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Miss Jeanette Turner, daughter!
of Mr. and Mrs. F. W. Turner, and
Miss Ruth Turner, daughter of Mr.
and Mrs. W. H. Turner, left yester
day for Eugene and Corvallls re
spectively, Miss Jeanette to re
sume her work at the University of
Oregon and Miss Ruth to enter
Oregon State college as a fresh
man. F. W. Turner took them In
his car.
Commitment services were held
at Heppner cemetery Monday for
Charles Thomas, flve-day-old son
of Mr. and Mrs. Wilbur Steagall of
Lexington, with Phelps Funeral
home in charge, and Rev. P. J.
Stack officiating.
Mr. and Mrs. A. A. Amort (nee
Melba Griffiths) and son John ar
rived in Heppner late Saturday
night and visited until Sunday noon
with Heppner relatives and friends.
Their home is in Portland.
Henry Smouse was one of a group
of farmers from the lone district
transacting business in the city
yesterday. Mr. Smouse is presi
dent of the Morrow County Grain
Growers association.
W. N. "Bill" Huddleston, who
managed the annual cowboy con
vention in his home town, was over
from Ukiah for the last day of the
Rodeo and walked away with some
of the race money.
Reward for return of black imi
tation leather suitcase containing
man's and woman's clothing which
was taken from the hotel at the
time of the fire. W. N. Huddles
ton, Ukiah, Ore.
Mr. and Mrs. Olaf Bergstrom
came in from the Eight Mile farm
home Tuesday to transact business.
Harvest is now generally over In
their district and fall work is being
Mr. and Mrs. R. B. Ferguson mo
tored to Prineville Thursday and
returned that night accompanied by
Mrs. Leonard Schwarz who is
spending the week visiting home
Miss Charlotte Woods, instructor
of music for the last two years in
the Heppner schools, was a week
end guest of Miss Madge Coppock.
She will teach at Cloverdale this
Willis Stewart, former livery sta
ble proprietor and one-time lead
ing weather prophet of Heppner,
was over from his home on the
John Day river to take in the Ro
deo. Wm. O'Rourke, former resident
of this city now In the creamery
business in Pendleton, enjoyed
greeting old-time friends while at
tending the Rodeo Saturday.
Clifford Sims, receiver of the
banks at Milton and Arlington, vis
ited over Monday with Heppner
relatives and friends, departing for
Arlington Tuesday morning.
Mr. and Mrs. Guy Shaw were
transacting business in the city
Tuesday. Mr. Shaw is starting a
windmill, well and plumbing work
business in his home town.
Miss Rose Owen of Pendleton Is
staying with her sister, Mrs. Pat
Mollahan, during Mr. Mollahan's
absence on his trip to his old home
In Ireland.
Judge and Mrs. C. L. Sweek cams
over from Pendleton for the Rodeo
Friday, and were guests at the
home of Mr. and Mrs. Gay M. An
derson. W. H. French was In from his
Blue Mountain farm home south
of Hardman Tuesday, looking fit
as a fiddle after his recent severe
Will trade portable gasoline heat
er In good condition for wood heat
er, wheat or what have you. Mrs,
L. G. Rumble, General Hospital
Herb Thompson, a judge at last
year's Rodeo, was among a group
of Interested spectators who vlS'
ited this year's show from Pendle'
Dr. J. P. Stewart, Eye-Sight
Specialist of Pendleton, will be at
Hotel Heppner on Wednesday,
Sept. 20, 9 a. m. to 6:30 p. m. Ad.
Will M. Peterson, attorney and
leading democrat of the Umatilla
county metropolis, saw the Rodeo
Friday In company with his son.
The Methodist Woman's Foreign
Missionary society will hold Its
regular meeting at the church next
Tuesday, Sept. 19, at 2:30 o'clock.
Born to Mr. and Mrs. J. E. Mor
gan of lone at the home of Mrs.
Pat Mollahan In this city Sunday
morning, a 9-pound boy.
Dr. Wilson D. McNary, president
of the Round-Up, and Mr. Sturgls
were among Pendletonlans who at
tended the Rodeo.
Mr. and Mrs. John W. Hiatt of
La Grande took time off to visit
Heppner friends and relatives dur
ing the Rodeo.
