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(gazette Stmrfl
llmrch SO. 1881.
Norm beer 1(, 1897.
Published every Thursday morning by
and enter at th Post Offie at Heppna
Oregon, as secoBd-claaa matter.
Oh Y
Three Month .
Uncle Copies
For ire Advertising Representative
Better Understanding
A MEETING of Touch Import
ance to lo(;al wool men was
held at Pendleton, on Sunday, as
will be noted from our news col
umns. . This . was composed of
representatives of the Umatilla
Permittees association, and the
executive committee of the Ore
gon Wool Growers association on
the one hand, and officials of the
Forest Service on the other. The
incentive for the meeting was the
discussion of grazing fees. As
the report shows, there had been
a consideration heretofore of the
Rachford report, which attempt
ed to establish the commercial
value of summer grazing on the
National Forests. This report had
recommended fees approximately
400 per cent in excess of rates in
force, apd was not acceptable to
the permittees, as a matter of
course. The Casement report
came in later, because of the un
animous protest that went up to
the department, and its recom
mendations were near the point
of a 200 per cent increase, and
was not acceptable to the users
of the forests. So the controversy
has gone on, with the stockmen
keyed up to a point where they
were not at all backward in airing
their grievances.
Now that the question of fees
haslseen settled for the time be
ing, the way seems to be open for
a better understanding between
the powers that rule over the Na
tional Forests of Oregon and the
stockmen who have permits to
run their cattle and sheep on these
lands for the summer months.
That there has. been room for
complaint on the part of the per
mittees because of the arbitrary
and unnecessary rulings of the de
partment, there is no question;
and the stockmen of this county
as well as those of the other coun
ties p.re justly entitled to register
vigorous protests. There has been
much annoyance in many cases,
according to complaints that have
reached this paper, and the gen
eral complaint th?.t the actual ad
ministration is carried on by those
who do not understand, and who
to all appearances :li not care to
undentmd, the conditions, and
consequently ignore any advice or
counsel of the stockmen, has
tended in the direction of misun
derstanding rather than coopera
tion. The wise stockman, of
course, has had to ignore the for
est ranger and take his troubles
to the higher-ups, and it would
seem that the shell of the bu-
Songs of Plain Folks
Rag-weeds drooping, corn leaves
Cattle panting in the shade,
Seems the day was surely made
a . af t ri . j -U ur ui
jusi ior nsning. uooa oia wonui
vvnen me green amine uoctuis
In the lazy August air
Tell me what else can compare .
With inc fitsHnir? Mrvf a fViinar '
Fishing poles and bait and lunch,
If those finny boys don't take
Hook and all, I miss a hunch!
Sun's too hot to work the teams;
Let's go down where bubbles float
By the old flat-bottomed boat,
Fish, and dream forgotten dreams.
0 fHlwa NntH' Hues.
BtFraak Crane Says
A ND now comes along an astronomer of the Yerkes Obser-
vatory, near Chicago, arid says that there is probably going
to be an explosion of the sun which will doom the earth and its
inhabitants to extinction and may happen any minute, although
again it may not happen for a million years or so.
. Another astronomer out in Benkeley, California, says that
the universe is 194 quadrillion miles in diameter.- One hun
dred ninety-four quadrillions is all there is, there isn't any more.
Ordinarily statements like this leave us dumb and awe
stricken. We accept them as true because we have no way of
contradicting them.
They are like the statements that used to be made about
theology, when they argued whether one million or ten angels
could stand on the point of a pin. Nobody knew anything
about it anyhow and so the declarers were safe. ' .
We read somewhera in our youth of a. story of a man who
professed to know everything. Ask him how many fishes there
were in the river and he could tell you to the last minnow.
There were exactly seventeen million and ninty-six. He also
knew the number of nails that went into the bridge and the num
ber of stars in the heavens and the number hairs on your head
and could tell you the number exactly in a minute's notice. This
was all right because nobody could dispute it, but it was simply
a bold bluff. .
