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Thursday, March 31, 1938
Heppner Gazette Times, Heppner, Oregon
Page Three
Heavy Program Slated
For Pomona Grange
By Bertha Hunt
An unusually heavy program is
before Morrow County Pomona
grange, convening at Lexington
grange hall Saturday, announces
Mrs. Mipnie McFarland, Pomona
master, because of which members
are urged to meet promptly at 10
a. m. Mr. Thompkins, field examiner
from the J. D. Ross office, and Mr.
Teutsch, assistant leader of county
agents, will speak on the lecturer's
program beginning about 1:30 p. m.,
to which all are cordially invited.
After the program, Mr. Teutsch will
be in charge of a meeting of the sev
eral agricultural committees and all
others interested, in a discussion of
the '38 program for agriculture.
B. H. Peck.
r Lexington grange will hold its reg
ular meeting Saturday, April 9, at
which time certain state grange of
ficers are to be balloted upon.
J. P. Lineberry spent the week
end in Portland.
Jack and Wayne McMillan of
Portland are visiting their parents,
Mr. and Mrs. S. G. McMillan.
Mr. and Mrs. Karl Miller of Jef
ferson are visiting relatives in this
community In a deal completed this
week Orville Cutsforth bought the
Miller ranch located north of Lex
ington. Mr. and Mrs. Joe Wise with their
two children spent last week at the
home of Mrs. Wise's great gran
dmother, Mrs. Sarah Booher.
The Lexington depot will open the
tbfe first of April with Mr. Halfpen
ny in charge.
Arthur Hunt made a business trip
to Pendleton Saturday.-
Relatives from out of town at
tending the funeral of J. G. Johnson
in Lexington on Sunday were Mr.
and Mrs. Paul Nichols, Mr. and Mrs.
Edward Burchell and son, Larry
and Bill Burchell, all of Corvallis;
Mrs. LaMarr Sandy of Forest Grove,
Grace Burchell, M. A. Hendrix and
Mr. and Mrs. J. E. Hendrix of As
toria, Mr and Mrs. Hayes Stockard,
son Nat and daughter Opal of Her
miston, and Mr. and Mrs. Dale Ray
and daughter, Miss Gladys Bresh
ears of lone.
James Leach motored to The
Dalles Sunday. He reports Mrs.
Leach's father, Mack Smith, to be
in a critical condition following his
recent major operation. .
Shirlee Smith, teacher in the
Heppner school, spent the week end
at the L. L. Beach home.
While Mr. and Mrs. J. E. Hen
drix, M. A. Hendrix and Grace Bur
chell, all of Astoria, were enrout'e to
Lexington Friday to attend the fu
neral of J. G. Johnson a tire blew
out near Blalock, causing the car to
leave the highway. All occupants es
caped serious injury.
Mrs. Wm. Campbell and her
daughter Patsy returned Sunday
from Beaverton where they spent
last week visiting with relatives.
Jackson Implement company de
livered an Imperial Chrysler custom
built sedan to Dr. McMurdo in Hepp
ner last week. There is just one oth
er like it in the state, owned by
Governor Martin.
Marcella Jackson had a growth
removed from the sole of her foot
at a doctor's office in Heppner Fri
' See the lovely 34-piece tea set of
"Golden Wheat" china on display at
Lexington, to be given away by the
junior class soon.
We are going to miss our janitor,
with his friendliness and attractive
smile. He was a character one can
not easily forget, and we never shall.
Boardman Hunter
Tells Coyote Work
class under the super
vision of G. A. Corwin, motored out
to visit Mr. Knoblock last Friday
mnmintf in the bus. Adam Knob
lock, Boardman federal hunter of
Morrow county, is one of the best
and most picturesque of the United
States biological survey's predatory
animal killers. Adam said that the
coyote situation in Oregon is now
well in hand. The predatory animai
control has been established in this
state for about twenty years. Prior
to its establishment in this state
sheepmen estimated an annual loss
of 10 percent based on the total cen
sus of their flocks. Today figures
show that the loss has been reduced
to 1.1 percent. "Even with the loss
all over Oregon placed as low as 1.1
percent," said Adam, "the sum con
cerned is still tremendous, as Ore
gon's 2,382,500 sheep and goats are
valued at $25,000,000, which would
bring the annual coyote loss -in
money to $281,350. It should be re
membered, too, that these figures
concern sheep only and that the de
predation of coyotes on poultry and
game birds are impossible even to
estimate. The coyote is nature's
craftiest killer, a shrewd animal that
thrives in relatively thickly popu
lated areas. Oganized warfare on the
coyotet, such as is carried on by the
federal government, is the only way
to control them."
The Home Ec club met at the
home of Mrs. Nick Faler on Wed
nesday afternoon. The main topic of
the afternoon was the preparation
for the coming Easter bazaar.
Miss Hazel Tyler who has been
employed in Portland is home visit
ing her mother, Mrs. Grace Tyler.
Miss Grace Baker returned Sun
day after spending the past week
with her mother in Freewater.
Earl Cramer and son Basil re
turned from Spokane Friday to visit
Mr. Cramer's parents, Mr. and Mrs.
