Heppner gazette-times. (Heppner, Or.) 1925-current, March 24, 1927, Page PAGE FIVE, Image 5

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Mrs. Ann Keithley of Pendleton,
accompanied by her nephew, Ralph
Gilliam, drove over to Heppner yes
terday for a visit with friends. Ralph
was formerly a resident of Heppner
and a student in the high school here
at the time of the breaking out of the
war. He enlisted in the aviation serv
ice and spent live years with the gov
ernment, part of the time aa an In
structor. He had several tumbles out
of the sky and as a result was quite
severely injured. Flying a plane in
the government mail service, Ralph
met with an accident that came near
putting him out. It was quite a while
before he got over this and he con
cluded that he had had enough of it,
so returned to civil life again. It had
been eight years since Ralph was in
Heppner last and he enjoyed meeting
a number of old time friends and
Lewis King, brother of Mrs. Wm.
Driscoll, was a visitor over Sunday
with the Driscoll family here Mr.
King was formerly a resident of
Heppner, being connected with the
torest office here many years ago. He
is still with the forest service aid
loiated at Washington, D C, though
his work is in the field much of ;he
time. He has i:iat recently been
do'jig some field work over in Wash
ington, and took advantage of the op
Icitunity to vi3t his n-lativea t
H'fpi'er. Mr. King di parted by train
Sunday night.
At the Monday Luncheon club meet
ing Roger Morse discoursed upon the
crop situation in the United States
and Morrow county, and his talk
proved interesting to the members
present. He believes the present pros
pects in the country promise a better
crop than the average for the past
five years. At this same meeting D.
T. Goodman reported on the baseball
situation for the season.
According to Echo News, shearing
in that vicinity will start about the
first of April, with two erews in the
field. The Jake Wattenburger crew
of about 12 men will start on the
Cunha sheep at the shearing plant
west of town. Hat Pearson will have
a crew of IB to 18 men starting at
the Kilkenny ranch. He will handle
most of the Butter creek flocks and
some at Arlington.
Mr. and Mr. Jason Biddle of Phei
creek were visitors in the city on
Monday. Mr. Biddle reports condi
tions of moisture good in his locality,
and the outlook for crops the best
ior many seasons. A little warm
weather now would help to get rid
of cut worms, but these are not troub
ling a great deal no worse, in fact,
than usual in the spring.
D. T. Colliver of Hardman, who has
been ill for a short time at the
Morrow General hospital in this city,
suffering from heart trouble, was rent
to Portland on Monday, it being
thought best to get him in a lower
altitude for a while, in hopes of bet
tering his condition.
Henry F. Buahm arrived here from
Walla Walla on Saturday morning,
and spent the day looking after bus
iness affairs. He is quite well pleased
with the crop outlook in the Walla
Walla section, and looks forward to a
prosperous season in all lines.
James Bailey of Butter Creek un
derwent an operation at Morrow Gen
eral hospital Saturday for acute ap
pendicitis. The operation was done
under spinal anesthesia by Dr. John
ston, who reports his patient as get
ting along well at present.
Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Scott of Black
t orse are the proud parents of an
8 pound girl, born Sunday, March
20th, at the Morrow General hospital
in Heppner. Both mother and jiaby
are reported to be doing nicely.
"The Fashion Show at Hardman,"
the play being sponsored by the P. T.
A. at Hardman, will be presented Sat
urday, April 2nd. An attractive quilt
will be sold and the ladies will serve
Miss Evelyn Humphreys arrived
from Eugene on Saturday to spend
the Easter vacation with her parents,
Mr. and Mrs. T. .1. Humphreys.
Vawter Parker got In from the U.
of O. on Saturday afternoon and will
spend the week of the Easter vaca
tion at the home of his parents, Mr.
and Mrs. F. S. Parker.
Miss Luola Benge arrived home
from Eugene on Friday and is spend
ing the Easter vacation season with
her parents, Mr. and Mrs. R. L. Benge
in this city.
Mrs. W. 0. Dix was taken ill Fri
day with ptomaine poisoning, and was
very sick for a day or two but able
to assume her duties at the school o'n
Mrs. O. T. Ferguson departed Tues
day morning by auto for Lokeview,
Oregon, where she will visit for a
short time at the home of her daugh
ter. Sheriff Logan of Gilliam county
was in the city on Monday from Con
don, looking after some matters of
bi-siness pertaining to his office.
Mrs. L. W. Briggs was operated on
Saturday by Dr. Johnston at the Mor
row General hospital for the removal
of her tonsils.
A free dance will be given by the
I, 0. 0. F. of Hardman Saturday, Apr
2ncl, Everybody come.
Pat Heuly and family made a trip
to Pendleton on Saturday, returning
'.oine Sunday.
Judge Benge and family were vis
itors in Pendleton on Tuesday.
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row county, and some surprisingly
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MRS. A. T. HBfiEIM. Correspondent.
Knauffs were pleased to have Mr.
and Mrs. Ross Spaulding of Golden
dale with them on Sunday. Mr.
Spaulding is a government trapper
and was located at Boardman for sev
eral months last year. Since leaving
here he was married. He is with
the U. S. Department of Biological
Survey at Goldendnle. While located
here Mr. Spaulding lived in R. Was
mer's house.
