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of the Year
Compiled by
E.W. Pickard
Jan. 8 Pope Pius XI issued an
encyclical condemning; divorce, -birth
control and many phases of modern
Jan. 2 League of Nations coun
oil decided to convene world disarm
ament conference Feb. 2. 1932.
Jan. 26 Austria and Hungary
signed treaty of amity and arbitra.
March 1 France and Italy reached
an accord on naval strength.
March 27 International wheat
conference opened in Rome.
April 27 New commercial accord
signed by Italy and Russia.
May 4 China abrogated all extra
territoriality treaties, effective Jan.
1, 1932.
May 16 Commission on proposed
European union met in Geneva, and
Austro-German customs union was
June IS World bankers at Basel
extended 1100,000,000 credit to Ger
Juns 20 President Hoover pro
posed one year suspension of Ger
man reparations and payments on
war debts.
June 23 Rotary International met
In Vienna and elected S. W. Fascall
of London president.
June 24 France made counter
proposal for war debt moratorium.
Great Britain and Italy accept Hoo
ver's plan.
July 6 France and Dnited States
agreed on moratorium plan and it
became effective as of date of July 1.
July 7 British government called
conference to work out details of
July 20 International conference
on German crisis opened In London.
July 23 London conference ad
journed after adopting recommenda
tions that short term credits to Ger
many be renewed,
Aug. 11 Protocol co-ordinating
moratorium plan with Young plan
signed by International experts In
Aug. 27 American and French
bankers arranged for M00, 000,000
loan to Great Britain.
Sept 1 Germany and Austria
formally abandoned the proposed
customs union.
Sept. 6 World court ruled Austro
German customs union was illegal.
Sept. 7 League of Nations assem
bly met In Geneva, electing Nikolas
Titulescu of Rumania president.
Sept. 8 Mexico accepted bid to
Join League of Nations.
Sept. 12 German Foreign Minis
ter Curtius told League of Nations
Germany must have new deal in
reparations and parity in armaments.
Great Britain and Egypt signed
new trade treaty that forced out
Sept. 14 Panama and China given
eats in League of Nations council.
Sept. 19 Japanese troops shelled
and occupied Mukden, Manchuria
Sept. 20 Japan occupied all cities
In southern Manchuria; China sent
note demanding Japanese cease hos
tilities and withdraw troops to pre
vious positions.
Oct. 6 Fourth Pan-American com
mercial congress opened in Wash
ington. Oct 8 Japanese army planes
bombed Chinchow, temporary capital
of Manchuria, killing many soldiers
and civilia.ua ,
Greetings of the season.
All the gifts and blessings
and joys that go with it.
Smile . . . that's it. And
keep smiling throughout'
Firt National Bank
PcC TTTCTilna served ultimatum
on Japan, demanding Immediate
evacuation of Manchuria.
Oct 11 Secretary of State Stlm
on called on League of Nations to
avert war between China and Ja
pan. Oot 15 League of Nations coun
cil invited United States to partici
pate in discussion of Sino-Japanese
embroglio, Japan opposing.
Oct 24 League of Nations coun
cil demanded that Japan evacuate
Chinese territory by November If
and adjourned to that date; Japan
rejected the demand.
Nov. 4 League of Nations again
told Japan to withdraw troops from
Nov. 6 Japanese won three day
battle with Chinese under Gen. Ma
Chanshan at Nonni river bridge.
Nov. 8 Three thousand armed
civilians rioted In Tientsin; Fifteenth
United States Infantry called out,
together with French and Italian
Nov. 12 Germany asked a mora
torium on reparations.
Nov. 16 League of Nations coun
cil met in Paris to consider the
Sino-Japanese embroglio; Ambassa
dor Dawes present as American ob
server. One year armament truce declared
In effect by league secretariat
Nov. 18 Japanese routed General
Ma and captured Anganchl and Tslt
sihar. Nov. 20 Truce In Manchuria,
planned by League of Nations coun
cil, rejected by Japan.
Germany proposed new conference
on reparations and debts.
Nov. 23 Japanese army In Man
churia began advance southward on
Nov. 26 Chinese and Japanese
troops began fierce fighting in Tient
sin. Dec. 1 Japanese stopped advance
on Chinchow; General Ma defeated
Japanese troops near Tsitslhar.
Dec. 6 Japanese in Manchuria be
gan war on bandits on three fronts.
Dec. 7 International bankers
committee to investigate Germany's
ability to resume reparations pay
ments next summer met in Basel,
Dec. 10 Japan and China ac
cepted with reservations the League
of Nations resolution for cessation
of hostilities in Manchuria and a
commission of inquiry.
Dec. 20 Chinese army began drive
to recaptjre Mukden from Japanese.
Jan. 2 Government of Panama
overthrown by revolutionists and
President Arosemena captured. Rl
cardo Alfaro, minister to the United
States, accepted offer of the presi
dency. Jan. 4 Dr. Daniel Salamanca
elected president of Bolivia.
Jan. 19 Round table conference
on India closed In London.
Jan. 22 French cabinet headed by
Steeg resigned.
Jan. 26 Pierre Laval formed new
ministry for France.
