Heppner gazette-times. (Heppner, Or.) 1925-current, January 31, 1929, Page PAGE TWO, Image 2

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Mrs. L. G. Smith who is chairman
of the work committee of the La
dies Aid asked a few friends In on
Thursday afternoon to complete the
overseas sewing for the missionary
hospital. After the work was done
the hostess served a dainty lunch.
Guests were Mesdames Johnson,
Blayden, Fortier, Cramer, Messen
ger, Macomber, Allen, Kelly, Porter.
Mrs. Royal Rands entertained
the H. E. club. After a delicious
luncheon officers were elected. Mrs.
A. B. Chaffee was elected chairman,
Mrs. John Brice, assistant, and Mrs.
I. Skoubo, secretary-treasurer. In
vited guests were Mesdames Porter,
Gorham, Blayden and Wilbanks.
Dr. Lancefleld, who took charge
of Dr. Sears' practice while he had
the flu, was called to Boardman on
Thursday to see Clayton, the eldest
son of Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Stane
who live on the Jenkins place. Clay
ton had an attack of flu.
Mr. and Mrs. Guy Barlow are de
lighted over the arrival of a 6-lb.
girl who came Sunday at The
The Boardman city water plant
blew up again Sunday. Every so
often this occurs, this being the
third or fouth time it has happened.
Alec Wilson and Pete Slevin were
Heppner visitors on Friday. Mr.
Wilson was also over the first of
the week when his suit against Glen
Carpenter was heard in court which
meets this week.
Boardman played a practice game
with Hermiston Saturday, 20-16 in
favor of Hermiston. At the end of
the first half the Boardman boys
were ahead but a few good shots
on the part of the Hermiston team
brought them victory. It was a
stormy night so only a few Board
man rooters made the trip. Board
man will play at Condon Friday
night This is a league game.
Mrs. W. H. Mefford spent a week
in Hermiston where she took a
series of treatments from Dr. Rowe.
Mrs. J. R. Johnson will entetain
Wednesday, Feb. 7, at Silver Tea.
Everyone is invited to attend these
teas which are given by the Ladies
Newly installed officers of the I.
O. O. F. are: N. G., Jack Gorham;
V. G., Z. J. Gillespie; Chaplain, F.
F. Klitz, secretary, Geo. Wickland
er, treasurer, John Brice; warden,
Jack Rainville; inside guard, Ralph
Minnick of Messner; outside guard,
Claude Myers, R. S. N. G., C. G.
Blayden; R. S. V. G., Alfred Skoubo;
L. S. V. G., Walter Knauff. Mr.
Knauff is also past grand and has
tne honor of having attended every
meeting during his year in the chair
and missing only one meeting dur
ing his term as vice grand.
Rebekah officers installed were:
N. G., Mrs. Ed Barlow; V. G, Mrs.
Gorham, secretary, C. G. Blayden;
treasurer, Mrs. John Brice; chap
lain, Mrs. Blayden; warden, Mrs.
Packard. Mrs. John Brice was in
stalling officer.
The Grange had an interesting
business meeting Saturday night
ana later enjoyed lunch.
Helen Mead who was sent home
from school with what was feared
was a case of mumps, has returned
after a doctor's examination.
Mrs. Ella Shell who was quite ill
with flu at Umatilla continues to
remain at the McFarland home
there for a while longer.
Elder Payne who has been con
ducting a series of meetings at the
Adventist church will speak Friday
night on 'Why Did the Lord Per
mit Sin to Enter the World."
Marion Van Metor who has been
in charge of the pumping plant at
Messner for the past two years has
mg. Serve on crisp lettuce garnish
ed with stuffed olives.
Jam Pudding
5 eggs, 1 cup sugar, M cup melt
ed butter, hi cup jam, cup flour,
1 teaspoon soda dissolved in 3 tea
spoons sour milk, cinnamon and
nutmeg to taste. Beat all together
and bake in buttered pudding pan.
Serve with foamy or custard sauce.
Pinning the Ironing Blanket
Use artist's thumb tacks to fasten
the ironing blanket and you will
save yourself bruised fingers and
much aggravation when it comes
time to replace the covering.
Salt Preserves Teeth and Gums
The best remedy for incipient
pyorrhea is a morning and evening
massage of the gums using salt wa
ter in proportions of M teaspoon
salt to H glass hot water. Massage
with downward strokes on upper
gums and upward movement on the
lower set
for the
d( Nancy hart
DID YOU KNOW that if the
living room be without a natural
fireplace you can have a very
charming hearth built in at little
cost, and without even cutting into
the wall?
A chimney breast of beaver-board
can be built out from the blank
wall and a "tailor-made" mantel
with space for an artificial grate
set Into the breast The beaver
board should then be covered with
canvas and painted or papered to
match the old walls. Finish with
a cornice or molding at the top to
match that used in the balance of
the room, and insert a grate for
artificial, electric-lighted coals or
logs in the hearth-space. Decora
tivcly speaking, the result will be
all that one could ask.
Frederick B. Mumford Heft) and Herbert W. Mumford, two farm
brothers who rose side by side to the head of two great agricultural col
leges, one in Missouri, and the other in Illinois.
Prevent Typhoid by Safe
Guarding Water Supplies
(From State Board of Health.)
Prior to 1903 there were no health
regulations in this state. It was
the usual thing in most of the cities
of Oregon to have two epidemics of
typhoid fever annually. In the
spring and in the fall. Physicians
in general practice drew a goodly
proportion of their income from
the care of typhoid patients. There
were no reliable records previous
to 1908 but in that year the record
was over 14 deaths for 100,000 pop
ulation or over 140 cases of typhoid
to the 100,000 population. The
economic loss from typhoid fever
ran annually into more than a mil
lion dollars.