Warren Stender of lone under
went an operation for removal of
tonsils at Heppner hospital "Tues
day morning.
Concord grapes at Suddarth's,
lV4c per lb. cash or wheat. Yt mile
S. Columbia highway, 2 miles W, of
Mr. and Mrs. Don Gaily of La
Grande visited at the homo of Mr.
Gaily's brother, Hubert, during the
Mr. and Mrs. Roy Ohleschlager
of The Dalles visited with Heppner
friends during the Rodeo.
Will pay market price for one ton
soft wheat. Call Mrs. L. G. Kura
ble, General Hospital. Hp.
Mr. and Mrs. Y. P. Rutherford
celebrated their 50th wedding an
niversary Wednesday, September 6.
A lovely dinner was served in the
afternoon at their home on the
project, covers being laid for 22.
Guests present were their son, F.
E. Rutherford of Boardman, their
daughter, Mrs. Clyde Wristen of
Brentwood, Calif., Mr. and Mrs.
C. M. Rutherford of Toledo, Wn.,
Mrs. Asburn Lemon, Mrs. Italia
Morrison and Mrs. Loretta Peters,
all of Seattle; Ida Lewis of Yaki
ma, Wn,, Mr. and Mrs. Lewis
Weatherell and daughters and Mr.
and Mrs. D. L. Lemon of Arlington;
Mr. and Mrs. Chas. Marvel of Rock
Creek and Glen Rutherford, Mrs.
Eva Warner and Mr. and Mrs. Geo.
Wicklander. In the evening the
grange and friends held a recep
tion for them in the school audi
torium. After the program of mu
sic and a mock wedding, all retired
to the dining room where a lovely
lunch was served. The room and
table were decorated with gold col
ored flowers and crepe paper. Mrs.
T. E. Hendricks made the large
wedding cake. Mrs. W. O. King as
toastmaster called on several for
toasts. After lunch a dance was
held in the gymnasium. A very
large crowd was present for the
occasion honoring Mr. and Mrs.
Mr. and Mrs. Fred Wilson of
Walla Walla were visitors Sunday
at the Weston home. Mr. Wilson
and Mr. Weston were friends forty
years ago at Castle Rock and
Wyeth. Mr. Wilson is road master
of the O.-W. R. & N.
Miss Brown from Eugene came
to Boardman Sunday where she
will teach In the local high school,
taking the place of Miss Leibbrand
who resigned recently. Miss Brown
and Miss Galley are boarding with
Mrs. Eva Warner, and the other
teachers are at the hotel at this
A large crowd attended the
teachers' reception in the school
house Saturday evening, given by
the board of directors. The eve
ning was spent by playing games
and a program of music, after
which lunch was served in the cafe
teria. The Ladies Aid Silver tea was
held last Friday afternoon at the
Gorham home. Mrs. Eva Warner
took charge of the meeting. A
dainty lunch was served by Mese
dames J. F. Gorham, Albin Sund
sten, Wm. Strobel and Bryce Dil
labough. "
Mrs. Buster Rands and daughter
Mary Ann are here visiting with
Mrs. Rands' parents, Mr. and Mrs.
Mike Healey.
George Blayden and Jess Lower
were business visitors in Moro last
Bill La Londe who is working
during harvest near Dufur was
home for a few days last week.
Bill Ayers spent the week end In
Mrs. Earl Cramer, Mrs. Frank
Stevens and Miss Bethmyrl Miller
motored to La Grande last Thurs
day. Miss Miller will teach again
this year In the La Grande city
grade school.
Miss Mary Healey of The Dalles
spent Sunday here with her par
ents. Mr. and Mrs. L. V. Root and son
Vernon left Friday for a two weeks
vacation. While away they will at
tend the postmasters' convention in
Seattle and visit relatives in Port
land and Corvallls.
Mrs. Gladys Fortier and Norma
Gibbons left Wednesday for Eu
gene where Miss Gibbons will at
tend the university.
Guy Barlow, deputy sheriff, at
tended the Heppner Rodeo last
week where he assisted Sheriff
Bauman with his work.
Jack Sayers visited friends in
Boardman last week.