If you say there are nine trillion blades of grass on the lawn
nobody is going to take the trouble to count them. Your state
ment goes unchallenged. '-
A lot of this scientific data is pure bluff intended to awe the
common man and it succeeds pretty well. We have passed the
age when people are stricken dumb by theological dictum, but
we are in the zone now where people are bludgeoned by scien
tifie'data. ;
Science has done some wonderful .things. It predicts an
eclipse of the moon to the minute and tells us how electricity will
act and all sorts of things, but that is no reason why scientists
should lay back their ears and talk lightly about things that are
manifestly pure guesses,
The sun may explode tomorrow and again it may not. One
" man's guess is as good as another's. We have made some prog
ress in finding out about earthquakes and we have elaborate
theories as to how they occur, but just when an earthquake is
going to hit us we know as well as the scientists. .
The best thing we can do is to run along and sell our papers
and if the works blow up we are as well off as anybody and no
worse. . .
reaucracy may yet be punctured.
Stockmen say there have been
men in charge of the southern end
of the Umatilla Forest that actu
ally understood the conditions and
could cooperate successfully in
the protection of the interests of
both the stockraiser and the for
est service, but as a rule these
men are retired, with no apparent
reason other that the. fact that
their services were not just what
the bureau, wanted.
The government officials appear
to be laboring under the impres
sion that the stockman has no
other desire than to destroy the
pasturage in the forest area, when
as a matter of fact this is just the
thing he does not wish to do. Per
mits run for 10 years, and it is
not reasonable to suppose that a
permittee is going to do anything
that will lessen his chances for
good feed on his allotment when
he has no other place to go each
succeeding year. Other questions
arise, and many arbitrary rules
have been enforced, all to the
added expense of the permittees,
and tending to make the burden
of the stockgrower that much
Commenting along this . line,
The Oregon Woolgrower states:
The range industry means much to
Oregon it means everything to much
Jtmesjhvis Hays
1 iSA."Si'
of Oregon. With the exception of
the wheat areas of Umatilla, Morrow,
Sherman and Wasco counties, and
some fruit lands in Hood River, the
entire area of this state east of the
Cascade mountains is a stock country
pure and simple. A country in which
the counties are dependent on the
stock industry and lands owned by
stockmen for a very large part of
their assessed valuation from which
their taxes for operating expenses
are derived.
The average stockman in Oregon is
not a large operator; this applies to
both the sheep and cattle industries.
The woolgrowcr with from 1,200 to
1,500 head of ewes constitutes the
majority of the growers, and by the
time he pays his overhead in taxes
and interest, his labor, and makes a
sort, of living, there' is but little left
to splurge on. As a matter of fact,
just getting by is his main object."
So it can be seen that these
annoyances that have been tacked
on in the way of penalties, bed
ding out, and other rulings that
have required the hiring of addi
tional help have all tended to in
crease the overhead of the sheep
man and caused a query in his
mind as to whether or not the
policy of the Forest Service is
just what it should be, and if it
is not just such a policy that will
eventually force him out of the
game and lead to'the destruction
of one of the great industries of
these Eastern Orgon counties.
The day of a better understanding
between the stockman and the
powers that rule over him with
reference to his use of the forest
range, seems to be dawning,' and
it should be welcomed on the part
of all interested.
No Cause For Alarm. .
FROM information given us by
the city health officer, there
seems to be some alarm on the
part of the people of Heppner be
cause of the infantile paralysis
situation. So far there has not
been a case here, and none in the
county. Two cases, only, have
been reported at Pendleton and
these are under control and rap
idly reaching a state of normal
health. A family has just moved
to Heppner from Southern Ore
gon where two of the children had
the disease. These have fully re
covered, however, have passed
the period of quarantine and dis
infection, and the health officer
reports that there can be no possi
ble danger now of their communi
cating the disease. One of these
children will be entered in school
here, and as all the conditions
have been complied with concern
ing disinfection, the health officer
has no power to restrain the child
from entering school; further
more, there is no need of fear on
this account. As a matter of fact,
people have been altogether too
greatly alarmed over this paraly
sis scare, which has been played
up to an unnecessary extent by
the City dailies.
A YOUNG woman is caught
stealing mooey to buy tomb
stones for her mother and sister.
That the young woman should
steal to buy tombstones is a re
flection to her common sense.
The Angel Gabriel is amazing
ly accurate, in memory and mem
orandum. - There is no possibility
of his forgetting or mistaking any
one, even though buried in ' the
sea. Besides, science- proves that
the earth and men on it will last
at least orte hundred million years.
No tombstone could outlive that
period. ,
Thousands of poor widows and
daughters, by the way, rob and
impoverish themselves to provide
tombstones and elaborate funer
als for husbands and fathers that
never did much for them. The
poorer families suffer most in this
way, and clergymen "should dis
courage, regardless of : sexton's
protest. .