Feb. 7 King of Spain restored
constitutional rights and called an
Feb. 9 Earl of Bessborough ap
pointed governor general of Canada.
Feb. 14 Berenguer cabinet of
Spain resigned and king cancelled
call for parliamentary elections.
Feb. 16 Pehr Svinhufvud elected
president of Finland.
Feb. 18 New Spanish government
formed by Admiral Juan Aznar,
Feb. 20 Attempt to assassinate
King Zog of Albania In Vienna
Peruvian counter revolution sup
pressed with bloodshed at Callao but
continued at Arequlpa.
March 1 Navy junta In Peru
forced Provisional President Cerro
to resign and put Chief Justice Hi
cardo Ellas at head of government
Dr. Gabriel Terra Inaugurated as
president of Uruguay, and Arturo
Araujo at president of Salvador.
March 6 Army junta In Peru
ousted Ellas.
March 10 Lieut. Col. David Ooam
po became provisional president of
March 29 India Nationalists de
manded complete Independence
from Britain at convention and
named Gandhi as envoy to parley,
April 4 Mutinous troops seized
Madeira Island; Portugal rushed
warships to crush rebellion.
April 12 King Alfonso's enemies
triumphed ss Spain voted; Repub
licans routed monarchists In munici
pal elections.
April 14 King Alfonso abdicated
and sailed for exile; republic set up
headed by Alcala Zamora.
April 19 Civil war broke out in
Honduras, loyal troops defeating
rebels In three battles.
April 20 Honduras Insurgents
captured and looted Progreso.
April 23 Honduras rebel forces
routed by federal troops.
May 2 Rebels In Madeira Island
surrendered to Portuguese forces.
May 13 Aristide Briand defeated
for presidency of France; Paul Dou
mer elected.
May 22 Spanish republic decreed
absolute freedom for all religions.
May 30 Premier Mussolini or
dered dissolution of all Catholic ac
tion youth organizations in Italy;
Pope Pius responded by placing the
Catholic Action in control of the
Junel Spanish republic abolished
all titles of nobility.
Egyptian elections, held with
army mobilized, won by the gov
ernment party.
June 8 Great Britain awarded
ownership of Jerusalem walling wall
to Moslems, with free access for
Jews at all ttines.
June 13 Paul Doumer Inaugurat
ed president of France.
Juan B. Perez resigned presi
dency of Venezuela on demand of
June 15 Cardinal Sigura expelled
from Spain.
June 16 Government of Austria
June 19 Juan Vicente Gomes
elected president of Venezuela.
June 20 Pope Pius denounced the
Fascist government' of Italy.
Doctor Buresch formed new gov
ernment for Austria.
June 28 Spanish elections won
by Republican coalition.
Alexander Malinov became pre
mier of Bulgaria.
July 9 Mussolini barred all Fas
cists from joining Catholic Action.
July 11 Financial crisis In Ger
many due to failure to get huge loan
for Reichsbank.
July 24 Serious riots In Chile.
July 26 Carlos Ibanez, president
dictator of Chile, resigned and fled.
Princess Ileana of Rumania and
Archduke Anton of Austria were
married at Sinala.
July 27 Juan Esteben Montero
became acting president of Chile.
July 81 Gen. Chiang Kai-shek
announced complete defeat of com
munists in Kiangsi province of
Aug. 9 Plebescite failed to over
throw Prussian government, and
radicals staged fatal riots.
State of war declared in Havana
as revolutionary movement broke
Aug. 14 Cuban army captured
Gen. Mario Menocal and other revo
lutionary leaders.
Aug. 17 President Machado an
nounced the Cuban revolt was sup
pressed. Aug. 19 Count Bethlen resigned
as premier of Hungary and was suc
ceeded by Count Karolyt.
Aug, 24 British labor cabinet re
signed and Premier Ramsay "Mac
Donald was asked to form a coali
tion ministry to balance the budget
Isldro Ayora, president of, Ecua
dor, resigned.
Aug. 25 British national govern
ment formed with MacDonald as
prime minister.
Sept 1 Mutiny in Chilean navy
threatened government.
Sept 2 Italy and the pope
reached an accord In Catholic Action
Chilean cabinet resigned.
King Alexander restored constitu
tional government in Jugo-Slavia.
Sept. 6 Chilean government
planes bombed warships held by
Sept. 7 Chilean mutineer surren
dered. Sept. 8 British parliament met
and national government won vote
of confidence.
Sept. 10 House of Commons ac
cepted Snowden's budget, increas
ing taxes and cutting the dole and
pay of government employees.
Sept. 14 Round table conference
on India opened in London with
Gandhi present
Sept. 19 Mexico recalled Ambas
sador Manuel Tellez from Washing
ton and selected Dr. Pulg Casauranc
for the post.
Sept. 21 British parliament passed
measure suspending gold standard
act for six months.
Sept 27 Norway and Sweden sus
pended gold standard.
Oct 4 Juan Esteban Montero
elected president of Chile.
Oct. 7 German cabinet resigned
and Chancellor Bruenlng was com
missioned to form a new govern
ment with greatly Increased powers.
Oct. 13 Spanish cortes voted sep
aration of church and state.
Oct. 14 Zamora resigned as
president of Spain and was suc
ceeded by Emanuel Azana.
