Heppner gazette-times. (Heppner, Or.) 1925-current, October 24, 1929, Page PAGE FIVE, Image 5

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Locall Hupp'
Mr. and Mrs. Chas. Cox departed
on Sunday on their journey to the
old home at Galax, Virginia. They
will make the trip by auto, going
by way of Lincoln highway to Oma
ha, and then turning south On the
way they contemplate making some
stopa to visit relatives, and expect
to return home In March, traveling
the southern route and north thru
California. Mr. Cox had finished
with the fall seeding on the farm,
so he and Mrs. Cox are taking ad
vantage of the season intervening
until spring work for a good visit
with the home folks in "Or Vir
ginia." Rev. and Mrs. E. V. Stivers of
Eugene were visitors in this city
over Monday night, leaving on Tu
esday morning for Pendleton. At
the Christian church on Monday
evening, Mr. Stivers presented to
the official board the proposed pen
sion plan of the church, which Is
Intended to provide funds for car
ing for aged and disabled ministers,
and widows and children of minis
ters. Mr. Stivers represents the gen
eral convention of the church In
this work.
At the residence of Mr. and Mrs.
W. O. Dlx on Friday afternoon Miss
Harriet Case entertained the Past
Matrons club, at which time there
were book reviews by Mrs. W. P.
Mahoney who presented "Henry the
Eighth," and Mrs. Harry Tamblyn
an essay on "Hunky." Other mem
bers of the club present were Mes
dames W. E. Pruyn, Frank Gilliam,
C. C. Patterson, C. L. Sweek, Re
becca Patterson and W. O. Dlx.
Dainty refreshments were served.
Wm. Kummerland, pioneer resi
dent of Heppner flat, was looking
after business here on Saturday. He
reports this one of the longest
drawn out dry seasons that he has
experienced In many long years of
residence in Morrow county, but ex
pects everything to come out okeh,
as it Is a long time before another
crop season rolls around, and any
thing might happen between now
and then.
J. C. Hosklns, brother of Fred
Hosklns of this county, and a one
time Heppner boy, now engaged in
breeding purebred Rambouillet
sheep near Stanfield, was a Heppner
business visitor Tuesday in com
pany with M. E. Hotchkiss also of
Stanfleld. Mr. Hosklns reports the
ram market not too good this sea
son. Mrs. Richard Wells arrived home
on Friday evening after spending
the week in Portland visiting with
relatives. She is this week visiting
her sister, Mrs Knotts at Pilot Rock
and with the family of D. C. Wells
at Pendleton.
Harlan McCurdy, sheepman re
siding on Willow creek below lone,
was looking after affairs of business
at Heppner on Monday.
Otto Lindstrom, extensive wheat-
raiser of the Morgan section, was a
business visitor In Heppner on Sat
urday. He had been postponing the
rail seeding, owing to the continued
dry weather, but stated that he
could not put off the job longer and
expected to start his drills this
Earl and Leonard Gilliam, Jim
Cowins and Art Berry, the latter an
insurance man from Vancouver,
Wash., composed a hunting party
returning from the Uklah district
the first of the week. Earl Gilliam,
Mr. Cowins and Mr. Berry each bag
ged a nne buck.
Hugh Sproat, ex-secretary of Ore
gon Woolgrowers association, now
with the Federal Land bank at Spo
kane, was here on Sunday confer
ring with Presdient Mahoney of the
woolgrowers, and looking after bus
iness In connection with the land
Al Bergstrom, of the firm of Berg-
strom and Kane, made a business
trip to Pendleton on Tuesday after
truck tires and rims. Al Bays that
he made the round trip in 3 hours
and 20 minutes, which may be con
sidered pretty fair time.
Mrs. Hessle Kinny, while at work
at the J. D. Cash residence on Mon
day, had the mUfortune to receive
a badly sprained ankle when she
stepped on a loose board, the injury
compelling her to return home
while being cared for.
Mr. and Mrs. Walter Kllcup were
Monday visitors In Heppner from
their home this side of Lena. The
range conditions, because of the
continued dry weather, are none too
good this fall.