The Highway Problem
"vREGON people want no re-
J duction in highway revenues
that would jeopardize highway ex
pansion, states The Manufacturer.
If the license fee should be cut to
$3, road building in Oregon could
not go on. Here is why: The cut
to $3 would take $3,900,000 from
the license total and reduce" the
total highway - fund to only $4,-
100,000. Against this $4,100,000
would be the following unavoid
able expenditures: Maintenance,
$1,750,000 a year; interest on
outstanding bonds, $1,774,118 a
year; retirement of maturing
bonds, $1,975,000 a year; cost of
administration, about $150,000 a
year. And Oregon must match
the federal aid fund, which aver
ages about $1,300,000 a year, or
there will be no federal aid. This
added to other items means a total
outgo of about $7,000,000 a year.
A cut to a $3 license fee would re
duce the total revenue to $4,100,
000. Accroding to estimates given
out by State Tax Commissioner
Fisher, there will have to be paid
by direct taxation on real prop
erty some $52,971,718, which un
der the present license system, is
being paid by the people who use
the roads the motorists. Too
many people own automobiles and
use the highways, who are not
owners of real property, and the
present license system is the way
to make them bear the proportion
of tax burden that will otherwise
have to be borne by the property
owner now carrying about all the
load he can bear. In another col
umn will be found an article from
the publicity department of the
Oregon State Motor association,
which discusses this question in
detail. We direct the attention of
our readers to this.
Altoona Tribune,
'Third notice." Every editor has
received them. The postmaster sends
them to the editor. The postmaster
is not to blame. For instance, there
is a man by the name of well, say
Tim Snort who sent three notices to
stop his paper. He did not want it
any longer; we wondered what was
the matter. Upon investigating our
subscription list we found that Tim
was short $5.70. He had never paid
a cent and yet he stopped his paper as
a matter of economy 'to us. A few
evenings ago we stopped in a church
and Tim's melodious voice rang out
clear in the song, 'tfesus Paid It All."
We may have been mistaken, but his
earnestness impressed us. The next
day we sent him a receipt in full, beg
ging his pardon for not knowing that
he had made an assignment of his
liabilities to the Lord.
Furnished and lighted apartments
for rent. Mrs. Peter Curran. 31-2
Department of the Interior, U.
Land Oflice at The Dalles, Oregon,
Sept. 24, 1927.
NOTICE is hereby given that Fos
ter T. Collins, of Hardman, Oregon
who. on Nov. ft. made Homestead
Entry under Act Feb. 19, 1909, No.
022962, for EV4SW, SWSE14, Sec.
to, NV4NE14, NEWNWK, Section 15,
Township 6 South, Range 25 East,
Willamette Meridian, has filed notice
of intention to make final three year
Proof, to establish claim to the land
above described, before Gay M. An
derson, United States Commissioner,
at Heppner, Oregon, on the 16th day
of November, 1927.
Claimant names as witnesses:
Richard II. Steers, of Hardman
John J. McDonald, of Hardman,
W. A. McCarty, of Hardman, Ore
gon. John Halton, of Heppner, Oregon,
J. W. DONNELLY, Register.
Notice is hereby given that the un
dersigned has been appointed by the
County Court of the State of Oregon
for Morrow County, Executrix of the
Last Will and Testament of M. S.
Corrigall, deceased, and the has duly
qualified. All persons having claims
"gainst said Estate must present
1 a- . , , - m.j ..1.J
Tthe" ZZZc"CTl
ln Heppner. Oregon, on or before
six months from the date of first
publication of this notice.
Executrix of the Last Will and
Testament. of M. S. Corrigall,
deceased. . -Date
of first publication October
13. 127.
Notice is hereby given that the un
dersigned was duly appointed by the
County Court of the State o Oregon
for Morrow County administrator of
the estate' of Emmett Callahan, de
ceased, and all persons having claims
against ihe estate of said deceased
are hereby required to present the
same to the undersigned administra
tor with proper vouchers, at the law
office of Jos. J. Nys, at Heppnei, Ore
gon, within six months from the date
of this notice.
Dated and first published this Oth
day of October, 1927.
' FRANK OTTO, Administrator.