Oct 22 People of Cyprus re
volted against British rule, burning
the government building In Nicosia.
Oct. 23 Cyprus revolt suppressed
by troops.
Oct. 24 Sanchez Cerro elected
president of Peru.
Oct. 26 President Guggiarl of
Paraguay handed over the presiden
tial powers to Vice President Nav
ero, because of disorders.
Oct. 27 MacDonald's National
government won a sweeping victory
In the British elections.
Nov. 6 Prime Minister MacDon
ald of Great Britain announced new
cabinet of 20.
Nov. 11 Duke of Norfolk sold
Arundel castle, seat of the Howards
for centuries.
Nov. 16 Philip Snowden was cre
ated a viscount and elevated to
house of lords.
Nev. 19 Spanish national assem
bly declared former King Alfonso
an outlaw.
Nov. 25 Labor cabinet of Aus
tralia was defeated and resigned.
Nov. 27 British conference on
Burma opened In London.
Dec 1 Round table conference on
India ended without result,
Dec. 2 Moderate coalition won
New Zealand election over radicals.
Dec. 3 President Arturo Araujo
of Salvador ousted by military revo
lution. Wages of Canadian railway work
ers cut 10 per cent.
Dec. 8 German government de
creed reductions in wages, salaries,
and nearly all costs of living.
Sanchez Cerro Inaugurated presi
dent of Peru.
Dec. 10 Zamora was elected con
stitutional president of Spain.
Dec. 11 Japanese cabinet re
signed. Smetona re-elected president of
Dec. 12 Tsuyoshl Inukal, hend of
Selyukal party, made premier of
Dec. 13 Japan suspended the gold
Dec. 16 Chiang Kai-shek resigned
as president of China. Lin Sen suc
ceeded him.
Dec. 17 Giuseppe Motta elected
president of Switzerland.
Jan. 1 President Hoover pro
claimed the London naval treaty In
Jan. 6 Congress resumed busi
ness and house passed bill appropri
ating $46,000,(100 for drought relief;
senate Increased amount by $ 1 5,000,
0UA. foc-fuuii luaiia.
Work of widening the market
road up Butter creek from Gaylord
Madison's corner to the Morrow
county line started thla week, The
work la being done by a county
crew. The entire road is to be
widened to 24 feet to meet the re
quirement of the state highway de
partment, which will take over the
road and maintain It hereafter.
Echo News.
JanT 8-Tongress modified drastic
Jones 6 and 10 law.
Jan. 9 Senate asked President to
resubmit three nominations to power
Merger of Great Northern and
Northern Pacific railroads called off.
Jan. 10 President Hoover refused
to return power commission ap
pointments to the senate.
Jan. 13 All members of new
tariff commission confirmed by sen
ate. Jan. 15 House passed army ap
propriation bill carrying $446,024.0u0.
Jan. 16 Senate passed $30,000,000
bill for modernizing three battle
ships. Jan. 18 President Hoover named
Red Cross relief drive committee
headed by Calvin Coolidge.
Jan. 19 Wickersham commission
report on prohibition delivered to
President Hoover.
Jan. 20 Wickersham report, trans
mitted to congress, found to be a
straddle of the liquor question.
Jan. 29 Secretary Stlmson apolo
gized to Italy for remarks deroga
tory to Mussolini made by Gen.
Smedley Butler, who was ordered
court martialed.
Feb. 4 Senate reconfirmed Gar
saud and Draper as members of
power board but rejected George
Otis Smith.
Feb. 6 Compromise In drought
relief matter reached by congres
sional leaders by adding $20,000,
000 to loans fund.
Feb. 8 General Butler reprimand
ed and his trial called off,
Feb. 13 House passed $349,000,
000 naval appropriation bill.
Feb. 14 Interior department ap
propriation carrying $20,000,000 for
drought relief passed by congeess
and signed. by the President
Feb. 16 House passed bill In
creasing loans on veterans bonus
certificates to 60 per cent
Feb. 18 Senate rejected treaty
with Canada for preservation ot
Niagara falls.
Feb. 19 Bonus loan bill passed
by the senate.
Feb. 20 House adopted conference
report on bill for government opera
tion of Muscle Shoals.
Feb. 21 Senate passed $358,000,
000 naval appropriation bill, adding
funds for eleven destroyers.
Feb. 23 Senate adopted Muscle
Shoals measure; house passed the
Wagner employment agency bill.
Feb. 24 United States Supreme
court again upheld validity of the
Eighteenth amendment
House passed resolution for abol
ishing of "lame duck" session of
Feb. 26 President Hoover vetoed
the veterans' bonus loan measure
and the house repassed it.
House appropriated $30,000,000 to
modernize three battleships.
Feb. 27 New York World news
papers sold to Scrlpps-Howard syn
dicate. Bonus loan bill was repassed by
the senate and became law.
Al Capone, liquor gang leader of
Chicago, sentenced to six months In
jail for contempt of court by Fed
eral Judge Wilkerson.
March 1 Treasury offered securi
ties for $1,700,000,000 for bonus
March 2 House voted for 90 per
cent cut in immigration.
March 8 President Hoover ve
toed the Muscle Shoals bill and the
senate sustained the veto.
