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by Nancu Hart
'The decorators tell us that every
living room should have Its screen.
If It is not needed to match the
entrance to the dining room or bed
room, then it is Invaluable as a
"high piece" to balance the tall sec
retary, bookcase or upright piano
on an opposite wall.
Most attractive screens can be
made at home at very little cost by
covering the bare frame with an
tique wall paper or a delightful mod
ern paper may be used If the mod
ernistic touch Is wanted in the
Another effective screen that can
be made at home is the screen of
prints. Wall paper in a tiny gold
star, diamond or cross stitch pat
tern makes a good foundation; then
mount old-fashioned flower prints,
Gody or quaint French prints, in
panels at the top.
A Good Menu Without Meat
Cream of turnip soup
Eggs baked in tomato sauce
Stuffed potatoes Cabbage slaw
Butterscotch layer cake
Non-stimulating drink
A Dessert the Children Like
A substantial dessert for little
folks Is cold fruit pudding made by
dissolving 1 package fruit-flavored
gelatin in 1 pint boiling water.
When beginning to thicken, stir in
a handful seedless raisins, a few
nuts, chopped dates and figs and a
sliced banana. Mold and serve with
or without cream.
For Flakier Pie Crust
Your pastry will be much liner
and more tender if prepared cake
flour is used Instead of bread flour.
Beef Stew en Casserole
Use 1 pound lean raw beef cut In
Inch cubes, 3 cups tomato pulp, S
sliced onions, 2 tablespoons melted
butter, 3 tablespoons quick-cooking
tapioca, 1 teaspoons salt; pepper
and paprika to taste. Mix all to
gether in casserole and bake in
moderate oven for one hour, stir
ring occasionally. Delicious with
baked potato.
Use Left-Over Heats In Fatties
Dice cold cooked lamb, beef or
veal, heat It In gravy to which a
little softened onion, celery and
green pepper (chopped) have been
added. Bake patty shells of pie
crust arranged in muffin tins and
while still hot fill with the meat
The Grange Hallowe'en party was
held Saturday evening and by the
many hearty laughs and Intense In
terest of everyone it seems to have
been the best party given this year,
even if the ghosts and goblins were
hovering about Bob Allstott, Jr.,
and Edith Stevens walked off with
the prizes given in the dress parade.
Several other prizes were awarded
for different games. The party
finished at 1:30 a. m. with all par
taking of a generous supply of
pumpkin pie.
O. C. Stephens' killed a lrage owl
which had been infesting his chick
en yard. When outstretched It
measured four feet eight Inches.
J. W. Stevens was here the last
of the week for the last of their
farm equipment He Is very anxious
to get everything moved to their
new home before winter begins.
A. E. Wright . and son are im
proving their ranch by building a
new barn and garage.
The Golden West school went on
a hike down Rhea creek where they
secured a few small fish and other
specimens for their aquarium which
they started recently.
Mr. and Mrs. Clubine were up
from their home in Portland visiting
with relatives for ten days during
the pheasant season. Mra Clubine
is a daughter of A. E. Wright Miss
Nellie Wright accompanied them to
their home for a visit of two weeks.
Stephens Brothers have taken
their Bheep back to the foothills for
a while.
June Allstott has been out of
school the past week with an attack
of flu.
When Is It Safe to
Send Children to School
From State Board of Health.
Every conscientious parent In de
termining the question of whether
or not a child should go to school
on some particular day when It does
not feel quite normal Is guided by
two general principles; namely, first
the Interest of the child, and sec
ond, the Interests of the neighbors'
There are certain symptoms, any
one of which, If present should
automatically decide this question.
Among these symptoms are the fol
lowing: 1. Fever.
2. Sore throat
3. Diarrhea.
4. Severe abdominal pain.
5. Earache.
8. Discharging sore eyes.
7. Discharging ears.
8. Paroxysmal cough, especially
if coughing spells are followed
by vomiting and always If fol
lowed by whoop.
9. Severe colds, even when no fe
ver is present
10. The presence of an eruption
not due to scratches, hard
soaps, to some other simple
condition, or, in older chil
dren, acne. Acne Is very of
ten the penalty of a not too
clean face or body, and it is
granted that it is a little diffi
cult to induce a youngster al
ways to keep himself clean,
especially his face.
