Heppner gazette-times. (Heppner, Or.) 1925-current, June 02, 1932, Page PAGE TWO, Image 2

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At the Church of Christ Sunday
the Bible School will open at 10 a.
m., with morning worship and com
munion at 11 o'clock. Mr. Sias'
morning topic will be "Progress."
There will be regular Sunday eve
ning services in the coming week.
This Sunday night there will be a
"song fest" The evening will be
devoted to the old hymns, with
some special numbers. A very short
sermonette will be included. All
will enjoy this program and are
cordially invited to participate, or
come to listen.
Mr. and Mrs. Delvin Cox and
three sons of Longview, Wash., vis
ited a few days the last of the week
with. Mr. Cox's parents, Mr. and
Mrs. X), J. Cox. A short time ago
another son, Darroll, in company
with his wife and baby came over
from Goldendale for a visit with
his parents.
Mr. and Mrs. Frank Gentry of
Portland were visiting over the
week end with Mrs. Gentry's par
ents, Mr. and Mrs. W. R. Munkers.
Mr. and Mrs. George McMillan,
Lou Broadley and Grandma Mc
Millan have returned from Port
land. The many friends of Grand
ma will be glad to hear that the
specialist pronounced her cancer
to be on the road to complete re
covery. It was not necessary for
another radium treatment.
Morrow County Grain Growers,
Inc., will hold their annual stock
holders meeting here June 13, at
i o clock. The purpose of the meet
ing is for the election of three di
rectors and the transaction of oth
er business.
Mrs. W. B. Tucker and daughter
Wilma went to Salem the last of
the week to visit with Mrs. Tuck
er's father, T. M. Scott
The Home Economics olub of the
Grange will meet at the country
home of Mrs. A. H. Nelson Thurs
day afternoon, June 9.
Mr. and Mrs. Clay Phillips and
daughter, Jesselyn, from Portland
have been visiting at the R. H.
Lane home. Clay has returned
home and Mrs. Phillips and daugh
ter will remain here for a while.
Mrs. Goldia Leathers enjoyed a
visit Monday from her nephew, Neil
Sunday guests at the home of
Mrs. Minnie McMillan were Dr. and
Mrs. M. A. Leach of Pendleton.
Mr. and Mrs. John White and
Mrs. Ada Estes, all of Portland,
came up for Memorial Day and to
spend a few days visiting relatives
and friends.
Mr. and Mrs. Elmer Hunt, daugh
ter Louise, and Ray McAlister re
turned Sunday from Eugene where
Mrs. Hunt and Mr. McAlister went
as delegates to the Rebekah and
Odd Fellows conventions held there
last week. Naomi McMillan made
the trip down with them but only
returned as far as Hillsboro, stop
ping there for a visit with her bro
ther, Bob.
The annual meeting of the stock
holdera of the Farmers Warehouse
will be held here Saturday, June 4,
at 2 p. m. All stockholders are
urged to attend.
H. L. Chapin, Portland, was in
Lexington this week end In com
pany with Mr. Handy, geologist
from Washington. They were here
on business connectetd with the
San-is Butte Gas Dome company,
recently incorporated.
Ralph Wickersham and Robert
Morris of Portland visited Sunday
night and Monday at the home of
Mr. and Mrs. Harry Duvall.
Eva Wilcox, Portland Art school
student, returned home Monday.
She was accompanied by a friend,
Elizabeth Kelly, who will be her
guest for a few days.
Mylea Martin returned home
Monday from Moro.
Alice Palmer and Alma VanWin
kle went to Salem last week, going
down in Alice's car. They expected
to visit in Portland with their un
cle, Jimmy Eskelson and in Salem
they will visit their grandparents,
Mr. and Mrs. Joe Eskelson, also
their aunt and uncle, Mr. and Mrs.
Ernest Frederickson. On their re
turn home they will stop at Forest
Grove to visit friends.
The hail storm Sunday did quite
a bit of damage to wheat and gar
dens. Several wheat fields south
west of town were beaten down
Mrs. Charles Burchell and daugh
ter Hulda motored up from their
home in Corvallis and visited over
Sunday at the Ed Burchell home.
Veda Bundy spent the week end
here with her parents, Mr. and Mrs.
Monte Bundy. Miss Bundy holds
a position with the Acme Flavor
ing company in Portland.
Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Jackson had
as their guests this week, Mr. Jack
son's brother, Clark Jackson and
their cousin, Honora Reldy and a
friend, Dorothy Pickens, all of Sa
lem. They all enjoyed a day's pic
nic in the mountains Sunday.
Mrs. Gene Gentry went to Baker
to visit with her sister. Mr. Gentry
took her as far as Pendleton Sat
Mrs. Broce of Rldgefleld, Wash.,
was a visitor at the Myers home
several days last week.
Lloyd Sherman returned to
Boardman last Tuesday. He has
been working at Pasco.
