Heppner gazette-times. (Heppner, Or.) 1925-current, March 21, 1929, Page PAGE FOUR, Image 4

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(College News Service, O. S. A. C.)
Those who contemplate growing
onions commercially in 1929, partic
ularly for fall and winter storage,
would do well to bear in mind that
the solidity and keeping qualities
of the bulbs are largely dependent
upon the hereditary characteristics
transmitted in the seed strains.
Variety, usually Yellow Danvers, is
by no means sufficient to warrant a
desirable crop, but the selection and
pedigree of seed is important One
reason for Oregon onions being so
favorably known on the market, in
fact, is due to the years of selection
and breeding of seed stock which
commercial growers have carried
on, says the vegetable gardening de
partment of Oregon State college.
notice, which dale is the 7th day of
March, 1929.
Certificate No. 1324. Alex Allar
livce and Alex Allardyce. Lot
5' Block 24 East, in Section 20.
Tp. 5 S . R. 27 East of Wil
lamette Meridian $ 8.89
Certificate No. 132fi Lila M. Bar
tholomew uiui Mike Marshall.
I,..ts 1. 2. and 8. EKk k 12, of
Castle Rook. Oregon 151
Certiiicnte No. 1328. Henry
lloenmke and W. V. Ulas.9
cxk. South 8 fort of Lot 3;
Lot 4: North 30 feet of Lot 5.
ail in Block 6 of the City of
Heppner. Oregon 95.58
Certificate No. 1331. Joseph Bur
(College News Service, O. S. A. C.)
A survey of Oregon vegetable
growing conditions indicates that
those growers who have facilities
for ririgation are the more exten
sive users of both manure and com
mercial fertilizers. Water artificial
ly applied promotes rapid breaking
down or rotting of the manure, and
the commercial fertilizer can be
rendered more quickly available for
the use of the plants by having the
water dissolve the chemical mater
ials. Vegetable land which is Irri
gated is also more intensively farm
ed and therefore needs a greater
amount of fertilizer, says the exper
iment station.
During the absence of M. D. Clark
in Portland this week, Bill Craw
ford is assisting Wm. Ball in the
Public Corporation, Plaintiff,
Alex Allardyce, Lila M. Bartholomew.
Mike Marshall. Henry Boehmke, W.
V. Glasscock, Joseph Burgoyne. Ed
ward Casey. P. C. Brennan, W. G.
Corey. W. A. Moore. Grace Moore.
Peter Farley, Matilda C. McCraw,
W. Fitzgerald. E. H. Fleming, L.
V. Gentry, Eggert R. Geisie, Heirs
of Joseph Haslet, deceased. Joseph
Howell. Josie Jones, Orville Ralph
Rood, Gerald Andrew Rood, S. H.
Kauffman, Ernest Kimble. Hollie
Leathers, D. E. Gilman. Bertha D.
Gilman. Jane Penland. Minnie Nor
dyke, Guv E. Nordvke. Edward Mc
E'ntire. Michael McEntire. Thomas
McEntyre. Dora Miller. Wm.H.Mur-
phy. E. P. Dodo. Estate oi lieorge
Perry, deceased. Lawrence A. Per
rv. Corda B. Saling, Walter B.
Shaw. George Skewis, Edward J.
Skewis. Hettie Smith, J. K. Weath
erford, Annls Weston. E. O. Neill,
Northwestern and Pacific Hypo
theekbank. a corporation. E. L. Bar
nett, J. E. Cronan. Trustee, T. J.
Mahoney. Burt W. Richards, How
ard M. Spencer, Chas. E. Hanson.
W. R. Walpole. Rebecca I. Knight,
Helen H. Conklin. Frank Klossner.
Pacific States Investment Company,
a corporation, H. K. Haak, C. E.
Haak, Laura Shearer. Chas. McAl
ister, E. K. Mulkev. Bessie G. Mul
key. A. M. Kelly. Alvin J. Kelly. R.
S. Howard. Jr., Receiver, Ladd Es
tate Company, a corporation. Strong
& McNaughton Trust Company, a
n a j
John M. Main. Frank Gilliam. H. J.
cornoration. James M. Hayes.
Robert A. Thompson. Adolf Skoubo,
Hibhord. Sanford Green. G. A.