March 4 Congress made "Star
Spangled Banner" the national an
them. Seventy-first congress adjourned.
March 6 Alexander Legge re
signed as chairman of federal farm
board and was succeeded by James
C. Stone.
March 17 Formal charges filed
against Mayor Walker of New York.
March 18 Rioting convicts In Illi
nois penitentiary at Statevllle
burned the mess hall and other
Sam H. Thompson of Illinois ap-
gointed. a member of federal farm
March 19 President Hoover sailed
on Battleship Arizona for Porto Rico
and Virgin Islands.
Nevada legislature legalized gam
bling. March 20 Birth control Indorsed
by committee representing 27 Prot
estant churches of America.
March 22 Federal farm board an
nounced stabilization of wheat
prices would end with marketing of
1930 crop.
March 23 President Hoover land
ed at San Juan, Porto Rico.
New York legislature voted to
Investigate conditions in New York
city government and lower courts.
March 25 President Hoover spent
day at St. Thomas, Virgin Islands.
March 29 President Hoover re
turned from Carribean cruise,
April 1 Methods of collecting
crime statistics condemned by Wick
ersham commission.
April 7 Anton J. Cermak, Demo
crat, elected mayor of Chicago.
April 22 King of Slam, with his
queen, came to United States for
an eye operation.
May 4 International Chamber of
Commerce met In Washington,
May 11 President Hoover or
dered drastic reductions In expenses
of all executive departments.
May 16 Harvey H. Bundy of
Michigan appointed assistant secre
tary of state.
May 18 Supreme court upheld
legality of the Hoover dam act
"Red flag" clause of California
anti-communist statute held Invalid
by Supreme court
May 21 American Red Cross cele
brated Its fiftieth anniversary.
May 25 Supreme court ruled for
eigners seeking citizenship can ex
press no reservations about bearing
arms for the country.
May 28 Presbyterian general as
sembly opened In Pittsburgh and
elected Dr. Lewis S. Mudge of Phila
delphia moderator.
May 29 C. C. Teague " resigned
from federal farm board and W. F,
Schilling was reappointed.
May 30 'resident Hoover deliv
ered Memorial day address at Val
ley Forge, Pa.
May 31 Secretary Mellon an
nounced an $800,000,000 bond Issue.
June 1 Minnesota's press gag
law held unconstitutional by United
States Supreme court
Supreme court refused to review
the case of Albert B. Fall.
June 6 Al Capone, Chicago gang
leader, Indicted for Income tax eva
sions. June 6 President Hoover ordered
abandonment of Guam naval station.
June 7 Report by Wickersham
commission blamed excessive crime
on system of prosecution.
June 9 Tennessee lower house
voted agalnHt Impeachment of Gov.
H. H. Horton.
June 12 Al Capone and 68 others
indicted by federal grand Jury at
Chicago for conspiracy to violate
prohibition laws.
June 15 President Hoover ad
dressed the Indiana Republican Edl.
'torlal association In Indianapolis,
predicting a renewal of prosperity.
S. R. McKelvle resigned from fed
eral farm board,
June 16 President Hoover, for
mer President Coolidge and other
notables took part In dedication of
the Harding memorial at Marlon,
Al Capone pleaded guilt In Chica
go to income tax evasion and pro
hibition law violation Indictments.
June 17 President Hoover spoke
at dedication of remodeled Lincoln
tomb In Springfield, 111.
Railways of country asked Inter
state commerce commission to au
thorize 15 per cent Increase In
freight rates,
June 2.1 Dwlght Davis resigned
as governor general ot Philippines,
effective June 30.
July 7 John 11. Coen of Sterling,
Colo., elected grand exalted ruler of
the Elks.
July 11 Runpenslon of sentence
denied Albert B. Fall.
July 13 lien. B, D. Foulols ap
pointed chief of army air corps, ef
fective December 20.
July 16 Criminal court procedure
criticized In a report from Wicker,
sham commission.
July 20 A. B. Fall entered the
New Moxlco penitentiary.
July 24 Federal court of appeals
upheld conviction of Ralph Capone
on Income tax fraud charges,
July 20 itoport by Wickersham
commission declared American pris
on system a failure In almost every
. -Jul 28aiinlUA States JlUeL ""r
poration directors renucrcT nlVldTTfTd
rate and authorized lowering of
July 29 Centenary of McCor
mlck's reaper celebrated at Blacks
burg, Va.
Aug. I C. B. Curtis appointed
minister to Salvador and Arthur
Schoenfeld minister to Dominican
Aug. 4 Governor Murray closed
the Oklahoma oil wells and pre
claimed martial law, demanding a
price of $1 a barrel.
Aug. 7 Farm board rejected offer
from Germany for Its cotton hold
ings. Wickersham commission report
criticised deportation methods.
Frank Evans of Utah appointed
member of federal farm board.
Aug. 8 Navy a dirigible Akron
christened by Mrs. Hoover.
Aug. 12 Farm board asked cot
ton planters to plcw under one
third of crop.
Aug. 17 Five large Toledo banks
closed their doors.
Texas oil wells closed and mar
tial law in the fields proclaimed.
Aug. 19 President Hoover named
W. S. Gi fiord head of unemployment
relief body.
