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    I' AGE TWO
and Ed Barlow low. Lovely re- divided into zones and each section
MRS. A. T. HEREIM. Correspondent
Boardman fans saw one of the
most exciting games of the season
Friday night when the local boys
met Heppner here. Although the
score would make it seem decidedly
one-sided, the fame was most inter
esting. The Heppner boys made
the local team seem like Lillipu
tians in comparison, but that size
was a mere trifle was shown by the
superior team work of Boardman
high. Both sides were rough and
a number of fouls were called. Eu
gene Mingus was high point man
for Boardman.
Mrs. Mabel Miller of Seattle, who
has been visiting at the Ransier
home, went to Pendleton to assist
in caring for some of her relatives
who were ill with Influenza.
W. H. Mefford, Mrs. W. O. King,
Hazel Tyler and Mrs. Royal Rands
have all been on the sick list the
past week.
Alvie Mefford and his sister, Mrs.
Ed Barlow, spent several days in
the Yakima valley, going over to
see Alvie's friend who was ill.
Mr. and Mrs. C. G. Blayden were
pleased to have their daughter, Mrs.
Will Anderson and husband of New
Plymouth, Ida., and son, Louie
Blayden of Vale, with them over
the week end.
Mr. and Mrs. J. C. Ballenger of
The Dalles spent the week end here.
They make their home in The Dal
les but still keep their former home
here. On Saturday night the Bal
lengers entertained at a card party,
having five tables of "500." Every
one had a most delightful evening.
At the call of the game, Mrs. Pack
ard had high for the ladies and
Nate Macomber for the men. Low
honors went to Mrs. Lee Mead and
A. T. Hereim. Present were Ma
combers, Spagles. Packards. Stro
bels, L. G. Smiths, Ray Browns,
Meads, Hereims, Mrs. Dillabaugh,
W. A. Price and Mrs. Pat Siscell,
and Mrs. Sybil McMillan of Wasco
who came up for the party. They
and the Ballengers returned on
Sunday to Wasco and The Dalles.
Mr. and Mrs. Guy Barlow and
Mrs. J. F. Barlow motored to Hepp
ner Saturday.
Revival meetings will be held here
beginning Sunday morning, Feb. 16,
in charge of Rev. Boudenot Seely.
Rev. Seely has spoken here at var
ious times and is a fluent and able
speaker. Keep the date in mind
and attend. The song service will
start at 7:30 each evening.
Margaret Myers was seven on
February 11, and Orthun Hereim
was seven the 7th, so they had a
party together Friday afternoon at
the school with the first and sec
ond graders for guests After games
cake and jello were served Little
baskets filled with candy and ani
mal crackers were given the small
R. B. Wilcox and family of Lex
ington were guests at the home of
their daughter, Mrs. John Graves
on Sunday.
The Home Economics club will
give their cedar chest Saturday
night, Feb. 15, at the dance.
On Sunday as Mr. Dillon was re
turning from Hermiston hn slop
ped at the Graves ranch and as he
started out the engine backfired and
the truck caught fire. It was ex
tinguished, however, before any
damage was done.
Mr. and Mrs. L. G. Smith are
home from an extended stay in
Portland. They drove back in a
fine new Chevrolet sedan.
Mr. and Mrs. F. A. Fortier gave
the third of a series of card parties
on Tuesday evening at their home
There were four tables of "500" and
when scores were counted it was
found that Miss Katharine Brown
and Glen Hadley were high and
Mrs. Hadley and Mr. Rainville low.
An elaborate luncheon was served
by the hostess. Attending were the
Roots, Spagles, Hadleys, Guy Bar
lows, Ray Browns, Rainvilles, Mrs.
Titus and Miss Brown.
Another pleasant card party was
that given Thursday evening by Mr.
and Mrs. Claude Coats with four
tables of "500" in play. Mrs. A. T.
freshments were served. The guest
list included the Rainvilles, Her
eims. Meads. Fortiers, Hadleys. Guy
Barlows. Ed Barlow and Z. J. Gil
lespie. Harry Murchie has been at The
Dalles hospital for the past nine
weeks suffering with a badly in
fected foot. He had his small toe
and part of his foot removed sev
eral weeks ago. The infection has
spread and he may have to under
go another operation. W. A. Mur
chie continues about the same. He
cannot see nor hear but is able to
be up and about daily.