Bleakman. Mary L. White, Elmer P.
Dodd, Ralph S. Davis, S. L. Beck.
M. B. Willard, W. H. Stewart. W.
A. Murchie. G. M. Schempp. Jose
phine Schempp. Martin Reid. Fred
Ely, C. E. Musgrave. and Sarah D.
Musgrave, and any other person or
persons owning or claiming to own.
or having or claiming to have, any
interest in or to the real estate
hereinafter described. Defendants.
To Alex Allardyce. Lila M. Bartholo
mew. Mike Marshall, Henry Boehm
ke, W. V. Glasscock, Joseph Bur
goyne. Edward Casey. P. C. Bren
nan. W. G. Corey, W. A. Moore.
Grace Moore, Peter Farley, Matilda
C. McCraw, W. Fitzgerald. E. H.
Fleming. L. V. Gentry, Eggert R.
Giesie, Heirs of Joseph Haslet, de
ceased, Joseph Howell. Josie Jones,
Orville Ralph Rood, Gerald An
drew Rood, S. H. Kauffman, Ernest
Kimble. Hollie Leathers, D. E. Gil
man. Bertha D. Gilman, Jane Pen
land, Minnie Nordyke, Guy E. Nor
dyke, Edward McEntire. Michael
McEntire. Thomas McEntire, Dora
Miller, Wm. H. Murphy, E, P.
Dodd. Estate of George Perry, de
ceased. Lawrence A. Perry. Corda
B. Saling. Walter B. Shaw, George
Skewis, Edward J. Skewis, Hettie
Smith, J. K. Weatherford, Annis
Weston, E. O. Neill, Northwestern
and Pacific Hypotheekbank. a cor
Doration. E. L. Barnett. J, E, Cro
nan, Trustee, T. J. Mahoney. Burt
Chas. E. Hanson, W. R. Walpole,
ti-vne ami josepn nurgoyne.
Lias 9 and 10. Block t: Lots 1
and 2. Block 22. of the Town
of Lexington. Oregon 479.76
Cei titicate No. 1336. Edward Ca-
sev and p. c lirtnnan. bti'4
SW'4 and SW'4 SK'4. Sec 6.
Tn 5 S.. R. 28 E. W. M 25.05
Certificate No. 1337, W. G. Cor-
ev. and W. A. aioore and
Grace Moore, Lots 14 and 15,
Rinck 41. of Irrigon. Oregon 29.52
Certificate No. 1342. Peter Far
ley and Matuaa Aicuraw,
Lot 2, Block 2 ; Fractional Lot
3. Klock 2; Lots 10 and 11,
Block 2: all in Ayers' Second
Addition to the town of Hepp-npr-
Tract No. 12. Citv of
Hennner - 517.49
certificate o. vv. r lutger-
11 m nmi vv. h'ltzeeraia. loi at.
Rlnrk 27 of Irrieon. Oregon 1.06
Certificate No. 1347, E. H. Flem
ing and Uj. ri. f leming, soutn
half Lots 1. 2. 3. and 4. Block
a. Suerrv's Third Addition to
be Citv of lone 24.76
Certificate No. 1351, L. V. Gen
try and L. V. Gentry, West 5t
feet of Lot 6. Block 1. Loon
evs Addition to the Citv of
Hermner 204.73
certificate inc. uoa. cjggeri ri.
Giesie and fcggert K. Giesie,
SE'4 NE'i, Ni-j SE'4, and
SE'i SE'i. Sec. 7. Td. 6 S
R. 28, E. W. M 40.27
Certificate No. 1356. Heirs of
Joseph Haslet, deceased, and
Heirs of Joseph Haslet, de
ceased. WU NEU. Sec. 18. Td.
2 N R. 27 E. W. M 19.15
Certificate No. 1363. Joseph
Howell and Joseph Howell,
Lots 2 and 3. Block L. Rovse's
Addition to Hardman 44.37
Certificate No. 1366. Josie Jones,
and Orville Ralph Rood and
Gerald Andrew Rood. Lot 4,
Klock 6. Avers' Fourth Addi
tion to Heppner. Oregon 102.80
Certificate No. 1367. S. H. Kauff
man and S. II. Kauflman, Lots
3. 4 and 5, Block 36 of Irrigon 2.15
Certificate No. 1369, Ernest Kim
ble and Ernest Kimble, Lot
34. Block 27 of Irrigon 1.05
Certificate No. 1371. Hollie
Leathers, and D.E.Gilman and
Bertha D. Gilman. Fractional
S'i NW'i and NWii SW'i.