S. H. Boardman of Salem was a
visitor in town last Friday.
Mr. and Mrs. Alfred Skoubo are
the parents of a son, born at their
home in Boardman last Monday
George Kirk who has been ser
iously ill is now reported to be on
the road to recovery.
Lotus Robison was moving the
last of his household goods Monday.
The Robisons are now domiciled at
their new home in Heppner and
Richard is attending Heppner high
Holly Leathers and daughter
Grace came over from their Kim
berly ranch last week and spent
several days visiting at the home
of Mr. Leathers' son and daughter.
In-law. Mr. and Mrs. Carl Leath
ers. While nere Mr. Learners wok
in the Rodeo and states he not only
had a most enjoyable time but
found It a most opportune place
to meet his many old time Morrow
county friends.
Ad Inskeep returned from the
mountains the last of the week
where he has been making his win
ter's wood.
Mrs. J. W. Stevens and sister.
Mrs. Nettie Billmlre, and Mrs. John
Adams were all day visitors of Mrs
L. J. Burnside at their Rood con'
yon ranch last Tuesday.
This community was well repre
sented at the Heppner Rodeo both
days, leaving our little city almost
deserted on Saturday. Both Bud
Cannon and Carl Leathers took In
truck loads of passengers.
Mr. and Mrs. Hiram Johnson and
family have moved into the Rood
canyon district whore the children
are attending school.
Mr. and Mrs. Merle Venable of
Arlington took time off to attend
the Rodeo.
Place vour order for your favor
lte pie with Mrs. George Moore. 28
Superior 20-dlsc drill for sale
W. Valentine, Lexington. 2(l-29jg
C. C. C. Cruisers Making
New Survey of Forest
(Editor's Note: This Is the sec
ond of a series of articles dealing
with the work accomplishments of
the various crews at Camp Bull
Prairie, written by Bull Prairie
If anyone should happen to be
strolling through the Umatilla for
est, he would probably be startled
to hear an ocasional cry of "Yo!
Yo!" That, my readers, is the call
that the cruiser crew has tentative
ly adopted.
Their work is considered to be
rather hazardous. Therefore, the
crew, which consists of Jimmy Di
Gregario, Dick Cardwell, Al "Tam
arack" Shastik, Izzy Golden, Izzy
Klopot, Maurice Shostack, Sam
Wilson, Eugene Kosciuk, Joe Bus
ceml and Jacob Witlin, were espec
ially picked for the work.
Up to the present time, the sur
vey crew has completed about 10,-
000 acres. All this work has been
carried on in the Umatilla National
forest which was last completely
surveyed in 1879. The boys have
discovered and corrected many er-
ors that were made previously.
They have finished all of the ter
ritory surrounding Camp Bull
Prairie and the Notch. From there
they expect to go to establish a
camp at Long Prairie, where work
of a similar nature will be done.
Under the supervision of H. C.
Heine, Jr., the crew has made rap
id progress. Right now they are
considered one of the most out
standing crews at the camp. The
transportation is ably handled by
Boyd Huston of Monument.
Districts Not Liable
For Bus Accidents
"A school district in operating a
bus for the transportation of pu
pils is acting as an agency of the
state in affording children an op
portunity to secure an education.
The district is acting for the com
mon good and without purpose of
obtaining pecuniary profit In oth
er words the district is acting in a
governmental capacity and is there
fore not liable for damages in case
of accident."
This recent supreme court decis
ion is cited by Mrs. Lucy E. Rod
gers, county school superintendent,
who says further:
"However, action for damages
may be brought against the driver
of the bus in case of accident and
he can be held Habit. The driver
should be protected by liability in
surance, and the district should
take this into consideration in fix
ing the salaries of bus drivers, and
should require such insurance even
though there is no law specifying
the requirement of liability insur
The superintendent points out
that school busses are required by
law to display in a prominent po
sition on the front and rear of the
bus the words "School Bus" in let
ters not less than six inches high
and of proportionate width. Busses
must come to a full Btop before
crossing railroads. - All motor ve
hicles in passing a bus which is
loading or discharging pupils must
slow down to a rate of speed not
exceeding 15 miles an hour.