Notice is hereby given that by vir
tue of an execution and order if sale
issued out of the Circuit Court of the
State of Oregon, for the County of
Morrow on the 21st day of September,
1927, upon a jujdgment and decree of
foreclosure duly entered in said court
on the 21st day of September, 1927, in
the suit wherein The Oregon-Wash-
ingten Joint Stock Land Bank of Port-
landj Oregon, a corporation, is plain
tiff, and Robert 0. Donavan and Sa
die L. Donavan, his wife, Oscar R.
Donavan, Albert E. Johnson and Ed
na W. Johnson, his wife, J. O. Elrod
W. S. Smith and C. W. McNamer, are
defendants, I will on Friday, the 28th
dav of October, 1927. at the hour of
10:00 o'clock A. M.? at the front door
f.f the Court House in Heppner, Mot
row County, Oregon, offer for sale
and proceed to sell to the highest bid
der for cash in hand, subject to re
demption, the following described real
property situate in Morrow County,
State of Oregon, to-wit:
The Northeast Quarter of the
Northwest Quarter (NE4 of
NW'A), Lots One (1) and Two
(2), the North Half of the North
east Quarter (Ntt of NEtt),
Southwest Quarter of the North
east Quarter (SWtt of NEtt) and
the Southeast Quarter of the
Northwest Quarter (SE14 of
NWH), all in Section Nineteen
(19), Township One (I), North of
Range Twenty-five (25) East of
the Willamette Meridian
to satisfy the sum of Four Thousand
Five Hundred "Twenty-seven and 84-
100 Dollars ($4527.84), with interest
from September 29, 1927, at the rate
of eight per cent (8) per annum
and the further sum of Three Hun
dred fifty and 00-100 Dollars ($360.00)
attorneys' fees, and the further Bum
of Sixteen and 30-100 Dollars ($16.30)
costs and the costs of said execution
Sheriff of Morrow County, Oregon,
fly HOWARD McDUFFEE, Deputy.
Dated at Heppner, Oregon, thi
26th day of September, 1927.
Morrow County, Oregon, A Public Corpora-
tion, Plaintiff,
Ewlng P. Berry, James Carty. Claud
Finley, J. V. Peterson, Mike C. Marshall,
M. F. Cochran, J. K. Weatherford, L. D.
Neill, E. O. Weill, Frank Fox, J. A. Lov,
gren, Mary Perry, Bernard Ward, J. R.
Nunamaker. n. r lemming, u,
Swain, R. E. Dodd, Wm. Dodd, Maurice
Hunter. Clifford E. Snow. Alfred
Kelly, John W. Martin, C. P. Gammon,
May Powderly. C. F. Whitman. W.
Wilson, J. E. Wilson, T. E. Nunamaker,
Peter Finnic. G. A. Bleakman, W. H.
Miller. John Miller. Hanna Hensley,
A. Gibbons, John Foster, Nick Kallaa,
Boardman Townsite Company, a corpoT'
ation. M. B. Willard. E. P. Dodd. W. H.
Stewart, and W. A. Murchie, and any
other person or pernons owning or claim
ing to own, or having or claiming to
have any interest or estate in or to the
real property hereinafter described,
NO. 2528.
To Ewlng P. Berry, James Carty, Claud L.
Finley. J. V. Peterson. Mike C. Marshall,
M-. F. Cochran, J. K. Weatherford, L. D.
Nelll, E. O. Neill, Frank.Fox, J. A. Lov
gren, alary Ferry, Bernard warn, J,
Nunamaker. E. H. Flemmlng. C.
Swain, R. E. Dodd, Wm. Dodd, Maurice
Hunter, Clifford K. Snow, Alfred K.
Kelly, John W. Martin, C. P. Gammon,
May rowderly, C. F. Whitman, w.
Wilson, J. E. Wilson; T. E. Nunamaker,
Peter Flnnle, u. A. Hleakman, w. li,
Miller. John Miller. Hanna Hensley.
A. Gibbons, John Foster, Nick Kallas,
Boardman Townsite Company, a corpor
ation, M. B. Willard. E. P. Dodd, W. H,
Stewart, and W. A. Murchie, and any
other person or presons owning or claim
ing to won or having or claiming to have,
any interest or estate in or to the real
property hereinafter described.
