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    Thursday, Dec. 22, 1938
Heppner Gazette Times, Heppner, Oregon
Page Five
Leonard Gilman from Pacific U.
and La Verne Van Marter, Jr., from
U. of Oregon arrived Saturday night
to spend the holiday season here.
They came from Portland with Gene
and Harry Normoyle who drove up
from San Francisco to spend Christ
mas at the farm home of Mr. and
Mrs. Lee Beckner near lone. Both
Gilman and Van Marter made foot
ball letters this year, Gilman as all
Northwest left halfback on the Pa
cific eleven, and Van Marter as
backfield man with the Oregon
Paul McCarty and Don Turner, U.
of O. students, arrived home Friday
night for the holidays. McCarty has
been following his bent as a colum
nist on the campus, conducting a
.sports column for the Daily Emerald,
campus publication. Turner has been
mixing up in activities, too, having
assisted with a recent soph class hop.
Mr. and Mrs. Foster Collins arriv
ed this morning from Portland on
their way home to Camas prairie.
They went to the city for specializ
ed treatment for Ms. Collins' health.
She expected to be bedfast for some
six months recuperating from ar
thritis and inflammatory rheuma
tism. Mr. and Mrs. W. W. Bechdolt of
Boardman passed through the city
Saturday on their way to the moun
tain ranch south of Hardman. The
sun was shining brightly while they
were in town, but Mr. Bechdolt said
a lot of fog had prevailed along the
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Barlow and
daughters, Marie and Lucille, plan
to spend Christmas in Portland at
the home of Mr. Barlow's parents,
Mr. and Mrs. A. S. Akers. Richard
Gant of Pullman, Wash., has been
a guest at the Barlow home this
Mr. and Mrs. Jim Hams were in
the city yesterday from the farm
near Hardman. They reported con
siderable snow at their place which
was most welcome. Mr. Hams said
the ground had frozen dry to a
depth of eight inches at his place.
Mr. and Mrs. Chas. B. Cox and
Mr. and Mrs. J. F. Lucas motored to
Walla Walla last Saturday and vis
ited for the day at the home of Mr.
and Mrs. Jack Rayburn. Mrs. Ray
burn is a sister of Mrs. E. L. Morton,
former neighbor of the Cox's here.
E. R. Schafer, in town Monday
from the Freezeout ranch, reported
that very little fog had prevailed
there but had started drifting in.
He was preparing to start feeding
the livestock at this branch of the
large Hynd Bros, operations.
L. Van Marter spent the week end
here from Pendleton, visiting with
his son who is home from college.
Mr. Van Marter recently transferred
to Pendleton from La Grande in his
wok as salesman with Jackson Im
plement company.
Friends here have received word
of the birth of a daughter to Mr.
and Mrs. Gaylord Ingram of Con
don. The young lady has been nam
ed Dorothy Ellen. The Ingrams were
located here last, summer.
Mrs. C. P. Brown and son Paul
are spending the holidays at home
from Corvallis where Paul is a stu
dent and where Mrs. Brown has
been keeping house for him and
several other students.
R. L. Ekleberry was transacting
business here Monday from Mor
gan, preparatory to moving the
family home to a farm near Prosser,
Wash., having recently sold the Mor
gan place,
r T? F.llis nf Tho Dalles accom
panied Francis V. Galloway, district
deputy exalted ruler, when the lat
ter made his official visitation to
Heppner lodge 358 last Thursday
Roland Farrens and Iris Lyon,
students at Eastern Oregon Normal
school, are spending the holidays at
the home of Mr. and Mrs. Walter
Farrens in Heppner.
Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence Redding
were transacting business in the city
yesterday from the Eight Mile farm,
and Mr. Redding expressed pleas
ure for the fall of new snow.
Among Oregon State students ar
riving this week to spend holidays
with home folks were Bernard Mc
Murdo, Harriet Hager, James Far
ley and Norton King.
Jim Carsner spent the week end
here from the ranch in the Spray
district and was inducted into the
mysteries of the Elks lodgs Thurs
day evening.
Millard D. Rodman, district sup
ervisor for soil conservation service,
was in the city yesterday on his
way to Pendleton from the Simna
sho project.
If the party who took tool box
from pick-up in Heppner will re
turn same to my home in town, no
further action will be taken. Luke
Bibby, city. ltp.
Frank Fraters was transacting
business in the city yesterday from
the Eight Mile farm. The new snow
fall had wreathed his face with
smiles. 1
Dr. and Mrs. A. B. Gray and two
children are visiting at the home of
Mr. and Mrs. A. E. Burkenbine, com
ing from their home at Dorris, Cal.
