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rchool auditorium on the evening of
Wednesday, January 6th, at 8 o'clock
with the following cast:
Hon. John Enlow Marion Palmar
Ned Blake Elmo Nolan
Ichabod Buyxer .. Elmer Palmer
Sir Arthur Choice Ben Miller
injun Jim Harold Sherer
N'an Doris Wilcox
Moll Buyzer Eva Wilcox
Hon. Sarah Chumley Choke
Helen Valentine
Hortense Enlovr Erma Duvall
An admission of 25 eenta for chil
dren and 35 cents for adults will be
m US
Let byganes be byganes,
Wha's huffed at anither
Dinna cloot the auld days
And the new anes thegither ;
Wi' the fauts and the failing
0' past years be dune,
Wi' a grip o' fresh freen'ship
A New Year begin.
So sang a Scot. Beneath the burr of his High
land tongue the meaning of some of the words
may be obscured, but the meaning of the verse
as a whole is plain enough.
Let bygones be bygones. The year of 1926
goes to join in history the years that have gone
before. Throw away the hatchet along with
the 1926 calendar.
With the faults and the failings of past years
be done. This is another year.
Begin it with a grip of fresh friendship.
LocaS i
Miss Frances Parker, teacher of
Hurricane school near Joseph, Ore
gon, arrived home Saturday evening
to spend the holidays with her par
ents, Mr. and Mrs. F. S. Parker. A
blockade of the highway between
Minam and Elgin caused trouble
which delayed the arrival of Miss
Parker a day. There has been a very
heavy fall of snow in that part of the
state and the highway crews are busy
keeping the road in shape so that the
traffic can move without serious delay.
Mr. and Mrs. John Clouston drove
down from their home at Pomeroy,
Wash., on Friday, and were guests
until Monday afternoon at the home
of Mrs.-Clouston's parents, Mr. and
Mrs. S. P. Dovin. In getting to Hepp
ner they were somewhat delayed by
heavy snowdrifts on the highway be
tween Weston and Athena, otherwise
ihe trip was quite pleasant.
Mrs. A. M. Phelps, who was recently
tailed to Marion, Iowa, by the illness
of a sister, Miss Marshall, arrived
home Friday morning in time to be
with her family for the Christmas
season. Mrs. Phelps reports that her
sister passed away within an hour or
so after she arrived at her bedside.
Mr. and Mrs. Emery Gentry came
over from Pendleton to enjoy the
Christmas season with Mr. Gentry's
parents, Mr. and Mrs. James Gentry.
Emery is a salesmnn for the Ford
agency Rt Pendleton.
Roland Humphreys, who is taking
some advanced woik at the University
of Oregon, a well as being an assist
ant on the faculty of that institution,
came home for the Christmas holidays
the end of the week. He was com
pelled to return to his work on Tues
day, after enjoying several days with
his parents, Mr. and Mrs, T. J, Hum
phreys. Mr. and Mrs. E. R. Huston took ad
vantage of the Christmas holiday and
traveled to Portland, where they spent
the day with their daughter, Miss
Elizabeth, who is confined in a sani
tarium there. They report a pleasant
day, and that Miss Elizabeth is stead
ily improving in health. Mr. and Mrs.
liuston arrived home Monday morn
ing. Mr. and Mrs. I. A. Mather of Prairie
City were guests at the home of Mrs.
Mather's parents, Mr. and Mrs. W. P.
Mahoney, in this city for the holidays.
Mr. Mather, who has been quite ill,
is much improved and will be able to
take up his duties as head of the
Prairie City schools when the holi
days are over.
Mrs. Frank Rasmus, who is a pa
tient at the Hot Lake sanatorium,
underwent an operation on Friday
morning for the removal of gall
stones. Report received by Mr. Ras
mus is to the effect that she is doing
well and rapidly recovering from the
effects of the ordeal.
Miss Gladys Benge is spending the
holiday season with her parents, Mr.
and Mrs. Eph Eskelson, having arrived
from Walla Walla on Friday. Mial
Benge is a student at Whitman col
lege. '
Mr. and Mrs. Everett Hayes of Jo
seph who spent Christmas at the
home of Mrs. Hayes' parents, Mr. and
Mrs. Vawter Crawford, departed on
Monday for their home.
Son Recommended for Appointment.