Mr, and Mrs. J. D. Cash are the
proud parents of a baby daughter,
born at their home in this city on
Sunday, October 20. Mother and
child are reported to be getting
along well.
Mrs. Mahala Minor and Bon Stan
ley Minor returned on Sunday from
Ritter hot springs where they spent
a couple of weeks enjoying the ad
vantages of this popular health re
sort Mrs. J. G. Clauston and baby
daughter came over from their Pen
dleton home Tuesday and are guests
this week at the home of her par
ents, Mr. and Mrs. S. P. Devln.
Attorney C. L. Sweek arrived
home the first of the week from a
business visit to Canyon City and
Portland which occupied several
days of the past week.
Mr. and Mrs. N. A. Clark spent a
short time In the city Wednesday
from their home at Eight Mile. Mrs.
Clark is quite fully recovered from
her recent illness.
Earl Murray who is Interested In
farming north of lone was looking
after business here on Saturday afternoon.
Special Prices
on three of Morrow
County's best farms
for 30 days only.
F. W. Turner & Co.
20 Reductions
of famous
ALLEN-A Underwear
for Men and Boys
during our
Newest Fall and Winter styles included
Sale ends Monday night
Among Heppnerltes attending the
Oregon-Idaho grid classic in Port
land Saturday were Mr. and Mrs.
W. R. Poulson, Mr. and Mrs. Gay
M. Anderson and Gay Jr., David A.
Wilson, Dean T. Goodman, Paul M.
Gemmell and C. L. Sweek.
Mrs. J. W. Stephens and Mrs.
Hattle Bleakman were Hardman
ladies visiting Heppner on Tuesday,
spending a short time here while
Gus Wilcox, engaged in farming
on the ranch formerly owned by
Louts Padberg west of Lexington,
spent a few hours at Heppner Mon
day. Martin Lovgren was In town for a
few hours on Monday from his farm
home in the Eight Mile country.
Mr. and Mrs. Albert Peterson of
Uklah were Heppner visitors Saturday.
Lost A new Waterman's pencil .
Owner and Identification given at
G.-T. office. 32tf.
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Fine large stock. See them before
buying your breeders; tomi $12,
hens $7. Cora Burroughs, lone. 32-5.
private irrigating ditch: 30 acres
set to alfalfa; few fruit trees; good
barn, 4-room dwelling with running
water in house, out buildings; situ
ated on Rhea creek, on good road,
IS miles from town. Address Box
43, Heppner. 28tf.
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fresh pears in January. Better fla- !WU0. now 139.50. A small payment
vored than Bartlets. 3c per lb. at wm ,nBUre your comfort Case
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For Sale Youne Bronze turkev
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' 32-39p.
FOR SALE Practically new Mis
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Inquire this office.
Rams for Sale 100 purebred Ram
bouillet yearling rams at my place
near stanfleld. Will deliver to pur
chaser at ranch. Phone 28F3, Stan
fleld. J. C. Hoskins. 32-34n.
For Sale Milk cows and bred
heifers. R. B. Wilcox, Lexington,
Oregon. 31tf.
For Sale 1 thoroughbred Jersey
heifer which will bring a calf In
March. A bargain. Mrs. W. F.
Mahrt, Hardman.
For Sale Creek ranch of 810
res. fine for dairvlnff or ahan Ann
acres fenced sheep-tight, balance
rainy well fenced with sheep wire;
Orders for flowers direct from the
growers at figures less than you can
buy direct Case Furniture Com
pany, growers agent 5tf.
WiW Mill I
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onivri Akin
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Chas. H. Latourell
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This will be a try-out for our talking equplment and to test the
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Also Comedy and News Reel( silent).
Children 25c Adults 50c
Don Alvarado and Marceline Day in
A romantic drama of passionate love and hate that unfolds it
self against civilized and tropical backgrounds Adapted from
Richard Harding Davis' South Sea Island story.
Also EARLY TO BED, two reel comedy.
Jack Holt and Dorothy Revier In SUBMARINE, Oct 81-Nov. L
Tim McCoy In THE BUSHRANGER, November I.
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