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    Page Four
Heppner Gazette Times, Heppner, Oregon
Thursday, April 14, 1938
Gazette Times
There was a time when anything
Mr. Hoover had to say was thor
oughly discredited by those support
ing the new deal as coming from
an incompetent source. However,
since Mr. Roosevelt has sought to
reorganize the executive department
of the government, his admirers
have discovered that Mr. Hoover,
wisely, once sought to do likewise,
Published every Thursday morning bv Jt may be opined that fifty years
CRAWFORD publishing COMPANY from now new dealers may even
and entered at the Post Office at Hepp- look upon Mr. Hoover with respect
ner, Oregon, aa second-class matter. v
Established March 30, 1883;
Established November 18, 1897;
One thing right hand supporters
of Mr. Roosevelts move to reorgan
lze the government's executive de
partment in aluding to Mr. Hoover'
attempt to do likewise, is that Mr
Three Months"" L8 Hoover did not attempt to dodge
One Year ,
Three Years
Six Months
Single Copies
i05 constitutional methods.
Official Paper for Morrow County
r i I fsH! vr i ins lo m-orm xne wona mat ne aid
WO Newspaper Publishers not choose to be a dictator, he had
When Mr. Roosevelt got reporters
out of bed at 2 o clock in the morn
CiV i in& to inform the world that he did
vO Association
To Seattle?
rEPPNER'S school band won the
just as well have left his own and
the news boys' slumber unbroken,
The American people will give him
no choice in the matter,
Lex. Girl Operated on
A K ".. U 4.: . m . t
TTEPPOT,T?'S .Annl V,- tJ .c ..me ungress snows
H . , , . , , . some signs of intelligence as evi
xKuu lu piay in xne regional denced by its shelving the reorrani
division of the national high school zation bill, there come rumors from
contest to be held at Seattle May 14. Washington that another $4 billion
That is a hieh honor and imnMM a PUDllc W0I-ks bill is about to be
rnnnsikim,, t o-J Passed- After fiv years of futile
X'rJZTZ L effort there seem to be some people
contest the band should be sent t Wh T i, fVi?1 ca bor-nPP;i.i-
A j Tx .-i i.: row himself out of debt and into
juo.-uic. -u uu su. xi is aiso a lilting TJt0Da
reward for the conscientious effort '
of band members and instructor. LEXINGTON NEWS
mere are tnose who view the
Seattle trip askance, however. For
should the band win at. Seattle H
would be almost too much of a load At The DallcS HoSDl'tal
in carA T-v. X - 4-1 A. 1 '
-v. -v. u-dii ui tu uxe iiauunai tj,. til tt..
contest slated to be held at. Chi man
And why go to Seattle, they ask, if Mr and Mrs- Henry Rauch took
the way is not clear to go all the their daughter Edna to The Dalles
way? luesaay or last weeK where she
These and other questions will underwent an operation for appen
worry parents and citizens of the dicitis on Thursday at a hospital
community for awhile. mere.
But in offering congratulations to Cliff Dherty was a business vis-
Mr. Buhman and his bandsters for ltor ln Pendleton Thursday,
their repeated good showing at the Mr- and Mrs- Ladd Sherman and
state band contest, may we hope J- ? Lineberry, teachers in the
for their appearance at Seattle and Lexington school, spent the week
Chicago, too. And if the Seattle end m Portland.
trip is not possible, may they know . Mrs Jimmy Johnson of Portland
that the heart of the community is in Lexington with her mother,
beats for them nonetheless. Mrs- Eva Lane, who is gravely ill.
Mr. and Mrs. Jay Griffith and
Who'; Government? family of Spray visited at the Wm
VVMU OUVernmemY Padberg home Saturday. Mr. Pad-
WHEN some upstart of a union berg who has spent several days in
leader down in California has Spray returned to his home with
the gall to publicly demand that a them.
label be tacked on all wool sacks Mr. and Mrs. Clair Doherty and
showing the contents to have been son Gary motored to Connell Sun
shorn by union shearers, or else a day. Mr. Doherty returned Monday,
national boycott will be declared on Mrs. Doherty will remain for a
lamb and wool, it is time for the week s visit with relatives,
American public to arise and ask, Mrs. George Peck entertained at
"Who's government is this anyway?" her home Friday night with a party
Whether it be CIO or AFL, the " honor of her sister, Miss Etta
union that has any chance of crip- Millet of Monmouth. "500" and Con
pling an industry to fulfill its die- centration were played during the
tates is not working in the interests evening. In "500" Bernice Bauman
of the nation or even of the work- had high score and Nellie Palmer
ers it professes to represent. Only low. Those present were Mesdames
one thing is truly apparent and that Edna Munkers, Nellie Palmer, Merle
is unscrupulous individuals are as- Carmichael, Ann Miller, Thelma
suming unto themselves extra-legal Smethurst, Mary Hunt, Lorena Mil
rights to obtain power for them- ler, Bernice Bauman, Cora Allyn,
selves. , . Anne Johnson, Laura Scott, Cecile
There is a specific responsibility Jackson, Etta Millet, Mrs. Mary
resting upon the national administra- Millet, Elva Ruhl and the hostess,
tion for many of the present econ- Mr. and Mrs. Eslie Walker and
omic ills which have irrefutably family are visiting relatives in Hard
arisen from labor disputes. The na- man.
