Heppner gazette-times. (Heppner, Or.) 1925-current, April 18, 1929, Page PAGE FIVE, Image 5

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By Arthur Brisbane
Nature's Balance.
The Price for Pictures.
Einstein Puzzle.
The "Five and Ten" Law.
It is dangerous to Interfere with
nature's balance, one thing killing
others, all kept in bounds.
Yakima County, Washington, of
fered a bounty to exterminate
hawks and owls, and thousands
were killed, to protect game birds
and poultry.
Investigation by government ex
perts, examining hawk and owl in
teriors, found that the birds lived
on snakes, grasshoppers, field mice
and ground squirrels, all dangerous
to man especially the ground
squirrels that spread bubonic pla
gue. Yakima has withdrawn the bounty.
Kill off coyotes and foxes and you
encourage a plague of field mice
and Jack rabbits. Montana made
that discovery. The wise plan Is to
destroy the objectionable creatures
by scientific means. Get rid of small
vermin and the bigger nuisances
will disappear.
When we see news films we rare
ly realize the risks run by camera
men. Those risks are great and
occasionally death proves it.
At Daytona, Florida, Mr. Bible,
trying for p. new automobile speed
record, wa. Instantly killed when
his car was going 202 miles an hour.
The crowd stood well back, watch
ing the race, but Charles Traub,
grinding a newareel camera, knew
it was his duty to show the ma
chine, traveling four miles a min
ute, coming head-on. He stood with
his camera planted slightly to one
side of the straight course. When
the driver lost control the car
leaped and rolled.
It was too late for Traub to save
himself. His dead body was laid
out beside that of the driver.
That Is the price paid sometimes
for news pictures.
Professor Einstein, fifty years old,
retired with his wife from publlo
view, to think about relativity and
the fourth dimension, and wonder
why people make such a fuss over
He Is especially amazed at the
great Interest In his discoveries In
the United States. And he well
may be. Not ten men in the Uni
ted States understand them.
What Will Rogers calls the "Five
and Ten prohibition law," five years
In Jail, and $10,000 fine, went into
effect in Chicago, and the first man
caught in the Jones net was Carl
Mahnke, a policeman. The Chica
go federal district attorney expects
250 indictments per month.
Impressive figures prove that the
radio has come to stay with a ven
geance. During 1928 retail sales of
radio apparatus totalled $70,877,517.
The extent to which radio has
transformed human life and en
larged Its possibilities Is understood
as little as the Importance of print
ing was understood when Guten
berg began setting up his movable
Printing opened ail the know
ledge of the world to everybody that
could read.
Radio offers the speeches, music
and Information of the world to
everybody able to listen.
Professor Card of Philadelphia
says women will soon wear dresses
made of asbestos, fireproof, shiny
as silk, more durable than any
cloth, easily cleaned with a wet
cloth, costing less than other ma
terials. All Interesting, but women prob
ably won't wear asbestos.
Imitation pearls are as handsome
as real pearls. Synthetic rubies
and sapphires are made exactly like
the real. But woman Insists on hav
ing the real.
his nose.
Mother Rabbit looked at him In
surprise and said :"I thought I told
you not to tell your father where
his pipe was."
"I felt so sorry for him that I Just
couldn't help putting the pipe where
he could have a short smoke,"
whined Billie. Then he added:
"But, Mother, how did you know
Father had a smoke?"
"Easy enough, my dear, the pipe
was warm when I gave it to your
rather and I remembered you were
the only one who knew where the
pipe was."
"OH!" sighed Billfe.
Those stop signs along the streets
of Heppner entering the state high
way, must be observed. Most people
recognize them but others do not,
seeming to take the signs as a joke
and pay no attention to thera. From
now on anyone passing them up
will be given a tag and sent to the
City Recorder to explain. The sign
says STOP, not slow down, so take
By Order of City Officers.
One evening at supper time the
Rabbit family were eating and talk
ing. Mother Rabbit held the center
of attention as she began:
"Father, I was over to see Mrs.
Squrrel the other day and she has
been having a terrible time with
her youngest child, he acted a lie."