Theoretically, in order to be per
mitted to attend school a child
should be perfectly well. Among
the individual precautions that the
parent can take to prevent the child
from contracting certain contagious
diseases, there have already been
mentioned vaccintalon against
smallpox and Immunization against
Children should be taught that
there are ten objects which com
monly carry contagious disease
from one person to another and
that these ten dangerous objects
are nothing more nor less than the
ten fingers. He handles a ball or
other object gets on It an Infinitely
small quantity of secretion from
his own nose or mouth through the
medium of his fingers, passes the
object along to another, who gets
an Infinitely smaller quantity of
the first child's nasal secretion on
his fingers, passes it on to his
mouth, and wakes up two weeks
later with a large sized attack of
measles. Of course, there are other
ways in which these secretions can
be exchanged, such as the common
drinking cup and improperly con-
When you build, we are
ready to serve you
W7HEN you build It is always a comforting
W thing to know that the building materials
you buy are going to be up to specifications.
Cheap, flimsy construction usually goes
hand in hand with poor quality materials.
Safeguard your building by letting us know
what you require and we will work with you
to see that your interests are well protected.
We are headquarters for all dependable
building materials and can also help you select
a good, reliable contractor;
Tell us what you plan to do-we can and
will give you helpful advice. j. .:.-is a-
Yards at Heppner, Lexington and lone
structed drinking fountains.
No right thinking parents will
conceal contagious disease in their
own child, and a physician who will
do such a thing is unworthy of a
parent's c onfldence. Theodore
Roosevelt once said to one of his
employees: "A man who will steal
for me will steal from me." By the
same token It may not be safe to
trust the life of your child to a doc
tor who would connive in conceal
ing a case of measles, diphtheria,
scarlet fever, or other contagious
disease of this kind.
Rev. Thomas J. Brady. Paator
Next Sunday will be the tventy
second Sunday after Pentecost and
there will be a mass In the Heppner
church at 8:30 preceded by confes
sions and the distribution of holy
communion. There will be a sec
ond mass in The Sands at 10:30,
also preceded by confessions. The
pastor will preach at both services.
In the evening at 7:30 there will be
rosary, litany, prayers and benedic
tion of the Blessed Sacrament Each
morning during the entire month
of October, there will be mass in the
church at 7 o'clock in honor of the
rosary month, and on Wednesdays
and Saturdays at 7:30 In the eve
ning there will be rosary, litany,
prayers and Benediction of the
Blessed Sacrament
The pastor returned from Board
man last Sunday morning after
having held mass in the home of
Mr. and Mrs. Leo Cooney at which
there was a good congregation.
There Is no doubt about the con
stant development of the Boardman
country and a bright future is un
deniable. What is In line of devel
opment is of the slow but safe and
sure quality devoid of all boom ele
ments. On Thursday, November first, will
occur the feast of All faints, a day
of special duties for Catholics in
volving assistance at holy mass and
refraining from all servile work.
To meet the requirement of work
ing people and of school children,
there will be two masses in the
church at Heppner, the first at 7
for working people and for children,
and a second at 8 for the general
number in the congregation. Con
fessions will be heard before each
mass. At noon on this same day
will begin the commemoration of
All Souls day, which will fall on
November 2nd, also the first Friday
We clean chimneys,
furnaces, stoves; new
and clean way; no
pipes taken down; all
work guaranteed.
Phone 333
of November. On the feast of All
Souls there will be a high mass for
the dead at 7 in the morning, fol
lowed by a second mass at 7:45 and
a third mass at 8:15. All Souls day
Is the annual religious Memorial
Day for the dead. Preparation for
this memorial service will begin on
October 30 and continue on October
31 and November 1st, at 7:30 in the
I. N. Basey, for many years a res
ident of the Heppner community,
and owner still of the Basey ranch
on Heppner flat came over from
his home at Wapato, Wash., the
first of the week to look after his
interests here. It has been 18 years
ince Mr. Basey left here and the
town does not look exactly right to
him, though he notes that there
has been much substantial Improve
ment In the appearance of Hepp
ner. Mr. Basey has been living at
Wapato for the past ten years and
is well pleased with tne location.
While getting well along in years,
he enjoys splendid health and works
every day.
John Day Valley Freight line
Operating Between Heppner and Portland
and John Day Highway Points.
We specialize in cream, veal and other prodfice.
We pick it up any place on our route.
CITY GARAGE, Local Agent.