Sec. 35. Tp. 4 S., R. 25 E. W.
M - 70.27
Certificate No. 1373, Jane Pen
land, and Minnie Nordyke and
Guy E. Nordyke. Lots 6, 7, 8.
and 9. in Block 24; Lots 6, 7,
8. 9. and 10, in Block 25; Lots
1, 3, 4, 5, 6. 7. 8, 9, and 10 in
Block 26, Penland's Addition
to the town of Lexington 40.55
Certificate No. 1380. Edward Mc
Entire and Michael McEntire,
and Thomas McEntire, SH
SE'i. S'4 NE'i. NVi SE'i, and
tsw'i, sec. ib, -rp. an., t. 24
E. W. M 371.69
Certificate No. 13S3, Dora Miller
and Dora Miller. Lots 16 and
17. Block 36. of Irrieon 1.60
Certificate No. 1387. Wm. H.
Murphv and W m. H. Murphy,
W4 NWV4, Sec. 17, and E'4
NE'i, Sec. 18. Tp. 2 N., R. 27
E. W. M 50.15
Certificate No. 1393, E. P. Dodd
and E. P. Dodd. Lot 22, Block
8. Town of Boardman 40.74
Ceitificate No. 1395. Estate of
George Perrv, deceased, and
Lawrence A. Perry, S'fc SW'4,
Sec. 31, Tp. 4 S., R. 24 E. W.
M 992
Certificate No. 1404, Corda B.
baling and corda a. baling.
SE'i NEVi. NE'i SE4. S'i
SE',, Sec. 28, Tp. 5 S., R. 26
E. W. M 59 36
Certificate No. 1405. WaHer B.
Shaw and Walter B. Shaw.
S2 NE'i. Sec. 22, Tp. 2 N.,
R. 23 E. W. M 145.26
Certificate No. 1406. George Ske
wis ano ueorge SKewis,
NE'i. NWVi SE'i. and SE'i
NW'i, Sec. 14. Tp. 4 S., R. 29
E. W. M 40.27
Certificate No. 1407. Edward J.
Skewis and Edward J. Ske
wis, WH NW4 and NW',4
SW?i. Sec. 4, and N'4 NE'i.
Sec. 5, Tp. 6 S R. 28. E. W.
M 35.02
Certificate No. 1408. Hettie
Smith and Hettie Smith. Lot
5. Block 3, Ferguson's Second
al S'-;SE4. Sec. t Tp. 1 S..
R. 24. E. W. M., and Blocks
20. 21. 2i 24. 25. 26. 27. and 28.
Wills' Addition to lone 139 96
Certificate No. 1416. Annls Wes
ton and Annis Weston. ii!.l4
NW'4. Sec. 3. Tp. 3 N.. R. 23
E. W. M 35.03
Certificate No. 1424, E. O. Neill
and E. O. Neill. and Nortn
westein and Pacific Hypotli
eektiunk. W'v SE'4, iE"
NW1. and NE'.SW'i. Sec.
17; W'- NW'i and SE'i
NWV Six. 18: SK'4 NKV
Sec. 20: and N'vSWU, SW'
NW't. Sec. 21. Tp. 5. S.. R.
29 E, W. M. ; and NENW1,.
Sec. 26. Tp. 6 S., R. 29. E. W.
M .....!! 67.16
Certificate No. 1434. E. L. Bar
nett and E. L. barnett. swi
Sec. 26, Tp. 2 N., R. 23 E. W.
M 101.37
Certificate No. 1456, J. E. Cro
nan, Trustee, and 1. J. ma
honey und Burt W. Richards,
NK',4. Sec. 30; E'-j, Sec. 32;
SE'4. Sec. 34, Tp. 2 N R. 24
K w M. 531.46
Certificate No. 1505, Howard M.
Spencer and Howard m. bpen
cer, NW'4. Sec. 31, Tp. 2 N.,
R. 2fi E. W. M 30.01
Certificate No. 1543, Chas. E.