Aug. 21 Farm board traded 26,
000,000 bushels of wheat to Brazil
for 1,050,000 bags of coffee.
Contract let for Chicago's $16,
000,000 post office Building.
Aug. 26 Col. Luke Lea of Ten
nessee, publisher and former sena
tor, convicted of bank fraud and
sentenced to prison.
Aug. 81 Farm board announced It
was through buying wheat and cot
ton for stabilization.
Sept 4 Sale of 15,000,000 bUBhels
of farm board wheat to China an
nounced. Veterans of Foreign Wars voted
for repeal of dry law.
Sept. 8 Alphonse Capone with
drew his plea of guilty to crimes
against the dry law, in Chicago.
Sept 11 Farm board sold 7,600,
000 bushels of wheat to Germany.
Sept. 14 American Legion labor
conference opened in Washington.
Sept 17 Samuel P. Town of
Philadelphia elected commander In
chief of the G. A. R. at encampment
In Des Moines.
Sept. 21 President Hoover ad
dressed American Legion convention
in Detroit
Iowa state troops called out to
suppress farmers' revolt against tu
berculin tests of cattle.
Sept 22 United States Steel,
Bethlehem Steel and Youngstown
Sheet and Tube, announced wage
cuts of 10 per cent; General Motors
reduced salaries; United States Rub
ber adopted 5-day week.
Sept 24 American Legion voted
for referendum on dry laws, decided
not to ask immediate payment of
compensation certificates, and elect
ed Harry L, Stevens, Jr., of War
saw, N. C, national commander.
Sept 28 Aluminum Company of
America cut wages 10 per cent
Oct. 1 Eastern trunk lines agreed
on plan for merging eastern roads
Into four systems.
Oct 6 American Federation of
Labor opened Its annual convention
In Vancouver, B. C.
Oct. 6-President Hoover an
nounced comprehensive financial
plan to check depression, which was
approved by leading members ot
Oct 8 Billion dollar bankers
pool formed to carry out Hoover
Oct 13 National Credit associa
tion Incorporated in Deleware.
Oct. 14 A.T.sricah Federation of
Labor convention voted against com
pulsory unemployment Insurance.
Oct 15 Federation of Labor
voted for legalization of 2.75 per
cent beer.
Oct 17 Al Capone, boss gangster,
found guilty in Chicago ot Income
tax fraud.
Celebration of 150th anniversary
of Battle of Yorktown begun.
Oct. 19 President Hoover spoke at
Yorktown celebration.
Oct 20 Interstate commerce com
mission denied freight rate Increase
of 15 per cent, offering a substitute
plan of temporary Increases.
Oct. 22 Premier Laval of France
arrived In Washington for confer
ences with President Hoover.
Oct 24 Al Capone sentenced to
11 years In prison and fined $50,000.
Oct 25 Hoover-Laval conversa
tions concluded with agreement that
revision of war debts and repara
tions should go side by side.
Nov. 2 President Hoover named
committee of five to examine
charges made against administra
tion policies by the Navy league.
Nov. 3 By electing a congress
man In the Eighth Michigan district
the Democrats gained control of
the next house of representatives.
A. Henry Moore, Democrat, was
elected governor of New Jersey;
Martin S. Conner, Democrat, gover
nor of Mississippi, and Ruby Laf
foon. Democrat, governor of Ken
tucky. Nov. 7 Committee on Navy league
charges reported they contained
many false and Inaccurate state
ments, and vindicated President
Hoover's navy policy.
New cruiser Indianapolis launched.
Nov. 11 Armistice day observed,
President Hoover speaking In Wash
ington. Nov. 18 President Hoover pro
posed federal system ot home loan
Mrs. Hattle Caraway appointed
temporary senator from Arkansas.
Novi 16 President Hoover's ad
visory committee on education re
ported recommending wide revision
of federal educational policy and
creation of a department of educa
tion with a secretary In the cabi
net Nov. 16 Dlno Grandl, Italian for
eign minister, arrived In Washing
ton for conversations with Presi
dent Hoover.
Nov. is Grandl concluded his
conversations with President Hoo
ver and Secretary Stlmson.
Nov. 21 Federal Judge FltzHenry
at Springfield, 111., ruled alcohol
permits to food manufacturers Ille
gal. Nov. 24 Robert L O'Brien, Bos
ton editor, appointed chairman of
tariff commission.
R. M. Kleberg, Democrat elected
congressman from Texas to succeed
the late H. W. Wurzbach, Repub
lican. Nov, 80 Representative B. H.
Snell of New York chosen Republi
can candidate for speaker.
Vice President Curtis announced
he would be a candidate for renoml
nation. Dec 1 W. Warren Barbour ap
pointed senator from New Jersey.
Wabash railway put In receiver's
Dec. 2 President Hoover opened
conference on home building.
Dec. 6 Steamer Manhattan, larg
est merchant vessel ever built In
America, launched at Camden, N. J.
Dec. 7 Seventy-second congress
convened; John N. Garner of Texas,
Democrat, elected speaker of the
Communist "hunger marchers" re
pulsed by police In Washington.
Interstate commerce commission
granted railroads $100,000,000 freight
rate Increase.