As a contrast read the reports for
1927 which record only four deaths
for 100,000 population or about 40
cases. This was accomplished by
an improvement of the water sup
plies under the supervision of the
State Board of Health. Every year
the inspection has been more thor
ough and the result is that there is
very little water-bourne typhoid fe
ver in the State of Oregon at the
present time.
Natural water in a settled com-
Cummings & Witcraft
Complete Battery Service
Recharge Rental Repair
Satisfaction Guaranteed
munity can be regarded no longer
as safe. There is an unavoidable
contamination of the ground and
surface water by human waste.
Rarely can water by proven abso
lutely to be a source of an epidemic,
for the reason that the germ caus
ing contamination will rarely per
sist In the water long enough to be
found after the epidemic has devel
oped. Other signs of contamination
which are considered very good cir
cumstantial evidence are often
found, however. Colon bacilli, for
instance, will not cause typhoid, but
when they are found in water It
really means that probably bowel
contents have reached the water
and such water is very liable to
have typhoid germs In It
Sometimes the contamination la
not continuous but intermittent, and
in such a case It may be Impossible
to prove actually by laboratory ex
periment that the water is at fault
In case the water is suspected, it Is
wrong to conclude that it Is safe
because of one or two or even more
negative laboratory reports.
Owing to the need of highly
technical supervision the water sup
plies of this state can only be safe
guarded by men who are familiar
"What is the TIME?"
(Just call the Operator)
In accordance with our plan of contin
uously improving and broadening the
Beginning February 1st, in every
community in which this company
operates, our. patrons may obtain the
TIME from the telephone operator.
It is with pleasure we make this an
nouncement to our customers.
The charge for this additional service
will be the same as the charge at your
regular rate for any other local call.
The Pacific Telephone and Telegraph Company
with scientific methods of prevent
ing disease. This Is a lesson that
the building of the Panama Canal
taught The citizens of this state
should pause to consider any legis
lation that places the safety of our
water supplies in other hands.
It la right and wise that a state
shall levy taxes more and more
heavily to prevent disease and pro
long life.
Vhcnycu build, we are
ready ta serve 5
W7HEN you build It is always a comforting
W thing to know that the building materiali
you buy are going to be up to specifications.
Cheap, flimsy construction usually goes
hand in hand with poor quality materials.
Safeguard your building by .letting us know
what you require and we will work with you
to see that your interests are well protected.
We are headquarters for all dependable
building materials and can also help you select
a good, reliable contracton
Tell us what you plan to do--we can and
will give you Wpfol advic.
Yards at Heppner, Lexington and lone
Sont a
The amazing nw Thor Rotary
Iron fits right on the washer, in
place of the wringer a shown.
52.50 cash, or 1 down and
fJ.25 monthly for 17 months.
Vegetarian Meun
Mock oyster soup
Cheese and nut cutlets
Creamed cauliflower
Buttered beets
Egg and apple salad
Date torte
Recipe for Cream Hash
Cut up a pint of cold meat and a
small onion, add 2 teaspoons butter,
stew in a pint of water until liquid
is almost absorbed, then add a cup
of cream, chopped parsley, salt and
pepper. Serve on buttered toast
Eggs Used With Asparagus
Lay stalks of canned asparagus
(drained) In saucepan containing M
cup drawn butter and heat to boil
ing. Season highly and put in but
tered baking dish. Break 8 eggs
over surface, dot with butter and
seasoning, cover with grated cheese
and bake until eggs are set
Oyster Salad
Drain two cans cove oysters and
chop them slightly; add S finely
rolled crackers and half as much
chopped celery as oysters. Blend
with mayonnaise or Russian dress-
am a m r
New Low
The Thor Agitator
Fewer parti, big capacity,
fatter, moat unitary, colorful,
enunelined tub, direct gear
drive, won't break buttons.
General Electric motor.
$108.75 CASH
fl down, 16.73 a month for
17 months, total 1113.73.
Washer and Iron
$161.25 Cash
or the aims combination, fl
down, f9.i0 a month far 18
months, total 0172.
Lowest priced table
Iron In the world
The new Rotary Iron in a style for
operation on table, shown at the
left. The equal of 10 flat irons. All
you have to do is feed the clothe
through. Pressure ii automatic. A
touch of the hand work the control.
$82 cash, or 1 down and 05 monthly
for 17 months.
In February
Unisonally attractive caoh
prlcco, aloo
A new American record for sales was established last
fall when we introduced this new Thor combination
washer and iron. Hundreds of people purchased. They
told their friends how this complete home laundry
washes clothes faster, and better, and safely, then cuts
down ironing time from hours to minutes. "Won't
you have another special sale?" these friends have
bombarded us. So here it is for the month of February
only. The lowest priced quality washer in the world
and a rotary iron that the washer motor operates-
both for the price of the average washer alone 1
Present Thor
and Maytag Ownoro!
The new Thor Rotary Iron can be used on your late
model washers. You, too, can have this time and
strength saver. Get one. You sit down as you feed
the clothes through.
rs-in i
Wbn you'v. nnliiied mulling and
wringing you lift the wrktgar of
Than you place the new The
Rotary Iron m tb wringer poakioa,
turned to the place you want k.
Attt you're Dnishedonlng, tOp
the Rotary Iron Into drawer,
doMt, ot comer.
Always at your service