Mr. and Mrs. J. G. Barratt and
family expect to spend Christmas
in Portland at the home of Mr. Bar-
ratt's mother, Mrs. W. B. Barratt.
Mr. and Mrs. Aleott Lundell and
son Bud were transacting business
in the city Tuesday from the farm
in the Gooseberry section.
Dr. J. P. Stewart, Eye-Sight Spe
cialist of Pendleton will be at the
Slim Emert, extensive wheatraiser
of the lone section, was transacting
business here Monday.
Dumb Victim of
Hunt Taken as Pet
At French Ranch
One of the soul-racking sides
of the annual hunting season is the
number of wounded animals that
are left in the woods. Hunters,
generally, do all in their power to
run down the buck deer or bull
elk they know they have injured.
Sometimes, their best efforts are
not sufficient, however, and at
other times an animal is severely
wounded without the hunter be
coming aware of it.
Several cases of injured deer not
being found were reported in the
last hunting season. One such
dumb vitcim was found out at the
W. H. French ranch south of
Hardman this week.
The animal was discovered
standing alone in a thicket. It
stood there, listlessly, for two days,
apparently not caring to move and
plainly quite ill. Mr. French, learn
ing of the animal's condition from
his hired man, caused hay to be
taken to it, then contacted State
Patrolman Bill Francis at Hepp
ner. Mr. Francis and Logie Rich
ardson, president of Morrow Coun
ty Hunters and Anglers club, went
out to investigate, and Francis
gave Mr. French permission to
move the animal on Mr. French's
offering to treat it as best hp could.
The animal had been shot through
the brisket.
Mr. French took out his sled and
rope. As he approached the sick
animal shook its head in a faint
show of resistance, but he suc
ceeded in tying its legs, loaded it
on to the sled and took it to the
barn. At first it didn't want to eat
or drink, but Mr. French coaxed it
along, and he reported when in
town Saturday that it was show
ing signs of much improvement
and is becoming quite a pet.
The animal, a nice four-point
buck which Mr. French described
as ' "bench-legged" because of its
short legs and quite heavy body,
has been named "Bill Francis" in
honor of the game policeman.
Lex People Return
From Eastern Trip
Mr. and Mrs. Ted McDaid have
returned home from a trip which
took them to New York and Wash
ington, D. C. While in New York
they visited with Laurel Beach. They
saw Niagara Falls in the course of
their journey and returned home
the southern route through San
Francisco. While back east they
purchased a new Chevrolet.
Mr. and Mrs. Clair Daugherty
and son Gary left for Connell, Wn.,
Tuesday morning where they will
spend the holidays with relatives.
Mr. and Mrs. James Leach mo
tored to Arlington Sunday, taking
Mr. Leach's sister Opal who will
go to Portland for a few days, after
which she will go to the home of
her sister, Mrs. Raymond White, in
Oakland, Cal., where she plans to
spend the winter.
Joe and Bert Thornburg have been
redecorating the city hall this week.
Mrs. Maude Pointer and children,
Harriet and Fred, departed Thurs
day morning for a tour of the east
where Fred expects to purchase a
new car.
Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Hunt are
the parents of an 8-lb. son, Donald
Lee, born Wednesday, December 14,
at the Corda Saling home in Hepp
ner. Guests at an alumninum demon
stration dinner conducted by Mr.
and Mrs. Roy Lieuallen at the Ralph
Jackson home were Mr. and Mrs.
Frank Munkers and son Leonard,
Mr. and Mrs. Dee Cox, Mr. and Mrs.
Wm. Van Winkle, Mr. and Mrs. Joe
Devine, Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence Pal
mer, Mr. and Mrs. Harry Dinges and
son Dan, Mrs. Laura Scott and Miss
Patricia Jewell.
Ralph Jackson was called to St.
Paul Monday by the death of a cou
sin, Bill Smith.
Sunday dinner guests of Mrs. Nel
son and her son Norman were Miss
Patricia Jewell, Mrs. Laura Scott,
Mr. and Mrs. Edmond Gonty and
son Raymond of Heppner.
Eb McMillan departed this week
for Reno to visit his son Leonard
Mrs. Wright has returned to her
home in Portland after visiting at
the home of her daughter, Mrs. John
Mrs. Harold Townsend was a vis
itor in Pendleton Thursday.
Gene Cutsforth is confined to his
home with an attack of mumps.
A. M. Edwards made a business
trip to Almira, Wash., Monday.
Mrs. O. J. Cox left Saturday eve
ning for Longview, Wash., to spend
the holidays with her hcildren.