OREGON : You and each of you are here
by notified that the above named plaintiff,
o public corporation, is the purchaser, own
er, and holder of certificates of delinquen
cy numbered izuo, izo7, izii, lzia, iki
1221, 1235, 1237, 1250, 1251, 1255, 1256,
1269, 1276, 1289, 1290, 1291, 1292, 1293,
1294, 1296, 1297, 1298, 1300, 1801, 1802,
1808. 1314. 1316. 1317, 1818, and 1319.
sued on the 15th day of July, 1924, by the
Sheriff and Collector of Delinquent Taxes
for Morrow County, Oregon, and filed by
the said Sheriff and Collector of Delinquent
Taxes in the office of the County Clerk of
the County of Morrow, State of Oregon, on
the 27th day of October, 1924, tor taxes
due and delinquent, together with penalty.
interest and costs thereon, upon real prop
erty situated In Morrow Oounty. Oregon,
You are further notified that the amount
for which 'said certificate Is issued is set
opposite end following the description of
the tract or parcel of land hereinafter set
out, the same being the amount then due
and delinquent, for taxes for the year 1919,
together with penalty, interest and costs
thereon, upon real property situate in Mor
row County, Oregon, and particularly
bounded and described as hereinafter sot
forth, said tract or parcel of land being
assessed for the year 1919 to the first per
son whose name immediately precedes the
description thereof, and is followed by the
name of the person appearing to be the
owner thereof, as appears on the tax roll
of Morrow County, Oregon, for the year
1926, now In the Rands of the Sheriff of
said County for collection, at the data of
the first publication of this summons and
notice, which date is the 15th day of Sep
tember, 1027.
Certificate No. 1206, James Carty
and James Carty, Sections 1 and
6, Southwest quarter of Section
8, Section 9, Northeast quarter
of Section 10, Section 17, Town
ship 2 North, Range 25 East of
Willamette Meridian ; Southeast
quarter and Southeast quarter
of Northeast quarter of Section
6, Township 2 North, Range 26
East of Willamette Meridian ; .
Sections 18, 17, 21, 25, 29, 38,
and 36, Townnbip 8 North, Range
25 East of Willamette Meridian ;
section 86, Township 4 North,
Range 25 East of Willamette
Meridian, and Section 86, Town
ship 4 North, Range 26 East of
Willamette Meridian 81.440.88
Certificate No. 1207, James Carty
and James Carty, Tract No. 9 In
Lot 4, Block 9 ; Lot 6, Block I
and Tract No. 10 in Lot 8, Block
9, of Lexlnrton, Oregon
Certificate No, 1211, Ewlng P. Ber
ry and Jame Crty. WMiSWtt. .
SW!4NWl and NftNft, Heo- -tion
6, Township 2 North. Rang
26 Eait of Willamette Meridian
Certificate No. 1213, Claud L. Fin-
ley and J. V. Peterson, Southeast
quarter of Northeast quarter of
Section 19. Township X Norm,
Hnnge 26 East of Willamette Me-
ertifivate No. 1217, Mine C. Mar
shall and Mike C. Marshall, All
of Section 16, Township North,
Range U. E. W. M
Certificate No. 1221, M. F. Coch
ran and M. F. Cochran, Lota 1
and 2, and Sf4SE4 of Section
tl, except the town of Castle
Kock. Township 4 North, Range
24, E. W. M. ; Lota 11 to 16, in
clusive. Block 1, Lots 9 to 12.
inclusive. Block 2, Lots 9 to li.
Inclusive, Block 4, South half of
nlocc 3, Lota 6 to 16, inclusive,
Block 6, Lota 2 to 18, inclusive,
l:lock 6. Lota 8 to 8, inclusive,
and South half, Block 8, Block
7, Block 9. Lot 4 and South half
of Block 10, Lota 8 to 1, inclu
sive, and Lota 12 to 18, inclu
sive, Block 11, Lots 8 to 7, in
clusive, and South half of Block
12, Blocks 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, and
18. in the Town of Castle Rock
Certificate No. 123E, J. K. Weather-
ford and J. K. Weatheriord,
NEV4NEVi, SVjNEy. SE'A less
traot sold. Section 4 Township
1 South, Range 24 East of Wil
lamette Meridian ; and Blocks
20, 21, 23, 24, 25, 26, 27, and 28,
ww inn nuuiLiyn w tuur. ui rut-""
Certificate No. 1287, L. D. Nelll and
K. o. -Meill, East half of South
east quarter of Section 2, Town
shin 1 South, Range 27 E, W. M.