One of the most pleasant meet
ings of the Ladies Aid was that on
Wednesday at which Mrs. Royal
Rands and Mrs. Brice Dillabough
entertained at the Rands home. At
this meeting the tales were told of
the "capsules" and some amusing
incidents were related. Many who
were certain they knew the identity
of their capsules found themselves
entirely wrong. Mrs. Flickinger
read a clever original poem as did
Mrs. Messenger. It was voted to
continue the capsule stunt for an
other three months. Names will be
drawn at the March Silver Tea and
everyone is urged to attend. Place
will be announced later. Members
were pleased to have Mrs. Wilkins
and Mrs. Stout, to attend; in fact,
all the ladies from the Spillway
attended. Mrs. Stout, Mrs. Wilkins,
Mrs. Weston, Mrs. Hendricks and
Mrs. Geo. Wicklander and Mrs. Por
ter. Mrs. Geo. Brown, a newcomer
on the East End, was also present.
Mrs. Dillabough and Mrs. Rands
served a lovely lunch at the close
of the meeting.
The Porter house was destroyed
bv fire some time Friday night.
Origin of the fire is unknown but
it followed a dance held mere tnai
night. This house is on one of the
abandoned farms of the project
and belonged to the Campbell es
tate. It had been used for dances
this winter.
Jack Hale who lives on the Calk
ins place has been under the wea
ther' for the past two or three
A hen which apparently thought
that spring had arrived hatched a
brood of baby chicks during the
bitter cold weather at the Ayers
ranch. When found only three had
survived as the mother hen lacked
sufficient heat in her body to keep
the chicks warm. The three sur
vivors are lusty young birds and
will make early fries.
Mr. and Mrs. Lundstrom and two
children left Friday for Cascade
Locks. They have lived at Coyote
since last summer.
Gorhams motored to Pendleton
Mrs. W. A. Baer and three chil
dren came Thursday from Long-
view and will make their home on
their ranch formerly the Eck War
ren place. Mr. Baker is employed
by the Long Bell company and will
remain there. The Bakers have two
children of school age, a baby of
eight months. Mrs. Baker is a sis
ter of Mrs. Bates.
Mr. and Mrs. Glen Hadley extend
ed their hospitality Sunday evening
when they gave a "nutty party" at
their home. Everyone had an es
pecially good time with various
games, stunts and contests follow
ed by a delicious lunch. The guest
list included Messrs. and Mesdames
Coats, Fortier, Humphrey, Spagle
and the hosts.
E. T. Messenger and family mo
tored to Athena on Sunday and vis
ited at the Truman Messenger
W. R. Wlikins has the brooder
house on his ranch completed and
the family will occupy it until the
ranch house is completed.
A movie sponsored by the P. T. A.
was given Saturday night. Attend
ance was small.
Arthur Porter came home last
week from a pleasant sea voyage
to various points of interest in
South America and California. He
had a severe cold on his return and
pneumonia was threatened, but by
dint of excellent care it was avert
ed. Friends are sorry to learn that
Mr. and Mrs. L. G. Smith are to
leave the project and will make
their home near Portland.
A number of changes have been
made in the plans for the declam-
will hold a divisional contest, the
winners to go to the county contest
at Heppner, April 5. The high
school division contests will be held
Mnrch 29 at Lexington and at
Boardman. Competing with the
Boardman school will be Alpine,
Pine City and Irrigon. The grade
sectional contests will be held on
March 2 at Alpine, Heppner and
lone. At Alpine will be represented
Boardman, Irrigon, Pine City and
Alpine. Charges of 15 and 25 cents
will be made for these contests. In
stead of having word limits a time
limit has been set. Division 1, 12
minutes; division 2, 8 minutes, ana
division 3, 6 minutes. Prize winners
at Heppner will meet Umatilla
county in an inter-county contest,
April 19.
Ray Shane is lambing on the
Crawford place and is having very
good success.
Mr. Andrews who has been work
ing on the new coal chutes at Mess
ner left Sunday for Portland. He
has just finished painting there.
Bill Harrington has had a tele
phone installed.
Rowells motored to lone Satur
day. The Rowells live on the De
lano place.
Opple Waggoner was a visitor on
the project Sunday. He has been
at Condon for some time.
Chas. Wicklander, deputy state
grange organizer, made a trip to
Baker this week in the interests of
his work.
Sid Seale of Condon who purchas
ed the hay on the Delano place had
it baled and shipped last week, rien-
driks and Fortier had hay baled
Ray Shane was sick this week
and consulted a physician at Arling
Strobels have leased the Clarence
Berger place and are oving shortly.