Phone 172
wealth Every Man
Mora than (23,000,000 is now on deposit with build
ing and loan associations of Oregon. Depositors are
Motiving most substantial interest. Their money is
loaned on first mortgages on improved real estate
homes mostly and all of them in Oregon.
DafaaHara with the Waitani
Sa rifts an taaaMa. I latw
art, mpmU aaal-annaallr.
tW an njvrimf twa far aa
anrltr. Tht aafcrrttr lint
antacaa, all M M MM
traat ar tM atatai U UU
. All flapaattara than la
araTHa. lataraat U Mis
1 mm jmv
4 la aaal
4 Hi ki
4tm af Mtafta
4t b) mn. Tau na
mmlm ar waaJtk mmtr
aarai abaa4 ajakala ana aiaiaa.
twawila, laaaaHaia at tha
Wntarn eaa withdraw a part
ar all at thalr aarlnsa whan 4
alnd. II ra want waalth
wlthont .rfart wrlu toaar far
ar falaar
Dsnbltaf Yowr Principal
by 6 Compound Interest
II talU roa aiaetlr haw aiveh
ym 4apo.lt and haw a,ulcklr
ra aa raaeh roar toal. It
hawa how 1 aanta a day rows
ta flMI. It talla haw lit
Jianthlr aallaa a aaih aatata at
M.M-af whlah IIM0S la hv
tanat at t aampoanoal aarnl.
aanaallr. A paataard aalM
aw will hrlng It n jn wftkla
ths aast thna aara.
Doubling Your Principal
Western Savings
6th and Yamhill Y.M.c.A.Bidf. Portland, Ore.
Tha nn war ta (a
shaad la ta aeaaatalata
small inm at s tiaia.
1 campoundad saaa
talMa It n s larg
If You
Want $10,000
Sara i.U aiaathlr
AO! If
Ban IT.ll aaatklr
San 11MI MtUr
San Sit
ACS at
Nat si sat Is rawr
hT arall af mi
is r aaa wtta-
taring fm
afaw lam.
lataraat Jaa. lJntt 1
Heppner, Ore. MODERN FOOD STORES Phone 1082
Now is the time to lay in your winter supply of foods. We offer only the new pack canned
goods at a very decided saving in price. Everything guaranteed to please.
Thursday, Friday and Saturday
OCTOBER 25i 26 AND 27
Save on Flour
Sperry Hard Wheat, the Larg
est Seller in the West SPEC
49-Pound Sacks . . $1.75
4 Sacks, 1 Barrel . . $6.95
Standard No. 2 Cans
4 Gins
1 2 Cans
24 Gins, 1 Gise
Small White Beans
New Crop at about $1.00 under
the market.
25 Pounds $2.50
10 Pounds $1.10
5 Pounds 59C
Save on Rice
No. 1 Grade, New Crop Rice.
25 Pounds $1.59
10 Pounds 65C
5 Pounds 35C
Jams Jellies
3 Pound Jars Jam . . . 65c
5-Pound Cans Jam. . 79c
5-Pound Cans Jelly . . 79c
4-lb. Pkg. Market Day 29c
Stone's Coffee
The very finest money can buy.
Save the price of the can.
3 Pounds Supreme $1.45
1 Pound 49C
Standard No. 2 Cans.
4 Cans 49C
12 Cans $1.45
24 Cans, 1 Case . . $2.75
Pink Beans
New Crop, Very Reasonable.
25 Pounds $2.10
10 Pounds 85C
5 Pounds . . . 45C
High Grade Curl Cut. Note
the Low Price.
10 Pounds 65C
5 Pounds 35C
No. 10 Gallon Fruit
No. 10 Peaches 65c
No. 10 Blackberries . 59C
No. 1 0 Loganberries . 65C
Per Pound 33C
Soaps and Cleansers
lion Bubble Soap.
10 Bars 37C
Old Dutch, 3 Cans . . 19c
Standard No. Cans.
4 Cans 53C
12 Cans ........ $1.55
24 Cans, 1 Case... $2.98
Red Mexican Beans
Very good grade at a low price
25 Pounds $2.10
10 Pounds 85C
5 Pounds 45C
Stone's Syrup
Pure Cane and Maple, espec
ially prepared for waffles
and hotcakes.
10 Pound Can.... $1.59
5 Pound Can 85C
Large No. 2!2 Cans. Standard
2 Cans
4 Cans
Per Pound 33c
Mail Orders Given Prompt Attention if Check Accompanies Order
Stone's Serves You Better and Saves You Most