Mr. and Mrs. L. E. Marschat mo
tored to The Dalles Wednesday.
Miss Katherine Brown left Mon
day for Portland where she will
take a stenographic course at the
Behnke - Walker Business college
during the summer months.
Jake Wells of Heppner, county
assessor, visited on the project
last week.
A son was born to Mr. and Mrs.
Paul Hatch Saturday, May 28, at
the Hermiston hospital.
Clarence Berger spent Sunday in
town. Mr. Berger is a relief oper
ator on the railroad at Condon.
Mr. and Mrs. Al Macomber and
family of Fossil spent the week end
in Boardman with relatives. Mr.
Make Each Dollar
Earn Its Keep
Each dollar working releases $10
worth of credit and credit is our na
tion's lifeblood.
MONEY is only of value when
working. Money spent wisely or in
a savings account is working.
YOUR NEST EGG here in a Sav
ings Account earning interest, will
provide ten times as much credit to
local business.
Fir& National Bank
No Use Working Himself to Death
Macomber, who is the highway
maintainer at Fossil, will be trans
ferred to another place soon.
The town baseball team journey
ed to Stanfleld Sunday where they
defeated the Stanfleld team. The
score was 10-2.
Howard Packard spent several
days in Arlington last week.
Mr. and Mrs. E. T. Messenger
and Mike Healey were Pendleton
visitors Saturday.
Mr. and Mrs. Ves Atteberry, Mr.
and Mrs. Gregg and Mr. and Mrs.
A. A. Agee motored to lone Sunday
where they attended the funeral
services of Mrs. George Frank.
Miss Mildred Messenger and
Frank Hamel of The Dalles spent
Sunday at the E. T. Messenger
Miss Catherine Berger and Glen
Berger of Oregon City spent Decor
ation Day in Boardman.
Mr. and Mrs. Bryce Dillabough
and family motored to Portland
Friday. They attended the funeral
of a friend at Canby while gone.
Mrs. Shell spent J3ecoration Day
in Umatilla.
Paul Hatch was a business visit
or in Portland last week.
Noel Klitz left Monday for La
Grande where he will again work
for a road contractor.
Mr. and Mrs. Moore and family
of The Dalles spent the week end
at the George Wicklander home.
Mr. and Mrs. Broomfleld and
family of La Grande spent the
week end at the W. A. Baker home.
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Nickerson
and family returned to Boardman
Monday after having lived in
Boise during the past year.
Mr. and Mrs. W. N. Hatch and
Stanley Hatch were Boardman vis
itors this week.
Mr. and, Mrs. Gent and Robert
Becker of Longview spent the week
end at the Howard Bates home.
The highway oiling crew played
the Boardman baseball team Mon
day afternoon. The town team won
by a score of 20-0.
Mr. and Mrs. J. T. Johnson and
family of Wasco spent Monday at
the J. R. Johnson home.
Basil Cramer came Monday to
spend his vacation here with Mr.
and Mrs. Earl Cramer.
Many of the farmers are haying
this week. Some started last week.
The heavy rain Sunday evening
probably delayed some from haying
on Monday.
Mary Chaffee left Monday for
Eugene where she will spend ths
summer with her sister, Mrs.
Mrs. McKane of Wasco spent
Monday with her brother, Jess
Mr. and Mrs. Earl Cramer and
Basil left Tuesday for Montana
where Mr. Cramer will shear sheep.
The railroad welding gang which
has been at Irrigon, Is now located
at Messner.
A clinic will be held in the
schoolhouse Friday, June 3, at 9 a.
m. for all pre-school children. Dr.
Thompson of The Dalles will be the
physician in charge.
Mrs. Lilly and son returned home
from Hermiston last week.
Mrs. Daley and mother from Ba
ker were Boardman visitors Mon
day. Mrs. Daley moved her house
hold goods to Baker.
Glen Hadley returned home last
Monday from the veterans' hospi
tal where he was ill for a couple
of weeks. He left Friday for En
terprise where he will shear sheep.
Mrs. Alfred Skoubo entertained
the Home Economics club last
Wednesday at her home.
Mr. and Mrs. Baker and family
and Mrs. Broomfleld and family
were dinner guests Sunday at the
Bates home.
The examiner who will give the
examination for those wishing to
obtain drivers' and chauffeurs' li
censes, will be in Boardman June
14 at 7:30 p. m., and June 15, 8 to
10 a. m.
Mrs. Adeline Dart and Miss Car
oline Hunt of Seattle spent several
days this week at the O. H. War
ner home.
Mr. and Mrs. Lyle Blayden of
Spokane are visiting at the Blay
den home.
Permanent Waves as low as $3.95.
Work by Mrs. Florence Davis. Cox
en & Chapin, Hotel Shop, phone
DELICIOUS Star Theater Sun
day and Monday delicious entertainment.
