Heppner gazette-times. (Heppner, Or.) 1925-current, November 22, 1928, Page PAGE TWO, Image 2

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A. E. McFarland of Umatilla was
reelected director of the West Ex
tension Irrigation district for a
term of three years. Only seven
votes were cast here. T. E. Broyles,
C. S. Calkins and Claude Myers
were on the election board.
Mr. and Mrs. J. F. Gorham, Mrs.
Nate Macomber, Mrs. A. T. Hereim
and son A. T., Jr., were In Pendle
ton on Wednesday. Mr. Gorham
went up to consult Dr. McKenzie
about his eyes which are much im
proved. He had ulcers on one of
them. A. T. Hereim Jr. was fitted
with glasses by Dr. McKenzie.
The Boardman people who ship
ped turkeys in the first pool of the
Idaho Turkey Growers association
were well pleased. A high grade of
birds was shipped from here and
prices averaged from $4.50 to $5.30
per bird. Mrs. Glen Hadley received
the neat sum of $218 for 42 birds,
the Johnsons received $172.50 for
33 while Hollands and others re
ceived similar prices. Ellises ship
ped their birds to a commission
house in Portland which quoted 40c
but when the birds were received
the price had dropped to 35c, as
commission house prices have a
way of doing, and' the producer has
no come back.
Supt L. E. Marschat purchased
a new Pontiac sedan about three
weeks ago. There are now three
Pontiacs in town, Carrol Kennedy
and B. B. Lewis having the other
Mr. and Mrs. E. T. Messenger and
daughter Lois motored to Portland
for the week-end.
Richard Berger, the small son of
Clarence Berger, received a serious
injury on Sunday, Nov. 11, while i
playing out at the sand dune. He
fell in such a manner that one of
the bones in the ball and socket
hip joint was broken. He was tak
en to a doctor at Hermiston and
then to Pendleton where an x-ray
was made on Friday, and he was
put in a plaster cast which he will
be obliged to wear for several
Jess Lower hsa returned from a.
trip to Missouri.
Mrs. Chas. Nizer left on Friday
for her home in La Grande, going
down with the motor truck which
transported their goods, and Mr.
Nizer left Saturday, driving through
in the Ford.
Mr. and Mrs. Chas'. Goodwin spent
the week-end in Pendleton. ' '
Mrs. Dan Ransier was called to
Pendleton Thursday by the illness
of her sister, Mrs. W. J. Thurman.
The latter was taken to Portland
where she will undergo an opera
tion for goiter.
Boardman friends of Mr. and Mrs.
Oscar Beck will be interested to
hear that they have a son, Born Nov.
12. Becks lived in Boardman for
Beveral years, but are now at Grand-
view, Wash.
Mr. and Mrs. Victor and children
of Stanfleld were guests Sunday at
the Glen Macken home.
Mr. and Mrs. O.- H. Warner made
a business trip to Heppner Monday.
Mratin Anderson of Moscow, Ida.,
is visiting his father-in-law, Mr.
Darr on the Mulkey place.
Catholic services were held Sun
day at Root hall by Rev. Brady of
Mrs. L. V. Root had a birthday
on Tuesday, Nov. 20, of this week
but the occasion was celebrated on
Sunday when a number of friends
and relatives went to the Root hall
and prepared a sumptuous feast
while Roots weqp at church. Pre
sent were her parents, Mr. and Mrs.
W. H. Mefford, Evelyn and Olive
Mefford, Mr. and Mrs. Ed Barlow,
Mr. and Mrs. J. F. Barlow, Mrs.
Claude Coats, Mr. and Mrs. Guy
Barlow, Mr. and Mrs. Z. J. Gilles
pie and Mr. Gillespie's father and
two brothers who are visiting here.
Gladys and Carl Wicklander en
tertained a group of the younger
folks on Saturday night, about 18 or
20 of the high school students be
ing present who enjoyed an evening
of games, music and dainty refresh
ments. '
Horace Williams of Pendleton vis
ited at the Messenger home Sunday.