Dec. 8 President Hoover gave
congress his message on the state
of the Union, asking higher taxes, a
reconstruction finance corporation
and other emergency measures.
Illinois Central cut pay of offi
cers and nonunion employees.
Dec. 9 President Hoover sent
congress his budget message togeth
er with the report of Secretary of
the Treasury Mellon recommending
Increased taxes.
New York Central passed Its divi
dend, first time in more than $0
Deo. 10 Message on foreign rela
tions sent to congress by president
Dec. 10 President Hoover's mes
sage on forolgn relations asked rati
fication of the moratorium and pro
posed reconstltutlon of war debt
Harry Powers, West Virginia
"Bluebeard" murderer, convicted
and sentenced to death.
Dec. 11 Seven convicts escaped
from Leavenworth: three died In bat
tle with posse, three were recap
tured. Dec. 16 Republican national com
mittee voted to hold presidential
convention In Chicago, opening June
Dec 17 Senator Swanson named
a delegate to disarmament confer
ence. Dec. II The house ratified the
Hoover moratorium but went on
record as opposed to reduction or
cancellation of war debts.
Jan. 1 Alabama defeated Wash
ington State in Pasadena, Rose Bowl
football game.
Feb. 6Capt Malcolm Campbell of
England established world automo
bile speed record of 245.7$ miles an
hour at Daytona Beach, Fla.
Feb. 2$ First James E. Sullivan
memorial medal of A. A. U. present
ed to Bobby Jones.
Feb. 28 Northwestern university
won Big Ten basketball champion
ship. March 20 Gar Wood at Miami
Beach set new speed boat record of
102.256 miles an hour.
March 21 Cambridge crew beat
April 14 Jack Thompson, Chicago
colored welterweight regained
world's title by defeating Tommy
Freeman of Cleveland.
April 24 Tony Canxonerl retained
lightweight title at Chicago by
knocking out Jack (Kid) Berg of
May 9 Mate won the Preakness.
May 12 American amateur boxers
defeated French team, S bouts to i,
In Chicago.
May 16 Mrs. Whitney's Twenty
Grand won the Kentucky derby.
May 22 Erio Smith Won British
amateur golf title.
May 23 Wisconsin won Big Four
track and field championship.
May 27 William Harrldge elected
president of American Baseball
May 30 Louis Schneider won In
dianapolis 600 mile automobile race.
Southern California won intercol
legiate track championship.
June 8 English derby won by
Cameronlan, the favorite.
June 5 Tommy Armour, Detroit
professional, won British open golf
June 6 University ot Southern
California won national collegiate
track meet
University of Illinois won Big
Four baseball championship.
June 16 Navy won the Pough
keepsle regatta.
June 19 Harvard beat Yale In
the New London regatta,
June 20 Mate won the American
derby at Chicago.
Ed Dudley won Western open golf
June 21 Johnny Goodman of
Omaha won Transmlsslsslppl golf
June 2! Yale won collegiate golf
team title.
June 27 American golfers de
feated British, regaining the Ryder
George Dunlap of Princeton won
oollegiate golf championship.
July 3 Max Schmeling of Ger
many whipped Willie Stribling in 16
rounds at Cleveland, retaining the
heavyweight title.
July 4 George Von Elm and Wil
lie Burke tied for national open
golf championship,
July 6 Von Elm and Burke again
tied in play-off of national golf
July 6 Billy Burke won open
golf title in second playoff with
Von Elm.
July 11 Walter Hagen and Percy
Alliss tied for Canadian open golf
July 14 Hagen beat Alliss In
playoff for Canadian title.
July 18 Mate won the $82,600
classic at Arlington track, Chicago,
Old Aiken polo team won Interna
tional series from Santa Paula team
ot Argentina.
Don Moe won western amateur
golf title.
July 19 British tennis team de
feated Americans and won right to
play French for Davis cup,
July 22 Jack Sharkey and Micky
Walker fought a 15 round draw In
Brooklyn. -
July 26 French tennis team de
feated .British, retaining Davis cup.
Aug. 1 Sun Beau, winning the
Arlington handicap, became record
breaking money winner.
Aug. 8 American women's tennis
team won Wlghtman cup from Brit
ish. Aug. 23 Helen Wills Moody again
won women's tennis championship.
Aug. 28 Rev. Garrison Roebuck
of McClure, Ohio, won Grand Amer
ican handicap.
Aug. 29 Mrs. O, S. HIU won wom
en's western golf title.
Sept 6 Francis Quintet won na
tional amateur golf championship at
Sept. 6 Kaye Don's Miss England
II beat Gar Wood's Miss America
IX In first heat of Harmsworth
trophy race at Detroit.
Sept. 7 Harmsworth races ended
when Don's boat was disqualified
and then sank.
Sept 10 Tony Canzonerl, light
weight champion, defeated Jack
Berg In title fight at New York.
Sept. 12 Ellsworth Vines of Cali
fornia won national tennis cham
pionship. Sept. 15 Philadelphia Athletics
won American league pennant
Sept 16 St. Louis Cardinals won
National league pennant
Sept. 19 Tom Creavy won the
professional golf championship,
Santa Paula team of Argentina
won American open polo title.