The dance eiven by Roy Ash-
baugh at the I. O. O. F. hall was a
success. One of the largest crowds
in years was in attendance. Mrs.
Clair Ashbaugh served supper. Har
lan Adams, Owen Leathers and Roy
Ashbaugh played.
Mrs. Ethel McDaniel and children
spent a few days at her home here
the last or the weeK anu enjuycv.
the dance Saturday night
Mrs. J. B. Adams and daughter
Charlotte, Mrs. Wes Stevens and
daughter Loes, Mrs. Bert Bleak
man and daughter Neva spent the
day with Mrs. L. J. Burnside at
the Rood canyon rancn inutauaj.
Elma McDaniel and Dale Der
mott were Lone Rock young people
visiting here Monday.
Mr. and Mrs. Hiram jonnnon
were attending to matters of bus
iness in Heppner Friday.
Mr. and Mrs. Frank Duvall, Mr.
and Mrs. Earl Sargent of Portland
arrived here the last of the week
for an indefinite visit with Mr. and
Mrs. Hiram Johnson.
Elwood Hastings returned from
work at the Garnet Barratt place
near Heppner Monday.
Mr. and Mrs. Harvey Harshman
motored up from their Eight Mile
ranch Monday for a short visit with
Miss Catherine Peterson held the
last session of Sunday School for
this year last week, but she states
she will be back to collect note
books for exhibition at Ascension
summer school at Cove some time
next week.
Mickey and Johnny Cox were vis
iting friends here Saturday and at
tended the dance at I. 0. O. F. hall.
Mr. and Mrs. Stanley Robinson,
Mrs. Ed Merrill were attending to
matters of business here Monday.
Bill Greener was a caller in town
Bernard Carlson and Georgie
Medlock were visitors here Sunday.
Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Corrigall,
and Rogers Howell were visiting
friends and relatives here Monday.
Mr. and Mrs. Ted Burnside were
all-day visitors at the J. B. Adams
home Sunday.
Mr. and Mrs. Hams and daugh
ter Myrtle of Portland are spend
ing the week visiting their son Jim
at his ranch in Rood canyon.
Ellis Williams was a caller in
town Friday.
Mrs. Bert Bleakman and daugh
ter Neva were dinner guests of Mrs.
J. W. Stevens Monday evening.
rimor Mnaerave and friend. Noel
Dobbins, recently returned from a
fishing trip to Crooked river and
East lake.
An answer to Dr. A. B. Gray.
'"Tis built on prohibition" did you
But we Mothers of sons have not
That you are right This not the
only day
When for just such a crime fond
parents grieved.
Since the days of Herod a baby's
Has been as naught when great
wealth or power
Is the goal men seek. Yes, crime
has been rife
Since the world was young. Not
alone this hour.
No, not "it's built on prohibition."
Be honest and say, "It's built on
And, Everyman, let this be our mis
sion; From this monster our children
must be freed.
Greed, in whose insatiable maw
Pair hopes are lost, the bright
promise of youth,
The Kingdom's advancement, re
spect of law,
A demon destroying all without
A power for evil in every land,
He is Ambition without God and
An angel of darkness, Satan's right
HE is the enemy we all must fight
'Twas GREED who wrecked our
dearest hope
That just one temptation we had
to face
Might be removed so we could cope
With sin, make of this world a bet
ter place.
Stand with us for our dream and
help us make
This great nation clean for our
children's sake.
A Member of the W.C.T.U., L. H.
Going to the mountains? How
about a case of pop? Delivered to
your house In case lots at less than
5c a bottle. Any flavor. Morrow
County Soda Works, A. M. Bald
win, phone 1432. - 11-12
D. C. Gurdane was a visitor in
this city over Monday from his
home at Umatilla.
tart to Tvrdok
Auction today I Chesterfield buys the best
Chesterfield tobaccos are aged right
iJuf -C M it
p V if , Si ' x .j iv
i ' kjf's I ':lwt' c chterfieirdryouge
I ' '''' ' . C1 ' '', i AMi them just as fresh as 1
liJk&Pl J "" "'" yU Came by Ju
1932, Liggett Mybrs Tobacco Co.
Made In factories as dean as your kitchen
NOWADAYS, when bo many people are talking
about purity . . . pure food, pure milk, pure
water . . . it's worth a minute to tell you something
about the purity of Chesterfield cigarettes.
All the materials that go into the making of
Chesterfield cigarettes are tested again and again
by expert research chemists. Just like
the things you eat and drink.
The tobacco is pure the right kinds,
Domestic and Turkish both, mild, sweet,
ripe. The paper is pure clean, white, the best ciga
rette paper that money can buy. There is purity in
every ingredient and cleanliness in every operation.
You can know, when you light a Chesterfield, that
it is as pure as science can make a cigarette. And
your taste will tell you it's milder, it tastes better.