Chas. Wicklander 'has been busy
for the past few days shipping out
a large quantity of nursery stock.
Two men from the nursery at Port
land for which he raises the stock
were here assisting.
Mrs. L. G. Smith entertained sev
eral ladies at a lovely one o'clock
' luncheon on Friday at her home.
The, afternoon was spent in visiting
and completing some work for the
bazaar. Guests were Mesdames W.
A. Price, Lottie Attebury, J. F. Gor
ham, J. R. Johnson, and W. A. Por
ter. Mrs. E. T. Messenger was un
able to be present
Mrs. Ray Brown is home after an
absence of five weeks in Walla Wal
la. Mr. Brown is home from Reith
where he has been employed with
the Joslyn McCallister Construction
company all summer. He will go
to Willow creek shortly to work
on the baler.
Mrs. John Jenkins, Mrs. Chas.
Dillon, Robert and Glen Berger mo
tored to Pendleton Friday to visit
Richard Berger who is at St An
thony's hospital.
Mr. and Mrs. Bedwell and chil
dren have moved from Hermiston
to Boardman and are located in the
old post otJlce building where Mr.
Bedwell has opened a shoe repair
shop. Mr. Bedwell is a brother of
Mrs. Stevers of Coyote.
In reporting the item about Miss
Edna Broyles being here from Eu
gene, Mrs. Broyle's name was un
intentionally omitted.
O. H. Warner went to Hermiston
last week where he had the rest of
his teeth extracted.
Mr. and Mrs. Dan Ransier, ,Mr.
and Mrs. Glen Macken, and Mr.
Sanders were initiated into the
Grange at the meeting Saturday
Mrs. G. L. Bennett and daughter
Ruth, also her son and daughter-in-law,
Mr. and Mr3. Merle Bennett,
spent Sunday evening with Mr, and
Mrs. Charlie Schmidt
John Williams who is employed
Wise old Mother Nature made milk
for children. Into it she put every
thing needed for sustenance, and in
the most easily assimilated form.
So, Drink More Milk. Let the
children have plenty. It is the
cheapest food you can buy.
Alfalfa Lawn Dairy
1 Phone 30FS
on the Frank Saling ranch visited
at West Camp on Sunday afternoon.
Sunny .Rauch. son of Mr. and
Mrs. Julian Rauch is suffering from
infantile paralysis.
Harry Hammond and Leo Earn
hardt of Hermiston and Paul Lee,
accompanied by the Misses Ruth
Bennett, Celathea Lambirth and
Hazel Ritchie, attended the dance
at lone' Saturday night
The young men in this commun
ity will hold a turkey shoot at Jun
pier hall on Sunday, November 25.
The shooting will commence at
Mr. and Mrs. W. L. Lloyd and
family of Eltopia, Washington,
were visiting in this vicinity Sun
day. Mr. Lloyd is looking about
for a suitable location, for farming
on a large scale. He was out Sun
day looking over Dr. J. P. Conder's
ranch. It is rumored that he will
move his family here in the spring.
Mr. and Mrs. Dan Lindsey are
the proud parents of a baby girl
whose name is Anna Ree. The mo
ther and babe are still at tbe hos
pital in Hermiston and are doing
Mrs. Mike Sepanek and daughter
Bertha made a business trip to Her
miston on Sunday. Whlie there
they called on Mrs. Dan Lindsey
and infant daughter who are in
Dr. Sear's private hospital.
Merle Bennett accompanied by
his aunt, Mrs. George Lambirth,
spent Monday in Hermiston.
Church services were held at Al
pine on Sunday. A good crowd at
tended both services.
The Alpine high school students
gave an Interesting program, follow
ed by a parcel post sale and cafe
teria style luncheon. The total re
ceipts were $78. There was a large
crowd out and all enjoyed the in
teresting program, as follows:
Piano duet by Mrs. Merle Ben
nett and Ruth; monologue, Mrs.