Bachelor Five Meet
The Bachelor Five sewing club
of Rocky Bluff took all prizes In
their division at North Morrow
County fair at Irrlgon. Ribbons
were awarded as follows: 1st,
Clifford Carlson; 2nd, Clarence Ba
ker; 3rd, David H. Baker; 4th,
Merle G. Baker; 5th, Henry Peter
son, Jr. This completes the year s
work under the leadership of Miss
Redding. As the club members
completed their work 100 percent
an achievement certificate and pins
will be awarded. David Baker, re
E. R. Thurber, examiner of op
erators and chauffeurs, will be in
Heppner Wednesday, Sept 20, at
the courthouse, between the hours
of 1 and 5 p. m., according to an
nouncement from the office of Hal
E. Hoss, secretary of state. All
those wishing permits or licenses
to drive cars are askd to get in
touch with Mr. Thurber at this
Effective Daily
on all Union Pacific tratni, Including
Good In
upon payment of regular
looping car charges
t For complete Information and
aulitanco In planning your trip
to the World's Fair, Inquire of
Chester Dubee, Agent,
Heppner, Oregon
Published by the Journalism Class
Edior-ln-chlef Jennie Swindig
News Editor Francis Nickerson
Sports Editor Bill Schwarz
Grade School Editor ,
Owen Bleakman
Reporters, Ilene Kilkenny, Frances
Rugg, Louis Gilliam, Cleo Hiatt.
It is hoped that the parents and
the public will do all in their power
to help that very worthwhile insti
tution, the school. Let's everyone
boost our school.
Because of the Increase in enroll
ment in the high school this year,
some rearrangement had to be
made in the assembly hall to ac
commodate the new students.
If the assembly hall were used
as a home room for all the students
It would be necessary to install an
extra row of seats. This would be
quite Impossible because it would
obstruct passage to and from as
sembly. The newly Instituted system pro
vides for about sixty students to
have their home room in the so
ciology and english rooms and the
other sixty students to have theirs
in the assembly hall.
When all the students pass in and
out of the assembly hall, it necessi
tates some confusion. With this
new system, however, we believe
that most of the confusion will be
done away with.
This year will be "an Era of Bet
ter Feeling" for the chorus class
because of the change in the chem
istry period. Last year chorus was
held in the chemistry room Imme
diately after chemistry, and our
crooners found the odors of gasses
and other chemicals rather dis
agreeable. This year chemisty is
the first hour in the morning and
chorus the last period in the af
Heppner high sohool student
body census of 1933 shows an In
crease of 9 over last year's en
Vocation Class
Mr. Bloom Is conducting a class
in vocation this year for the lower
classmen. This is a new subject
and is Intended to give lower class
men some idea of what they would
like and are suited for in the way
of a life work. The course of study
takes up the different principal
types of occupations and tells the
opportunities for advancement, ma
terial gain, and profit offered in
each. So far 22 students have been
enrolled In the class.
The Big Sister Movement
For the purpose of assisting the
freshmen and other new girl stu
dents this year in getting settled
and instructed in the ways, func
tions, and activities of the school
the "big sister" movement has
been organized. The idea of the
movement is not original since It
Is used in most large schools and
universities, but it is the first time
it has been adopted here. Eight
senior girls are acting as the offi
cial "big sisters. They can be
easily identified by the small tri
angular badge, in school colors
which they wear during school
hours, and they may be called on
for advice at any time.
Physical Education
To have their names printed on
the banner that was won by the
Shamrocks last year Is the object
of the four clubs of the girls gym
classes. The Shamrocks, Shooting
You Hear It
3. C Penmey Co. -
Store Phone 593 HEPPNER, ORE. Manager's Phone 1S8S
Stars, Red Devils and Wild Cats
have already started competition In
baseball. Much interest has been
shown so far. The clubs use a
point system as a means of choos
ing the winning team. The points
are given as follows: winner three
points, teams coming in even, two
points, and losers none.