"So?" exclaimed Br'er Rabbit in
"Yes," went on Mrs. Rabbit "She
put some cup custard out to cool
and somebody ate it Of course she
didn't want to accuse her little Jim
my, but she knew he must have had
something to do with it Even If he
didn't take the custard, he knew
who did. She felt that he ljad act
ed a lie."
All this time Billie Bunny was
Bhuflllng in his seat
"Of course I'm not a detective,"
said Mrs. Rabbit, "but I believe
someone took your pipe from under
the table the other day and you had
a smoke. Now, whoever did that
has a Bpeck of dirt on the end of
his nose."
', Billie took his napkin and rubbed
Notice is hereby given that by virtue
of the laws of the State of Oregon, the
undersigned has taken up the herein
after described animals found running
at large on his premises In Morrow
County, State of Oregon, and that he
will on Saturday the 27th day of April,
1929, at the hour of 10 o'clock In the
forenoon of said day, at hla place three
miles southeast of Hardman. Oregon,
offer for sale and sell the said animals
to the highest bidder for cash in hand,
unless the same shall have been re
deemed by the owner or owners thereof.
Said animals are described as follows:
One bay horse, strip in face, mane
has been roached. No visible brand.
One gray horse, branded T on left
shoulder, roached mane, 10 or 11 years
One black mare, no visible brand, 5
or 6 years old, weight about 1100 lbs.
One light gray mare, blotch brand on
right shoulder.
One bay blazed face mare, with hal
ter on, blotch brand on right shoulder.
One bay mare, very old, brand ME
on left shoulder.
One bay horse, snip on nose, branded
horseshoe on right shoulder.
One bay saddle horse, star in face,
no visible brands.
One bay mare mule, roached mane,
blotch brand on left stifle.
One brown horse, foretop has been
roached, no visible brands.
One black horse, star in face, roached
mane, no visible brands.
4-6 CLYDE WRIGHT. Heppner. Ore.
In the County Court of the State of
Oregon for Morrow County.
In the Matter of the Estate of Lydla
Ritchie, deceased.
Notice is hereby given that the under
signed administrator of the estate of
L,yuia nitcnie, deceased, will, on bai-
urday, the 4th day of May, 1929, at the
nour or lu ococK in the rorenoon or
said day, at the front door of the
Court House in Heppner, Oregon, sell
to the highest bidder for cash in hand
the following described real estate, sit
uated In Morrow County. Oregon, to
wlt: Lots 1. 2, 3 and 4, Block 1, duff's
Fifth Addition to lone, Oregon.
Dated this 2nd day of April, 1929.
Administrator of the Estate of '
Lydia Ritchie, deceased.
PUS. VlL'lc!r!V6
Of Helena ?utinteirt
Her gesture, motion and her miles,
Rer wit, her voio my heart beguiles,
Beguiles my heart ; I know not why,
And yet I love her till I die.
The greatest determining factor
of a beautiful mouth Is your smile.
A very wise and very kind man
once said that "When the first baby
smiled for the first time, it broke
into a million pieces and that was
the beginning of fairies."
I can think of nothing more
charming and nothing more logical,
for the sweetness, the gentleness,
the sheer beauty of a smile cannot
help but be the basis of all lovely
To be very scientific about it let
me tell you that Science claims
with solid proofs to substantiate the
statement that even the express
ion of your eyes Is determined by
your mouth.
The eyes themselves, they say,
are no more than reflectors the
"expression," as we call it, being
caused by the muscles of eyelids
and eye area which in turn depend
upon the mouth muscles for their
cue. In fact, so important are
these unheeded muscles of your
mouth that they set in motion mus
cles as far removed as the skull,
above, and the collar bone below!
We, judging only from exteriors,
know that the mouth is the key to
all facial expressions. We know
that the good looking woman guards
her mouth against the ageing droop
which disfigures not her mouth
alone, but her whole face as well.
We know from countless authori
ties and from wide observation that
there is no face lifter so potent as
a smile and STILL we don't smile
not half enough!