tional administration has the power Rev. Carlson of Portland will
to squelch the unscrupulous labor preach in the Congregational church
leaders who are preying upon the at 10 a. m. Easter Sunday,
productive efforts of both employ- Mrs. Cecil Jones left for her home
ers and employees of the nation. This at Union Sunday afternoon after
administration has the power to set visiting at the home of her parents,
up boards of arbitration to see that Mr. and Mrs. W. E. McMillan, for
employers and employees alike are the past week.
given just recognition while keep- An Easter program will be put on
ing the wheels of industry moving by the Bible schools of both the
smoothly. Congregational and the Christian
There is nothing American about churches at the Congregational
allowing free American citizens to church Sunday at 11 o'clock. Every-
be forced into unions which have one welcome.
nothing to offer them or the general F. F. Wehmeyer, of the forest
public welfare, and which do naught service, gave an instructive talk at
but take tribute. Let free men band Lexington grange meeting Saturday
themselves together where they will evening. Speaking on the lecturer's
to protect their interests so long as program, he stated Oregon possesses
their methods of accomplishing their 26 percent of the standing timber in
ends be within the bounds of pro- the United States. He quoted from
priety and not injurious to equal President Theodore Roosevelt, who,
rights of other free men; but let no he averred, was preeminent in mak
free man be given the authority to ing us, as a nation, forest conscious,
usurp the God-given prerogatives of Before him President Hayes had as
other free men. Such authority, if sembled a fact-finding conference
permitted to exercise itself, will in to ascertain how best we might util
the ultimate be vanquished by those ize our forests. Under Roosevelt, 125
subjected, for free men love liberty, million acres of forest land was set
Feeds Wrongly Blamed
For Chicken Troubles
Blaming chick rearing troubles on
the feed is a common practice
among poultrymen, for which the
feed salesmen are considerably to
blame themselves, believes H. E,
aside and divided into regions to
conserve and develop their use,
Some of the activities, coordinating
under the forest service are engin
eering, mining, fire-fighting, graz
ing and soil conservation. There are
22 forest divisions in Oregon
Musical selections were provided r..hv hpaA of the oouirv deDart
m t- i t-. -. ..
oy xrina raricer, uona rsarnexx, uar- ment at Oregon State college,
na Campbell and -With Awards. Althmh mixed feeds offered Or
Two new members were elected farrnprs are rather rigidlv reg
and twelve applications for mem- ulated through state law, so far as
having their contents accurately
stated nn labels, rival salesmen en-
Dan Dinges underwent an opera- mlratri nrnA,,PPr susnieion of com-
tion for appendicitis at St. Anthony's pive feeds, which results in dam-
l il 1 T SI l l ! I r '
hospital in Pendleton yesterday.
School News
age to all concerns sooner or later,
and diverts the attention of the pro-
On Wednesday afternoon the grade Uiner frnTn tn( rf,al causes nf his
school received a rare treat m the trouble says Cosby
lorm oi an nour s aaaress Dy miss By guch attitudes a producer
nose ueDDrana on me Mexican 1nSes tauu ;n an braTu.s when, in
i 1
question, ane appeared in costume rpa1u nrpffnn has an outstanding
c Tr i i -i i J '
ui d xuudwn way ana spoxe in list of reputabie poultry feeds pre-
Spamsh tO illustrate many points. lA tw .nientifio.minHe.l men ,hn
She also showed the children sever- cfav aUrea nf nritirmal
al articles which she brought with ledg .. Cosb lwhen chicks
i-.-.-- t. tt ; o ; a I i I '
ae' "um iviexiuo. o nce xne nun start to die off the cause is most
grade was studying the country of often found eisewhere than in the
Mexico at the time she came, the feed being used
uxuiuren usjea many quesxions ana
received much valuable information, ii ...! r n. . L
Half f te - nioc D-,f. MiTiinscrei vusr 10 u.