Mrs. Ola Ward is in receipt of word
from 0. A. C. stating that her son,
Dallas Ward, has been recommended
for appointment to West Point mili--ary
academy by Senator Stanfield.
This news, coming at the holiday
season filled Mrs. Ward wuli jujt
pride, and this feeling is shared by
Morrow county people at large, who
are glad to know that a native son
has been thus honored. Dallas has
been making his own way at college,
and his college standing is high. He
also ranks high among the athletes
of the Northwest, and has but lecent
ly been appointed to the highest mil
itary position on the campus at 0. A.
C, that of cadet colonel, and is vice
president of the student body. Miss
Velle Ward, his sister, is also a stu
dent at 0. A. C. this year, majoring
in commerce.
School Gives Christmas Program.
On last Thursday afternoon the
Lexington school gave a very appro
priate Christmas program in the high
school auditorium. The most attrac
tive feature was a skit put on by Miss
Vail's first grade in which Billie Bur
chell, Keith Gntry. Freddie Wade and
Kenneth Thornburg sang in costume
representing respectively Old Uncle
Ned of the South, Mr. Cortez of
Spain, Harry Lauder of Scotland,
and Mr. Brown, society dude, of New
York. The little fellows received a
hearty applause after which they sang
and danced "Oh We Are Jolly Good
Superintendent and Mrs. Johnston
departed Thursday evening for their
home at Aurora; Mr. Mauney left for
the Willamette valley; the Misses
Vail and Alexander for Baker and
Mra. Gerald White for Hermiston.
Mrs. Turner is with her family in
Heppner. School will begin again
January 3rd. Lexington is indeed
fortunate in having such a capable
high school force, and with the ad
dition of the muBic department this
year the school is equal to any of its
Mae Gentry has been spending the
fore part of the holiday week with
Jeanette and Anabel Turner in Hepp
ner. Among our young people who are
home from college for the holidays
are Maxine Gentry, Opal and Wilma
Leach, Glen Shearer, James Keller,
Laurence Beach, Frieda McMillan,
For delicious quality service and low
price you thank us and no matter how large
or small your order WE THANK YOU.
We Wish You a Happy New Year.
Hiatt & Dix
M a Clearance Sale
But following our policy of charging only
a reasonable profit we are reducing our
prices in line with reductions to us.
Princess Flour
The flour that is always the same.
Makes good bread, pie or cake. Sold at
a very reasonable price always and
still lower now.
Corn - Rolled Barley
While our present supplies last we are
offering corn at $42.00 and rolled bar
ley at $33.00 per ton. BUY IT NOW.
Brown Warehouse Co.
PHONES: Warehouse, 643; Residence, 644
As the old year dies, and the new one is born,
we feel a deep gratitude for the happiness and success
of 1926 which our friends made possible. We wish
you all the compliments of the season, and hope 1 927
will bring you much Happiness and success.
Malcolm D. Clark
Dallas and Velle Ward and Alice Pal
mer. The teacners of the Lexington
school wish to take this meBns of
thanking Leach Bros, for the box of
oranges they presented the school
for a Christmas treat, and likewise
M. L, Case for the box of lovely ap
ples he presented at the same time.
Young People to Give Play.
The senior class of the Congrega
tional Sunday school are preparing
to present a comedy-drama in three
actB, entitled "Lighthouse Nan." The
performance will be given in the high
This Week
Greatest Editorial Feature
.L ;,',. ; -
i , ; r t
( . V r i.VM't-
V; ,-v Lftr.M 1 '
the commanding editorial stature of Arthur Brisbane is all
towering. Wilded as a sword by Brisbane, the pen that is
mightier than the sword shadows armies, navies, governments
and industries and traverses continents, oceans and even the
universe. The deep knowledge and wide experience of Bris
bane, apparent in every line he writes, reflect the searchlight
of scrupulous clarity, boldly illuminating for class and mass
alike the deepest problems and most profound philosophy. The
author of THIS WEEK, editorial JOVE of forty millions, is
truly the EDITORIAL COLOSSUS OF AMERICA and his writ
Heppner Gazette Times
We hail with joy the
coming of the New Year,
and are wishing for you
the happiest and most
most prosperous year
you have ever had. We
thank you for your gen
erous patronage and
confidence, and hope
your loyal support will
continue for many years
to come.
Phelps Grocery Company