A smile tones tired muscles. It
catches them when they are droop
ing downward, and turns them
about again, neutralizing bad ef
fects, encouraging and cultivating
good ones. It stimulates those
same muscles, forces them Into ac
tion, and through this alone pre
serves the beauty and youth of
healthy, animated tissues.
Of course, if your muscles have
lost their vitality, if the tissues are
undernourished, wrinkled, perman
ently drooping, you need scientific
corrective treatment You need
massage movements to lightly coax
the muscles upward again, and you
need righ, nourishing, anti-wrinkle
cream to be patted in gently, night
and morning, and left on over night
if the condition is advanced. And
more than ever, for your beauty's
sake, you need to smile!
Notice Is hereby srlven that the Dart-
nership heretofore existing between H.
A. Colin and P. M. Gemmell. and car
ried on under the assumed name of
Conn Auto Co., has been dissolved, and
the business has been taKen over by f.
M. Gemmell and will be conducted
hereafter bv P. M. Gemmell under the
assumed name of Cohn Auto Co.
By reason of said dissolution of part
nership, all debts due the firm are due
and payable at once at the office of J.
J. Nys, at Heppner, Oregon.
The Federai Land Bank of Spokane, a
corporation, nainun,
Leroy Virgil Woodard, same person as
L,. V. woodard, and Llilie May woou
ard, husband and wife; J. B. Way
and Maurine Way, husband and wife;
West Extension National Farm Loan
Association, a corporation; N. W.
Usher and Frank Partlow,
To N. W. Usher and Frank Partlow,
OREGON: You are hereby required to
appear and answer the complaint filed
against you in me aoove emiuea un
within four weeks from the date of the
first publication of this Summons, and
if you fall to appear and answer plain
tiffs complaint, or otherwise plead
thereto, for want thereof, the plaintiff
will apply to the Court for the relief
prayed for in its complaint which Is
as follows, to-wit:
For a udument aea list the deren-
dants Leroy Virgil Woodard. same per
son as L. V. Woodard, and Lillle May
woodnrd. nusrmnfl anq wire; j. . way
The finest
gasoline we have
ever offered
to Pacific Coast
plus ETHYL
and Muurine Way, husband and wife,
and West Extension National Farm
Loan Association, a corporation, for
the sum of $45. W with Interest at the
rate of 8 per annum from the 23rd
day of December, 1926: the further sum
of $45.50 with Interest at the rate of
8 per annum from the 23rd day of
June, 1927; the further sum of $45.50
with Interest at the rate of 8 per an
num from the 23rd day of December,
1927; the further sum of $45.50 with
interest at the rate of 8 per annum
from the 23rd day of June, 1928; the
further sum of $1302.06 with Interest at
the rate of 6,4 per annum from the
23rd day of June, 1928; the further sum
or with interest at tne rate or 8
per annum from the Bth day of Octo
ber, 1926, and for any sum or sums paid
by the plaintiff In payment of delin
quent taxes subsequent to the filing of
plaintiff's complaint and prior to entry
of decree, together with interest on
said sums at the rate of 8 per annum
from the date of payment. The fur
ther sum of $26.00; the further sum of
$150.00 attorney's fee in the above en
titled suit and plaintiff's costs and dis
bursements incurred in said suit, and
that the sum of $70.00 stock in plain
tiffs bank held in trust by said Bank
for the defendant West Extension Na
tional Farm Loan Association be can
celled and the proceeds thereof applied
to the satisfaction of plaintiffs judg
ment. That the mortgage which plain
tiff holds on the following described
real property in Morrow County, State
of' Oregon, to-wlt:
That part of the Northwest quarter
of the Northwest quarter of Section
twenty-one in Township Four North of
Range twenty-flve. Raft of Willamette
Meridian, lying Northerly of a line
drawn parallel with and distant 100
feet Northerly, measured at right an
gles from the certain line of the main
canal of the West Extension of the
Umatilla Project as now constructed
ana containing a total or thirty-two
and three-fourths acres, more or less,
and of which amount a total of twenty
six acres, more or less is irrigable land,
subject to the exceptions and reserva
tions contained in the deed from the
Northern Pacific Railway Company for
said land and subject to the U. S. Rec
lamation law and rules and regulations
be foreclosed, and the mortgaged prem
ises be sold at foreclosure sale and the
proceeds anDlled to the navment of
plaintiff's judgment including costs and
attorney's fees and that all of the de
fendants be foreclosed of and from all
right, title, claim or Interest In the
premises described in said mortease
and herein described, except the statu
tory rigm oi redemption, and tor such
other and further relief as to the Court
may seem mete and equitable.