The Carpenters who have been
away for a year will return to their
ranch which the Spagles are vacat
Audrey Ellen, the Wilson baby,
was quite ill for two weeks but has
Boardman was victorious Wed
nesday night in their game with
lone with a 28-9 score.
W. H. Taylor was on the sick list
the early part of the week. I. Skou-
bo who has been ill is much im
proved. His physician pronounced
it heart trouble and advised taking
life easier.
Mrs. Lottie Attebury was quite ill
for several days, but is now recov
ering. Mrs. Sanders is getting over
an illness also. Everyone seems to
be having a siege of the flu.
A fine turkey dinner was given
Sunday by Mr. and Mrs. Claude My
ers to celebrate Margaret's seventh
birthday which is Tuesday. Mr. and
Mrs. I. Skoubo and two children
and Mr. and Mrs. Wilbanks and
daughter Ada were guests. A birth
day cake with lighted tapers was
the centerpiece.
Alfred Skoubo, Chas. Andregg
and a friend were down Sunday
from Hermiston to spend the eve
ning at the I. Skoubo home.
R. Wasmer, Paul M. Smith and
family and Mrs. Ed Kunze and chil
dren were guests Friday night at a
fine chili supper given by Mr. and
Mrs. Nick Faler.
FOB SALE Combination daven
port and bed, leather upholstered,
at a bargain. Inquire Gazette Times.
For Sale 40 head work horses;
harness fo 30 head; 3 3-bottom
plows; doubletrees and 3 12-horse
hitches. Four miles north of Lex
ington. Chas. A. Marquardt 42tf.
For Rent Summer range for one
or two bands of sheep, near Elgin
and Palmer Junction, Ore. For
particulars write Mike McEntire.
S. E. Notson, district attorney,
gave a Lincoln's birthday address
and the children of the Lexington
high and grade schools sang songs
and gave readings at a program
Wednesday morning at the school
in commemoration of Abraham
Lincoln's life.
1928 Durant 2-door
1926 Chevrolet Coupe
Auto Co.
We serve them fresh,
temptingly appetizing
-or you may get them
in bulk.
Shell Fish of
all kinds on our menu
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Phone Sellwood 3091. 47-4.
tur iue uu tuna oua"
Art Parker, Heppner, Ore. 45tf.
Is your hot water HOT? If not
call Gibb the plumber, Peoples
Hardware Co., phone 702, residence
phone 1412. No Job too big or too
small. Prompt attention to all calls.
Treat Yourself to Laughs Galore
Uarairvi a n rl fllon T-TarllpV rPPPlvpH
the high prize and Mrs. Rainville ' atory contest. The county has been
fK 'zfv .-1' fv- ft tMi
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Rodney, SMILE
A school benefit performance presented by the
Heppner School Faculty
TUES., Feb. 18
Curtain Rises : Matinee at 2 :30 p. m. ; Evening at 8 :00 p. m.
High School Auditorium
Virginia Roslyn, alias Miss Koogelheimer, The Princess
Miss Aagodt Frigaard
Mrs. Winslow, who lives next door to "The Castle,"
Miss Mary Patterson
Betty Crowley, a pretty, independent little neighbor
Miss Bernita Lamson
Patty Nelson, another charming little neighbor
Miss Elizabeth Galloway
Mrs. Gilbert Vance, who is looking for her fourth husband....
Miss Blanch Hansen
Gwendolyn Vance, her niece Miss Beth Bleakman
Bedelia Dwiggins, an old maid who specializes in broadcast
Miss Erma Dennis
Bruce Bradley, the peppery owner of "The Castle" ................
!.... ....... James T. Lumley
Rodney Bradley, his nephew William R. Poulson
Egbert Marmont, a friend of Rod's, a young Englishman
6 - Crockett Sprouls
Tubby Hays, another friend Earl Gordon
Pickney Herring, who admits he's the town's leading citizen
J & Gerald Brunson
Matinee, Children 25c, Adults 50c.
Evening, all seats 50c.
More beautiful bodies by
Fully-enclosed, four-wheel
Longer wearing upholstery
More comfortable seats
Tilted non-glare windshield
Improved car buret ion
More responsive steering
. . . but not one change in the
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Come in. Examine Oldsmobile'a
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o. h. twetarj
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It All Depends
"It is impossible for me to save any
money on my present income." No
doubt you have often heard such a
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Well, it all depends. Most people
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so small, if they would give up some
of the things they lead themselves to
think necessary." The trouble is, they
often refuse to deny themselves. They
are not willing to pay the price NOW.
But most of them pay LATER, when
they can ill afford to pay.
Fir& National Bank