Heppner gazette-times. (Heppner, Or.) 1925-current, June 10, 1937, Page PAGE FIVE, Image 5

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Mr. and Mrs. E. L. Vinton and son
Dick arrived in the city Monday on
their way from Coquille ot Kansas
City. Mr. Vinton, the engineer who
liad charge of construction of the
Oregon-Washington highway from
Heppner to Heppner Junction, now
has an engineering position with
PWA, being a director in charge of
six states with headquarters at Kan
sas City. Mrs. Vinton was formerly
Miss Lorraine Groshens of this city.
They were making the trip to Mis
ouri by car.
Dr. and Mrs. A. P. Culbertson ar
rived the end of the week from their
home in Ann Arbor, Mich, for a
visit at the home of Dr. Culbert
son's daughter, Mrs. Lucille McAtee
Dr. Culbertson made many friends
here while practicing medicine in
this city several years ago, and has
enjoyed renewing acquaintances. He
is enjoying quite good health in
spite of his advanced years, having
crossed the four-score mark.
Mrs. Harold Stiles of Portland ar
rived Saturday to spend a month
visiting with her mother, Mrs. Josie
Jones, while her husband is in St.
Paul. June 7 to 11, attending the na
tional convention of American Bank
ers institute, and at Rutgers univer
sity following, taking a summer
short course in banking. Mr. Stiles
is a past president of the institute.
He is assistant cashier with the U. S.
Uatonal bank of Portland.
Mr. and Mrs. Melvin Johnstone
were week-end guests at the home
of Mr. and Mrs. Fred Lucas. They
have resided during the school year
at Estacada where for the past sev
eral years Mr. Johnstone has been
superintendent of schools. He head
ed the Lexington schools a few years
ago. While here they enjoyed greet
ing many friends made while resi
dents of this county.
Mr. and Mrs. Bert Palmateer and
children were in town Tuesday from
Morgan. Mr. Palmateer reported
having spring grain shoulder high,
and his fall grain also looked good
though the stand is thinner than
the spring grain. All the grain is
headed out and the kernel is form
ing. A good rain would help a lot
in making it fill, he said.
Mr. and Mrs. Charles W. Barlow
motored to Portland Sunday for a
visit. Mr. Barlow returned Monday.
while Mrs. Barlow remained below
for a longer visit with her parents,
Mr. and Mrs. A. S. Akers. Their
daughter, Edith Marie, stayed at the
Akers home while attending school
in the city for the last school year.
Charles and Bernard McMurdo ac
companied their parents, Dr. and
Mrs. A. D. McMurdo, and son Scott,
home from Corvallis the end of the
week. Both were students at Ore
gon State college during the last
school year, and Charles was among
the large class of seniors graduated
on the Tuesday evening previous.
While below to attend the Degree
of Honor grand lodge at Portland re
cently, Mrs. Emmet Ayers went on
to Eugene for a visit at the home of
her son, Harold Ayers. She reported
Harold well located in a position
with a furniture store in the univer
sity city.
Mrs. Mary Van Vactor and son
Sam E. Van Vactor, Jr., were in the
city yesterday from The Dalles to
attend funeral rites for their old
time friend and neighbor, the late
Mrs. C. A. Minor. Sam is now dep
uty district attorney of Wasco coun
ty. Mr. and Mrs. Wave Jackson of
Willows, Cal., arrived in Mt. Vernon
just in time to attend funeral ser
vices for Mrs. Jackson's aunt, the
late Mrs. C. A. Minor. They also
accompanied the funeral party to
Heppner for the burial here.
Dr. J. P. Stewart, Eye-Sight Spec
ialist of Pendleton, will be at the
DAY, June 16th.
Josephine Mahoney returned home
the first of the week from a week's
visit in Portland.
Mr. and Mrs. Hugh Shaw and
children were in the city yesterday
transacting business. They recently
located on a 20-acre farm out east of
Stanfield, and Mr. Shaw reported he
had just finished cutting his first
crop of hay with good results.
Mr. and Mrs. Harold Cohn mo
tored across the desert from Ellens-
burg on their return to Heppner
Monday evening, just an hour ahead
of the terrific dust storm which
came across the same route, scoop
ing up the Horseheaven sands.
Mr. and Mrs. Phil Brady and two
children from Mitchell came to
Heppner to attend burial rites for
Mrs. Brady's mother, the late Mrs.
C. A. Minor. They returned home
shortly after noon today accompan
ied by Mr. Minor and Ellis. '
Archie Saling and Mrs. Chester
Saling were visiting friends and rel
atives in the city Monday from Grant
county, Archie coming over from
Galena and Mrs. Saling from Prairie
City. They departed for home Mon
day evening.
Mrs. John Skuzeski and children
accompanied F. W. Turner to Port
land this morning by car, expecting
to visit with relatives in the city for
a time. Mr. Turner went to the city
on business.
Mrs. Kenneth Oviatt accompanied
Marion Oviatt on the stage to Pen
dleton Tuesday and visited with her
parents, Mr. and Mrs. Bruce Ellis,
returning on the stage in the eve
ning. Walter McGhee, farm implement
representative from Walla Walla,
was a business caller in the city the
first of the week.
Mrs. Lucy O'Brien was a business
visitor in the city Monday from the
Butter creek farm.
Ed Dick and Ray Banister motored
to Portland Tuesday to buy equip
ment for the new garage and service
station, ground for which was brok
en at the old Palace hotel corner this
Louis Gilliam, who majored in for
estry as a student at O. S. C. the last
year, arrived home this week. Louis
will have charge of a forest look-out
station near La Grande for the sum
mer. Mrs. Alex Green returned home
Sunday from Portland after a week's
visit in the city at the home of her
daughter, Mrs. Wallace Green. She
was met at Arlington by Cornett
W. H. Humphreys is returning to
his home in Salem today, after trans
acting business here for a couple of
days in connection with the estate of
his brother, the late Mel Humphreys.
Ed Dick, Elwynne Lieuallen and
Miss Irene Beamer were Pacific uni
versity students returning to their
homes in Heppner this week at the
close of school for the summer.
Donald Jones, son of Mr. and Mrs.
Alva Jones, underwent an operation
for appendicitis at Heppner hospital
last Friday, and is making satisfac
tory progress toward recovery.
Mr. and Mrs. Glenn Farrens were
visitors in the city Monday from the
Hardman farm home.
Fred Fulgham and son were visit
ors in the city Monday from Lexington.
Mose Ashbaugh of McMinnville
and E. R. Jones of Yakima, Wash.,
are business visitors in town today,
also enjoying a visit with relatives
and old-time friends.
A. T. King from Kinzua visited
over Sunday at the home of his
daughter, Mrs. J. V. Crawford.
J. B. Huddleston is visiting in the
city today from the farm home near
Lone Rock.
Miss Patricia Mahoney departed
Monday evening for Portland after a
week's visit here with relatives and
friends, Miss Mahoney has a posi
tion in the city.
Chester Christenson, Oregon State
college student, arrived home for the
summer vacation this week.
Miss Ilene Kilkenny arrived home
this week for a vacation from her
studies as a nurse in Portland.
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