Heppner gazette-times. (Heppner, Or.) 1925-current, July 09, 1931, Page PAGE FIVE, Image 5

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Fred Hoskins is summering his
two bands of sheep in the moun
tains back of Meacham and reports
that the feed is the best it has been
in years. This holds good for the
mountain ranges in the forest area,
and is due n odoubt to the late
rains. Mr. Hoskins also states that
there are many more sheep in the
mountains than usual, owing to the
large holdover, and the abundant
feed is proving a blessing to the
llockmasters. Mr. Hoskins was in
town from his Rhea creek ranch
Mr. and Mrs. John Anglin and
daughter Rachel motored to Yaki
ma Saturday, returning home by
way of Walla Walla and Pendleton
Sunday. They had a rather un
pleasant journey home as they
traveled for about 200 miles in the
dust storm what at times was very
suffocating. Mrs. Henry Schwarz
accompanied them as far as Wapa
to, and Mrs. Anglin's mother, Mrs.
Sowers, returned to Heppner with
them from Yakima.
John Harbke, president of Wells
Springs Gas & Oil company, was
in the city a short time Tuesday,
having just arrived from his home
in Portland. Mr. Harbke states that
the harvest is now on at the big
Wells Springs ranch, and he also
expressed the hope that drilling will
soon be under way at the gas field
again, the idea of the company be
ing to put down another and larger
well on the higher ground.
John Anglin, manager of the local
MacMarr store, informs this paper
that he is the proud possessor of a
$25 cash prize, won last month in a
selling contest. The contest was on
Par, concentrated washing machine
soap. Mr. Anglin is the more appre
ciative of this prize as it was won
, over a large field of contestants.
This is the third prize captured by
the Heppner store during the past
Mr. and Mrs. W. P. Mahoney de
parted on Tuesday afternoon for
Portland, Mr. Mahoney being on his
way to Salem to attend the tax
committee meeting as one of the
representatives from Morrow coun
ty, appointed by Governor Julius L.
Meier. Chas. Wicklander of Board
man is the other representative
from this county.
Howard Lane reports harvest
quite general in the Lexington sec
tor, and it will be on in full blast
this week. Many fields are turning
out much better yields than was ex
pected, and 20 to 25 bushels to the
acre is not uncommon, the grain
having been much benefitted by the
cool June weather.
Dr. and Mrs. A. D. McMurdo and
their two sons, Bernard and Scott,
and Mrs. Osmin Hager and daugh
ter, Harriet, departed Saturday for
Portland. From there Dr. McMur
do was going on to Fort Lewis
where he will spend a couple of
weeks on military duty.
Emil Swanson, warehouseman of
lone, was a business visitor in this
city Monday. He is authority for
the information that W. W. Head,
pastor-editor, is now taking his va
cation, and that the lone Independ
ent has suspended publication for
the time being.
Mr. and Mrs. Fred Hotlecker and
young daughter visited over the
Fourth with Mrs. Hodecker's bro
ther, 'Garnet Barratt and family.
The Hodccker home is at Camas,
Wash., where Mr. Hodecker is in
the garage business.
Mr. and Mrs. Ray Rogers and son
and daughter, from Redmond, were
over the Fourth visitors at the
home of Mrs. Roger's father, Ches
ter Darbee, and enjoyed visiting
old-time friends.
Mr. and Mrs. Jesse J. Wells re
turned Monday from their honey
moon and are now "at home" at
the Wells farm just north of Heppner.
The croquet season is on again,
Saturday, July 4th, being the offi
cial opening day on the Huston
court and the first game was bet-ween
W. O. Dix and T. J. Humph
reys, the latter having been the
challenger and he carried off the
laurels for the initial contest in
fact his game was so hot that Dix
has not yet figured out just what
it was all about. Two games fol
lowed in the afternoon with Hum
phreys and Huston vs. Crawford
and Dix, getting a game each. This
put new courage in Dix, and he
challenged Humphreys to play an
other two-handed game, and he re
ceived another beating. On Tues
day evening Crawford was matched
against the champion and went
down with a complete knockout,
following which he and Dix pro
ceeded to wallop Humphreys and
Huston again, so to date it looks
like honors are about even, with
Humphreys strutting around like a
bantam rooster.
Mr. andv Mrs. John Hiatt and
daughter, Miss Doris Hiatt return
ed Tuesday from an outing and au
tomobile trip that took them to
points in Idaho and Eastern Ore
gon. They visited Mountain Home,
Idaho, and Eagle Valley, Baker
county, and a number of other
places and Mr. Hiatt states that the
farther east they were the hotter
and drier it seemed to be. Crops
where he was in Idaho were poor
and there is a great shortage of
water for irrigation.
Mr. and Mrs. Joel R. Benton and
their two sons, Ralph and Dick, re
turned home early Monday morn
ing from Turner where they spent
the most of the past week attend
ing the annual convention of the
Oregon Christian Missionary soci
ety. Mr. Benton was on the pro
gram for the opening sermon. He
will be In his pulpit at the Heppner
church both morning and evening
the coming Sunday.
Mr. and Mrs. A. J. Chaffee were
visitors at Pasco over the week end
with the parents of Mrs. Chaffee,
also taking in the celebration of the
opening of the Pasco-Kenewlck
bridge as a toll-free institution.
Mr. and Mrs. Frank Shively,
Merle and Billy Becket and Stacy
Roberts motored to Portland for
the Fourth and took in the picnic
of former Morrow county residents
at Laurelhurst park.
