game was very exciting and close,
but the Yellow Jackets held the lead
to the finish. The line-up for Board
man is R. Skoubo, R. Partlow, D.
Russell, L. McDonald and N. Bleak
ney. Subs., L. Tannehill and R. De-Mauro.
Ladies Aid society met at the
home of Mrs. Neal Bleakney Wed
nesday. China was the foreign topic
discussed; also bandages were torn
and wrapped for foreign missions.
Fourteen ladies were present
Mrs.Ed Souders was pleasantly
surprised Thursday by a jolly group
of quilters to assist Mrs. Souders in
finishing a quilt. Those present were
Mesdames J. F. Barlow, M. Klitz,
E. Warner, O. Atteberry, I. L. Stout
and C. Nickerson. The hostess served
a delicious noon luncheon.
Ernest Murphy of Columbus, O.,
arrived last week to make his home
with his uncle, G. Dickerhoff. His
mother plans to join him later this
soring. Ernest was welcomed in
grade school this week.
Notice: The Ladies Aid tamale sale
Saturday, Jan. 28. Leave orders at
Gorham's or Coats .
The new county agent, Clifford
Conrad, was calling on various far
mers in Boardman vicinity Thurs
day. He discussed farm problems
with them. Mr. Conrad requests any
one wishing to contact him to mail
him a card and he will call soon.
Mr. and Mrs. Jim Howell enter
tained a few friends at their home
Sunday, honoring the birthday of
Mrs. Claude Mevers. Present for
dinner were the Claude Meyers,
Glen Hadley and Anna Jayne fam
ilies, Earl and Basil Cramer, host
and hostess.
Mr. and Mrs. Tom Miller of Six
Prong, Wash., spent a fortnight on
the Boardman project calling on old
friends and transacting business.
The third series of I. O. O. F pin
ochle parties were in play Wednes
day evening. High scores went to
Ruth Kunze and Jack Gorham, low
to Maude Kobow and Paul DeMauro.
Next party will be Wednesday, Jan.
Nick Faler is spendng a few days
this week in Portland, combining
business and pleasure. Tom Gardner
is in charge of the chores during
Mr. Faler's absence.
Among those shopping and trans
acting business in Pendleton Friday
were Mrs. D. F. Ransier and son
Kenneth and Mr. and Mrs. Paul
Mesdames Eva Warner and Olive
Atteberry were dinner guests of
Mrs. E. T. Messenger at her home
The Boardman grade school bas
ketball squad played the preliminary
game at Lexington Friday and won
with a score of 21-12.
The Boardman Yellow Jackets
will meet the Irrigon team on the
Irrigon floor Friday, Jan. 27.
Neal Bleakney, Jr., had the mis'
fortune of running a fork into one
of his feet Saturday. This has been
to Walla Walla where she is running
the Commercial hotel. She was ac
companied by Mr. McCutcheon and
Ruth Fisher, Mr. McCutcheon and
Ruth remaining for a few days.
Dance at the grange hall Saturday,
Jan. 28. Music by Kobow's Hobows.
Everyone come and have a good
Girl Reserves to Meet at OSC
Oregon State CollegeThe annual
mid-winter conference of the Ore
gon Girl Reserves will be held on
the campus of Oregon State college
January 27 to 29. The program is
built around the theme of world af
fairs. Marian Avery, president of
the Inter-club Girl Reserves of
Portland, is president of the confer-
Among promment campus
speakers will be Dr. O. R. Chambers,
head of the psychology department,
and Don W. Poling, assistant dean of
Lexington United Church
Rev. C. F. Trimble, Pastor.
Sunday School, 10:00.
Sermon by pastor, 11:00.
Christian Endeavor, 6:30 P. M.
United lone Church
Sunday School, 10:00.
Christian Endeavor, 6:30.
See the 1 939
at Lexington
See the new "WEATHER EYE
Jackson Implement Co.
For the
afcurclay, Jan,
Honoring President Roosevelt's 57th Birth
day and Benefitting Infantile
Paralysis Sufferers
Half of net proceeds remain in local fund
Good Music and a Good Time
Tickets $1 .00. Extra ladies 25c
Ladies wishing to make cakes to be auctioned off will be
much appreciated.