- -v- ,"' 6J"" wut.
tained the others with a play day Fgf-gj ToiTIOrrOW
Tuesday afternoon in return for a
like entertainment given them a Heppner Elks will be host to the
week aeo cast of the recent minstrel show at
Students and teachers are very a dinner slated tor the lodge hall at
busy preparing for open house to ' 0 clocK tomorrow evening,
be held this Friday evening. Doors Invited as guests are all those who
open at 7:30 and you are free to were in any way connected with the
look at the things on display. There show's presentation.
will also be a Drogram. and don't
forget the luncheon set will be giv- sPech Conference Set for OSC
en away. Uregon btate College Ihe eighth
Maxine Way and Wilma Tucker annual state speech conference of
Will represent Lexington's typing the Oregon Speech association is
class at the typing contest to be scheduled for this campus Friday
held at Heppner Saturday morning, and Saturday, April 22-23. The con
ference is devoted to the interests
Water Officials Plan of elementary, high school and coir
. lege teachers of speech in this state,
Conference in SpOKane says Dr. Earl W. Wells, Oregon State
Oregon State College-Officers of c' f?slaem ftailea Pro"
make a brooder out of an inverted
wash tub and a lantern. While he
explained to the inquirer how such
a makeshift brooder is supposed to
be made, he added that he would
much prefer to raise a small num
ber of chicks with hens than to take
chances on this type of equipment.
Myrtle Wood Process Developed
Oregon State College A new
method of seasoning myrtle wood
which is expected to widen its use
and prevent much present waste has
been worked out by the wood prod
ucts research department of the
school of forestry here. Myrtle wood
has heretofore resisted attempts to
season it in a commercial dry kiln.
Some details of the process remain
to be perfected, but a successful
basic schedule has been found.
I am putting out salt poisoning
for rabbits and grain poisoning for
squirrels in all of my fields. Owners
of stray stock requested to take no
tice. LEO GORGER, Lexington.
O Ten Years Ago
water departments in cities through
out Oregon, Washington and north-
gram just issued lists busy sessions
devoted to group meetings, forensic
a-tAX.llgL.1-lJ, CtllVA 111" I l"L4x , m
ern Idaho are invited to attend the , ' aens"ra:
xions ana speecn clinics. The tinal
feature will be the Oregon high
school championship debate to be
held over KOAC, the state radio
1938 convention of the Pacific north
west section of the American Wa
terworkers association to be held at
Spokane May 19 to 21, announces
Fred Merryfield, assistant professor
of civil engineering at Oregon State .. .
. " . t iuaKesniri Brooders i-xpensive
Corvallis Makeshift equipment
Prnfessnr Merrvfielrl W in.t 0,m IOr Use ln hatching Or brooding
plied all members of the association fhickens is most expensive in the
witn an outime or the program
which shows many technical mat
ters in conjunction with the opera
long run, Wieves H. E. Cosby, head
of the poultry department at Ore
gon State college. His comment came
tion of water systems which will be as a result of inquiries on how to
discussed at the convention.
Such questions as water meters,
public utility valuation, water works
planning, water filters and steril
izing of new mains will be discussed.
Inspection of the Spokane water
system and of the Coulee dam are
also included.
(From Gazette Times, April 12, 1928)
F. R. Brown of Bown Warehouse
Co. this week purchased three cars
of wheat, 1927 cop, paying $1.25 a
Large crowd attended Easter can
tata, Resurrection Morn,' ven
by combined choirs at Church of
Christ, Sunday.
Mrs. Sofia Cardine Carlson, pion
eer, passes at Portland home.
Pendleton Buckaroos beat locals
16 to 1.
Born, to Mr. and Mrs. Paul Aiken,
April 5, a son.
J. D. Bauman is feeling pretty
prod there days, driving about in a
new Whippet coupe, recently pur
chased from Cohn Auto Co.
Henry Howell departed this morn
ing for Irrigon where he will join a
shearing crew.
Dutch operetta to be presented
April 25 by high school students.
Phelps Funeral Home
Ambulance Service
Trained Lady Assistant
Phone 1332 Heppner, Ore.
Miss Margaret Wightman arrived
Saturday from Wrangle, Alaska, to
visit her bothers, John and Robert
Wightman here. Miss Wightman has
been a government nurse in Alaska
for 31 years, and at times in her
work has been the only white wo
man within a radius of several hun
dred miles. She once had the dis
tinction of having been farther north
than any other white woman.
The Dalles Freight Line Inc.
Daily Service Between
and Way Points
Warehouse: KANE'S GARAGE Carl D. Spickerman, Agent
Bids are hereby called for by the
Directors of School District No. 1,
Morrow County, Oregon, for the con
struction of a Smith-Hughes Shop
Building 31 feet by 64 feet by 12
feet. Bids wanted on both cement
and hollow tile construction. Details
can be secured at the city superin
tendents' office. Bids to be opened
Saturday, April 23. The board re
serves the right to reject any or all
Clerk School District No. 1,
Heppner, Oregon.
Outstanding warrants of School
District No. 25, Morrow County,
Oregon, numbered 171 to 268 inclu
sive, will be paid on presentation
to the district clerk. Interest on
said warrants ceases April 14, 1938.
Clerk, School District 25,
Boardman, Oregon.
a Seed
' (All Grades)
See us for prices on Seed Grain
Farmers Elevator
Phone 302