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Mrs. Walter Crosby was brought
to town from the farm home at the
muth of Skinner creek by the
Phelps ambulance yesterday, suffer
ing injuries received when she fell
over a wagon tongue. She was
plactd in Morrow General hospital.
Injuries included a broken rib and
sprained ankle.
Dean T. Godoman and family de
parted the first of the week on their
summer vacation. Mr. Goodman
attended Elks grand lodge at Seat
tle as delegate from Heppner lodge.
IST of Portland, will be in Heppner,
Sunday, July 12th, on his regular
monthly trip. Consult him about
your eyes. It
J. J. Nys and family returned
Tuesday evening from a ten-day
vacation visit at Salem, Corvallis
and other Willamette valley points.
Dry Slab Wood for Sale Either
16-in. or 4-ft $5.75 per cord, deliv
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J. W. Becket is up from Portland
this week looking after his farming
interests in Morrow county.
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Gilman building. 15-tf.
We extend our sincere and heart
felt thanks to all the friends and
neighbors who were so helpful and
sympathetic at the time of our re
cent bereavement We especially
appreciate the assistance given us
by the Neighbors of Woodcraft
Mr. and Mrs. Earl Hunt,
Mrs. Maggie Hunt.
DR. CLARKE of the Clarke Op
tical Co., Portland, Ore., EYE
Heppner all day and evening, Sun
day, July 12th, at the Hotel Hepp
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Market prices paid for livestock,
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Mrs. Ollie Neill and daughter Ne
va made a business trip to Echo
Mr. and Mrs. Bert Mitchell of Al
pine made a business call at Lon
Wattenburger's Sunday afternoon.
Most of the Pine City folks at
tended the Fourth of July celebra
tion at Stanfield Saturday. The
Pine City band led the parade down
Main street to the camp grounds
where the program was given. A
basket dinner was enjoyed by all,
with the people from the different
communities located at separate ta
bles. Free lemonade was served to
everyone, and ice cream and pop
were sold. Speeches and music
were the main entertainment of the
Ernest and Glenn Rothwell of
Pendleton are visiting at the home
of their aunt Mrs. J. S. Moore.
Bruce Lindsey is now staying at
the home of his aunt, Mrs. Charley
Band practice will be held once a
week for the rest of the summer.
Harvey Meyers of Echo is conduct
ing the practice every Friday eve
ning. Some band members of Her
miston and also some from Echo
will attend these practices.
The Misses Lila Bartholomew,
Jean Paine, Naomi Moore, Wilma
McCarty, Ruth Thompson, Helen
Jarmon and Alma Neill went for
a horseback ride Tuesday. They
took their lunch with them and
spent the day riding.
The following persons were din
ner guests at the Lon Wattenburger
home Sunday: Mr. and Mrs. Burl
Wattenburger and children, Junior
and Lucile, Ralph Neill, Bruce
Lindsey, Mr. and Mrs. Roy Neill
and Alma, Mrs. Charley Morehead
and children Bobby and Delpha,
and Lloyd Bald ridge.
Roy Neill attended the woolgrow-
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Mrs. Horace Strong nad children
Bobby and Betty Lou and Miss Hel
en Jarmon left Monday for Bakers
field, Calif. They have been visit
ing with their parents, Mr. and Mrs.
E. P. Jarmon of Butter creek.
Mrs. Charley Morehead and chil
dren made a business trip 'to Her
miston Thursday afternoon.
Mr. and Mrs. Paul Conrad, who
have been working for W. D. Neill,
are now at their home near Alpine.
Mr. and Mrs. Burl Wattenburger
and children, Mrs. Anna Schmidt
and Alfred and Arthur Schmidt
spent the Fourth of July at the
home of Mr. and Mrs. Walt Wig
glesworth who live on the Lewis
Miss Shirley Jarmon and Roy
Jarmon spent the Fourth at the
home of their parents. They were
accompanied from Portland by
some friends. They returned Sun
day night Shirley is working in
the library at Monmouth and Roy
is working with the Bell Telephone
company at Portland.
Lloyd Baldridge of Popular Bluff,
Missouri, is now visiting at the
homes of his step-sisters, Mrs. Lon
Wattenburger and Mrs. Roy Neill,
and also at the home of his half
brother, Charley Morehead. He ex
pects to remain here some time be
fore returning to Missouri.
Lon and Burl Wattenburger are
beginning their summer work of ex
tracting honey.
Mrs. Horace Strong and children
and Lura. and Lida Jarmon called
at the Helms and Roy Neill homes
Wednesday evening.
Johnny Brosnan called at the
Charley Bartholomew home Thurs
day night
Mr. and Mrs. John Healy and
children spent the Fourth at a
camp near Ukiah.
Mr. and Mrs. F. W. Turner and
the Misses Anabel Turner, Audrey
Beymer and Helen Falconer return
ed Monday evening from Los An
geles where Mrs. Turner and the
Misses Beymer and Falconer at
tended the meetings of the Nation
al Education association in conven
tion there last week, and the entire
party enjoyed the sights of the sou
thern California metropolis and the
trip going and coming. A visit was
enjoyed with the family of Mr. Tur
ner's brother, Loy M. Turner, at
Long Beach, and among attractions
seen was a Mission play staged in
the Hollywood bowl. While Los An
geles and suburbs are very beauti
ful, Mr. Turner gained the impres
sion of much false prosperity with
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