Hanson and Chas. E. Hanson,
SWV4. Sec. 16, Tp. 4 N R. 27
K w. M. 27.27
Certificate No. 1544. W. R. Wal-
Eole and Rebecca 1. linigni,
,ot 6, Block 4 West, in Sec.
2fi. To. 5 N.. R. 26. E. W. M. 13.09
Certificate No. 1545, Helen H.
Conklin and Helen H. uonK
lin. Lot 2, Block 15 West, in
Sec. 25, Tp. 5 N R, 26 E. W.
M 4.71
Certificate No. 1548. Frank
Klossner and Frank Klossner,
I ,nt in Rln,-k 23 East, in Sec.
20. Td. 5 N R. 27 E. W. M. 10.53
Certificate No. 1556, Pacific
States Investment Company
and Pacific States Investment
rnmnnnv W4 S'i. Sec. 12. Td.
4 S R. 29 E. W. M 44.73
Certificate No. 1561. H. K.
Haak and C. E. Haak, and
Laura Shearer, S'i SE'i, Sec.
?i NF.i. MU SK'l. Sec. '25.
Td. 6 S.. R. 25" E. W. M 111.41
Certificate No. 1574, Chas. Mc
Alister. and E. K. Mulkey,
Bessie G. Mulkey, A. M, Kelly,
and Alvin J. Kelly, SE'4
NE'i, SW'i NEU. WVi NW'i
NE4, and W E'i NW'i
NE'i.. Sec. 16. Td. 4 N R. 25
E. W. M 179.45
Certificate No. 1575, K. s. How
ard. Jr.. Receiver, and Ladd
Estate Company, SW'i NE'4.
Sec. 17, Tp. 4 N., R. 25 E. W.
W. Richards, Howard M. Spencer,
Rebecca I. Knight. Helen H. Conk
lin. Frank Klossner, Pacific States
Investment company, a corpora
tion, H. K. Haak, C E. Haak. Laura
Shearer, Chas. McAlister, E. K. Mul
key, Bessie G. Mulkey, A. M. Kelly,
Alvin J. Kelly, R. S. Howard, Jr.,
Receiver, Ladd Estate Company, a
corporation. Strong &. McNaughton
Trust Company, a corporation,
James M. Hayes, Robert A. Thomp
son, Adolf Skoubo. John M. Main,
Frank Gilliam, H. J. Hibbord, San
ford Green, G. A. Bleakman. Mary
Unh s.
Davis. S. L. Beck. M. B. Willard.
L. White, Elmer P. Dodd. Ralp
W. H. Stewart, W. A.' Murchie, G.
M. Schempp. Josephine Schempp,
Martin Keid. Fred fcly, u. i. Mus
grave, and Sarah D. Musgrave, and
any other person or persons owning
or claiming to own, or having or
claiming to have, any interest in or
to tne real estate nereinaiier de
OREGON: You and each of you are
hereby notified that the above named
plaintiff, a public corporation, is the
fiurcnaser, owner, ano noiaer oi cerui
cates of delinquency numbered 1324.
1326, 1328, 133L 1336, 1337, 1342. 134S.
1347, 1351, 1353. 1356, 1363, 1SP6. 1367,
1369, 1371. 1373, 130, 1383, 1387, 1393.
13r, 14(14 1405. 140fi 1407. 1408. 1414.
1416, 1424, 1434. 1456, 1505, 1543, 1544,
1545. 1548. 1556, 1561, 1574. 1575. 1576,
1579, 1581, 1CU. 1614, 1615, 1616, 1617,
1645. 1646, 1658, 1660. 166L 1662, 1663.
1664, 1666. 1672. 1676, 1685, 1690. and
IBM issued on the 12th dav of August.