Caudle's Umbrella Lecture, by Ger
trude Tichenor; vocal solo, "Roam
In' in the Gloamin'," by Dan Llnd-
I U i
k I H J K H
Heppner, Oregon
Auto Owners-
Our electric hoist and
power greasing equipment
enable us to give you the
in the city and at reason
able prices.
We clean chimneys,
furnaces, stoves; new
and clean way; no
pipes taken down; all
work guaranteed.
Phone 333
Juniper Community Hall
Beginning at Noon
Bring your .22 rifle and get a
Thanksgiving Turkey.
Night Service
We will keep open until 10:00 p. m. until further
notice 'and later on Saturday nights.
Let us fill your radiator with anti-freeze before
the big freeze comes.
We can refinish your car in Duco any color.
C. A. Saunders of Pendleton is now located
here and does the work.
Ferguson Chevrolet Go.
General Managers '
sey; vocal duet, "Beautiful Ohio,"
by Mrs. Anna Heiny and Gertrude
Tichenor; Dutch dance, Hans and
Hilda, by Rutb Bennett and Cela
tha Lambirth; a trio. The Bull Frog
on the Bank, Dan Lindsey, Anna
Heiny, Gertrude Tichenor. This
was followed by a short comedy,
"The Triumph of Pauline."
Pauline, wife of scientist, Betty
Sepanek; Rosalie Dumont, her
frined, Ruth Bennett; Jack, Paul
ine's husband, Elec Lindsey; Prof.
Theo. Jiberay, friend of Jack, Law-
rence Doherty; Mary the maid, Ce
latha Lambirth; Bridget the cook,
Gertrude Tichenor. Scene: The
breakfast room at Pauline's. Time:
Present. ,
Mrs. Helen M. Walker, county
school sunerintendent is conflneil in
her home by sickness, becoming
quite 111 iuesaay nigni.
Mr. and Mrs. Jeff Jones and Mrs.
Henry Howell were week endH'lsit
ors in Pendleton, returning home
Saturday evening.
We have a full line of everything that g
goes with your Turkey Dinner all the g
fixin's that make a real dinner. See our g
window for Saturday and Monday Spec- g
jials. Real bargains in our Gold Bar can- H
ned goods. Be sure and take advantage
of them. One can free with either glass
or canned goods.
All kinds' of Fresh Fruits and Vegetables, g
BETTER homes are built with better
lumber and that doesnjt mean
high priced lumber either.
Our quality, our service, and our
prices will satisfy you.
Heppner Planing Mill & Lumber Yard
A. R. REID, Proprietor
Phones Mill 9F25, Yard Main 1123
Gathering clouds . . . Darkening skies
. . . Then ... a loud clap of thunder
and -sheets of torrential rain, amid
vivid flashes of lightning.
Miles of exposed electric wires are in
the storm area. Lightning strikes
them. Yet, maryelously, electric ser
vice is uninterrupted. The lights of
the city burn while the storm rages.
The electric light and power companies
expect such contingencies and are pre
pared to overcome them. High-voltage
lightning discharges that would
burn out transformers and cripple un
protected lines are passed off harm
lessly to the ground through intricate
ly constructed lightning arresters.
These silent sentinels of public service
are but one of the endless array of
safeguards with which the electric
light and power companies protect the
flow of power which soon will bring
every family and community freedom
from toil and drudgery.
Are you getting your share of the in
estimable benefits electricity provides?
Pacific Power & Light Co.
, , ' n fe " : """" " Jzm
mtnr""m""""""""""M'""'"'''"'""'''"""'r"""""" ......Hm.iiiiimHiH,liiHi.i.iiiiiiirii.iH.it.tHtiiiiiti.ijiriiiuni1iiil.iMiiii.lt...11,tr muim-iiiiiiiriillUimilllimilHIUIilliilllllllHlllllilll miinimilKilllltlllllllltliMlltliiiiHiiiimri.mu il.uuim
Are the Blessings
for which
Let us pay humble tribute to
those God-fearing Pilgrim
fathers next Thursdayl ' '
Thanksgiving Day.
This Bank will be
closed all day. , '
First National Bank
of' heppner'