Sept 26 Helen Hicks won wom
en's golf championship, defeating
Mrs. Glenna Collett Vare.
Oct. 10 St. Louis Cardinals won
world championship,
Oct. 12 Jack Sharkey whipped
Primo Camera In Brooklyn.
Oct. 20 Nova Scotia boat Blue
nose won Atlantic fishing fleet tro
phy permanently.
Oct 23 Lou Broulllard won wel
terweight title from Jack Thomp
son, Oct 26 Young Peres of Tunis
won flyweight title from Frankle
Genaro of New York In Paris.
Nov. 2 Lewis outwrestled Zbyszko
In Chicago and won world title.
Nov. 4 Battallno beat Earl Mas
tro In Chicago, retaining feather
weight title.
Nov. 20 Canzonerl defeated Kid
Chocolate In New York.
Nov. 21 In football Yale' defeated
Harvard, and University of Southern
California beat Notre Dame,
Nov. 28 Northwestern, Purdue
and Michigan tied for Western Con
ference football championship; Army
defeated Notre Dame; Yale beat
Princeton; Tulane won Southern con
ference title.
Dec, 20 Annual conference of Na
tional Collegiate Athletic association
opened In New York.
Jan. 8 About 170 persons killed
by typhoon In the Philippines.
Jan, 14 Oaxaca City, Mexloo,
wrecked by earthquake; many killed.
Feb. 3 Cities of Napier and Hast
ings New Zealand, wrecked by earth
quake; many killed.
Feb. 16 One hundred Chinese
drowned when steamer sank In Pearl
March 7 Earthquake In the Balk
ans killed 150 and wrecked many
March 81 Knute Rockne, Notre
Dame football coach and seven oth
ers killed In T. A. T, Western Ex
press liner crash near Bazaar, Kan,
City of Managua, Nicaragua,
ruined by earthquake; 1,100 dead.
May 25 Forty-seven killed by
Are In gold mine In Kolar fields,
9 British submarine sunk
In collision near Welhalwel, China;
24 men lost
June 14 French excursion steam
er capsized near St Nasalre; about
600 Uvea lost.
June 22 Ten million dollar Are
In St, John, N. B.
Aug. 21 Flood of Yangtse river
drowned 200,000 and threatened de
struction of Hankow,
Aug. 27 Thousands reported
killed by earthquake in Baluchis
tan. Aug. 80 Terrible floods north of
Yangchow, China, resulted from
breaking of Grand canal dykes;
160,000 drowned.
Sept, 8 About 200 drowned by
floods at Poneo, Porto Rico.
Sept. 10 Belize, British Honduras,
devuitaiuI-Uik hmrlcoiUU. lAUH killed.
- OcTTl-ITussran- reTSmarTn'e"STjnk
In collision; 50 drowned.
Nov. 6 Five killed and eight In
jured by gun explosion on U. 8. 8.
Nov. 20 Explosion In colliery
near Can ton bury, England, killed 42
Nov. 12 Stock show special
wrecked In Missouri; seven men and
many valuable horses killed.
Dec. 13 Three hundred Chinese
died when ship blew up near Shang-
Jan. 1 Hugh C. Wallace, former
ambassador to France.
Jan. 3 Marshal Joseph Joffre of
France, hero of the Marne.
Jan. 11 Nathan Straus of New
York, millionaire merchant and phi
lanthropist Jan. 22 Anna Pavlowa, noted
dancer, at The Hague.
Jan. 26 Edward I. Edwards
former governor of New Jersey and
former United States senator.
Feb. 14 MaJ. Gen. C. R. Edwards,
commander of Yankee division, A.
E. F., In Boston,
Feb. 18 Louis Wolhelm, stage
and screen star.
Frank C Emerson, governor of
W. R. Merriam, former governor
of Minnesota.
Feb. 23 Dame Nellie Melba, fam
ous soprano, In Melba, Australia.
March 1 Representative Henry
A. Cooper of Wisconsin.
Rear Admiral Thomas S. Rodgers,
U. S. N., retired.
March 2 Lieut Gen. Edgar Jad
wln, chairman of Interoceanio canal
March 10 Joseph P. Cotton, un
dersecretary of state.
March 16 Cardinal Pletro Maffl,
archbishop of Piss,
March 24 Robert Edeson, stage
and screen star.
Rear Admiral C. P. Plunkett, re
tired, In Washington.
March 27 Arnold Bennett, Eng
lish novelist and playwright
Henry Ives Cobb, American
March 29 Byron Bancroft John
son, founder of American Baseball
Dr. George A. Dorsey, anthropol
ogist, In New York.
April 1 Maclyn Arbuckle, stage
and screen star.
April 9 Nicholas Longworth,
speaker of the national house of
May 2 George F. Baker of New
York, America's richest banker.
May 9 Dr. Albert A. Michelson,
eminent scientist, in Pasadena, Calif.
May 10 Walter A. Strong, pub
lisher of Chicago Dally News.
May 12 Eugene Ysaye, violinist,
In Brussels, Belgium.
May 14 David Belasco, dean of
theatrical producers.
May 29 Congressman C. A. Moo
ney, of Cleveland, Ohio.
June 4 Mortimer L. Schilf, New
York banker and philanthropist.