1925. by the Sheriff and Collector of De
linquent Taxes for Morrow County. Or
egon, and filed by the said Sheriff and
Collector of Delinquent Taxes in the
office or the countv cierK oi tne uounty
of Morrow, State of Oregon, on the 12th
day of August. 1925, for taxes due and
delinquent, logeiner wivn penauy, in
terest and costs thereon, upon real prop
erty situated in Morrow County, Ore-
You are further notified that the
amount for which said certificate is is
sued is set opposite and following the
description of the tract or parcel of
lund hereinafter set out, the same being
the amount then due and delinquent,
for taxes for the year 1920, together
with penally, interest ana costs inere
on, upon real property- situate in Mor
row County, Oregon, and particularly
bounded and described as hereinafter
set forth, said tract or parcel of land
heing assessed for the year 1920, to the
first person whose name immediately
Fiiecedes the description thereof, and is
ollowed by the name of the person ap
pearing to be the owner thereof, as ap-
Rears on the tax roll of Morrow County,
rcton, for the year 1928, now in the
hands of the Sheriff of said Morrow
County for collection, at the date of the
flrat publication of this summons and
Certificate No. 1576. R. S. How
ard, Jr., Receiver, and Ladd
Estate Company, W'2 SE'4,
Sec. 17 Tn. 4 N.. R. 25 E. W.
M - 8.68
Certificate No. 1579, R. S. How
ard Jr. Receiver, and Strong
& McNaughton Trust Com
nnnv SWI-. SW'i. Sec. 25. Td.
6 N R. 26 E. W. M 11.65
Certificate No. 1581, James M.
Hayes and Robert A. Thump-,
mm N '., KK: Sec. 36. Td. 3
S.. R. 26" E. W. M 36.08
Certificate No. 1611, R. S. How
ard, Jr., Receiver, and Strong
& McNaughton Trust Com-
?any and Adolf Skoubo, Sec.
, Sec. 13, Tp. 3 N R. 24 E.
W. M. ; Section 1, Section 5,
and Section 9. Tp. 3 N.. R. 25
h. W. M. ; Kecuon a ano bec
tion 9. Tp. 3 N.. R. 26 E. W.
M. : Section 1 and Lot 2. Sec.
9. Tp. 4 N., R. 25 E. W. M 4.445.83
Certificate No. 1614. R. S. How
ard. Jr.. Receiver, and Strong
& McNaughton Trust Com
pany. Sec. 25, Sec. 29, and Sec
tion 33. Tp. 4 N R. 25 E. W.
M. ; Section 1 (except NW'i
of Lot 3, NE'i of Lot 4, and
W1- of Lot 4). Section 5, Sec
tion 9. Section 13. Section 17.
and Section 21, Tp. 4 N., R.
26 F W. M - 4,785.66
Certificate No. 1615. R. S. How
ard. Jr.. Receiver, und Strong
& McNaughton Trust Com
pany. Sec. 25, Sec. 29, and
Section 33. Tn. 4 N.. R. 26 E.
W. M. ; and Section 5. Section
9. Section 17, less Right of
Way of O.-W. R. & N. Com
pany. Section 21. Section 29.
Etinn aa Tn 4 N.. R. 27. E.
V M .' 4.454.64
Certificate No. 1616, R. S. Kow
aid. Jr., Receiver, and Strong
& McNaughton Trust Com
pany, Sec. 25. and Sec. 35, Tp.
S n' R. 25 E. W. M. : Lots 1,
2 3, 4, and 5, and SE'i. E'i
SW'4. Sec. 19, Lot 1. E'.SE'i,
SW'i SE'i South of Railroad.
Section 21, all of Section 29
South of Railroad right of
NVi N 'ij, sec. ai except
SEM. SW'i SE'4 South of
Canal. Sec. 36. all In Tp. 6 N..
R. 26 E. W. M.; all of Section
29. all of Section 33. Tp. 5 N.,
R. 27 E. W. M. : and SVi. Sec
tion 25. Tp. 4 N.. R. 24 E. W.
M 998.50
Certificate No. 1645. John M.
Main ana Frank uiiuam, li'4
SW4 and SW'i SEV4 North
of Canal. Sec. 1 Tp. 4 N., R.
26 E W. M 67.S2
Certificate No. 1646, H. J. Hib
hord anil H. J. Hibbord.
Blocks 37 and 37H West in
Sec. 23, Tp. 6 N.. R. 26 E. W.
M 46.66
Certificate No. 1658. Sanford
Green and Satuora Green,
That portion of Lot 10, Block
12, lying North and East of
Willow Creek. Town of Lex-
intiin 2 47
Certificate No. 1660. R. S. How
ard, Jr., Receiver, ana Ladd
Estate Company. Blocks 7 to
10. inclusive; Lots 1 to 6. in
clusive, and Lots 12 to 22. in
clusive. Block 13: Block 14;
Lots 1 to 7, inclusive. Lot 9.