This summons is published by virtue
of an order of the Hon. R. L. Benge,
Judge of the County Court of the State
of Oregon for Morrow County, made
and entered on the 10th day of April,
1929, which order provided that this
summons be published in the Heppner
Gazette Times, a newsoaner of zenprnl
circulation, published in Heppner. Mor
row county, uregon, lor tne period of
four weeks, and the date of first pub
lication of this summons is April 11,
Attorney for the Plaintiff,
Address: Heppner, Oregon.
Now is the time
to fix up your
Model T Ford
RIGHT now, after winter lay-ups and winter driving, is
the time to go over your Model T and find out just what
it needs in the way of replacement parts and adjustments.
For a very small cost, you may be able to protect and
maintain your investment in the car and get thousands
of miles of additional service.
To help you get the fullest use from your car, the
Ford Motor Company is still devoting a considerable
section of its plants to the manufacture of Model T parts
and Mill continue to do so as long as they are needed
by Ford owners.
These parts are quickly available through Ford deal
ers in every section of the country. Note the low prices
in the partial list given below i
Piston and pin $1.40
Connecting rod .......... 1,60
Crankshaft - 10.00
Cylinder head .......... 6.00
Cylinder .......... 20.00
Time gear . ,75
Time gear cover ......... 1.00
Crankcase - .......... 12.00
Magneto coil assembly 5.00
Kir wheel 13.00
Transmission gear shaft ....... 1.65
Transmission cover 6.00
Clutch pedal .65
Steering gear assembly (lei wheel and bracket) 8.50
Starter drive 4.25
Generator ." 12.50
Battery - 8.50
Carburetor 3.00
Vaporizer assembly (with fittings) 9.00
Hear axle shnft .......... 1,75
Differential drive gear ........ 3.00
Universal joint assembly ........ 2.50
Drive shaft pinion ......... 1.50
Front axle ........ 9.00
Spindle connecting rod . . . ... 1.75
Front radius rod ......... 1.80
Hear spring 6.00
Radiator less shell (1917-23) 15.00
Radiator less shell (1923-27) 14.00
Hood (1917-1925) 6.50
Hood (1926-37) black 7.00
(iasolino tank - ......... 6.00
Front fenders (1917-1925) each 4.00
Fiont fenders (1926-1927) earh 5.00
Rear fenders (1922-1925) each 3.75
Rear fenders (1926-1927) each 4.00
Running bonrd 1.23
Horn (battery type) 1.50
Headlamp assembly (1915-26) pair 5.50
Touring car top (1915-25) complete 27.00
Touring rar top ((1926-27) complete, Include curtains
and curtain rods 35.00
These prices are for parts only, but the charge for
labor is equally low. It is billed at a flat rale ho you may
know in advance what the job will cost.
Ford Motor Company
2 &ayc M
$227, cash delivered,
or $10 down and $10
monthly with a small
carrying charge
. Sweet, WBnoHecoime!
At the General-Electric laboratories, f oast
beef was kept in a General-Electric refrig
erator twelve days! At the end of that
time it was as fresh
and wholesome as
the day it was put in.
Think of the economy .
of such refrigeration!
No mote food spoil
age! And roast beef
hash can now be
"removed by several
days from the time of
the roast beef itself!
Pay now only
balance on new plan
This is certainly welcome news to every
Test after test showed that foods could
be preserved longer
in a General-Electric!
You, too, may keep
your foods fresh and
wholesome! You, too,
may safeguard the
health of your family!
Own an all-steel General-Electric
ator today . . . 1 10
down, $10 nonthly!
Pacific Power & Light Company
"Always at your service"
Our New Serial
Starts This Week
This bids fair to be the best serial
story we have ever published.
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