June 6 John L. Stoddard, Amer
ican author and travel lecturer,
June 15 Miss Anna Adams Gor
don, former president of World W.
C. T. U.
June 20 Ralph Booth, American
minister to Denmark.
June 25 Alfred Aloyslus Smith
("Trader Horn"), In London.
June 27 Wilbur C. Whitehead,
bridge whist authority.
July 1 Miss Alice M. Robertson,
former congresswoman from Okla
homa. July 2 Dr. Stephen M. Babcock
of University of Wisconsin, Inventor
of the milk test
July 4 George S. Graham of
Pennsylvania, oldest member of con
gress. July 7 John Brlsben Walker, sol
dier, business man, writer and mag
azine editor, In Brooklyn.
July 9 John L. Agnew, mining
magnate, at Copper Cliff, Ont
R. L. Henry, former congressman
from Texas, In Houston.
July 13 Representative C. G. Ed
wards of Georgia.
July 28 Congressman Sam C.
Major of Missouri.
Aug. 8 Merrltt Star, Chicago at
torney and author
Aug. 11 Rev. Peter J. CCallaghan
of Chicago, president of Catholic
Total Abstinence Union of America,
Aug. 26 Frank Harris, author, In
Nice, France.
Aug. 29 Alfred P. Dennis, mem
ber of tariff commission.
Aug. 81 Sir Hall Calne, English
Sept 12 F. W. Lehmann of St
Louis, former United States solici
tor general.
Sept 18 J. F. Nugent, former
senator from Idaho.
Col. Zack Mulhall, Oklahoma pio
neer and showman.
Sept. 19 Dr. David Starr Jordan,
chancellor emeritus of Stanford uni
versity. Sept. 29 Sir William Orpen, Brit
ish artist
Oct 5 Dwlght W. Morrow, sena
tor from New Jersey.
Oct 7 Daniel Chester French.
American sculptor.
Oct 11 Fleming H. Revell of New
York, publisher.
Oct. 13 Dr. H. B. Learned, his
torian, at Stanford university.
Oct 14 W. H. Williams, presi
dent of Wabash railway.
Oct 16 Charles W. Murphy,
former owner of Chicago National
League Ball club.
Oct. 18 Thomas A. Edison In
West Orange, N. J.
Oct 20 W. A. Rogers, cartoon
ist. Oot 21 Arthur Schnltzlcr, Aus
trian dramatist and novelist
Oct. 22 Fletcher Hale, congress
man from New Hampshire.
Oct 24 C. F. D. Belden, librarian
of Boston Public library and presi
dent of American Library associa
tion. Oct 26 Charles A. Comlskey,
owner of Chicago White Sox ball
Ronald W. Boyden, American
member of the Hague court
Oct 26 Oohs Oakes, editor of
Current History, In New York.
Oct 28 John M. Bowman,' presi
dent of Bowman-BUtmore hotel cor
poration. Nov. 1 Seymour Mandelbaum,
Baltimore philanthropist
Nov. 6 C. A. Greathouse of Indi
ana, secretary of Democratic na
tional oommlttee.
Prof. O. E. Rolvaag, novelist and
educator, at Northfleld; Minn,
Nov. 6 Senator T. II. Caraway of
Henry M. Wurzbach, only Repub
lican congressman from Texas.
Nov. 7 Richard T. Crane, Jr., of
Chicago, president of Crane com
pany. Nov. 9 Col. Isaao N. Lewis, In
ventor of machine gun, In Hoboken,
Nov. 17 Edward Simmons, Amer
ican painter, In Baltimore,
A. J. Wlmpld, corn developer, In
Centervllle, S. D.
Nov, 21 Dr. Sam Small, editor and
evangelist, In Atlanta, Oa.
Nov. 22 Louis Loucheur, French
Nov. 25 Former Gov, Al Taylor
of Tennessee,
Nov. 27 Robert Ames, American
Hoke Smith, former cabinet mem
ber, senator and governor, In At
lanta, Ga,
Nov. 80 Henry Walters, railway
magnate, In New York,
Dr. K. G. Mathesnn, president of
Drexel Institute, Philadelphia.
Daniel Sullivan, multimillionaire
banker of San Antonio, Tex.
J. J. Hattstacdt of Chicago, vet
eran musical educator.
Deo. 1 W. O. Shepard, Methodist
bishop ot Mediterranean area, In
Deo. 2 A. H. Cock burn, govern
ment gun expert, at Watorvllot, N.Y.
Deo. 8 Vincent D'Indy, French
Dec. 4 ,T. F. .TelUe, philanthropist
and manufacturer, In Chicago
F. H. Bedford, oil magnate, In
New York,
Charles MacVengh, former Amer
ican ambassador to Jspnn.
Deo. 5 Viicholl Llndsny, Amer
ican poet, In Springfield, 111,
Deo, (Clarence H. Howard, steel
magnate, In Boston.
Dec. 7 K. C. Hupp, automobile
manufacturer, In Detroit. .
Deo. 9 Antonio Salandra, war
premier of Italy.
Deo. 18 Former Cardinal Louis
Billot at Arrlcla, Italy.
(ffl by Western Newspaper Union.)