Frank Cramer.
Mr. and Mrs. Wilalrd Baker spent
the week end visiting friends in Eugene.
Miss Virginia Compton spent the
week end visiting her father in Hil
gard. ,
Warren Dillon and Mildred Ayers
were business visitors in Hermiston
Miss Maye Fisher of La Grande is
visiting her parents, Mr. and Mrs.
John Fisher, for the coming two
Miss Virginia Compton spent Mon
day shopping in Pendleton.
Miss Lucy Rodgers of Heppner
and Mrs. Cowgill of Corvallis visit
ed in the schoil Friday, organizing
the 4-H clubs for the coming year.
The F. F. A. boys motored to Ar
lington Friday to attend their an
nual field day. Different contests
were held during the day with a
smoker in the evening.
, Miss Jeanne Bauer spent the week
end in Pendleton.
Beginning April 3 the chuch ser
vices in the Community church will
be held in the morning immediately
after Sunday school.
Vernon Root, Mrs. Ray Bown and
Glen Carpenter motored to La
Grande where they will spend a
few days.
Mrs. Victor Greg gand daughter
of Battleground, Wash., are visiting
Mrs. Gregg's parents, Mr. and Mrs.
George McCutcheon
Mr. and Mrs. E. Simila have taken
over the Chas. Hango farm. Mr. and
O Ten Years Ago
Mrs. Hango will make their home
in Portland. A surprise farewell par
ty was given for Mr. and Mrs. Han
go Friday evening with a number
of guests present
Mrs. Martie returned from The
Dalles hospital this past week, where
has has been recovering from an
appendicitis operation.
Fred Martin spent the week end
visiting friends in Athena.
Mrs. Buster Rands and Mrs. Ernie
Peck were shoppers in Pendleton
S. C. Russell, Clyde Tannehill, J.
F. Gorham, Ernie Peck and W. A.
Baker motored to Walla Walla Fri
day to attend a meeting concerning
the docks to be built on the Colum
bia river.
W. H. French and J. E. Craber
were in from thet Hardman country
yesterday. Mr. French reported that
the mercury registered 6 degrees
above zero at his Blue Mountain
farm yesterday morning
I will be a candidate for the Re
publican nomination for the office
of County Commissioner at the Pri-
marv Nominating Election, May 20,
1938. My record is your guarantee,
and my experience is your protec
GEO. N. PECK (Incumbent)
(Paid adv.)
The Pendleton Buckaroos will' ap
pear here Sunday to test strength of
locals in pre-season baseball game
Heppners nine-hole golf course
slated for improvement with en
larged greens and better fairways.
Helen Balsiger and Allan Learn
ed married Sunday at lone.
Dr. A. D. McMurdo has leased the
Webb residence in east Heppner
belonging to B. G. Sigsbee and is
having it remodeled and recondi
tioned into a modern hospital.
Dean T. Goodman and Mrs. Gladys
Baker married here Sunday.
Feature attractions at Star thea
ten Tom Mix in "The Last Trail,"
Lon Chaney in "Mr. Wu," John Gil
bert in "Twelve Miles Out," Harry
Langdon in "The Strong Man.'
Dates for Morrow County Chau
tauqua and pioneer reunion set for
May 31-June 1-2-3.
Max Gorfkle from Pendleton con
tracts Emil Groshen wool at 35 cents,
Phelps Funeral Home
Ambulance Service
Trained Lady Assistant
Phone 1332 Heppner, Ore.
I will be a candidate for the Re
publican nomination for County
Commissioner in the coming Pri
mary Election, and if nominated and
elected my former experience in the
office will enable me to give you the
very best of service. I will appreciate
your support. Respectfully,
(Paid Adv.) Heppner, Ore.
I will again be a candidate for the
office of County Treasurer on the
Republican Primary Ballot, May 20,
1938, and ask for your support.
In past elections my democratic
friends have written my name in on
their primary ballots, thus making
me their candidate also, a manifes
tation of friendship that I greatly
I solicit the support of all voters
and hope that I have proved myself
worthy of the confidence reposed in
Present Incumbent.
I will be a candidate for the nom
ination for the office of County As
sessor at the Democratic Primary
Nominating Election, May 20, 1938.
If norniaated and elected I will
continue to serve to the best of my
(Paid Adv.) THOMAS J. WELLS.
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Governor Martin
The allocation by the President of funds
for the construction of the Bonneville pro
ject was, in a large measure, due to the ac
tivities of Genral Martin while serving this
State as a member of the Congress.
Declaring that the project should be ad
ministered for the best interests of all the
people in the State, the Governor has, to
this end, pledged himself to co-operate with
the President and Administrator Ross in
every way possible.
It was largely through his efforts that
ship locks were included in the Bnneville
project thus making it possible for sea
going vessels to take on and deliver cargoes
as far up stream as The Dalles. He has
never ceased his fight for the canalization
of the Upper Columbia in order that the
grain growers and shippers of the Inland
Empire may enjoy such favorable rates as
are obtained through water competition.,
Pd. Adv., Re-Elcct-Governor-Martin Club, 612 Railway
Exchange Bldg., Portland, Ore.
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