Certificate No. 1250, Frank Fox
and Frank Fox, SWViSEVi, Sec
tion 17, Township 8 South, Range
23 S. W. M. : WMiNEW. SE
NEW, and EWSEi' Section 20,
Township 8 South, Range 23
E. W. M -
Certflicate No. 1251, J. A. Lov
gren and J. A. Lovgren, North
went quarter of Section 17,
Township S South, Range 28 E.
W. M .
Certiticate No. 1255, Mary Perry
and Mary Perry, SENWK and
NE'SWK, Section 32. Town
shin 4 South. Range 24 E. W. M.
Certificate No. 1256, Bernard Ward
nd Bernard Ward, UV'A, W'4
and E
Section 13.'
Township 4
South, Range 26 E. W. M 74.91
Certificate lo. 1269, J. R. Nuna
maker and J. R. Nunamaker,
SW4. Section 21. Township 6
South. Ranee 27 G. W. M - 20,89
Certiticate No. 1276, E. H. Flam
ming and E. H. Flemmlng.
Lot 1 and Lots 2, 8, and 4, Block
8. SDerrv'a Third Addition to
lone. Ore-son 17. W
Certificate No, 1289, C. L. Swain .
and C. L. Swain, Lot 8, Block
15, of Irrijron, Oregon .88
Certificate No. 1290, R. E. Dodd
and Wm. W. Dodd, Lots S and
10. Block 16. of Irrigon Oregon 2.89
Certificate No. 1291, Maurice Hun
ter and Maurice Hunter, LoU
1 and 2, Block 28, of Irrlgon,
Oregon l.U
Certificate No. 1292, Clifford E.
Snow and Clifford E. Snow, LoU
8 and 4, Block 28. of Irrlgon,
Oreeon .. - . LIB
Certificate No. 1293, Alfred R.
Kelly and Alfred R. Kelly, Lota
j 9 and .0, Block 28, of Irrigun,
Oregon 1.16
Certificate No. 1294, John W. Mar
tin i-nd John w. Martin, Lot 7,
Block SO, and Lot 11, Block 87,
of Irrigon. Oregon 1.16
Certificate No. 1296, C. P. Gam
mon and C. P. Gammon, Lot 8,
Block 88, of Irrigon, Oregon ...... .88
Certificate No. 1297, May Powder-
ly and May Powder ly, Lot 5,
Block 89. of Iirigon, Oregon .82
Certificate No. 129R, C. F. Whit
man and C. F. Whitman, Lot 6,
Block 39. of Irrigon. Oreoon .88
Certificate No. 1800, W. C. Wilson,
J. E. Wilson and T. E. 'Nona
maker , Lota 11 and 12, Block 41, "
Irrigon, Oregon 10.96
Certificate No. 1801. Peter Finnie
and Peter Finnie, Lot 27, Block
89, Irrigon, Oregon .....- .82
Certificate No. 1302, G. A. Bleak
man and W. H. Miller, North
30 feet of Lot 4, Block B, Hard
eman, Oregon 188.94
Certificate No. 1308, John Miller
and John Milter. Lot 1, Block S,
FergUBon'a Addition to Hard
man, Oregon ...... 2.88
Certificate No. 1314, Hanna Hens
ley and Hanna Hensley, Lot 6,
Block 8, Castle Rock, Oregon. .88
Certificate No. 1316, i. A. Gibbona
and J. A. Gibbons. Lota 13, 14,
15, and 16. Block 4. Cantle Rock,
Oregon 2.00
Certificate No. 1817, John Foster,
Nick Kallaa and John Foster,
Nick Kallat, Lots 6 te 8, inclu
nive, Block 10, Castle Rock, Ore-
got 2.00
Certificate No. 1818, Boardman
Townsite Company, and M. B.
Willard, E. P. Dodd, and W. H.
Stewart, Lota 7, 8, 10, and 11,
Block 4 ; Lots 8 and 9, Block 7 ;
and Lot 7, Block 8, of the town
of Boardman. Oregon ..... II. SB
Certificate No. 1819, Boardman
Townsite Company, and W. A.
Murchie and E. P. Dodd, Lot 24,
Block 8 ; and Blocks 16 and 16,
of the town of Boardman, Ore
gon .... 86.77
That said amounts bear interest at the
rate of ten per cent, per annum from the
lath day of Jnly, 1924, the date of Issuance
of said certificates.