A good crowd attended the union
Sunday school Christmas program
Sunday evening. The following num
bers were presented: Finger Play
by beginners' group; recitation by
Lyle and Ronald Peck; recitation
by Loren and Melvin Pieper; Can
dle drill by primary group; play by
the juniors; pageant, "The Story
Retold in Verse and Song," by the
entire school with Mrs. Ira Duelt-
gen as reader.
Union Sunday school will be held
at the Christian church Sunday at
10 a. m., C. E. at 7:30 p. m.. There
will be no church services here next
School News
By Jerrine Edwards
The Lexington basketball squad
was defeated by the Irrigon squad
December 13 by a score of 22-13.
This was the first home game of the
Lexington defeated Echo by a
score of 42-2 on Dec. 15. A pre
liminary game was played by the
two grade school teams, in which
Echo defeated Lexington by a score
of 17-3.
The Lexington team played at
lone Tuesday evening.
The grade school will present the
Christmas operetta, "Susanna's
Christmas Auction," in the school
auditorium Thursday evening. A
community Christmas tree will be
School will be dismissed early on
Friday afternoon for the Christmas
vacation. The various rooms will
have their parties and exchanging
of gifts that day. School will be re
sumed January 3.
The senior class is now selling
Christmas cards and school em
blems, hats and banners.
Hot lunches are being sponsored
by the Social Ridge district this
week. Edith Edwards and Delpha
Jones are cooking.
Masonic Bodies
Install Officers
Following the annual turkey din
ner at six o'clock uTesday evening
at Masonic hall, officers for the
three Heppner Masonic bodies were
installed with impressive ceremon
ies. The hall and dining room were
beautifully decorated in the Christ
mas motif. Officers installed were
as follows:
Heppner Chapter No. 26, R. A. M.:
George N. Ely, high priest; W. Vaw
ter Parker, king; Claude Cox, scribe;
H. 0. Tamblyn, captain of the host;
M. D. Clark, treasurer; E. R. Hus
ton, secretary; C. J. D. Bauman,
principal sojourner; R. C. Wight
man, Royal Arch captain; Hanson
Hughes, master of the third veil;
Chas. B. Cox, master of the second
veil; J. J. Wightman, master of the
first veil; W. E. Pruyn, sentinel.
C. J. D. Bauman was installing of
ficer and R. C. Wightman installing
Heppner Lodge No. 69, A. F. & A.
M.: Archie C. Ball, W. M.; Wm. D.
Campbell, S. W.; James L. Leach, J.
W.; Frank S. Parker, treasurer;
Spencer Crawford, secretary; Thos.
J. Wells, S. D.; Walter Luckman, J.
D.; C. R. McAlister, S. S.; R. A.
Thompson, S. S.; C. J. D. Bauman,
marshal; R. C. Wightman, chaplain;
W. E. Pruyn, tyler. Past Master
Frank S. Parker was installing of
ficer and Past Master C. J. D. Bau
man served as installing marshal.
A past master's jewel was present
ed W. Vawter Parker, retiring wor
shipful master.
Ruth Chapter No. 32, Order of
Eastern Star: Fay Ferguson, wor
thy matron; R. C. Wightman, wor
thy matron; Madge Thompson, asso
ciate matron; W. O. Dix, associate
patron; Muriel Vaughn, secretary;
Emma Evans, treasurer; Etta Par
ker, conductress; Ella Benge, asso
ciate conductress; Anna Bayless,
chaplain; Eppa Ward, marshal; Cora
mae Ferguson, organist; Lera Craw
ford, Adah; Anna Graham, Ruth;
Annie Shafer, Esther; Flora Dimick,
Martha; Lucy Peterson, Electa; Ne
va LeTrace, warder; J. O. Turner,
sentinel. Lena Cox was installing
officer; Virginia Turner, installing
marshal; Gertrude Parker, installing
chaplain, and Juanita Carmichael,
installing organist.
Retiring worthy matron and wor
thy patron, Mary Giuld and C. J. D.
Bauman were presented past matron
and past patron pins; the incoming
worthy matron received a beautiful
basket of flowers, and the install
ing officers were presented potted
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Lost or strayed, yearling steer
from Hardman ranch; branded quar
ter circle over XL Notify, A. S.
Bechdolt, Hardman. 41-42
Joe Green and Francis Nickerson
are spending the holidays with their
parents from their studies at Uni
versity of Oregon.
Miss Irene Beamer arrived the end
of the week from Portland to spend
the holidays with her mother, Mrs.
Clara Beamer.
Ruth Colleary and Vernon Know
les are Eastern Oregon Normal stu
dents spending the holidays with
relatives here.
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Ture Peterson, Mgr.
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