Lots 15 to 22, inclusive. Block
15; Lots 1 tn 8, inclusive.
Block 16 in Irrigon
Certificate No. 1681, R. S. How
ard, Jr., Receiver, ana laad
Estate Company, Lots 25 to
33, inclusive, Block 16; Lots 1
to 17, inclusive. Lots 23 to 40.
inclusive. Block 17: Lots 4 to
6. inclusive. Lots 17 to 33, in
clusive. Block 18; Lota 1 to 11,
inclusive. Lots 13 to 33, in
clusive, Block 19; Lots 1 to
15, inclusive. Lots 17 to 22, in
clusive. Block 20; Blocks 21
and 22; Lots 1 to 10, inclusive.
Lots 15 to 29 .inclusive, Block
25; Lot 4, Lots 9 and 10, Lots
15 to 18. inclusive, Lots 22 to
24. inclusive, Block 26; Lota 1
to 5. inclusive. Block 27; Lots
9 and 10. Block 28. in Irrieon
Certificate No. 1662, R. S. How
ard, Jr., Receiver, ana Ladd
Estate Company, Lots 14, 15,
and 22, Block 28: Lots 1 to 4.
inclusive, Lots 25 and 26, Block
29, Lots 15 to 18, inclusive,
Block 30; Lots 13 to 24, inclu
sive, Block 32: Blocks 33 and
34; Lots 1 to 17. Inclusive,
Lots .24 to 30. inclusive. Block
35; Lots 9 and 10, Lots 21 to
30, inclusive, Block 36; Lots
1 to 10, inclusive, Block 87;
Lots 8 and 10, Lots 14 to 17,
inclusive. Block 38: and Lot
11, Block 39, in Irrigon
Certificate No. 1663, R. S. How
ard. Jr., Receiver, and Ladd
Estate Company, Lots 15 and
16. Block 39; Lots 19 and 21,
Klock 40; Lot 13, Block 41;
Lots 11, 12, and 13, Block 50;
Block 51; Block 52; Lots 13
to 23, inclusive. Lots 30 to
32, Inclusive, Block 27; Lots
22 to 24. inclusive, Block 37,
in Irrigon
Certificate No. 1664, R. S. How
ard Jr., Receiver, and Ladd
Estate Company, Lots 7, 8, 9,
and 10. Block 27, in Irrigon ....
Certificate No. 1666, 5. A.
Bleakman and G. A. Bleak
man. Lot 4. Block F. and Lot
5. Block H, of Hardman 277.98
uenmcaie no. lbva, Mary L.
White and Mary L. White,
Lots 7 and 8, Block 3; Lots 1,
14. 15. and 16. Block 6, of Cas
tle Rock 2.57
Certificate No. 1676. Elmer P.
Dodd, and Ralph S. Davis, S.
L. Beck. M. B. Willard. Elmer
P. Dodd. W. H. Stewart, and
Addition to Dairvville
Certificate No. 1414. J. K.
Weatherford and J. K. Weath
erford, NE',i SE'4. NE'4
NE'i, S'i NE'i. and frnctlon-
W. A. Murchie, Lots 6 and 7,
Block 2; Lots 10 and 11, Block
4; Lots a 9. and 20. Block 7:
Lots 7 and 24, Block 8; Block
10; Block 11, of the Townsite
of Boardman. Also, all that
portion of the Townsite of
Boardman North of Riverside i
Drive 60.76
Certificate No. 1685. G. M.
Schempp. and Josephine
Schempp and Martin Reid, Lot
1. Block 19. Mount Vernon Ad
dition to the Citv of HeDDner 68.70
Certificate No. 1690. Fred Ely
and Fred Ely. Beginning 427
feet South of the Southeast
corner of Lot 5. Block 1, ac
cording to the original sur
vey and plat of the town of
Douglas, Morrow County, Or
egon, thence West 300 feet,
thence South 250 feet, thence
East 300 feet, thence North
250 feet to the place of begin
ning, in the Town of Douglas
mow Morgan) 50.19
Certificate No. 1692. C. E. Mus
grave and Sarah D. Musgrave,
NE'j, Sec. 19, Tp. 1 N., R 26
E. W. M 8.06
That said amounts bear interest at
the rate of ten per cent, per annum
from the 12th day of August. 1925, the
date of issuance of said certificate.