High School Gym for Boys
Heppner high school gym, for
boys, has a new program this year,
completely changing from last
year's club plan. Baseball, horse
shoes, and basketball will be the
diversions of most interest. Roy
Gentry will manage an elimination
tournament in basketball, prepar
ing some of the best players for a
better chance at the varsity com
petition. Grade School Sport News
The clubs composed of seventh
and eighth grade boys have been
organized into teams for play
ground baseball play under the di
rection of the physical education
instructor, Mr. Mabee. The teams
are Trojans, Bronks, Cougars, and
Lions. Play will be held during
the boys' gym periods which are
between 11 and 11:50 o'clock every
Tuesday and Thursday.
Grade News
Mr. Foord, high school english
teacher, is taking charge of the
seventh grade spelling class while
Miss Leathers, seventh grade teach
er, coaches the high school glee
The Payne and Garrison spelling
books published by Rand & Mc
Nally, are being used in the fifth,
sixth, seventh' and eighth grades.
These books comply with the stale
The fifth, sixth, seventh, and
eighth grades are having extended
review in arithmetic.
The music classes of the grade
school are being coached by Miss
Leathers, seventh grade teacher.
Mr. Buhman has reported that
he expects enrollment of new band
Penney has
the Smartest
Newer, smarter, more unusual than
any dresses you ever 'saw at any
where near the price! Such brilliant
satins, such chic ribbed sheers, such
plain sheers and soft crepes! You'll
want them all and at Penney's low
prices you can have all you want !
The sixth grade leads in enroll
ment So far forty students have
enrolled, 26 of whom are boys.
The New Day arithmetic books,
published by Durell & Gillet, are
being put into use by the fifth and
seventh grades. These books are
state adoptions.
The second and third grades are
enjoying the new library books
which they received from the state
The lower grades will start work
on projects this week.
Mr. and Mrs. Tom Journey of
Los Angeles have been visiting for
several days with Mrs. Journey's
uncle, Jim Ayers.
Mr. and Mrs. W. D. Neill and
sons Ralph and Hugh attended
church in Pendleton Sunday.
Those from Pine City attending
the Heppner Rodeo were Mr. and
Mrs. A. J. Vey, Mr. and Mrs. T. J.
O'Brien and family, Mr. and Mrs.
C. H. Ayers and family, Mr. and
Mrs. Charlie Morehead and family,
Mr. and Mrs. W. D. Neill and fam
ily, Mr. and Mrs. C. H. Barholomew,
Roy Neill and daughter Alma, Mr.
and Mrs. John Healy and family,
Misses Oleta and Lenna Neill, O. F.
Bartholomew and Russell and John
Mr. and Mrs. Reid Buseick and
children of Long Creek have been
visiting over the week end at the
Fancy Selve
Oregon Product
No. 2
Tin ....
Pure Strained
5 Lbs 49c
10 lbs 89c
3 Pkgs. mOK,
For your dessert
Extra large,
extra fine
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always best
Per Qt.
Del Monte Golden
Bantam, finest quality.
Per. Pkg. IOC
Grape Nuts for breakfast
P. N. Butter
At such a rldlc
u I o u s 1 y low
price of
Calumet Double
5 LBS $1.09
10 LBS. .. $1.69
home of Mrs. Buseick's parents,
Mr. and Mrs. A. E. Wattenburger.
Miss Georgianna Briggs of Her
miston called on Mrs. E. B. Wat
tenburger Sunday morning.
Mrs. T. J. O'Brien and family
were In Pendleton Thursday on
Miss Freda Hammel and Miss
Harriet Chambers spent the week
end at the C. H. Bartholomew home.
A group of the young women of
Pine City surprised Miss Nea Neill
Sunday afternoon with a handker
chief shower, as a farewell party.
Those present were the Misses Ber
nice Neill, Charlotte Helms, Oleta
Neill and Lenna Neill, Mrs. E. B.
Wattenburger and Mrs. Jasper My
ers. Miss Neill Is leaving the lat
ter part of the week for La Grande
where she will attend Normal the
coming year.
Mrs. Isabella Corrlgall has been
visiting her daughter, Mrs. W. A.
Gorley for a few days.
Miss June Way is staying at the
Jim Omohundro home and will at
tend the Pine City high school this
Mr. and Mrs. W. D. Neill and
family were in Heppner Monday
afternoon on business.
I wish to sincerely thank all
those who helped in saving my
house from the fire.
For your favorite pie, see Mrs.
George Moore. 26-28
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