Mr. and Mrs. John Jenkins motored
to La Grande recently on business.
Bessie Cruikshank left Thursday
for Ellensburg to continue her school
work at the Washington state nor
mal. i
Mrs. H. Cason CBme home Friday
from Portland where she has been
for the past three months. Casons
have rented their ranch to W. H.
MefTord and plan to leave. They have
not definitely dceided where they will
Mr. Cruikshank and son Andrew
left for La Grande and will also
drive on to Boise. They are looking
for a location.
Ray Brown was a Heppner visitor
Ransier has a crew of men at work
clearing the canal.
Mrs. Sylvester Attebury came home
from Spokane last week. Her daugh
ter,' Mrs. Johnson, and grand daugh-
The man who made the reasonable
ter came home with her.
Buster Rands and his mother came
home Friday from Echo where Buster
had an interesting seance with blood
poisoning. His hand was scratched
on Friday and Saturday bloodpoison
ing set in. He was taken to Echo
to be under a doctor's care and he
suffered much pain for several days.
Mrs. Howard Edmundson and son
and two grandchildren of Livingston,
Cal., were house guests at the home
of Mrs. Edmundson's brother, Ed
Kunzie. While driving to Hermiston
they lost their fine Collie dog who
answers to the name of Ted. Anyone
knowing of his whereabouts please
call Mr. Kunzie.
Rev. and Mrs., A. D. Swogger and
son Dallas were guests at the Board
man home for luncheon on Tuesday.
A mass meeting was held Monday
evening in town to discuss the light
ing proposition. Some of the citizens
faver keeping the plant and others
are opposed. Service has been fair
ly satisfactory but there has been
some trouble about the governor on
the engine.
Chas. Goodwin and J. L. Jenkins
motored to The Dalles Friday, plan
ning to bring W. L. Goodwin home,
but the doctor thought he was not
yet strong enough to leave the hos
pital. Mr. Goodwin had a serious
operation several weeks ago. Mr. and
Mrs. Arthur Goodwin of Weston went
down to Bpend the week-end with Mr.
Jack Gorham and W. A. Price each
had a big sign painted for their
place of business by an itinerant sign
Adolph Skoubo cut down all the
large trees along the road at his
ranch. They had made a marvelous
growth in the years since they were
planted and having served their pur
pose as wind breaks they were cut
for fire wood.
A poultry meeting was held at the
Walter KnaurT ranch on Friday, Mar.
25, in charge of H. E. Cosby, poultry
ppecialist from 0. A. C. The brood
ing and rearing of baby chicks was
Ladies Aid met Wednesday. The
annual election of officers was held.
Mrs. J. R. Johnson who has been the
efficient secretary for Beveral years
was elected president. Mrs. Jess Al
len is the retiring? president. She
has served four terms very ably and
faithfully scarcely ever missing a
meeting. Mrs. A. T. Hereim was re
elected vice president and Mrs. W.
A. Price is the new secretary, The
Aid which is the leading organiza
tion on the project has had only
two presidents. Mrs. Boardman being
the first and Mrs. Allen the second.
Born to Mr. and Mrs. Robert Wil
son, a 10 1-2 pound girl on Saturday
at Hermiston.
Boardman is a mighty progressive
little burg and now boasts a city
library. It might be small but its
a good beginning. A book case was
built by Leo Root and placed in the
lobby of the postoffice and the trav
eling library from Salem has been
installed and the books from the
school library which Miss Mary Jane
Dustin sorted out as unsuitable for
school children are also to be placed
in the town library. Mrs. Root has
charge of the library, giving her ser
vices gratis.
L.' G. Smith who recently purchased
the Harrison Tanch has been mention
ed for school director to succeed
Leslie Packard whose term expires.
We were a bit hasty in making men
tion of the fact that King's were out
of quarantine. They had expected to
be but the day they started fumiga
ting it was found that Ruth Eleanor
had not passed the stage of desqua
mation so they were forced to remain
in isolation for another week.
The candidacy of Mrs. S. H. Board
man as school director was advocated
in a recent issue of the Boardman
paper but we are asked to say that
she would not consider the position
at all, so we make the suggestion
that she be retained in the position
the already holds, that of clerk.
Mr. and Mrs. Fred Kelly motored
to Pendleton Saturday,
The seventh and eighth grades un
der Mrs. Feess direction had a pleas
ant picnic Sunday at the green house
..n the river bank. A Bumptuous pic
nic lunch was enjoyed followed by
games of various sorts.
Friday, March 25, the first baseball
same of the season is scheduled to
be played by the local high school
team with Umatilla. The Boardman
lineup follows: catcher, Weldon Ay
res; pitcher, Carl Ayers; first base,
Noel Klitz; second, Eldon Wilson,
:hort stop, Russell Meffod, third, Alex
Ayres; left field, Hector Wicklander;
center, Alvie MefTord; right, Ray
Barlow; substitutes, Buster Rands,
Kenneth Boardman and Robert Ber
ber. John and Hugo Koski came back
from Spokane Monday and visited
a few days at the Olson and Hango
hemes while enroute to their home
nt Mayger, Ore.
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