Ajid you and each of yon are hereby
summoned to aopear within sixty days af
ter the date of the first publication of this
lummonH, exclusive of the day of first pub
lication thereof, towit: September 15, 1927,
and defend the suit In the Court aforesaid,
or pay the amount due as shown above
against said tracts or parcels of land.
spectively, above described, of which you
are the owner, or In which you have or
claim ts nave, any interest or estate, to
gether with interest and costs accrued in
this suit thereon.
Service of a copy of your answer or
other procetts may be made on the under
signed attorney for plaintiff, at the place
specified below aa his address, and in case
of your failure so to do, judgment and de
cree will be entered against you and each
of you foreclosing said tax liens for the
amount set opposite and following the de
scription of said parcel of lanpLabove set
forth, together with interest and costs
thereon, against said tracts or parcels of
land, and Baid tracts or parcels of land
will be sold to satisfy said judgment and
decree obtained in this suit.
You are further hereby notified that the
plaintiff will apply to the Court aforesaid
lor Judgment and decree foreclosing said
'.ax liens against said property hereinbefore
This summons la published once each
week for six consecutive weeks in the
Hoppner Oazette limes, a newspaper of
general circulation in Morrow County, Or
egon, published weekly at Heppner in said
County, the date of first publication there
of being September 15. 1927. and said Dub.
Hcation being made in pursuance of the
statutes or the State of Oregon, said news
paper having been designated by the Coun
ly Court of the State of Oregon for Mor
row uounty as the newspaper in which said
summons should be published, by order duly
entered in said wrart of the 7th day of
September, 1927.
District Attorney for Morrow County,
Oregon, and Attorney for Plaintiff,
tvhoHe address is Heppner, Oregon,
Date of first publication, September 15,
Date of last publication, October 27.
Department of the Interior, U. S.
Land Office at The Dalles, Oregon,
Oct. 7 1927. .
NOTICE Is hereby (fiyen that Wil
liam H. Instone of Lena, Oregon, who
on May 8, 1926, made Homestead En
try under Act. Dec. '29, 1916, No.
024874, for NEttSWtt, Section 7,
Township 2 South, Range 29 East,
Willamette Meridian, has filed notice
of intention to make final three year
Proof, to establish claim to the land
above described, before Gay M. An
derson, United States Commissioner,
at Heppner, Oregon, on the 29th day
of November, 1927. ,
Claimant names as witnesses:
John Brosnan, Wiley Pearson, Wal
ter Kileup, Fred Albert, all of Lena,
Professional Directory
, (Licensed) i
Phone 303 Hermiston, Ore.
Tha man who made the reasonable
price. s .
Painting eV. Paperhanglng f
, Interior Decorating
Leave orders at Peoples Hardware
' ' Company
"-"--""--", -
Expert Watchmaker and
Jewelry Repairer
Hoppner, Ore.
Physician and Surjeon
Graduate Nurse Assistant
I. O. O. F. Building
Phones: Office, Main 933; Res. 402
Heppner, Oregon
Attorney at Law
800 Chamber of Commerce Bldg.
Portland, Oregon .
Phone Broadway 4254
X-Ray Diagnosis
I. O. O. F. Building
Heppner, Oregon
Frank A. McMenamin
Phone BEacon 4411
1014 Northwestern ' Bank Bldg.
Res. GArfield 1(49
A. D. McMURDO, M. D.
Trained Nurse Assistant
Office In Masonic Building
Heppner, Oregun
c l; SWEEK
Offices in
First National Bank Building
Heppner, Oregon
Surgical, Medical, Maternity Case.
Wards, and private rooms.
Rates Reasonable.
Mrs. Zena Westfall, Graduate
Nurse, Superintendent.
A. H. Johnston, M. D. Physl-cian-in-Charge.
Phone Main 822 Heppner, Ore.
Office In Court ouse
Heppner, Oregon
Farm and Personal Property Sales
a Specialty.
, "The Man Who Talks to Beat
th Band"
Lexington, Ore.
and Notary Public
Odd Fellows Building
Heppner Oregon
Maternity Hospital
Wards and Private Rooms.
Rates Reasonable. .
. Mrs. Zena Westfall, Graduate
Phone Main S2 Heppner, Ore.
Old Line Companies. Real Estate.
Heppner, Oregon
L Roberts Building, Willow Stmt
Heppner, Oregon .