And you and each of vou are hereby
summoned to appear within sixty days
after the date of the first publication of
this summons, exclusive of the day of
first publication thereof, to-wit: March
7, 1929, and defend the suit in the
Court aforesaid, or pay the amount due
as shown above against said tracts or
parcels or land, respectively, aoove de
scribed, of which you are the owner,
or in which you have or claim to have,
any interest or estate, together with
interest and costs accrued in this suit
Service of a codv of vour answer or
other process may be made on the un
dersigned attorney for plaintiff, at the
piace specineo Deiow as nis address,
and in case of vour failure so to do.
judgment and decree will be entered
uKaiiisi you anu eacn oi vou iorecioa-
ing said tax liens for the amount set
opposite and following the description
of said parcel of land above set forth,
together with interest and costs there
on, against said tracts or parcels of
ian, ana said tracts or parcels oi land
will be sold to satisfv said iudgment
and decree obtained in this suit.
You are further hereby notified that
the plaintiff will apply to the Court
aforesaid for judgment and decree
foreclosing said tax liens against said
property hereinbefore described.
This summons is published once each
week for six consecutive weeks in the
Heppner Gazette Times, a newspaper of
general circulation in Morrow County,
Oregon, published weekly at Heppner
in said County, the date of first publi
cation thereof being March 7, 1929, and
said publication being made in pursu
ance of the statutes of the State of Or
egon, said newspaper having been des
ignated by the County Court of the
State of Oregon for Morrow County as
the newspaper in which said summons
should be published, by order duly en
tered In said Court on the 6th day of
March. 1929.
By C. J. D. BAUMAN, Sheriff of Mor
row County, Oregon, and
torney for Morrow County, Ore
gon, and Attorney for Plaintiff,
whose address is Heppner, Ore
gon. Date of first publication. March 7. 1929.
Date of last publication. April 18, 1929.
Actually photographed on the battle fields of
the Great War. 1
will thrill you with its realism its colossal
drama its poignant human appeal !
Star Theater I
Tues., March 26 1
I Adults 50c
Children 25c
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railroad right of way, Tp. 5
N.. R. 26 E. W. M.
Certificate No. 1617. R. S. How
ard Jr., Receiver, and Strong
& McNaughton Trust Com
pany. Sec. 33, SW'4, Sec. 35.
N'.. E'i SE'i, South of Canal.
NW'4 ' SW'i. NW'4 SE'i
North of Canal, N"jNW'i,
It Costs 4 Times
as Much
to transport a kilowatt-hour of elec
tricity to the light switch on your
walls as it costs to make it in the
power house.
Keeping down the cost of distribu
tion, is, therefore, one of the biggest
problems of the light and power
To keep down this cost, millions of
dollars have been spent in the re
search laboratories of the electrical
industry on studies of the loss of
electricity through leakage, the
technique of constructing under
ground cables, improvements in in
sulators and transformers and the
accuracy of meters. Bookkeeping,
meter reading, bill collecting, are
other items entering into the cost of
giving service.
Improvements in the art of gener
ating and distributing electricity
are in the interest of the consumer
and the company by reducing the
cost and increasing consumption.
Pacific Power & Light Co.
What Are You Selling?
Anyone knows that wrapping up a
package and taking the money is but
a small part of a business transaction.
The merits of the goods must first
be established, the price must be
fair value is set when the customer
accepts the goods at the price asked;
but, above "all, the customer must be
attracted to the store before the deal
can be closed.
Behind all this must lie an idea
a basic idea of merchandising, and
success or failure depends
soundness of the idea.
People do not object to paying
for credit accommodations just as
they expect to pay less for cash.
They are particular about quality, and
do not object to paying for it.
Some stores operate on the idea
of selling for less, making primarily
a price appeal; others stress service
and credit accommodations.
Every store has goods on its
shelves for sale, and most everyone
knows it; but the merchant who suc
ceeds is not selling merchandise
he is selling an IDEA.
Telling People Your Idea
Is Advertising
The Largest Morrow County Audience Is Reached Through the
Heppner Gazette Times
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